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WWE Confidential June 28, 2003

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential June 28, 2003


Looks like this is our third TSM Exclusive this week. Not too shabby. Honestly, I didn’t really see the point in submitting a week old Confidential review to the other sites considering I’ll be posting this week’s review shortly. Those of you who do not frequent the forum and thus do not know what happened as regards to the Trish interview; I’m not going to get into that actual controversy and all of the details surrounding it here. Click on the forum link found above this column, find the thread in the WWE Folder and look for my lengthy post on the Page 5.


However, I would just like give a quick shout-out to all the “non-sheep” that stuck by me from the beginning. You know who you are and I appreciate it. Those of you who came around and saw the light, it’s about damn time. Ok, I’m just kidding with that one. Lastly, the small group of you who do not want to believe me, fuck off because I really don’t give a shit how you feel. Simple as that.


One last comment. I promise. The saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining” has never seemed more appropriate to me as it does today. Once all was said and done, that interview did exactly what it was intended to do, which was bring new readers to TSM and receive more publicity than the first one. So although it may have seemed like a rather bad situation for a few hours, everything panned out better than I EVER expected it to. The irony here is that if no one ever made a big fuss about the interview, it wouldn’t have made waves anywhere. Speaking of that interview, keep an eye out for it because there is a chance it will reappear on the site in the near future.


For more WWE Interview goodness, check out Nik Johnson’s upcoming column and see if anyone else did more than “tow the company line”.


Now onto Triple H’s least favorite wrestling program: CONFIDENTIAL.


One Year Ago


- Retrospective: Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon from KOTR 01 1/1

- BTWS: William Regal 1.5/2

- WWE/NASCAR Commercial 1.5/3

- This is Your Life Rock with Pop-Ups 2/4

- Clips from Divas Undressed 2/5

- Terri’s panties (I’m not kidding) 2/6


You can read the review of this show HERE.


This Week on Confidential: Rey Rey’s crib plus Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho are guests at the Much Music Awards.


Rey Mysterio gives us a tour of his home in San Diego. If someone at TSM reviewed the 619 DVD I would be able to just use an excerpt from that review and thus save time by glossing over this. Of course I wouldn’t be this lucky. Then again, as someone who is supposed to be reviewing things like the 619 DVD, I really shouldn’t be one to talk. Rey normally wouldn’t be running around the house with his mask on, but WE are watching. He also notes that all guests must remove their shoes before entering, but he is the owner so he can break the rules. We start in his memorabilia room. He has pictures, plaques, and a fan award for his Halloween Havoc match against Eddy Guerrero. Next up is the fancy room that no one goes. Now Rey’s shoes are off. You know what that means? Although he owns the place, his wife has to clean it and thus SHE makes the rules. He shows us some of the swords that he owns. They look like the kind of thing Yuna would be into. He has a pretty standard kitchen and family room. He has a HOT backyard with pool and some waterfall action. Now what you have all been waiting for… THE BEDROOMS!! His two year old daughter has her own bathroom. Talk about spoiled. His son’s room is full of action figures including everyone’s favorite He-Man. In the master bedroom, Rey shows us how he mounts the bed. Rey is also a big fan of emitting a clean scent, so he has COLOGNE. What a concept. As with most couples, the lady takes up 6/7 of the closet. Also in the bathroom is Rey’s pimp robe, which he wears when his wife doesn’t want to see him naked (his personal preference). We close this tour with a peak at Rey’s new Hummer. This was pretty cool for me since I haven’t already seen it on the DVD. If you did buy the DVD, then this was obviously a waste of your time.


Segment 1: 1/1


Dawn Marie and Funaki took a trip to Thailand so they could promote a July tour. Dawn Marie was surprised at how kind they were. They were what she would consider “gentle people”. Strange, I always thought people from Thailand were barbaric savages. They went through a flea market, took a ride in a taxi and ate dinner at a fancy restaurant where they saw a show. This lasted all of two minutes.


Segment 2: 1/2


Jim Ross and Stacy did a “Big Ol’ JR Book Signing” in New York City. More or less, JR is very personable with the fans. That is nice to hear, but there is no point in devoting an entire segment to it.


Segment 3: 1/3


From the Vault: Dawn Marie


Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart ~ WrestleMania X


FINALLY they are showing an actual classic. Although it did seem like Dawn was reading off a cue card when stating why she selected this match. I would imagine the legitimacy of the From the Vault matches really doesn’t matter, that is of course until someone decides to choose Vince McMahon winning the WWF Title from Triple H on SmackDown!. Owen “wins” a lockup and celebrates. That’s the spirit. Owen follows by hamming it up after escaping a headscissors. Bret flings Owen to the floor. Owen reenters and slaps his brother across the face. Bret attempts to retaliate, but Owen immediately hides behind the ropes. It’s the little things like this that really add to a match.




Owen gets 2 off a crossbody. Bret falls on top of a bodyslam attempt for 2. Bret counters a suplex, which Owen then counters into a german for 2. Bret blocks a suplex with a small package for 2. Owen flips out of a backbreaker and flows right into a tombstone. That was smooth. Owen misses a headbutt from the top. Bret starts with his usual resulting in some nearfalls. Owen interrupts Bret’s routine with an enziguri. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter, but is nailed by Bret. Owen fights out of Bret’s attempt as well. Bret flies on to Owen with a pescado.




Bret gets 2 off a piledriver. Ditto after superplex. Bret hooks the sleeper, but Owen low blows his way out. OWEN PUTS ON THE SHARPSHOOTER! Bret reverses it, but Owen is in the ropes. Bret goes up for a victory roll. Owen sits down as Bret flips, which is enough for the win. (9:39) Do I really need to comment after this?


Segment 4: 2/4


Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus presented the Best Video award at the Much Music Award Show. That pair has something in common. Not their nationality… or their hair color… but a hatred for The PW Torch. I kill myself sometimes. Oh yeah, Confidential… Jericho announces Fozzy as winning the award, but corrects himself and names Our Lady Peace as the winner. Just out of curiosity, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I cannot name one song by that band?


Segment 5: 2/5


Outside The Ropes: Christian


Hopefully Christian is VERY, VERY CAREFUL when answering the Coach’s questions. He just has to try and remember to say nothing of interest, thus he would be on the safe side no matter what. Big Brother is watching…


Considering your haircut costs $700, how much do you tip your stylist?


He tips Alberto $700, but that doesn’t matter because he is rich.


Is it easier to care for your shorter hair as opposed to when it was longer?


Definitely, as the long hair choked him and prevented him from speaking as much.


Based on your new look, which products do you feel you are best suited to endorse?


Hair Glue. HEY, me too. When you need your hair stiff as a board for days on end, go with Got 2b Glued. The best part is that if you don’t shower and shampoo, you never have to re-do your hair. It’s like heaven man.


What do you think you would get if you crossed a Peep with a Jerichoholic?


A peepaholic. I was thinking more along the lines of “a 12 year old kid using his parent’s computer”.


What sets your Peep Show apart from other peep shows?


It has me, a crazy, wild, zany kind of guy.


Who are your biggest Peeps?


The Coach, Jericho, practically everyone. Even the Rock was for a while.


Have you ever eaten a peep (the candy)?


No, but he’s thinking about either suing them or going for an endorsement deal.


Do you have a favorite accessory combination?


Yellow furry shirt with matching sunglasses.


Who would win: Christian or Conquistador #2?


It would be close, but Christian would win and he would kill Conquistador #1.


What can we expect in the near future from the People’s Champion?


Beat the Honky Tonk Man’s record as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion.


Segment 6: 2/6




The parade of crap continues for yet another week. Fortunately tomorrow’s show is a rerun, so I get a mini-vacation.


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