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WWE Notes From The 9/27 Torch

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Guest webmasterofwrestlegame

Vionce does answer to people in the company - the shareholders like me.


And if I really wanted to piss them off I can by law (as a shareholder) walk right into Titan Towers and demand to see the accounts (including wrestler salaries).

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Guest Dynamite Kido
•WWE Notebook: Hunter wore a bandage on his forehead during Raw, selling the cut he gave himself in his match against Goldberg the night before. Rob Conway and La Resistance were also bandaged up on Raw. This is part of WWE's new official policy of selling cuts by wearing bandages. Wrestlers have also been told by agents to sell injuries at house shows if they happen on TV beforehand as to the previous lack of attention to that sort of detail. WWE wants there to be a greater consistent logic to what's happening from week to week and show to show…


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