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Anakin Flair

Old wrestling matches on a burned CD

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I know I've posted this in other places, but I seriously think that htis would be the correct folder for it. so here is the original post:

Ok, so I sent this out to a couple of people who seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I'd go ahead and put this offer out to everybody else. For $20, I will send you, on 4 CD's, my mega compilation of wrestling matches and clips. Here is whatr you get:

Disk 1:

Angle/Benoit Series

Angle v Benoit, Unforgiven

Angle v Benoit, Judgement Day

Benoit v Angle, Raw Cage Match (Bad Audio)

Desire Videos

-Bret Hart

-Shawn Michaels


-Mick Foley

-WWE History

Summerslam ‘02

Angle v Mysterio

Edge v Eddie

HHH v HBK (right click, Open with, WMP)

Hell in a Cell

Armageddon 6 man

Hell in a Cell ’98- Undertaker v Mankind

Raw ’98- Kane v Mankind

Badd Blood ’97- Shawn Michaels v Undertaker


BlackGold at the movies

Diesel Powerbombs Michaels, Good Friends, Better Enemies

HHH real pedigree

Nash Entrance, SYM

Ric Flair Interview- NWA ‘88

DX Election Speech

What’s Kayfabe?

Michaels throws Janetty through the window

HBK wins the Elimination Chamber

Highlights: Bret/Owen, Summerslam 94 cage match

Highlights: Showster!

Sid Powerbombs Shawn, Diesel saves

KOTR ’02, Booker/Rock/Goldust segment

Highlights: Resurrection of The Undertaker (Wrestlecrap at it’s finest)

Highlights: Hart Foundation v Austin, Shamrock, Goldust, LOD; Canadian Stampede

Disk 2:

Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels

Bret v Owen, WM 10

Hart Foundations v Rockers

Shawn Michaels v Mankind- IYH Mind Games

Shawn Michaels v Undertaker, Royal Rumble ’98 Casket Match

Shawn Michaels v Steve Austin, KOTR ‘97

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair v Bret Hart and Randy Savage, Grudges, Gripes and Grunts


Vince v Shane, Streetfight WM X7

Undertaker v Jimmy Snuka, WM 7

Triple H v Ultimate Warrior, WM 12

Rock v Hogan, WM X8

Bret Hart v Steve Austin, WM 13

Diesel v Undertaker, WM 12


Jericho v Ultimo Dragon- 3/26/95

Curt Hennig v Hulk Hogan- SNME

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psicosis- ECW 9/16/95

Cactus Jack v Raven v Dreamer- ECW

Steve Austin v Arn Anderson- NJPW

Disk 3:


Chris Jericho v Rey Misterio Jr., Souled Out ‘98

Cruiserweight 6 Man match, wCw Superbrawl Revenge

Goldberg v Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Nitro

Chris Benoit v Jeff Jarrett, Ladder match (German commentary)

Rey Mysterio Jr v Ultimo Dragon, WW3 ‘96

Bret Hart v Benoit, Owen Tribute match

Goldberg v Raven, Nitro ‘98

Outsiders v Sting, Luger and Savage, Hogan goes now (German Commentary)

WWF Attitude:

Rock v Mankind, I Quit

Rock v Mankind, Halftime Heat Empty Arena Match

Royal Rumble ‘98

Hogan v Taker, Judgement Day

Triple H v Vince McMahon, Smackdown (Vince McMahon, World Champion)

Undertaker v Kane, Summerslam(?), Kane unmasked

TLC 3 (Smackdown- Hardyz v Dudleyz v E & C v Canadian Chrisses (open in WMP)

Owen Hart v Steve Austin, Summerslam ‘97

WWF Invasion- Bra and Panties Tag Team Match

Bonus Disk:


Kane mocks Hogan and Rock, post Wrestlemania X-8

nWo entrance @ NWO 02

NWO ’03 promo

Shawn Michaels joins the now

Sid Powerbombs Michaels, Diesel saves (wait a minute…)

Brock’s Debut

Brock/Show ring collapse

Brock does the Shooting star press, and doesn’t land on his head!

From the vault: Hogan on the Funeral Parlor, Flair interrupts!

NWO ’03- Rocks full entrance

Ending of the Rock/Hogan match, NWO ‘03

DESIRE Videos 2:

Hogan Tribute

Michaels Desire Video 2

Bonus matches:


Benoit and Brock v Team Angle, NWO ‘03

Triple H v Shawn Michaels, 2 out of 3 falls, Armageddon

Shawn Michaels v Sid Vicious, Royal Rumble ‘97


Scott Steiner v Goldberg, Fall Brawl

Jeff Jarrett v Booker T, Bash at the Beach 2000

Sting v Flair, final Nitro


Jeff Jarrett v Scott Hall, Stretcher Match

Jeff Jarrett v Curt Hennig


All of that on 4 disks for only $20! Shipping included. Hell, for an additional $5, I'll even throw in the Wrestlecrap CD, whic was going for $10, and this includes MORE MATCHES!. Help a poor college studen upgrade his computer, pay off his bills, and all of that other good stuff. Just PM me with any questions or requests.




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Guest The Winter Of My Discontent

Why would someone pay 20 bucks for something they can get themselves in one day off of kazaa??

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Tried tape trading, nobody goes there.

And all of the matches are organized, catagorized plus I'll throw in the original Wrestlecrap site. Plus, it is geared towards those who don't have broadband or cable modems and don't wish to be spending days downloading a single match.


And be noce, Banky. I voted for you for Mod ;)

Edited by Lil Naitch

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