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TSM DVD Review: Rey Mysterio: 619

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Guest TSMAdmin

Okay, it's a little late but you can blame SilverVision for being shitty distributors in the UK. And the Government for not giving me any money.




The intro


- Unskippable Divas Desert Heat trailer. I hate these stupid things.


- Unskippable "We Love Wrestlemania" trailer. TWO?! TWO!?! Bastards.


- Unskippable "Don't try this at home" package. Three.


Main Feature


- Highlights of Rey doing some spots from WWE


- Eddie, Bischoff, Rikishi, Benoit, Angle and Malenko offer their thoughts: He's GOOD. Angle calls him "one of the best in the business" Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman are also impressed. Fluff segment to open with, and nobody says anything meaningful.


- Highlights of his SmackDown! match with Albert, where Albert "injures" Rey's knee with a chair.


- Rey shows us his scars, and goes in for knee surgery. The doctor is clearly unimpressed with his rasslin. In a nice touch, they blur out his face when he's not wearing the mask.


- His wife, Angie tries to say something but doesn't.


- Lovely surgery footage of his knee being shaved.


- Dr. James Andrews is hopeful of the surgery working, interspersed with clips of Rey's WWE work.


- Rey doesn't want to retire, but says that he is in pain. He makes a couple of digs at Albert, too. He slips into kayfabe when recalling the Albert match, putting Albert over and claiming the chairshot to his knee is the reason for the surgery. There was no need for this, and it doesn't fit in at all, since this is a look at the real Rey. He wants to come back and whup some ass – especially Albert's.


- Rey's mom tells a cute story of him putting a pin in a plug socket when he was a child. It threw him back in the air, and he never did it again. I'm surprised he didn't do a somersault in the air, and land on his feet.


- His father tells of the family moving to America to give Rey a better start in life. As a child, he was always friendly to everyone, including those older than him. He liked to play jokes and wrestle. I'm sure that's a standard thing that's said about everyone.


- Rey wanted to follow in his uncle [also Rey Mysterio, who is never named as such]'s footsteps. He's shown at Starrcade 1990.


- Rey takes a trip to Me-he-co to see his friends. Again, his face is blanked out. He meets the promoter that gave him his first shot at wrestling, and we're told that he never believed in Rey, because he was only 12.


- We see the arena in Tijuana that Rey first wrestled in at 15, and he talks about how he cried when he saw his uncle Rey losing his mask.


- More from his mother, who says Rey wanted to be like his uncle. Rey wanted to wrestle more than anything.


- Back to the arena, and Rey talks about his first dive between the ropes into his uncle's arms. Aged 4. Incredible.


- A bunch of kids are shown training, and Rey calls the spots as they happen. One of the kid's jumper is blurred out, but not completely. I think it's a WWF logo, but if anyone can confirm? He poses for photographs, and makes reference to his belief in Jesus.


- Out and about in Mexico. Rey's face is getting like the neighbour on Home Improvements – you can see bits of it, but never the whole thing. Makes for some infuriating camerawork. He samples something called "The Mule", which looks as it sounds.


- Rey likes living in San Diego, and reiterates what his father said about there being more security in America.


- His debut match was at 15, after 7 years of trying. His mom had given him one year to try and achieve something, but he'd have to go back to school if he didn't. We all know what happened there.


- Konnan, who trained with him, got him into AAA, and then into WCW. No mention of ECW, as we skip straight to his WCW debut at the Great American Bash 1996 against Dean Malenko in a Cruiserweight title match.


- Highlights of that match, but the full thing is included as an extra, so it's pretty much a waste of time. Malenko cheats to win.


- Rey learned a lot from the match, and they got a standing ovation in the lockerroom.


- More clips of his meetings with Malenko. Mostly just his impressive high spots.


- REALLY irritating music cuts in and overshadows the commentary, as there's some clips of the Nitro match vs. Dean Malenko, where Rey wins the Cruiserweight Title for the first time. Again, the match is included in full as an extra.


- Clips of the Halloween Havoc 1997 WCW Match of the Year against Eddie Guerrero (Mask vs. Title). Rey wins, although they never mention which title they are fighting for. Seriously dumb. Yet another match that is included in full on the DVD. Eddie puts the match and Rey over, calling it perfect.


- Rey talks about how much masks mean, and how kids are torn between wanting their hero to win, but also wanting to see their face. Clips of some of the masks he's worn are shown. He calls it his "flag" and says it will never be taken off


- Vince bought WCW, and Rey hoped he would be picked up. He obviously wasn't, and worked some indy shows, before being brought in by WWE. Wait... four years of WCW is covered in THREE FUCKING MATCHES? Boo.


- Clips are shown from his WWE debut against Chavo Guerrero, which he calls unbelievable, and FINALLY he mentions ECW. Only in passing, though. The match again is in full on the disc. 619 and West Coast Pop finish for Rey.


- Confidential style segment as we look round Rey's house. This was dull first time I watched it. I don't really know what to say about this. He puts over his wife's cooking and shows us the paintings on the wall. Oh, and he says "kick back" a LOT. Lots of photos of his children, too. Lots of close-ups on his children's toys, which I'm sure is of interest to someone. Cure photos of Dominik, his son, with a bunch of wrestlers, including a super gay looking Shawn Michaels. Even in fast forward this sucks.


- There's also a couple of awards from his early days, when he wrestled as "Colibri" and "Rey Misterio Jr". He also shows his CW Tag Title belt from WCW, that him and Kidman kept after WCW died.


- Thank God that is over. Angle puts Rey over, and wanted to know how Mysterio could hang with him. Awesome Angle Line 1: "I just got pinned by a freaking 12 year old." Angle then puts over WWE as "prime time". Awesome Angle Line 2: "Sorry son, you know the rules. You must be this [puts hand next to his head] high to talk to Kurt Angle. Maybe next year."


- Angle puts Rey over as getting over straight away, and they cut to Rey challenging Angle at SummerSlam. Angle then slips into kayfabe, and says that he doesn't want Rey to think he can just come into WWE and get the fans on his side right away. These in-character bits are really infuriating.


- Clips of Rey, Angle and Mark Henry, in a match I don't recall. It may just have been a Mysterio run in on an Angle / Henry match. I've blanked out most of Henry's matches, thankfully.


- Rey tells a cool story about how he hid under the ring at SummerSlam, and couldn't find his mask – just as his music hit.


- Clips of the Angle / Rey match at SummerSlam, which isn't included in full, although their SmackDown! match is. Rey was amazed at how well Angle worked with his style. He got stage fright, and he lost focus as a result. He got a second wind and fought back. As I watch it, I'm pretty sure that this is kayfabed, but I'm not totally sure.


- Clips of Rey's unorthodox offence, with Cole + Tazz putting him over


- Onto the Tag Title Tournament. End of the matches as Rey and Edge make it to the finals against Benoit and Angle.


- No Mercy: Benoit and Angle vs. Edge and Rey. Clips again, and it is criminal that the match isn't on the DVD, as it was pretty much the best thing from 2002. Angle makes Edge tap, but in the rematch, two from three falls, Edge and Rey win the titles.


- Rey takes Dominik along, as he gets a 619 tattoo on his arm. He says he's addicted to tattoos, and likes the pain.


- Shot of Albert injuring Rey's knee, and it's back to kayfabe as Rey threatens to come back and get him.


- Clips of Albert / Show vs. Brock and myster(io)y partner. Mysterio pins Albert with the 619 and a splash to get his revenge from the injury.


- Clips of Angle vs. Rey from SmackDown, and Rey pins Noble and then Matt Hardy


- Clips of Rey vs. Noble vs. Tajiri. A nice match, as I remember, but not included on the DVD. Rey seems to be doing the same things in all of his WWE matches. He wins to get a CW title shot at Matt Hardy at Mania XIX.


- Clips from Mania, as Hardy beats him in an anti-climatic match. Post-match, Rey says that it just wasn't his night, in a pretty respectful moment that is missing a lot from WWE.


- More comments from Rikishi, Benoit, Torrie, Malenko, Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Angle. They say he's made a huge impact, is one of the best and has broken boundaries regarding size and where he's from.


- Rey dedicates it all to the fans



Thoughts on the main feature


Well, that wasn't all that good. Sadly, they skip over his WCW days and just show two matches against Malenko and one against Eddie Guerrero. That's five years of wrestling right there shown in three matches. ECW isn't mentioned at all (presumably because they didn't have the rights to the video footage at that point.) The look around his house is typical Confidential fare, and apart from RetroRob – who watches Confidential?


The constant skipping in and out of character is annoying, but there are times when the character blurs into the real Rey, but they don't talk about that at all.

Sadly, they could have done so much more with this, but they apparently needed to show EVERYTHING he's done in WWE, and nothing from WCW.


The Extras


AAA When Worlds Collide: Rey Mysterio, Heavy Metal and Latin Lover vs. Psicosis, Fuerza Guerrera and Madonna's Boyfriend


The DVD packaging and menu listing doesn't show Psychosis as being in the match, which is a stupid mistake to make... TWICE!


Great American Bash vs. Dean Malenko Rey's WCW debut


Bash at the Beach vs. Psicosis


Nitro vs. Dean Malenko 1st CruiserWeight title win


http://thesmartmarks.com/artman/publish/ar...ticle_898.shtml " target="_blank">Halloween Havoc vs. Eddie Guerrero Mask vs. Title


Bash at the Beach vs. Chris Jericho


SmackDown! vs. Chavo Guerrero


SmackDown! vs. Kurt Angle


SmackDown! vs. Kurt Angle, vs. Chris Benoit


SmackDown! vs. Jamie Noble


Confidential segment on Rey. Needless, as the main DVD part is an extended Confidential piece.


Thoughts on the extras


The AAA match, and the Eddie Guerrero match make this whole purchase worthwhile. The Malenko matches are all kinds of awesome, too, although seeing the best parts in the main feature kind of detracts from them – especially if you haven't seen them for a long time and don't remember some of them.


There's too much WWE stuff on there, too, as he has barely started with the company. There's some weird match choices too – there's whole segments talking about the Mania match with Matt Hardy, and the SummerSlam match with Angle, yet they aren't included. Matches that aren't talked about at all, like the Jamie Noble one are included with no context.


Sure, I know I've complained that they have clips of matches and then the full match, and then that they have clips and not the full match. But I wish they'd make a decision and stick to it!


Easter Eggs


Press left on the top three menu choices on the first page of extras, and the top two on the second page, to see the "he's coming" promos.


Pressing left on the "Who's That" chapter "jump to it" selection gives you the Anthology commercial featuring Rey.




If you like Confidential, then you'll love the main feature. As I've said, it is basically some clips of him in matches mixed in with him talking about his family, Mexico and his home. There's nothing in-depth about why he likes wrestling; his favourite matches etc, which is a shame.


If you're a fan of Rey, Lucha Libre, or just great wrestling, then the matches are an awesome collection. Rey vs. Eddie won WCW's Match of the Year in 1997, and deservedly so.


Rey says he wants to be around for another decade – and I hope he makes it.


Definitely worth your time and money.




That's one easter egg they should have included. Note that I didn't scrub the URL in the top corner. Whichever site I stole it from did that.



Drop me some feedback to: [email protected]

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