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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA - October 15th, 200

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA – October 15th, 2003



Well, I sure feel like crap today. The Yankees lost last night and so did the Cubs, so the thought of a Red Sox/Marlins World Series was just too much for me to bear. That…and Smallville and Angel were again didn’t tape properly due to my family’s incompetence and I didn’t have a good night last night. I wasn’t in the mood to watch any wrestling because of it, so pardon the lateness please.


Before we get to tonight’s broadcast, there has been a hell of a lot of TNA news going around and to make sure that you get the full scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes, check out Bryan Staebell’s “From the Outside” Report this week.


Also, here’s a reminder that I’ll be doing a Diatribe for this weekend’s WWE No Mercy PPV exclusively on TheSmartMarks.com.


Let’s hit the recap, shall we?




We get the prerequisite video package on last week’s events, which have really improved in terms of production values over the last few months. A nice new touch that TNA has been adding lately to their intro packages are post-match comments and events not originally shown during the previous broadcasts. It gives TNA a better sense of time and reality, as not everything that’s important takes place solely during the two hours they’re on pay per view a week.


We head into the Asylum where Tenay and West kick off the show and waste very little time in getting to the biggest angle TNA has ever produced. After Hulk Hogan’s match with Masahiro Chono in Japan earlier in the week, a confrontation happened between Hogan and Jeff Jarrett, which will be shown later on in the broadcast and has major repercussions on the future of TNA.


During the rundown of the card, we go to the back as Raven is dragging Father James Mitchell into the arena by his neck as Mitchell is connected to him via a dogcollar chain. Raven sets Mitchell up and performs a hanging off of the balcony (like Raven’s received at the hands of Mitchell’s minions in the past two weeks) until Vampiro and Slash attempt to make the save. Raven fights them off momentarily, but they respond with trashcan shots and Slash dives onto Raven with an elbow drop (with the chain wrapped around it), putting him through a table as Mitchell gets away.


Julio and CM Punk make the late save for Raven, brawling with Vampiro and Slash and end up in the ring until referee’s and Black Shirt Security break it up.


Now, in the back, Scott Hudson is with Vince Russo & Team Styles and Russo lets us know that Legend is going to be taking his place in the 6 man tag tonight. AJ Styles questions Russo’s plan, but Russo clearly tells him and everyone else in the room to “stay out of his business tonight”.


America’s Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes vs. Legend, Sonny Siaki and Ekmo (w/Trinity)


Match Background: Last week, after the Dusty Rhodes/AJ Styles title match, Sonny Siaki and Ekmo came down to beat down on Dusty and America’s Most Wanted attempted to make the save. Their efforts were thwarted when they were both hit by Russo’s baseball bat, but then they were saved by Jeff Jarrett. Afterwards, Dusty got on the microphone and issued a challenge for a 6 man tag team match involving himself and AMW (who he’s teamed with in the past) against Vince Russo, Sonny Siaki and Ekmo. Russo accepted, but he’s substituting Legend here tonight (who hasn’t been seen in TNA since losing a blowoff match with Jeff Jarrett) as he just revealed in the backstage skit.


Personally, I thought this would end up being the main event based on the important they placed on it last week.


The Match: America’s Most Wanted change their music back and forth every week and it’s starting to bug me. Dusty has a video package now, by the way, and thankfully, he’s wearing pants tonight.


Siaki looks to lock up with Chris Harris, but he demands Dusty instead and he’s tagged in to a pop. Siaki backs away after taking a bionic elbow immediately and Dusty stays on the attack with some CLUBBERIN’ in the corner. Dusty tags out and AMW take turns elbowdropping Siaki’s arm in a tribute to Rhodes, but Siaki sends Storm to the outside to deal with Ekmo. Storm quickly gets back into the ring and backdrops a charging Siaki onto the former Jamal on the outside. He then knocks Legend down and adds onto their pile, allowing Storm to hit a pescado on all three men. Harris then goes into the ring with Legend, but ends up on the outside again as the top rope is pulled down by one of the heels on the floor.


Siaki superkicks Harris on the outside and throws him back in for a close nearfall for Legend. He tags out to Ekmo who hits a running splash on him for a nearfall. Siaki comes in and hits an assisted swinging neckbreaker for a two count as well with Harris ending up in the heel corner, but he fights out of it. He tries to get to his corner, but gets cut off and Ekmo drops a big legdrop for two.


Legend comes in and hits a butterfly suplex for a two count as the fans get behind Harris. Harris comes off the ropes with a left arm lariat (which Legend takes an awesome bump off) and Harris makes the tag to Storm who is a HOUSE…EN…FUEGO~! Now all 6 men are in the ring and Dusty ends up elbowing all three heels. He looks to put the Figure Four on Legend, but Ekmo attacks from behind and sets him up for a top rope splash. AMW shoves Ekmo off the top rope and double spear him, only for Legend to kick AMW to the outside. Dusty ends up in the ring with Legend but AMW come back in and nail Legend with the DEATH SENTENCE~! for the pinfall.


Winners: Dusty Rhodes and America’s Most Wanted


My Opinion: This was a decent tag match with quite a bit of heat for the Asylum as both AMW and Dusty are very over with the crowd. The work involved was pretty good as they kept Dusty out of the ring for most of the time and everyone clicked well. That was probably the best work I’ve seen Ekmo do as he also seems to be effective in small spurts.


Man, does Dusty Rhodes do anything besides elbow related offense though? **


We now go to another pre-taped segment, “paid for…by the Franchise Shane Douglas”. He’s sitting in the back with two big chested women, talking about how pleased he is with the response he’s gotten since he made his plea to find the “new Franchise”. The women’s faces are never shown as Douglas was sitting down and all that’s visible are the women’s chest. This was a very quick and seemingly pointless segment, but I enjoyed it because as short as it was, it gives the Franchise a bit more character development, seeing as how he hasn’t been associated with any women since he’s arrived in TNA.


In the back, Scott Hudson is with the X Division Champion, Michael Shane, who’s also holding the Super X Tourney Trophy. He’s going to be facing Christopher Daniels tonight and he’s disappointed he has a match with him instead of getting a ticket tape parade in his honor. He claims that after tonight, he’s going to prove that he’s the best in the X Division….which he is far from for those of you who have no clue.


Michael Shane vs. Christopher Daniels (w/Followers) for the NWA:TNA X Division Title


Match Background: While these two may or may not have tangled in other promotions, such as Ring of Honor (I don’t know for sure), they haven’t faced each other in TNA. Daniels is coming off of a win over Frankie Kazarian last week to earn this X shot, which will be Shane’s 3rd title defense.


The Match: Shane comes down to the ring with both the X Title and the Trophy, which he won last week in a defense over Chris Sabin, the winner of the Super X Tournament.


The guys lock up to a stalemate, but after Shane tries to get a cheap shot in the corner, Daniels takes over with right hands. Shane pokes him in the eyes to take over, but Daniels holds onto the hair as this looks to be a straight up heel vs. heel match. Shane works over Daniels in the corner with mounted punches, but the Fallen Angel counters and hits a calf kick before sending the champ to the outside.


Shane Douglas is seen in the crowd with a clipboard, scouting the guys in the ring, which makes no sense seeing as how he said he wanted someone who was NOT already in the back to be the New Franchise…


With Shane on the outside, Daniels heads to the outside, but Shane takes the advantage, goes back in and slingshots himself onto Daniels on the outside. Daniels hits a back elbow on Shane and then uses the ropes to do an Arabian press to the outside! Back in the ring now, Daniels charges at Shane but EATS BOOT and Shane throws him into the ring post, going after Daniels’ shoulder. Shane tosses him shoulder first into the turnbuckle and then attempts a suplex, but it’s blocked. Shane punches Daniels in the ribs to try and get the suplex off, but Daniels counters it by flipping over onto his feet and hits a quebrada for a two count on the champion. Shane comes back with a flying forearm as the male fans in the crowd chant for Daniels, battling with the females chants. Shane hooks a sleeper onto Daniels, but its reversed and both men end up clotheslining each other.


Shane gets up first and gets on the top rope, but Daniels steals a page from Kurt Angle’s book by popping up and suplexing him off the top. Daniels now gets a series of clotheslines and an enziguiri on him, setting him for an STO. Shane blocks it, but cant’ escape the second attempt, which hits. Daniels hits the Double Jump Moonsault, but Shane kicks out (because that move never puts ANYONE away in the states). Daniels looks to hook on the Last Rites in the corner, but Shane holds onto the ropes to counter and rolls him up for a nearfall.


Shane sets Daniels up for Sweet Shane Music, but Daniels counters with a leg sweep for two! Shane goes for a tilt a whirl backbreaker but it’s reversed into a backslide attempt…which Daniels then maneuvers into hitting the Angels Wings on Shane! ONE…TWO…NO! Douglas likes the match up in the balcony as he smiles as he looks on.


Shane low blows Daniels and heads to the outside to grab the X Title and brings it to the ring. One of the followers gets on the apron and tries to snatch it away from Shane, which he does as Daniels rolls him up for two. As Shane kicks out, the momentum sends Daniels flying into the ropes, colliding with the follower and the X Division Title, leaving him open for Sweet Shane Music which gets the pinfall.


Winner: Michael Shane


After the match, Shane takes out all of the followers and assaults Daniels. Chris Sabin comes in to go after Shane and hits a nice rana, causing Shane to bail. Daniels gets in Sabin’s face for getting in his business and they get into a heated confrontation.


My Opinion: It’s truly a shame that a great worker like Chris Daniels has to do the job to someone as overrated as Michael Shane, but hey….it’s not my company. Then again, Daniels shouldn’t even be in the X Division anymore in my opinion. The match was decent, but Daniels is clearly a better worker than Shane and it shows. He also seems to have a hell of a lot more heat. The finish to the match was an attempt to possibly put Daniels in a three way match for the X title with himself, Shane and Sabin, who seems to be turning de facto face. I like it…but they seriously need to get that title off of Shane. He’s exposing the weak division right now. **1/4.


A short promo for the 3 hour Sunday Night PPV “Bound By Glory” for November 30th airs.


We now go to the exclusive video footage from Japan. It starts with footage of Hogan posing and coming down to a huge ovation to face Masahiro Chono. You get actual footage of the match as he hits his big boot/legdrop combo…but decides to end it with his finisher in Japan (which I didn’t know he had), called the Axe Bomber lariat…which is just a clothesline, really, but it’s all about how it’s sold in Japan.


After the match, Hogan addressed the Japanese media in a press conference. He says that he has unfinished business not only in Japan, but in the States as he’s never been the NWA Champion. All of a sudden, Jeff Jarrett bursts into the room, turns Hogan around and BLASTS him with a guitar, shattering it and bloodying him up. He grabs a chair and uses it on Hogan, but Jimmy Hart (Hogan’s good friend and manager) tries to stop him. Jarrett tosses him aside before using the chair on Hogan again and going after the wound with right hands! He tosses another wrestler who tries to help out by the way side and goes after Hogan again…but Masahiro Chono makes the save! Chono and Hart attend to the bloody Hogan as the conference comes to an end.


Tenay is now shown in mid-ring and he introduces Jarrett, who will be getting his one on one rematch with AJ Styles for the NWA Title next week on TNA.


The fans start chanting for Hogan as Tenay asks Jarrett why he went to Japan to attack Hogan. Jarrett says he’ll address that shortly as he goes back to the night he lost the title. He makes sure to point out that neither Styles nor Raven beat him that night, but a guitar shot from Vince Russo did. Fast forward to two weeks ago, Dusty Rhodes gladly taking his title shot against Styles opened his eyes to the fact that the icons of this business are selfish and self serving…so in order for him to become one, that’s what he’s going to do. So, he went to Japan to take out the BIGGEST self serving, selfish icon in the wrestling industry…Hulk Hogan. He heard rumors of Hogan coming to TNA and he’ll be damned if he’s going to allow Hogan to take away his title shot.


This promo is getting a TON of heat as Jarrett tries to defend his actions with a “We Want Hogan” chant. He says that wherever Hogan goes, so goes the attention of the wrestling world…and he’ll be DAMNED if he’s going to come into TNA and take Jeff Jarrett’s spot. Jarrett says that he and Hogan have history…and Tenay asks him if he’s talking about “Florida” (Bash at the Beach 2000). Jarrett tells Tenay NEVER to bring that up again…


All of a sudden, Vince Russo comes running into the ring and takes down Jarrett! They spill to the outside where Russo starts punching away at him! Russo dives at Jarrett and they then spill over the guard rail into the crowd! He hits Jarrett with a chair a few times and sets up a table. He whips him into a propped up table, but it doesn’t break. Jarrett gets up and takes Russo down and wails on him with a chair several times! He starts whipping Russo with his belt and then wraps the belt around his neck. Jarrett ties Russo with the belt to a fence and starts using a trashcan and another chair on him until Russo looks out of it.


Security comes in to try and help, but Jarrett disposes of all of them…and then he continues to wail on Russo’s back! Finally, Ekmo and Siaki come to help Russo as Styles is in the ring, PISSED OFF. The fans chant for him as Russo looks to be very, very hurt.


My Two Cents: For the most part, I absolutely love this angle. It had been reported that Hogan would be coming into TNA a few weeks ago, but it was a complete shock and surprise to me that this angle is starting out the way that it did. Jarrett going all the way to Japan just to hurt Hogan makes TNA seems so much more important…and Hogan’s involvement will do wonders for TNA as well. Jarrett’s reasoning was very well thought out and most likely, he’ll get a decent sized rub just from working with the biggest icon in the wrestling industry.


Apparently, because of the history between Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo, Russo will have almost no power in TNA (and may be gone from TNA entirely) once Hogan comes in and that is either good or bad news, depending on how you feel on him. The only thing I didn’t like in whole angle that took place tonight is the fact that Russo got WAY too much offense on Jarrett during the beginning of the brawl. The destruction and beat down of Russo was something that was built up for so long and the way it went down was very effective in my opinion. This sets up next week’s title match with Jarrett and Styles, where Jarrett will most likely win the title back and lead into a program with Hogan, culminating at the November 30th PPV. So far, I’ve got to give this angle a BIG thumbs up.


In the back, Scott Hudson is with the Red Shirts. According to them, Don Callis is not in the building. Northcutt will be facing Watts tonight and according to Northcutt, booking the match was Watts’ first mistake. He claims that D’Lo Brown and Jerry Lynn are afraid of them and he’s going to make an example out of Watts tonight. Scott Hudson asks about the Roddy Piper interview that was supposed to be played and Northcutt shows him the video cassette its on. He smashes it after letting Hudson know that Callis isn’t allowing any more air time wasted on Piper’s interviews. The promo was decent, but his voice definitely doesn’t go with his large build.


Erik Watts vs. Kevin Northcutt


Match Background: Three weeks ago, Erik Watts, the Director of Authority in TNA, booked a match between the Red Shirt Security and the Black Shirt Security. Watts got personally involved in the match after he chokeslammed Northcutt and caused the Black Shirts to win. During the match, one of the Black Shirts, Rick Santel, injured his shoulder and Watts demanded that TNA and Callis pay for his medical bills, but they refused. Santel, with his injured shoulder, accompanied fellow Black Shirt Chris Vaughn and D’Lo Brown to the ring for a match with the Red Shirts last week, which the Red Shirts won after Northcutt hit his double underhook piledriver called the NORTHCUTT DRIVER~! on Vaughn. Watts apparently is going to try and take out Northcutt himself.


The Match: Watts comes to the ring accompanied by Vaughn and Santel, who are both “injured”. Vaughn is wearing a neck brace after the Northcutt Driver and Santel has a separated shoulder (which is legit).


The match starts with both men brawling and Northcutt just raining right hands in the corner. Watts hits a HUGE rana on Northcutt and kicks him to the outside. He whips Northcutt into the guard rail several times, clearly having the advantage. During the match, we get a picture in picture as Vince Russo is being put into an ambulance and driven out of the Asylum.


Northcutt and Watts are back in the ring and Watts hits a bad Lou Thesz press on the Red Shirt Security member. Northcutt gets a drop toe hold on him, followed by a Hangman’s neckbreaker and a BIG pumphandle suplex for two. Northcutt drapes Watts head on the bottom rope and legdrops him on the apron ala the Undertaker for another close two count.


Watts gets up and tries a comeback, but a Northcutt clothesline turns him inside out. Watts gets up and hits him with an elbow…and then hits the chokeslam. Ryan Wilson gets on the apron and gets nailed by Watts, falling onto the floor. Northcutt takes some handcuffs out from his pants …and nails Watts with it when he turns around for the win.


Winner: Kevin Northcutt


After the match, they put the boots to Watts and cuff him to the ropes. Some Black Shirt Security guys come in…but the first gets powerbombed to HELL and the second eats a bigtime chokeslam by Wilson. All of a sudden, the fans actually POP for DON HARRIS as he makes his return to the Asylum as Black Shirt Security (his original role in TNA) and he takes on both guys. He grabs a chair and chases both guys out as Goldilocks ALSO makes her return to TNA (looking like she was just spouted out of an angry washing machine) by coming out to console Erik Watts….


My Opinion: The post match antics were a hell of a lot better than the match. Watts in the ring just doesn’t work and Northcutt still seems very green and not much of a worker himself. The Red Shirts do have awesome power moves and are two of the biggest guys of the promotion and with a little seasoning, they could definitely get a ton of heat as heels in the tag division. Don Harris coming in as Black Shirt Security not only make him a babyface, but it means that we’re going to see him back in the ring, as if seeing Watts in the ring wasn’t bad enough. Goldilocks looked, um…different, and as long as she leaves the interviewing to Hudson, it’s all good with me. It seems like other than Trinity, there are no other females left in TNA. ½ *


Another promo for “Bound for Glory” airs. The name of that PPV reminds me of a hybrid of two Ring of Honor shows….


Sonjay Dutt & “Showtime” Erik Young vs. Jerelle Clark & EL FUEGO~!


Match Background: This is the first appearance in TNA for most of the competitors in this match. Sonjay Dutt has been a staple of both CZW’s light heavyweight division and MLW. Showtime Erik Young disappointed the last time that he was on TNA, unfortunately. Jerelle Clark supposedly has a great finisher from what I hear…and I know nothing about El Fuego…but you’ve just GOT to love that name! I like the guy already!


The Match: EL FUEGO~! is from Mexico City, Mexico…and looks like a cross between Rhyno and Eddie Guerrero. I don’t care if he sucks, the guy’s name is EL FUEGO~!


Sonjay Dutt starts out with Clark as Tenay reveals that EL FUEGO~! trained at the same school as Edge and Christian. Clark scores with a big shoulder block on Dutt and a CRISP rana, but Dutt comes back by flipping out of a hiptoss and nailing a flying head scissors, followed by a couple of dropkicks. He tags in Erik Young and EL FUEGO~! comes in. Fuego goes after the arm, but Young flips out of it ala Owne Hart and takes Fuego down. Fuego and Young counter each other a bunch of times until Young is able to hit a belly to belly suplex and Clark goes after Young’s arm on the apron. Fuego hits a single arm DDT and tags Clark back in…who uses Fuego as an assist to hit what looked like Spanky’s Sliced Bread #2 on Young.


Clark hits a big pumphandle slam and a twisting moonsault on the floor for a two count. El Fuego comes back and hits a big back suplex before tagging in Clark, who puts on a cross armbreaker. Young uses his strength to pick Clark up out of the cross armbreaker and puts him in a fireman’s carry position. THE FIRE~! gets on the top rope, but gets crotched by Young…and he puts HIM on top of Clark in a double fireman’s carry and hits a DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER~!.


EL FUEGO tries to cut off a possible tag, but Young is able to make it and Sonjay Dutt is a HOUSE…EN FUEGO AGAINST EL FUEGO~! Dutt uses the ropes to flip himself in and onto Clark’s shoulders for a unique rana attempt and he gets a tilt a whirl DDT on El Fuego! Clark trips up Dutt and Young slides to the outside to hit a neckbreaker on El Fuego. Clark comes running to the other side of the ring and hits an Asai Moonsault on Young. El Fuego gets in the ring and becomes a FLYING EL FUEGO~! going to the outside with a suicide dive! With all three men on the outside now, Sonjay Dutt springs off the ropes and comes flying down on all of them with a twisting splash!


Young and Clark are in the ring…and Clark sets him up in REALLY close in the corner. He climbs the ropes…and hits a 630 senton! Basically, it’s a 450 splash, but he goes one more rotation, landing on the opponent back first! WOW. The pinfall is broken up by Dutt who hits the Double Shot, but he’s named it something else. He goes after EL FUEGO~! who’s in the ring now, sets him up and goes to the top…and hits a Phoenix Splash (Moonsault into a 450 Splash) , which he calls the Hindu Press for the pinfall!


Winners: Sonjay Dutt & Showtime Erik Young


My Opinion: This was nothing more than a big spotfest, which was fine for what they were trying to do. Basically, this was just a match to show off their spots and show TNA management who they should bring back to the X Division. Sonjay Dutt obviously impressed the most with his high flying style and apparently, he can bring the charisma as well, so he’s being touted as their next breakthrough star in TNA. Young was much better this time around, but I’ll have to see more of him in order to judge whether or not he was just having a bad night his first time out. Jerelle Clark doesn’t seem like anything special outside of the finisher and poor EL FUEGO~! didn’t really showcase much of anything besides the AWESOME, AWESOME name. Shit, I’ll be EL FUEGO, give it to me. **


In the back, Scott Hudson is with Kid Kash who’s set to take on his former bodyguard, Abyss. Kash says that he’s the toughest man alive today because he beats up anyone,(including women) he doesn’t care and tonight, Abyss will be no different. Red Shirt security comes up to Kash to let him know that Callis has a message for him, but Kash walks away because “no one tells the K-I-D anything’.


Simon, Swinger and Gilberti come to the ring for a non title match…against the former ECW Tag Team Champions! Danny Doring and the Angry Amish Warrior…ROADKILL!


Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger (w/Glenn Gilberti) vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill


Match Background: This is Danny Doring and Roadkill’s first appearance on TNA TV and they were the last ECW tag team champions in that promotion’s history. Diamond and Swinger were regulars in ECW, but never won the tag titles there. Whether or not they faced each other in ECW, I’m not sure, but it’s more than likely that they did. Tonight, Diamond and Swinger will face them in a non title match up.


The Match: Oh, I’m marking out big time for the Danaconda and the Angry Amish Warrior! It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them.


Doring and Swinger lock up first and Doring ends up in the heel corner, having to battle out. Roadkill comes in and all 4 men are in the ring. Gilberti sits with the announcers and says that he knows how wrestling works, but he doesn’t want to put them over on commentary. Roadkill splashes both guys in the corner and they bail to a pop as a few people in the crowd remember them from their ECW days.


Doring comes off the top with a dive onto both men to the floor. Then, Roadkill balances himself on the top ropes and dives to the outside, but the champs move out of the way and Roadkill crashes into the safety rail. Doring is back in the ring with Swinger now, but the tag champs take the advantage. AMW are on the top of the ramp scouting the match in the ring as Gilberti calls them idiots for not having a return clause in their contract.


Simon hits the Simon Series on Doring before tagging in Swinger…who gets distracted by AMW on the ramp. Simon comes back in to work over Doring, but Doring hits a double arm DDT (Wham Bam, Thank you Maam) and he makes the hot tag to Roadkill! He’s an ANGRY AMISH WARRIOR…EN FUEGO~! hitting Dirt Road Slams (Big Side Slams) on both members of the tag team champs but the pinfall is broken up!


All 4 men are in the ring now again and Doring slides to the outside as Roadkill jumps off of the top ropes (the middle of the top ropes) with a double clothesline to the champs! The fans are loving it and they only get a two count out of it…so Roadkill hits a running powerslam.


Gilberti: “We’re supposed to be squashing these jobbers!”


Doring comes off the top with a legdrop as Roadkill is ready to jump, but he’s crotched by Gilberti who got up from the announce table. The referee was distracted by David Young, who’s been following Gilberti around. AMW come down to try and stop Gilberti from interfering as Swinger puts Doring in a full nelson. Doring gets out of it and rolls up Swinger for the victory!


Winners: Danny Doring & Roadkill


My Opinion: This was a decent match, but it’s purpose was similar to the match prior to it. This was just to showcase Doring & Roadkill and put them over to build towards a future match with the two teams. Doring and Roadkill definitely deserve it as they were very over in ECW and haven’t gotten many opportunities to showcase their team since. Those nostalgic for ECW would enjoy this as well as those who will be introduced to the funny characters over time. Gilberti acting like he had no idea who they were and thought they should be squashing them was funny…but he was playing to the smarks a little too much in my opinion. This will probably lead to some sort of 3 way tag title match with AMW included in the mix. *1/2


In the back, Scott Hudson is with Raven and the Gathering. The Raven/Slash match that was to have taken place tonight has been changed to a tag match between the Gathering and Vampiro & Slash due to the actions that took place earlier in the show. There are some audio problems during the promo, but they correct it halfway through. Raven tells them that he has to do this alone, essentially telling the Gathering that there won’t be a tag match tonight….


A video package airs detailing the debut of Abyss, his relationship to Kid Kash and their subsequent break up.


Kid Kash vs. Abyss


Match Background: Kid Kash and Abyss have been tag team partners since June, when Kash enlisted his services to take out Erik Watts. Abyss has interfered in many of Kash’s matches at his request and more times than not, had done the job correctly. Then, in a match with AMW, Abyss causes Kash to lose a match and Kash got in his face, disrespecting him, but the monster didn’t retaliate. He would just sit there and take it for some reason until last week, where he snapped and finally fought back. Tonight, they have their first encounter in a one on one match…


The Match: Kash gets in his face before the bell and kicks him in the gut. He goes to whip Abyss, but he can’t even budge the big man. Kash uses his speed to get away from Abyss and continually goes for mounted punches. Abyss shoves him away and chases him around the ring, with Kash using his speed to his advantage again. He goes to the outside and throws a chair at Abyss (The Smashmouth), but Abyss NO SELLS It. Back in the ring, Abyss elevates him up and then down BIG TIME and then follows it up with a bear hug into an overhead belly to belly. Kash tries to hold onto the ring ropes, but Abyss pulls him away, only to back him into the corner and again and connect with a hard chop. Kash gets the advantage with a poke to the eye, of course, and goes for some chops of his own…which Abyss no sells. He challenges him for more and then scoop slams him before going off of the 2nd rope for a big splash attempt, which misses.

Kash leaps onto the top rope to moonsault onto Abyss, but the big man hooks him and powerbombs him down. He goes for a chokeslam attempt, but Kash pokes the ref in the eye and goes for a chair. Kash smacks Abyss in the head with the chair three times and Abyss falls down face first. He rolls him over with some difficulty and Abyss powers out at two!


Kash picks up the chair again and its kicked back into his face! Abyss picks Kash up for a backbreaker but Kash floats over. He comes off of the ropes, but Abyss hooks him with the Black Hole Slam for the 100% clean win!


Winner: Abyss


After the match, Kash throws powder into Abyss’ eyes and hits him in the head again as Red Shirt Security looks on. He kicks Abyss low and goes for a big kick, but Abyss instead hits a huge sit out backbreaker to get the last word.


My Opinion: I was very surprised by the clean victory as I thought this feud would carry over for a while. Perhaps Abyss is going on to other things now. The match told a good story with Kash having to use his speed and heel tactics to avoid the strength and speed of Abyss. Abyss was more vulnerable that I thought he would be, selling a hell of a lot of Kash’s moves. TNA can really have something with Abyss…hopefully, they capitalize on it.


Unfortunately, I think the match should have been a bit longer if this was truly the blowoff, but with Abyss coming out on top completely, it sure seems like it. **1/4.


In the back, Scott Hudson is with Simon, Swinger, Young and Gilberti. They’re upset that they lost and Gilberti says that Doring and Roadkill caused ECW to run out of business. He announces a rematch for next week…


The Gathering vs. Slash & Vampiro


Match Background: This is an offshoot of the Raven/Father Mitchell feud as The Gathering (Julio and CM Punk) saved Raven from an attack from Slash and Vampiro earlier in the show. Punk and Julio have faced the Disciples several times but this is the first time that Vampiro is in the mix.


The Match: Vampiro and Slash have a remixed version of the “evil” theme, which sounds pretty cool as it’s just acoustic.


Julio and Punk come running down the ramp and Slash leaps off the apron, only to get powerslammed on the floor in midair! In the ring, Vampiro Rock Bottoms Punk, but Punk comes back with a rana and Slash and Julio enter the ring. Julio hits a Diamond Cutter on Slash and then puts him on his shoulders for Punk. Vampiro knocks Punk off the top rope and Slash tosses Julio out as well. They bust Punk open and Vampiro and Slash go after the wound with punches and headbutts.


Punk is stuck in the heel corner, but escapes with a unique Russian Leg Sweep variation and tags in Julio! Julio comes in and takes on both men, but doesn’t have the intensity to be a HOUSE. He hits a spinning full nelson slam, but Mitchell distracts the ref enough for Vampiro to take advantage. He misses a twisting moonsault and Vampiro falls to the outside. Julio puts Slash on his shoulders again and Punk comes off the top with a stacked Blockbuster on him! He goes for the cover, but Mitchell distracts the referee again! Vampiro comes in…spits something in Julio’s face and hits the Nail in the Coffin for the pinfall.


Winners: Vampiro & Slash


After the match, Raven comes in and goes after Vampiro and Slash, taking them down at the same time. He takes them out and goes after Mitchell, catching him at the top of the ramp. Vampiro and Slash make the late save as they go to the back…


My Opinion: This was a decent brawl, but it definitely seems like Vampiro has lost a step in the ring. The match was very short and at this hour during the show, my guess is that they had time cut out from it. The heel victory only means more of these two teams in the future, which I can live with. *3/4.


Next week, Tenay and West down the fact that all three titles will be on the line next week! AJ vs. JJ, Simon & Swinger vs. Doring & Roadkill and Shane vs. Sabin vs. Daniels!


All of a sudden, Jimmy Hart is on TNA via phone call, speaking to Tenay and West…and he announces that Hulkmania is coming to the TNA Asylum…very soon.


Jeff Jarrett grabs the microphone from Tenay and gets in the ring. He doesn’t care about Hogan, he’ll lay him out again. All he cares about is taking the title from Styles next week. Styles comes running in to brawl with Jarrett, but they’re separated by security! They keep coming at each other, not allowing security to truly hold them back! They continue brawling as the show comes to a close….


Overall: This was a decent show, but there wasn’t a blowaway match on the card at all. What actually made up for it were the angles on the show as the Hogan/Jarrett angle is heating up quickly and will definitely benefit TNA in the long run if they play their cards right. Jarrett/Styles is sadly considered to be a no brainer as Styles hasn’t had a good reign and the program with Hogan will mean more if Jarrett is the champion. The Raven program wasn’t nearly as hot as it has been in the past few weeks and I think it’s suffered since Shane Douglas was taken out of it. It almost seems as if some programs are on the verge of ending to move onto others or beginning with the November PPV coming up in about 6 weeks. Hopefully, TNA can regain the heat it had about two months ago…


Also, don’t forget, The Diatribe for No Mercy will be up sometime on Monday, so look out for it.


‘Til Next Time,


‘The Dames’, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, fan mail, hate mail, move clarifications, ANYTHING…send to [email protected] if you’re an AOL member or [email protected] for everyone else.

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