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SJL METAL 11/18/03

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Date: Tuesday, November 18, @ 9 PM EST

Venue: The parking lot outside the St. Pete Times Forum (formerly the Tampa Ice Palace). As some of you may remember, the SJL has been banned from the Ice Palace. However, we were planning to be in the area, and so they let us hold a card in their parking lot. Weather will be sunny for the early matches but we’ll kick the lights on for the later ones, and the fans will be general admissions (read: crazy).



Charismatic Kev vs. Wes Outlett

Description: Wes Outlett hasn’t been doing well in his first few appearances, but Commissioner Raynor is wondering if he’ll do better against fellow rookie Charismatic Kev! The ladies love him, for some reason.

Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & countout in effect.



Todd Royal vs. Unknown Warrior

Description: Todd’s got a title shot coming up after defeating Insane Luchador in a Quadruple Domination match. He’ll have to tune up against the Unknown Warrior, who has his sights set on the World Title as well. A win here, or even a strong showing, will put Warrior in line for a shot.

Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & countout in effect.



“Hollywood” Spike Jenkins vs. Manson vs. Alan Clark vs. Dominic Korgath

Description: These four men struggle to stand out from the field. Tonight, they will try to be the last man standing in the ring that’s situated in a parking lot, not a field.

Rules: All four men in the ring. A wrestler is eliminated when he is pinned, submits, or is thrown over the top rope and has both feet touch the floor. No, there are technically no disqualifications. No, this does not mean you get to go medieval on your opponents’ asses using all kinds of hardcore plunder.





Aecas © vs. Landon “La Cucaracha” Maddix

Description: Maddix is cashing in his title shot here! He’s been enjoying the hradkore stylingz thus far, so why not let these two get it on hardcore? This time, the fans will be supplying the madness! And remember: They’re comped, so they’re crazy!

Rules: Hardcore-style match. A garbage can full of fan-donated weapons will be in the parking lot, and the fans can hand the wrestlers weapons at any time. Only the World Title is on the line. The winner has Todd Royal waiting in the wings to challenge him at some indeterminate point in the near future. Technically, the fans brought their cars to the arena.



...get it on!

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... And we cut to the opening credits. You know, that theme song with footage of previous events. Depicting ACTION and EXCITEMENT, these are supposed to get you all hyped up about the show. Hopefully they do. If they don’t… Well, they don’t, do they? Following the ACTION credits, we cross live (or recorded, whatever) to the Tampa Ice Palace parking lot. Boy, it’s rather glary, unfortunately. The fans are rabid, screaming and chanting for the show to start. You know those people – the ones who get excited over any events which involve gratuitous amounts of testosterone, such as monster trucks and fights of any kinds. We pan around towards the base of the makeshift seating, where we see the commentary team of Judge Mental and Ejiro Fasaki – also known as Justice and Rule – along with crazy woman Annie.


Judge: Welcome fans, to another edition of wacky Smartmarks Junior League action, this one being called Metal. Presumably because someone thought it sounded cool. As always, I’m the vastly superior, despite what Tom Flesher might tell you, Judge Mental.


Annie: Hence your stunning victory at Ashes 2 Ashes on the weekend? Oh, wait.


Judge: Shut it.


Ejiro: I’m Ejiro Fasaki. I know many submission moves.


Annie: Anyway, I’m Annie. Ejiro sucks.


Judge: Don’t start already, children, we’ve only had one exchange. First up on our card of fun tonight is newcomer Charismatic Kev, going up against Wes Outlett, currently winless in the SJL.


Ejiro: He’s been very unlucky too, having several misses in the past few weeks. With an opponent going by the name of Charismatic Kev, he will surely get something up on the board tonight.


Annie: Don’t be so sure. Charisma is a powerful thing you know.


Judge: We’ll see, Annie. Funyon is waiting in the ring, so let’s get on with the introductions.


The Ice Palace parking lot ever so slightly turns red, and is accompanied with the track of “Mr Charisma” by Frenzal Rhomb. From the top of the ramp Charismatic Kev emerges, pumping his arms in the air like a mad man. He starts motioning and screaming to the crowd, attempting to get them behind him. He continues these tactics on his approach to the ring.


Funyon: The next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, weighing in at 205 pounds and standing at six feet tall, Charismatic Kev!


Kev slides into the ring, quickly jumping up onto the second turnbuckle and screaming to the crowd, who are, for some reason, beginning to support Kev.


Judge: Erm… Ok. This lad isn’t at all strange. But the crowd are actually buying it…


Ejiro: That’s what happens when you hold matches in parking lots, Judge. All kinds of assorted riff raff can get in, as they don’t actually have to pay. And wrestling fans with money are bad enough.


Annie: Heh, he seems interesting enough. Charisma always results in fun.


The makeshift public announce system again bursts into life with “Fist Full of Steele” by Rage Against The Machine. Wes Outlett appears at the top of the ring, sporting his baggy leather pants, and begins making his way down to the ring, with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.


Funyon: Now making his way to the ring, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 189 pounds and standing at five feet nine inches tall, Wes Outlett!


Wes Outlett slides into the ring, looking somewhat sideways at the oddball Charismatic Kev, who has slightly toned down his act to respect his opponent’s entrance.


Judge: Wes Outlett has been rather unlucky in his first few encounters. He’s had the goods, but can’t get that elusive three count or submission.


Ejiro: Judging by this nutcase, I think that may change tonight.


Annie: You would be an expert on the nutcases, wouldn’t you?


Ejiro: Well, you certainly aren’t, are you?


Charismatic Kev, attempting to channel the charisma of his ancestors, hops about the ring, desperately motioning for the crowd to participate. He gets a mixed response, with those easily amused lending their support to Kev, whilst the stauncher in attendance are either puzzled, or indifferent. As his is opponent, Wes Outlett.


Judge: Well, it seems the crack driven Charismatic Kev is striking a nerve with these fans.


Ejiro: Well, it’s no secret that wrestling fans aren’t the sharpest characters going around.


Annie: So sort of like you then, Ejiro?


Ejiro: Grr…


Judge: Meanwhile, back in the ring, it looks like Kev has stopped obsessing with the crowd and his turned his attention back to the match at hand. Damn rookies.




Charismatic Kev and Wes Outlett cautiously circle each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Tired of the stalemate, Outlett jumps at Kev, and the two men lock up. Outlett quickly slips out of the grapple, slipping behind Kev and locking on a rear waist lock. Kev doesn’t like this one bit, and expresses his feelings with the back of his elbow, nailing Outlett several times in the head, forcing him to release his grip on Kev. Kev quickly takes advantage, grabbing Outlett’s arm and whipping him across the ring, into the ropes. Apparently, Kev sent Outlett in faster than he realized, as on the return Outlett nails Kev with a rather solid clothesline, knocking a shocked Charismatic Kev down to the mat. Outlett quickly drops to the mat, hoping to capitalize with one of his patented submission moves, but Kev, as if sensing Outlett’s intentions, quickly rolls away and back up to his feet. Outlett is also quick to get back up to his feet, and glares straight through Kev. Kev doesn’t return the favor though, instead opting to jump around like a retard in the hopes of gaining more crowd support.


Ejiro: What is wrong with this guy? Is he deficient or something?


Annie: Sort of like you then, Fasaki?


Ejiro: …Die, Annie.


Judge: Children, children, please! Keep the bickering for the bedroom.


Annie: …Ewww, you’re sick Judge! I’ll be having nightmares for weeks!


Ejiro: Heheh…


The crowd responds to Kev, laughing at his oddball antics. Wes Outlett decides that he has finally had enough, charging towards Kev. Kev quickly responds, dropping down to the mat, hooking his legs around one of Outlett’s and taking him face first into the mat with a drop toe hold. Kev bounces back up, visibly pleased with himself. An enraged Outlett is back up to his feet. Kev, being the polite guy that he is, decides to greet Outlett with stiff right hands to the jaw, forcing Outlett to back into a corner. Kev decides to break up the string of punches, instead grabbing onto the second ropes on each side of the turnbuckle, and slamming his shoulder repeatedly into the abdomen of Wes Outlett. As Wes slowly sinks down in the corner, Kev decides that he’s done enough to have a bit of a break. He turns his back to Wes, again attempting to get the crowd into the match.


Judge: Kev is apparently able to back up his ridiculous mannerisms in the ring, thank god. However, he’s making the age old mistake here of turning his back to his opponent. Even worse, he’s doing it to hype up the crowd. Faces, such stupid creatures.


Annie: Hey, I resent that!


Ejiro: Well, it’s true Annie. Kev should be laying the proverbial smack down on Outlett right now – instead he’s trying to get the crowd to love him. It’s pathetic.


Annie: Least we don’t get egged on the street.


The crowd, starting to somewhat buy Kev’s extreme level of charisma, starts getting into the match. Satisfied with his efforts, Kev turns his attention back to Outlett. However, inside of being sunk into the corner, Outlett is back on his feet. Outlett jumps swiftly into the air, nailing Kev across the chops with a nasty sidekick, sending him sprawling down onto the canvas. Outlett drops promptly to the mat, grabbing onto Kev’s arm and locking on a fujiwara armbar. However, Kev is right next to the ropes. Obviously he grabs them, and the referee forces a reluctant Outlett to break the hold.


Judge: Outlett seems to be keen on locking that lethal fujiwara armbar on Kev. Unfortunately for him, he only had it on for a few seconds that time – and didn’t even manage to get it on at all the first time.


Ejiro: It’s the age old rule, Judge – disable a body part, usually the one responsible for a man’s finisher.


Annie: Or a woman’s finisher.


Ejiro: Whatever.


The Charismatic One slowly attempts to pull himself to his feet, grabbing onto the middle ropes for leverage. Disgusted by his opponents move, Outlett jams his boot into the back of Kev’s head, leaving him hanging lifelessly across the second rope. Outlett then latches onto the top rope, jumps into the air and over the ropes, before dropping his leg across the back of Kev’s head. Kev bounces out of the corner, gripping at his head in pain. Outlett quickly slides back in the ring before the referee can even attempt a count out, and hooks the leg of Kev for a pin fall attempt.





Kev kicks out after the two count. Still grabbing at his sore head, and slightly dazed, Kev tries to roll up to his side. Outlett quickly sprints off the ropes, then leaps into the air, extending his feet and nailing the vulnerable Kev with a dropkick to the face! If Kev wasn’t in pain before, that would have changed things. Outlett capitalizes on the situation, hooking Kev’s leg for the pin.





Judge: Kev able to kick out at two, there. He’s tougher than he looks, I had him buried after that vicious dropkick to the face.


Ejiro: As did I, Judge. Clearly, Kev has more guts than we first thought. Admittedly, that isn’t a whole lot, but still.


Annie: Says you, ya cheatin’ heel bastard.


Outlett grunts in disappointment, but continues on. He drags Kev to his feet, quickly getting in a few stiff right hands in the process, then sends him into the ropes. As Kev dashes back towards Outlett, Outlett turns around and raises his elbow, catching Kev right in the nose with a back elbow! Kev crashes down to the mat, gripping at his face. Outlett looks and Kev, then the ropes, then Kev again, formulating a devious plan. He races towards the ropes springboards off the second one, flipping backwards and connecting across the body of Kev with a lionsault! Outlett rolls back slightly onto his knees, holding his body in pain. After a brief moment to recover, Outlett covers Kev.





Kev manages to roll the shoulder in the nick of time! Outlett looks up, obviously becoming increasingly frustrated. He decides to resume his earlier plan of attack, and hooks the fujiwara arm bar on Charismatic Kev! Kev’s eyes immediately light up in pain, as his free arm desperately searches for the ropes.


Judge: Heheh, a personal favourite of mine, this one. On the third attempt Outlett has got it on close to the center of the ring. I’ve put this move on more people than I can count, and trust me, this thing hurts like hell. If Kev doesn’t get out of this soon, his arm is going to be sore for days.


Ejiro: Definitely, Judge. I’ve also applied this on more than my fair share of victims, and it always leaves lasting damage. It’s simple and easy to apply on the victim, making it accessible to even the most inadequate of grapplers.


Annie: Hence you use it a lot?


Ejiro: ...What did I do to deserve this?


Outlett pulls back as arm as he can on Kev’s arm, attempting to yank it clean off. Kev squirms, attempting to edge his way closer to the ropes. The referee asks whether Kev wants to give it up, but to no avail. Kev raises his free arm in the air, channeling the energy in the parking lot. The crowd starts to yell for this rookie, seemingly giving the charismatic wonder the power to crawl his way towards the ropes. Outlett seems indifferent, content on yanking back on Kev’s arm. Kev, so close, makes a lunge for the ropes… And gets there! The referee demands that Wes lets go off the hold, and, after a groan, he does so.


Judge: Kev manages to reach the ropes there, just in the nick of time. Too much longer in the fujiwara arm bar, and he could say goodbye to that arm.


Annie: It’s obvious that the sheer charisma of this man has this rather savage crowd in rapture.


Ejiro: That was random.


Annie: Like your mother.


Ejiro: ...!?


Not being one to waste any time though, Kev pulls the relieved Kev up to his feet, hooks Kev’s arms, then falls backward towards the ring, drilling Kev’s head into the mat with a double arm DDT! Kev rolls onto his back almost completely lifeless, allowing Outlett to take advantage with a lateral press. The referee slides into position…






Ejiro: Damnit! Wes almost had this sniveling little buffoon down again!


Judge: Another near fall for Wes here. He’s got Kev on the metaphorical ropes, here – he just needs to move in for the kill.


Annie: Your genius astounds me, Judge. Although, killing would be a bit extreme in this instance.


Judge: Yeah well… I sentence Kev to death! Geddit?! Coz I’m a judge, and all!?


Ejiro: …


Annie: …


Judge: …Sigh.


Outlett decides enough is enough. The tough man from Ohio pulls Kev into position under the turnbuckles, then starts climbing. Upon reaching the top he takes a few seconds to steady himself, before leaping high into the air, spinning backwards, and crashing down onto the prone body of the Charismatic One! Well, or so he had hoped. Kev managed to roll out of the way at the last second, leaving Outlett with no choice but to eat canvas.


Judge: Outlett decided end the match right there, but got nothing! That’s the problems with these high flying types, always killing themselves with high risk moves. The good old submission holds simply aren’t flashy enough anymore. Sigh.


Annie: High flyers rule your sorry ass Judge, and you know it.


Ejiro: Yeah, especially when they take themselves out for a year going for a twisting corkscrew 360 spinning tornado body splash off a ladder.


Judge: Ejiro’s right Annie, high flyers are stupid. In any case, the referee has gotten his ten count underway. Hopefully these two rookies hurry up so we can get onto the matches with actual potential.






FIVE – for some ungodly reason, the crowd starts to get behind Kev: “KEV! KEV! KEV!”


SEVEN – both competitors begin to stir…

EIGHT – Kev and Outlett stagger to their knees…



Both men yank on the ropes, managing to pull themselves to their feet before the referee can finish the ten count. Kev and Outlett stagger into the middle of the ring, looking into each other’s eyes with exhaustion. Kev shakes off his arm that was locked on the fujiwara arm bar, then lifts his other arm up in the air and starts shaking like he’s got a disease, drawing minor laughter from the crowd, and a disturbed look from Outlett. Kev takes this opportunity to nail Outlett in the side of the head with a charismatic punch, momentarily dazing the puro-inspired wrestler. Kev then quickly locks an arm around Outlett’s head, before picking him up in prime position for a body slam. However, Kev instead lifts Outlett up as after as he can in the body slam position, before pushing Outlett’s midsection up over his head. As Outlett begins to plummet towards the mat, Kev quickly uses his now free hand to grab Outlett around the neck in an inverted from face lock, before dropping himself down hard to the mat with a falling reverse DDT!


Annie: Wow! What a move from Kev!


Judge: …Indeed. I believe that’s Kev’s finisher, the Charismatic KO.


Ejiro: That’s a damn impressive finisher, I must admit… Wait, Charismatic KO?! What the hell? Is this guy retarded or something?


An exhausted Kev shakes off his arm, still hurting from the earlier fujiwara arm bar. He then hooks the leg on the lifeless body of Wes Outlett. The referee skids down to the mat, beginning the count…








Kev hops up to his feet, his arm raised high in the air by the referee. Kev lets rip with a grin so huge and charismatic, fans start applauding the young rookie.


Funyon: Your winner – Charismatic Kev!


Judge: And Wes Outlett still unable to get on the winning path here in the Junior League, defeated by this new upstart, Charismatic Kev. He dominated the majority of the match, yet Kev was able to slip in his finisher for the victory!


Annie: You can just feel the charisma running off this man.


Ejiro: Since when do you feel men?


Annie: …


Judge: Ok kids, calm down. We’re close to the lights being turned on, as the sun is setting! Hurrah, no more glare! Short of a catastrophic technical failure in the next twenty seconds, we will be right back after this short commercial break.

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Coming back from a commercial break, the sun going down over Tampa welcomes us back to SJL Metal. The camera slowly zooms in on the St. Pete Times Forum, panning to the marquee before quickly spinning into the parking lot, where a crowd of rowdy Floridians stand surrounding an SJL ring. As the mob jumps and chants, the camera switches to a view of the SJL commentary team.


Judge: Welcome back to Florida! We’re outside the Ice Palace in Tampa, with a special “back to nature” edition of SJL Metal!


Ejiro: We’re in the parking lot for one of the wildest nights of wrestling you’ll ever see. We’ve already seen a debut tonight, and later on these cheap-ass comp fans will provide the weapons for Aecas and Landon Maddix. Up next however, The Unknown Warrior emerges from the shadows to take on the #1 contender, Todd Royal.


The fans in attendance begin to settle down as the voice of the SJL makes his way into the ring again. Stepping between the ropes, Funyon adjusts his suit coat and brings the microphone to his lips.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit…


The crowd begins to turn as one, focusing their attention on the makeshift entrance-way, as a dark figure makes his way to the ring. As the camera zooms in, we see the shrouded figure of the Unknown Warrior. His face covered, and his scarred eye’s staring straight ahead, the mystery man slowly stalks towards the ring.


Funyon Making his way to the ring…from Calgary, Alberta…weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds…he is the UNKOWN WARRIOR!!!


As the Warrior steps slowly and methodically to the ring, the fans get to their feet. A faction of the crowd begins to boo, raining jeers on the masked grappler, while the remainder of the fans stand and applaud, cheering the Warrior simply because of his opponent. Ignoring all of the reactions, the man in black simply slides into the ring and backs himself into the corner.


Judge: The Warrior matches up very well with Todd Royal. He has a slight height advantage, but the two are fairly even in the weight department. Both Todd and the Warrior are proficient in the ground game as well, so expect a good solid technical match tonight.


Suddenly, from across the parking lot, a lone spotlight flashes in, illuminating the entrance way. From the PA system, the soft sounds of a church choir are heard, faintly praising as one. As the crowd begins to boo, the speakers explode with the opening chords of Motley Crue’s “Livewire”. From the entrance way, Megan Skye steps into the parking lot, a small leather jacket over her hot pink “TODDESS” shirt. Pointing through the curtain, she proclaims the arrival of Todd Royal, dressed in sunglasses and a “YOUR LORD, TODD” vest.


Funyon: And his opponent…accompanied to the ring by Megan Skye and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…from San Diego, California…TODD ROYAL!!!


Turning his nose to the jeering fans, Royal stops briefly to towel down and remove his vest. Shunning the outstretched hands of a few young fans, Todd and Megan saunter to the ring. As Skye holds open the ropes, Todd slips into the ring, patting his waist and pointing to himself. As the fans settle down, referee Anthony Michael Hall moves in to check the competitors.


Annie: Royal’s coming off a hiatus after an injury, and his first match back was an unorthodox Quadruple Domination match. This is his first straight wrestling match in over a month, and it maybe interesting to see if Todd has any rust.


Judge: Also, like most people, Royal doesn’t exactly know what he’s getting into here with the Warrior. There’s very little tape available on this guy, and if Todd sleeps on him we could be in for a huge upset.




As the timekeeper rings the bell, and Anthony Michael Hall backs into the corner, the two competitors converge on the center of the ring, staring each other down. Wringing his wrists, Royal extends his arms, offering a lock-up to his opponent. The Warrior charges ahead, grabbing Todd’s left arm and spinning behind him, locking on a hammerlock.


Annie: Warrior going right after Royal, showing Todd that he’s more than willing to play the catch-as-catch-can game.


Royal grimaces in frustration at his opponent making the first move, reaching behind his back and over his shoulder to try and break the hold. Turned back at each opportunity, Todd changes his strategy, ducking down and reaching between his leg, grasping his opponent’s left foot. With a quick jerking motion, Royal pulls upwards, taking the Warrior down. Capitalizing quickly, Todd sits down, locking his opponent’s knee and pulling up to try and score a quick submission.


With one leg free, however, the Unknown Warrior plants his heel in the small of Royal’s back and pushes forward. As Todd spills forward onto the canvas, the Warrior spins to meet him, floating over and grinding Royal’s face into the mat with a headlock. An audible groan escapes from Royal as he struggles to reposition his body in the hold. Turned now on his side, Todd swings his legs up, hooking his opponent in a head scissors. The Warrior surprises him however, breaking the headlock and grabbing Todd’s ankle, spinning out into a leglock.


Judge: NICE work there by the Unknown Warrior. Royal tried to counter the headlock with a head scissors, but Warrior had a counter for it, spinning Todd to the mat and re-taking control.


Annie: Royal’s going to have to get more creative with his counters to beat the Warrior. The mysterious competitor seems to have a counter to every common counter out there. Todd’s going to have to bust out something big to get the momentum back.


Ejiro: Oh, don’t worry. Royal’s just scraping the surface. Soon ninja-boy will feel the full impact of the Wisdom of Todd.


With the man in black wrapped tightly around his left leg, Royal squirms on the canvas. Lifting his right leg into the air, Todd brings it down repeatedly on his opponent’s knee, trying to break the hold with strikes. The Warrior noticeably recoils on impact, but doesn’t break the hold, instead spinning over himself and rolling along the mat- taking Todd along for the ride. As Megan throws a fit on the outside, Royal grabs desperately at the bottom rope, causing Anthony Michael Hall to break the hold. As the Warrior springs to his feet, the crowd comes alive- a noticeably larger portion cheering him now.


Annie: Looks like some of the parking lot crowd here in Tampa getting behind the Unknown Warrior now, as he takes it to Todd Royal. Todd just got out wrestled there, having to go to the ropes to break the hold.


Ejiro: All that blood loss over the years must have affected you in the head. Todd didn’t HAVE to go to the ropes, he CHOSE to. Royal doesn’t need to expend energy on this idiot with a world title match coming up. Breaking the hold was the SMART thing to do.


After taking a few seconds to towel off, Royal steps back into the center of the ring to meet his opponent. Cracking his neck and rubbing his knee, Royal again extends his hands to offer a lockup. When the Warrior steps forward, however, Royal spins out of the way, grabbing the masked man’s arm on the way by. As the Warrior stumbles forward, Todd spins up behind him, wrenching on a hammerlock. With a grin across his face, Royal lets out a loud “whoooooo!!!” drawing boos from the crowd in attendance.


Judge: Good strategy there by Todd. He knew the Warrior was likely to try for a move out of that lock-up and switched things up, grabbing a hammerlock of his own. Royal’s definitely not taking the Warrior lightly anymore.


Annie: Yeah, well he better not take time to celebrate after every hold. That won’t win the match.


Ejiro: That’s a former and future World Champion there, I wouldn’t question his tactics…


As usual, Fasaki’s opinions come back to bite him as he hasn’t even finished a thought before the Warrior spins out of the hammerlock. As Todd’s eyes widen, the Warrior spins behind him, briefly hooking a waistlock before reaching up and hooking Royal around the neck. The crowd pops as the man in black pulls downward, bridging his opponent and locking on a standing Dragon Sleeper.


Annie: You were saying?


Ejiro: …


With the Warrior wrenching back on the hold, Todd tries desperately to spin away. The Unknown Warrior plants his feet, however, refusing to release the hold. As Megan screams from ringside, Todd drops backwards, kicking up his feet and drilling his opponent across the face with a bicycle kick, breaking the hold and sending the Warrior crashing to the mat.




As the Warrior slams to the canvas, Royal continues backwards, falling down on top of him. Before the Warrior can make a move, Todd spins to his opponent’s legs, grabbing the left ankle and pulling the masked man off the canvas. Planting his own foot against the inside of his opponent’s knee, Royal falls to the mat, using his boot as leverage to work the knee.


Judge: Brutal kick there by Royal to break the hold, and then quickly strings it into a submission hold. Todd’s working over the knee of the Unknown Warrior, perhaps to set up for the Wrath of Todd, and perhaps to take away the Warrior’s Indian Deathlock hold.


Ejiro: Or perhaps BOTH! Todd’s multitasking in there, baby!


Laying prone on the mat, the Warrior closes his eyes in pain. Summoning his strength, the masked man plants his palms on the mat and pushes up, twisting his body and trying to toss his opponent off the hold. Royal spins to the canvas, releasing the hold, but comes up still holding the Warrior’s ankle. As the crowd reacts in surprise and disappointment, Todd rolls back to his feet, jerking his opponent’s limb with him. Scowling and spitting on the back of the Warrior, Royal plants his foot again in the back of the masked man’s knee. With another pronounced “Whoooooo!” Todd lifts the Warrior’s leg in the air, preparing to slam it into the mat with a knee cracker…


Ejiro: NICE work there by Todd! Warrior tried to toss him off, but Todd held on, showing that costumed moron who’s boss in the ring.


…as the Warrior is lifted into the air, however, he spins away, sweeping out Todd’s legs and dropping Royal to the mat.


Annie: Yeah, really showed him there!!


As an increasingly larger section of the crowd erupts in cheers, Todd Royal collides face-first with the mat, immediately clutching his face in pain. The Warrior wastes no time in capitalizing, however, immediately clutching Todd’s left leg. Driving his elbow into the back of Royal’s knee, the man in black pulls the leg up at the ankle, locking his hands and pulling back- wrenching the joint painfully backwards.


Clutching at his hair, Todd slams his fist down into the mat in a combination of pain and frustration. With the fans taunting him from ringside, and his opponent working over his leg, Royal growls as he tries to break the hold.


Judge: The frustration really showing on the face of Royal now. He was in the driver’s seat briefly, but once again the momentum has shifted back to the Warrior.


Annie: Todd’s not used to being matched hold-for-hold on the mat, and I don’t know if he has a strategy to combat someone like the Unknown Warrior.


Kicking wildly with his free leg, Todd makes is obvious that his strategy is just to beat his opponent off the hold. The mysterious man breaks the hold, but only to switch positions, grapevining Royal’s leg and falling backwards, laying next to Todd on the mat with an Stepover toehold.


As the referee drops to the mat to ask for the submission, a frustrated Royal shoves him away. The official reprimands the number one contender, but Todd just scowls, concentrating his energy on breaking the hold. As the pain builds in Royal’s leg, the Warrior pushes himself off the canvas, crashing back down and torquing the submission hold- forcing Todd to grab the middle rope in desperation.




As the Warrior gets to his feet- quickly, but slowed noticeably by his left knee- the crowd erupts, cheering as a whole for the first time. On the mat, Todd Royal grimaces in pain, holding his knee in pain as Megan wipes him down.


Annie: That’s TWICE now that Royal’s been outwrestled and out-maneuvered to the point of having to use the ropes to break. The literally has Todd on the ropes, and a win here could put the Warrior firmly in line for a title shot.


Ejiro: Yeah, well I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. Todd’s simply scouting the Warrior right now. After those sequences, he’s obviously gathered enough information, and now he can REALLY start to go to work.


Obviously favoring his left leg, and scowling deeply, Todd gets to his feet again and stares at his opponent. Staring back just as intensely, however, it’s the Warrior who makes the first move this time. Stalking forward, the Warrior sets his sights on taking Todd down again. Instead of offering a lockup this time, however, Royal steps forward, kicking up his leg and blasting his opponent across the face with a shin strike.


Wincing in pain, the Warrior staggers, stepping back and holding his head in pain. As the crowd recoils as well, reacting to the blow, Todd steps forward again, letting loose another strike to the head.


Judge: Definitely a change in strategy now by Todd Royal. Unable to sustain an advantage on the mat, he’s decided to wear the Warrior down with stiff blows to the head.


Ejiro: “Unable”. Unable my ass. Royal’s simply changed strategies in order to give these people a demonstration of the FULL range of his abilities!!


As Todd steps in again and prepares to deliver a third blow, he’s rocked by a spinning kick to the ribs. Doubling over and backing off, Royal curses angrily as the Warrior braces himself after the kick. The crowd pops as the man in black coils up for another kick, but quickly deflates as Royal blocks the move. Pushing his opponent’s leg away from him and spinning him around, Todd decks the Warrior with a shin strike to the sternum.


With Megan cheering him on, Todd spins around, preparing to unload a roundhouse. The Warrior, seeing the move coming however, ducks the blow and prepares to fire off a kick of his own. As Royal spins back around, the two men simultaneously fire off shots- their legs colliding at the knee.






Annie: Oh!! Both men tried for a kick at the same time and just collided with each other!


Judge: And it was the worn down left knee of both men that absorbed the impact. You can’t imagine how much a blow like that reverberates and sends pain throughout the entire body. Both men have to be hurting right now.


And indeed, both competitors stand in the center of the ring, doubled over in pain. As the crowd buzzes, looking on intently, a pissed off Todd Royal is the first to make a move. Cursing and screaming, Royal lunges forward, driving his shoulder into his opponent’s gut and sweeping out the legs, dropping the Warrior hard to the mat.


Ejiro: SPEAR!!


As the men crash to the canvas, Royal unloads a barrage of forearm shots to the shrouded head of the Unknown Warrior. Waving Hall off of him, Todd peels his opponent off the mat and hooks his arm over the Warrior’s hooded head. Reaching down and hooking his opponent’s leg, Todd braces himself before lunging backwards, driving the man in black’s spine into the canvas and bridging for the cover.

















Ejiro: Ack! I thought he had him there! Todd was inches away from victory!!


Annie: Refusing to give-up, though, the Unknown Warrior kicks out just before the count of three!!


Judge: You almost have to wonder though. With the way Royal was favoring that leg, did the Warrior kick out at two? Or could Todd simply not hold the bridge any longer?!


If the latter is indeed the case, Royal does his best to hide the pain, rolling out of the hold and climbing to his feet. Planting a series of boots to the skull of his opponent, the number one contender raises the Warrior off the mat again. As the crowd lets him have it, Todd grasps the Warrior in a standing head scissors, pulling his thumb across his throat to signal his intent to finish his opponent off.


Ejiro: This is it! Royal’s gonna plant that “Scream” reject right into the mat, and end all your crazy talk about weaknesses. Praise Todd!!


Before Royal can attempt any sort of move, however, the Unknown Warrior fires back to life. Pulling his head out from between his opponent’s legs, the Warrior wraps his arms around Royal’s waist. Planting his feet and charging forward, the Warrior unleashes a cry as he drives Todd’s spine hard into the turnbuckles, sending the air from Royal’s lungs and bringing the outdoor crowd to their feet.


Annie: GOAR!!


Backing out of the corner, the Warrior leaves his opponent draped weakly over the top rope. Halfway across the ring, the masked man pauses briefly to rub his left knee before raising his arm into the air, drawing cheers from the Tampa fans.


Judge: The Warrior looking to get the advantage back on his side, what’s he going to pull out here?!


Charging forward and driving his shoulder into Royal’s gut, the Unkown Warrior flips off his feet, somersaulting up his opponent and landing in a sitting position atop Todd’s shoulders. Twirling his hands around each other, the Warrior signals for a huracanrana. Before he can snap back, however, Royal spins out of the corner, falling forward and dropping his opponent across the turnbuckle with a modified power bomb.


Judge: OH!


Ejiro: What is he going to do?! He’s gonna make an ass out of himself, THAT’s what he’s gonna do! Todd Almighty!!




As the crowd expresses their hatred for the number one contender, Royal cracks a grin for the first time in a while. With his opponent draped over the top turnbuckle, Todd grabs hold of the Warrior’s left leg, sliding it between the top and middle ropes. Backing up along the adjacent cables, Royal takes a deep breath and charges, driving the side of his boot into the joint, following through and eliciting a yelp of pain from the man in black.


Annie: OH!


Judge: Bootscrape! Todd hit’s a bit of an unorthodox move, using the bootscrape to take out the Unknown Warrior’s knee.


Annie: A move like that is liable to separate the kneecap right from the rest of the leg.


As the fans flinch in shared pain, Royal steps back and charges in again, hitting a second stiff bootscrape to the knee. As the second blow connects, the Warrior slides out of the corner, hitting the canvas and holding his knee in pain. His smirk widening into a smile, Royal nods and drags the Warrior to his feet. Sliding behind his masked opponent and hooking his head under the Warrior’s arm, Royal hooks the injured left knee and lifts his opponent into the air. Spinning the Unknown Warrior around and slamming him to the mat, Todd calls Anthony Michael Hall over to make the cover.


Ejiro: Blue Thunder Bomb!!

































Annie: Another big high impact move by Todd Royal, and another last second kickout by the Unkown Warrior. Its going to takes something big to put this guy away!!


Shoving the Warrior off of him, Royal crawls to his feet and lets out a cry of “That’s IT!” The fans respond with boos, but Todd just scowls and grabs the Warrior by the back of his mask. Pulling his mysterious opponent off the canvas, Royal hook’s the Warrior in a standing front chancery. Grabbing a handful of tights, Todd stomps on the mat and reels back, bringing the Warrior quickly up and over and jamming him to the canvas.


Judge: Snap Suplex…


Pausing for only a moment to catch his breath and work his knee back and forth, Royal rolls his hips and gets back to his feet. Planting his feet again, Todd uses the Warrior’s tights to lift him high into the air again. Slowly arcing the Warrior over his head, Royal crashes hard to the mat, slamming his opponent into the canvas again.


Judge: Vertical Suplex…


The booing increases as Royal rolls his hips for a second time and regains his footing again. Pausing to regroup and catch his breath, Royal grabs the Warrior and lifts him high into the air for a third time. Pausing halfway over, Todd holds his opponent perpendicular to the canvas, grimacing as he stalls the impact.


Judge: Delayed Suplex…


Ejiro: TRINITY!!!


Just before dropping the Warrior to the mat to finish the suplex series, however, Todd gasps as his knee gives out. The crowd pops as Royal buckles and doubles over, swinging the Unknown Warrior back towards the mat. As Royal crashes to the mat, the alert Warrior spins his body weight, crashing down on top of him. The crowd erupts, getting to their feet as hall drops down to make the count.












































Annie: So close!! Royal’s knee was too weak to finish the Trinity, and the Unknown Warrior came down on top of him for a 2 count! That was almost it!


Ejiro: Come on Todd! Strike him down with the hand of Todd!!




On the outside, Megan Skye’s screams can be heard, even over the chants of the crowd, urging Royal to get to his feet. On the mat, however, Todd is writhing in pain, grasping at his knee-unable to get his footing. With a renewed rush of adrenaline, the Warrior climbs off the mat, shaking the pain from his own knee as he pulls his opponent up after him.


With pain coursing through his knee, Todd -even on his feet- is doubled over in agony. Failing to raise his opponent fully, the Warrior turns around, kicking out his leg and drilling Royal with a hooking heel kick. Todd’s head snaps up, but the Warrior holds on, keeping his leg wrapped around his opponent’s neck. Royal jerks back towards the canvas as the Warrior leaps into the air, crashing to the mat in a reverse Rocker Dropper.


Annie: BLACKOUT! The Blackout by the Unkown Warrior! That could be it!!!


Judge: Not so fast! The Warrior jammed his knee into the canvas there! He could be in as much pain as Royal!!


Indeed, the sounds of pain from inside the ring come not from the dazed Royal, but from the masked man in black. Clutching his knee and cursing under his breath, the Warrior makes no effort to cover his opponent. As the shocked crowd watches on, buzzing in anticipation, the Warrior crawls over, sliding to Todd’s feet.


Instead of turning Royal over for the pin, however, the Unkown Warrior crosses Todd’s right leg over his left, placing the number one contender’s ankle inside his injured knee. Grapevining the left leg, the Warrior drops to his back, torquing the knee with a brutal submission hold.


Judge: That’s that modified Indian Deathlock by Unknown Warrior! He’s been working the knee all match to set that up! This could be the end of Royal!


Ejiro: NOOOOOO!!! Raise up Todd! Raise up!!


As the fans stand and cheer, Royal refuses to submit, despite the tears welling in his eyes. Hall steps close to ask again, and Todd’s hand lifts off the mat, increasing the decibel level of the cheers. Before his hand can crash down, however, the Warrior abruptly breaks the hold, grabbing at his own knee and slamming the mat in pain.


Ejiro: YEEESSSSS!!!!! Royal used the Will of Todd to break the hold!!


Annie: I think the constant pressure was just too much for the Warrior’s injured knee to take! He couldn’t keep the hold locked in!


As the shocked crowd retreats into silence, Royal crawls to his hands and knees. Crawling over to his weakened opponent, Todd grapevines the Warrior’s right leg, folding it over and bracing it across the injured left knee. Wincing in the pain of his own injury, Todd drops back, locking on the Figure 4.


Judge: Wrath of Todd!!


Ejiro: That’s it!! NO ONE escapes the Wrath of Todd!! Warrior’s cooked!


Annie: But the Warrior couldn’t keep his hold in! Will Royal be able to hold on long enough?!?


As both men scream in pain, the answer to Annie’s question becomes clear. The Unknown Warrior, unwilling or unable to submit, uses the last remaining strength in his body to turn over, reversing the hold.




As the crowd erupts, Royal yelps and quickly breaks the hold. On commentary, Ejiro urges him to cover, but a determined Todd turns his opponent over, re-grapevining the leg and dropping back into the Wrath of Todd.


Ejiro: What is he doing?!


Judge: Royal’s got too much pride to go for the pin. Since the beginning of the match, he’s been trying to prove he was the better submission wrestler. He’s DEAD set on getting a tapout!


As the crowd cheers and claps for the Warrior, the man in black inches towards the ropes. The faces of both competitors are strained in agony as Anthony Michael Hall diligently asks for a submission. Just as it seems either man may pass out from the pain, the gloved hand of the Warrior comes down across the bottom rope, breaking the hold and popping the crowd.


Annie: NO! Warrior breaks the hold!


Agonized, beaten and limping, Todd Royal pulls himself to his feet. Tearing the Warrior off the ropes, Royal pulls him close and weaves his arms through his opponent’s locking on a full nelson. Snapping back, Todd drills the Warrior with a brutal dragon suplex. He holds the bridge for only second however, clutching his knee as he floats into the cover.






























Ejiro: Todd Bless!!


Annie: Royal escapes with a victory, but certainly not in the way he wanted!


Judge: A win’s a win, however, and Royal will take a two match win streak into his bout with either Aecas or Landon Maddix. Safe to say, however, the next time Royal and the Warrior go one-on-one, Todd’s got something to prove! Up next, however, Alan Clarke, Spike Jenkins, Manson, Korgath! It’ll be a wild one!!!

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Returning from a commercial break, spotlights shine brightly on the center of the parking lot at the St. Pete Times Forum. As the ring is being wiped down by ring attendants, and fans mill around hot dog carts, the SJL cameras swing into a secluded corner of the parking lot.


Back to a chain-link fence, and flanked by a pair of security guards, sits SJL commissioner Chris Raynor. Sitting at a makeshift desk, going over paperwork and glancing at a TV monitor, the top ranking SJL official looks absurdly out of place in the concrete jungle. As Raynor drops his pen and closes a manila folder, a screech of tires is heard and a jet black Lincoln Navigator jams to a stop just yards in front of the make-shift office.


Raynor: What the…


Headlights on and the engine running, the driver and passenger doors swing open, revealing Megan Skye and Todd Royal as the vehicle’s occupants. Royal’s leg is taped, and a towel is draped over his shoulder, but the number one competitor makes a beeline for the Commissioner, a look of rage in his eyes.


Raynor: You know, we make appointmen…


Royal: Shut up. I’m talking. I’m above appointments, I’m above ninjas in felt and I’m SURE as hell above wrestling in parking lots for retirees too cheap to pay for a REAL wrestling company.


Raynor: There IS a reason we’re doing this show…


Royal: Look. I don’t need your reasons, or your explanations, or your excuses. I’m sick and Todd Damn tired of the way I’m being disrespected around here. I go on a little sabbatical to relax and bask in the glory of Todd, and what do I come back to? A parade for Alan Clark. ALAN CLARK. Need I remind you that I BEAT Alan Clark on my first day in this company. Cleanly. Decisively. I long ago proved I’m better than that freak…Hell…If Alan Clark deserves a parade, I deserve a freakin’ festival!


As Raynor looks on incredulously from behind his desk, Todd whips the towel off and throws it to the ground. Rage roaring in his eyes, Royal continues to rant.


Royal: C’mon Raynor, you better get your priorities straight. I don’t deserve to be playing second fiddle to some idiot on too much happy pills. I deserve to be maineventing stadiums around the world, not wrestling in some alleyway against a guy who doesn’t realize Halloween was over a month ago.


I AM the man who puts food on your table.


I AM the reason people shell out their cash to see this pathetic company.


I AM This pathetic organization and I demand to be treated like it.


Now incensed himself, Chris Raynor pushes away from his desk and gets to his feet. Raising his hand, the former star begins to respond, only to be cut off by the man he is confronting.


Royal: NO! I’m THROUGH with sitting back and listening to what you have to say. It’s time for this company to revolve around Todd Royal. You of all people know how valuable I am to this company. You CAN’T afford to piss me off. So what I’m asking- what I’m DEMANDING- is to be treated like the superior I am.


Next time I wrestle for this company, I want an entrance that blows Alan Clark’s out of the water. I want a bigger budget. Better Effects. Louder Music. The day that schizophrenic reject deserves more attention than me is a LONG way off.


Frustrated and flustered, Raynor just sighs, throwing up his hands and sinking back into this seat. As the commissioner shakes his head in disbelief, Royal and Skye climb back into their SUV. Rolling away from the scene, Todd’s head briefly pops out of the window, a smirk across his face.


Royal: And that’s the Todd’s honest truth, so ya better believe it.

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Back from commercial, as the St. Pete Times Forum parking lot seems to be filling to the brim with fans finding anywhere they can to relax and enjoy a nice night of complete ass-kicking. A few fans have made their way to the production truck and are getting a perverted behind-the-scenes look at some of the production crew to get some backstage passes. Stationed at a small table is everyone’s favorite announce team. Judge doesn’t seem to be happy with being stuck outdoors for the show.


“Welcome back to our All Parking All The Time Edition of SJL Metal…and next up we are going to have a four way battle royal for a bit of bragging rights around the locker room.”


“Let’s not waste any time getting this junk out of the way” Ejiro comments as the camera switches to Funyon who is surrounded by the four superstars in the upcoming match, all staring at each other as they stretch in their corner.


Before Funyon can speak…Alan Clark rushes up to him and hands him an index card. Funyon reads it over and looks toward the happy superstar before shrugging and reading what is on the card.


“The Walt Disney Corporation would like me to inform the viewing audience that this Battle Royal is in no way connected with the movie of somewhat the same name and nearly the same violent nature. For more information you may call 1-407-WDISNEY and ask for the Standards & Practices Division. That is all” Funyon looks over at Alan who gives him a thumbs up and a smile.


“There’s that Eerie Cheer Factor again…” Ejiro says as Funyon starts the introductions.


“Ladies and Gentlemen this contest is a Four Way Battle Royal! Competitors can be eliminated by either pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope and having both feet touch the floor!”


“Like we’ve never heard of that stipulation before…” Ejiro says almost under his breath.


“Introducing first…from Denver, Colorado… …MANSSSSOOONNNNN~!” Funyon starts as Manson raises his hands high.


“Next…hailing from the Plains of Azeroth…the founder of the Decay…DOMINIC KOOOOOORRRRRRGGGGGAAAATTTTTTTTHHHHHHH~!” Funyon’s voice trails off, and Domonic doesn’t even seem to notice as the crowd boos for the Big Demon.


“Also…from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida…the Happiest Guy On Earth…ALAN CLAAAARRRRRRRRKKKKK~!” The camera pans over to Alan, who is now waving at a few fans at ringside. The crowd cheers a bit as Funyon continues…


“And finally…from Hollywood, California…he is SPIKE JENKIIIIINNNNNNSSSS~!”


“Well look at that merry group of men there…” Ejiro chuckles to himself a bit as Funyon exits the ring, being replaced by Mathew Kivell. On the outside, Sexton Hardcastle stands at the ready if any over-the-top eliminations occur.


The crowd jammed into the Ice Palace garage seems ready to explode as Kivell looks to the outside and the bell is rung.








Almost immediately, Manson rushes across the ring and dives at an unsuspecting Alan Clark, who takes a hard shoulder shot and falls toward the ropes, hitting the second one and flipping over to the outside of the ring. Korgath and Manson look down at Clark, who seems in no hurry to get back in the ring.


“Get him back in there ref!” Ejiro screams, but his cries go unheard as Sexton only watches on. Behind Manson and Korgath, Spike Jenkins slowly creeps up on the men, but seems aimed for Manson.


“Behind you, Manson!” Annie blurts out, but Alan is slightly ahead of her as he points toward Spike. Both men turn to look, and Jenkins stops dead in his tracks. Spike smiles politely and begins to back up, but Manson takes off after him. Before Korgath can take a step however, Clark’s hand shots under the bottom rope and grabs Korgath’s left foot and pulls, causing the Big Demon to drop face first to the canvas!


“A veteran move by the Happiest Guy on Earth and Dominic eats mat!” Annie remarks as the crowd pops for the big man going down.


“Man…I should steal that…” Ejiro comments as Alan slides into the ring and is up to his feet, attacking with hard and fast kicks to the ribs of Korgath.


On the other side of the ring, Spike is cowering down in the corner, with Manson standing over him. Kivell tries to break the two men up, and Manson finally gives in…backing off Jenkins. As Kivell moves out of the way, Manson tries to rush back in, only for Spike to move out of the way and slide forward, tripping up Manson and bringing his head down square into the top turnbuckle.


Manson drops to the mat after the hard shot just as Korgath comes bounding off the adjacent ropes after an irish whip from Clark. Alan goes for a jumping clothesline, which connects at full speed and both men crash to the mat.


“Bodies are flying all over the place” is all Annie can say as Spike climbs to the second rope and drops down across the back of Manson’s neck as he lays prone after suffering the hard shot from the buckle.


Alan Clark has made it back to his feet now…and Korgath is almost up as well. Alan backs away from the big man for a moment and rushes in, trying for a superkick…but Korgath ducks and wraps his arms around Clark’s waist before lifting him into the air with all his might and swinging his body to the left and down toward the mat, slamming Clark face first into the canvas!


“Vicious belly to back suplex there…and Clark looks to be in serious pain!” Judge comments as Clark rolls toward the corner clutching his ribs. Korgath tries to give chase to injured Clark when…





Spike Jenkins crashes into the back of Korgath, causing him to stumble a little.


“Where did he come from?” Ejiro asks for a replay as Korgath stumbles a bit from the shot.




As Clark is lifted into the air for the suplex, Manson has gotten back to his feet and both men are trading punches near the opposite corner. Spike locks his hand around Manson’s wrist and tries for a whip, but Manson reverses and Spike flies across the ring…only to crash into the Big Demon himself.




“What an idiot that Manson is…ruining a perfectly good beating!” Ejiro remarks to no one in particular.


“Yeah…Domonic isn’t exactly taking any liberties with Clark right now, especially after his victory on Crimson!” Judge follows up.


“You two need to calm down…the whole point of this match is for the insane nature of it!” Annie smiles to herself as Spike is now stuck in the ring between a rock and a hard place. Manson smiles toward Korgath who wraps his hand around Spike’s throat and shoves Manson away.


“Uh oh…” is all Annie can really say as Spike gets lifted over seven feet in the air…before being dropped in a matter of seconds to the canvas below, his back bouncing off the mat violently.


Spike rolls toward the ropes in pain, but Korgath does not seem finished yet. He moves toward Jenkins and reaches down to pull him up, but Alan Clark rushes past Manson and slides underneath the Big Demon, bringing his arm up between Korgath’s legs and giving the Little Demon something to scream about.


The entire male crowd, including Judge and Ejiro, wince as Korgath drops to the mat holding his crotch in pain. Before Clark can make another move, Manson grabs him by the back of his head and pulls him to his feet.


Manson pulls Clark up and turns him to face the crowd before wrapping his arm around Clark’s waist and lifting him high into the air and over his right shoulder…putting him into perfect position and driving him hard to the mat with a Backdrop Suplex. Manson rolls over and goes for the pin on the stunned Clark…











KICKOUT! Manson pops off the mat in frustration, only to be knocked back down as Spike has gotten back to his feet after the chokeslam and brings his foot across the back of Manon’s head!


“Dangerous Wizard from Jenkins and that can knock a man out!” Judge comments as Spike stands to his feet defiantly, only to be lifted into the air by a recovered…and now much more angry Dominic Korgath, who carries Spike across the ring before turning him sideways and slamming him down into the canvas with a picture perfect sidewalk slam!


“Korgath is out for some serious pain now!” Ejiro remarks as Spike is laid out on the mat. Korgath moves over and goes for a pin attempt…


















Spike’s shoulder flies off the mat and he rolls to his stomach just before the three count is final, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Korgath slaps the mat before slapping Spike hard across the back, causing Spike’s back to arch in pain.


Across the ring, Clark has recovered from the backdrop suplex…but Manson is still feeling woozy from the kick to the back of the head. Alan whips Manson toward the ropes and leaps into the air, wrapping his legs around the head of Manson. Clark arches back and goes for a rana…







Manson pulls Clark back up and holds him in place for a moment as Clark realizes what is about to happen and begins throwing punches wildly at the forehead of Manson, but can do nothing more as Manson drops Clark down back-first into the mat for a perfect powerbomb.


“Powerbomb by Manson! …and a pin!” Ejiro screams as Kivell rushes down for the count…














Just as Kivell’s hand is about to hit the mat…Spike Jenkins crash lands onto the back of Manson, causing him to roll off of Clark…who also took a brunt of Spike’s weight.


“Spike just got launched off the top rope and went sailing across the ring, landing right on a pin that almost eliminated Alan Clark…he should be thanking Spike Jenkins a lot for that right now!” Judge moans as a replay shows that Spike thought he had Korgath down as he went to the top rope, only for Korgath to make it to his feet and toss Spike off and toward the pinning situation on the opposite side of the ring.


Manson gets back to his feet…looking none to pleased at both Spike and Korgath…only to reach down and pull Spike off the mat and toss him toward the nearest ropes. Spike’s body flies over the top and falls toward the floor, but Spike is able to hold on and roll back in, saving himself from elimination. Manson does not notice however, as he rushes toward Korgath and dives in with a clothesline, but Korgath moves out of the way at the last second and Manson catches nothing but air as he lands in the corner.


Korgath turns to attack but Spike has made it to his feet once more as he attacks Korgath from behind, shoving him toward the ropes and pushing him over the edge…




…but Korgath holds on…rolling down to the apron and back in the ring as agile as a man his size can. Spike follows up on Korgath with more kicks, but Manson catches Spike from behind and hooks his waist.


Manson lifts Spike into the air…



…but Clark comes from behind and drops down, hitting Manson in the jewels this time, causing Manson to fall backwards over Clark and drop Spike down across his chest. Kivell looks confused for a moment before dropping down and going for a pin..


“Manson could go right here!” comes the remark from Ejiro.













Spike rolls off of Manson and gets to his feet. Jenkins looks down at Manson and sends another kick to the ribs of Manson, who rolls toward the ropes and tries to get to his feet. Spike smiles a bit and takes a run at Manson, but Manson sees Jenkins coming and ducks, grabbing Spike by the arm and pulling him toward the ropes, causing Spike to fly between the 2nd a 3rd ropes and fall toward the pavement below.


“What a counter by Manson and Spike goes tumbling into the unforgiving blacktop!” Annie starts,”…but look at Manson now!” she gets those words out just as Sexton helps Spike to his feet before noticing Manson rushing toward the ropes. Sexton gets out of the way just as Manson sails through the ropes and his body drills into the chest of Spike Jenkins, and both of them collapse to the outside!


“SUICIDE DIVE! OH MY GOD!” is all Annie can say as Sexton checks on both men. Meanwhile, in the ring Korgath has Clark in a front facelock and has lifted Clark high into the air. After momentarily stalling Korgath falls backwards and Clark’s back slams off the mat. Korgath crawls over the mat and goes for the pin…


…but Kivell doesn’t see the cover!


Across the ring, Kivell is checking with Manson and Spike, who are slowly getting to their feet. Korgath slaps the mat a few times and Kivell finally turns around and slides over for the pin…








“Korgath had Alan Clark eliminated there! Damn that Kivell…” Judge scorns the ref as Manson rolls back in the ring and gets to his feet. From behind Manson comes Spike, moving slowly as he rolls into the ring, clutching his back as he gets to his feet. Korgath looks toward the two men and moves toward them, stepping onto Clark’s stomach as he passes over him, causing Clark to moan out loud a bit from the weight of the Big Demon.


Korgath makes his way to Spike and whips him toward the ropes, and as Jenkins comes back across the ring Korgath lifts him high into the air and spins around, driving Spike into the mat with an evil spinebuster. Spike rolls toward the ropes to try and escape the grasp of the big man.


Clark has made it back to his feet and sees a good opportunity to attack the big man. Alan takes his time and rushes toward the big man once again just as Korgath turns around to face him. Clark leaps into the air and goes for another jumping clothesline, but Korgath is ready and catches Clark around the throat with his meaty palm.


“Oh no…we know where this is going!” Annie remarks as Clark is lifted off his feet with one hand by Korgath, held in place for a moment before falling toward the mat with a resounding thud.


“CHOKESLAM!” Ejiro and Judge both yell at once as Clark rolls toward the corner in pain, holding his throat. Before Korgath can follow up Spike takes a run at the big man and goes for a splash, but is caught by the large arms of the Big Demon. Korgath turns Spike’s body and holds him sideways before falling backwards and tossing him over his head. Jenkins bounces off the mat voilently as Korgath gets back to his feet.


“Korgath has been mowing through these guys one by one…he doesn’t care who gets in his way…he is going to win this contest!” Judge blurts out as Manson takes his turn, coming up from behind and shoving a surprised Korgath toward the ropes and catching him as he comes back with a schoolboy roll-up. Kivell is ready and is down for the pin.












Korgath kicks out before the three and tries to get back up to his feet, but Manson is up first and begins throwing kicks at Korgath, but slowly but the Decay founder is able to get to his feet and he is not impressed with the surprise attack.


“Manson almost stole one from the big man…but now he may have some hell to pay from the Big Demon!” as Manson steps back and tries for a dropkick. Korgath simply swats his legs down and sends Manson heading face first to the mat with his missed kick.


Before Manson can regain his bearings, Korgath pulls him to his feet and grabs his hair, pulling him toward the ropes and trying to toss him over the top rope, but Manson twists his body and lands on the apron. Korgath notices and throws a punch, but Manson ducks out of it’s way and sends his shoulder through the ropes to the midsection of the big man.


“Shoulder thrust through the ropes…but look at Domonic Korgath!” Annie sees what Manson does not, as he stands up and sees the hard shoulder shot had little effect on the Big Demon, as he wraps his hand around his second throat of the match. Behind him, Spike and Clark are simply watching as Manson is lifted high above the pavement outside the ring and tossed toward the crowd, his back slamming hard against the ground.


“…and Manson is the first one eliminated!” Judge exclaims as Sexton Hardcastle gets to earn his pay in the match, checking on Manson…who lays barely moving on the concrete.


“what a chokeslam…first Alan Clark and now Manson…only Spike Jenkins remains to taste the ferocity of Dominic Korgath!” Ejiro continues as Korgath is still watching the aftermath of his power, and Clark and Jenkins don’t make a move.


“Look at those two…such wimps!” Judge laughs to himself as Spike finally takes a lunge at the big man, but Korgath turns around in time and Spike slams on his brakes, stopping just short of making contact. Spike backs up slowly, only for Alan Clark to come up behind of Spike and hook his arms, falling down to his knees with a backslide. Kivell is shocked momentarily before he drops for the pin count…















Spike kicks out and gets to his feet quickly, staring wildly at Clark, who simply smiles.


“Spike tried almost that same move earlier on the big man and now gets to see what it’s like!” Annie exclaims as Spike takes a dive at Clark, momentarily leaving behind Korgath, who watches as the two littler superstars tackle each other down and begin trading punches on the mat.


“Great strategy being used by Dominic here, as he is just going to let the two beat themselves senseless before disposing of the bodies!” Ejiro laughs to himself a bit as Clark and Jenkins make their way back up to a vertical base, their fixed on each other. On the other side of the ring, Korgath has made no move toward either man, and Kivell seems a bit worried.


The stare between Clark and Spike continues as Kivell stands between them, looking back and forth slowly.


“This is not a staring contest! Get those two kicking each other’s asses!” Judge yells out, and finally there is some movement in the ring, as Korgath takes the time to lumber across the ring and almost blindside Clark, who definitely was not prepared for any sort of physical contact at that moment. The force of the blow sends Clark falling down and through the first and second ropes to the pavement.


Korgath stumbles a bit, as he did not expect Clark to go down so easy, and the shot also re-awakens Spike from his stare, as he rushes Korgath and lets loose with a dropkick to the shoulder that puts Korgath down on the mat in the corner.


On the outside, Clark has made it to his feet, and Sexton is trying to get him back in the ring, but Clark is almost ignoring him as he gives his autograph to a fan near the ring.


“What the hell…” Ejiro starts on a tirade, “Spike Jenkins and Dominic Korgath are in the ring fighting it out for victory and that cheery bastard Alan Clark is outside giving autographs…Ref…DQ him!” he continues and seemingly Sexton hears the whining of Ejiro and pulls Alan away from the now seemingly disenchanted fan and literally tosses Clark back in the ring, where Spike has Korgath down in the corner and is letting loose with a flurry of hard kicks.


Mathew Kivell moves in between Spike and Korgath and tries to make Spike back off, only for Alan to take the matters into his own hands and toss Spike away before continuing the attack on Korgath with kicks of his own.


“…it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”


“what the hell…” Judge blurts out.


“…shining at the end of every day…”


Alan Clark is standing directly behind Spike Jenkins and is singing just loud enough for the cameras and Jenkins to hear. Spike stops his attack on Korgath and spins around, to which Clark simply smiles and grabs Spike by the arm and whips him across the ring to the ropes.


As Spike comes back across the ring, Clark leaps up and wraps his legs around Spike’s head and rolls backwards and connects with the rana he was trying to hit on Manson earlier in the match.


“Second time is a charm for Clark there!” Annie comments as Kivell slides down for the pin.











Alan rolls forward off of Jenkins and moves back to his feet. Spike sits up as Alan rushes past him and kicks him back down and continues. Korgath is almost to his feet as Clark passes him by and bounces of the ropes. Spike is back up to a sitting position as Clark leaps off the ground and connects across the small of Spike’s back with a dropkick!


“What an impressive run by Clark there and Spike’s back takes even more punishment!” Annie comments as Clark gets back to his feet. Alan turns to face Spike once more, only to be spun back around by a fully recovered Korgath.


Korgath lets loose with a barge of punches that push Alan back toward the ropes, Korgath pulls Clark back off the ropes and sends Clark across the ring and off the opposite ropes once more. The Big Demon tries for a clothesline…but Alan is able to duck out of the way and come off the ropes again, only for Korgath to not miss this time, as he catches Alan across the throat with a stiff clothesline that causes Clark to backflip in mid-air and barely misses Spike, who is trying to make it to his feet only a few feet away.


“Alan thought he had that clothesline scouted there…but Korgath showed him that you can’t always trust your instincts when you are stuck in the ring with the big man!” Judge remarks as Spike makes it back to his feet, only to be pulled even higher up by Korgath before being flipped sideways in the air and dropped down across the knee of the Decay founder, causing more pain to shoot through his body.


Korgath looks at the laid out bodies of both Spike Jenkins and Alan Clark and moves toward Clark, pulling him off the ground. Korgath takes a moment to look into Clark’s eyes before he whips him toward the ropes, but Clark catches himself on the top rope and ducks down and out of the grip of Korgath…rushing to the other side of the ring.


Korgath turns back around to face the ring, only to see that both Clark and Spike have made their way to their feet and are coming right for him.


Spike and Clark both lean backwards and shoot their right legs up…



“STEREO SUPERKICKS!” Judge, Annie, and Ejiro all scream as the right feet of both men connect with the chin of Dominic Korgath, causing him to roll backwards over the top rope and fall to the ground!


“DOMONIC KORGATH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!” Annie continues her rant as Spike and Alan regain their balance and stare at each other for a moment as Sexton tries to tell the unhappy Dominic Korgath that he has been eliminated from the match. Korgath rears back and shoves Sexton down as he walks away from the ringside area as the crowd cheers the elimination of the Big Demon.


Back in the ring, Clark and Jenkins are still staring at each other…but smiles are slowly forming on the faces of both men. Jenkins sticks out his hand for a handshake, and Clark readily accepts. Jenkins smiles and shakes the Happiest Hand on Earth…


…then pulls Alan in and clotheslines him down hard!


“Yes!” Judge and Ejiro scream out as Clark hits the canvas. Spike looks into the closest camera and smiles as the crowd’s cheers turn to boos for Hollywood. Spike pulls Clark off the mat and tilts his body backwards, hooking in a reverse facelock before dropping to the mat…Alan’s body slamming off the mat from the DDT.


“Picture perfect DDT from Spike Jenkins there! He could win this thing!” Ejiro comments as Spike hooks the leg of Alan and goes for the pin…















“…Or not…” Annie finishes.


Alan Clark kicks out just before the three count and rolls to his stomach, trying to get to his feet as fast as he can, but Spike is up to his feet a bit quicker and connects with two hard kicks to the chest of Alan. Spike steps back and goes for a hard kick to the side of Clark’s head, but Clark ducks back out of the way and sweeps his leg around and knocks Spike off his feet and down to the mat.


“Academic legsweep could turn the tide in Clark’s direction…but this match is starting to take it’s toll on both men…” Annie remarks as Clark holds his chest a bit in pain and gets back to his feet. Alan looks down at Spike and rushes back against the ropes and bounces back…



…but Spike kips up!






“SNAP SPINEBUSTER!” Ejiro screams as Clark’s body crashes to the mat and Spike rolls on top for another pin attempt….














Alan’s shoulder flies off the mat just as Kivell’s hand hits the mat, and as Spike rolls off Clark the cameraman sees a frustrated look on Spike’s face. Spike gets up and yells inaudibly at Kivell before pulling the weakened Clark off the mat and dragging him into the corner.


“What is he doing now?” Annie asks as Spike lifts Clark up and sets him on the top rope, then follows up to the second rope and hooks Clark in a front facelock.


“Spike Jenkins is going for a superplex! This could be over for Clark right here!” Judge almost marks out as Spike tries to pull Clark up…









Spike throws a forearm into Alan’s back and tries again…








Clark breaks the facelock and hooks one of his own on Jenkins before leaping out and spinning around…falling to the mat backfirst and bringing Spike down with him…Jenkins’ head bouncing violently off the canvas like a railroad spike!


“TORNADO DDT FROM CLARK! SPIKE COULD BE OUT COLD!” Annie yells into her headset as Spike crashes to the mat. Clark lays motionless for a moment…



…before kipping up himself!


Alan pops to his feet and spins around wildly as the camera sees the smile on his face.


“He’s fighting through the pain!” Annie continues as Clark stops his wild spin and looks down at Spike. A close-up shows Clark winking toward the camera as he leans down and spreads the legs of Spike wide open….


“Uhmmmmm…” is all the announcers can say as Clark goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Clark signals out to the crowd that he is going to be flipping. And after a moment to steady himself Alan springs off the top…



…as he reaches the apex of his jump Clark begins to roll backwards quickly…



…and completes a full turn!



…Clark falls towards the mat and pushes both legs out in front of him…



…and connects with a maniacal Shooting Star Legdrop!!!


“That shot connected right between Hollywood and Vine there!” Annie laughs out loud as Spike rolls around in pain, holding his crotch in pain as Clark stands back up and smiles into the camera again.


“That should be completely against Disney policy!” Ejiro remarks as Clark pulls the ‘stunned’ Spike off the mat and steadies him upright before dropping back and bouncing off the ropes…returning and leaping through the air…grabbing Spike’s head and driving it to the mat with a bulldog.


Alan is back to his feet quicker now and sees that Spike is still down. Alan rushes to the ropes and leaps into the air, springboarding off the second rope and flipping backwards through the air and connecting across Spike’s back!


“More pain just scorching through Spike’s back!” Judge comments reluctantly as Clark gets back up and stands over the body of Spike Jenkins.


“He’s not…going for the pin…” Ejiro seems frightened as the smile on Clark’s face gets bigger and bigger.


Alan Clark rolls Spike over to his back and crosses his legs. Clark reaches down and pulls Spike’s body up and upside down, looking as if to go for a catapult….


“Oh no…he’s not going to…” Judge can barely speak and the crowd grows silent as Alan places his feet across the arms of Spike and leans down, grabbing him around the head…


“HE IS!” Annie cries out as Clark rolls backwards onto his back…causing Spike’s back to bend forward and push his neck down toward the mat.


“He’s taking Spike on a trip to EPSOT!” Annie cheers as the crowd begins to chant…









“HOLD ON SPIKE!” Judge and Ejiro sceam out in unison…


…but the chants do not last long as the pain is just to much for Spike…





The parking lot explodes in cheers as Alan lets go off the hold and Spike rolls to the outside, clutching his back in pain. Sexton checks on Jenkins as Clark makes his way to his feet and Kivell raises his hand in victory…signalling for Funyon to make the official announcement…


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the winner of this match…the Happiest Guy On Earth…





The crowd goes louder as Clark climbs out of the ring and walks into the throngs of fans, slapping palms and shaking hands with everyone he comes across as Judge and Ejiro look on in disbelief.


“Well…Alan Clark gets his second win in a row here tonight on this special edition of SJL Metal…and you know Commissioner Raynor has to be watching from somewhere!”


“I can’t believe he won again…” Ejiro sulks a bit and Annie has to comfort him once again.


“We’ll be right back, fans” is all Judge can say as Metal cuts to commercial.

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SJL Metal returns from commercial, the cameras fading up from black and focusing on the unusual venue for tonight’s show as it continues from the car park of the St. Pete Times Forum. The camera pans across the concrete landscape and the thousands of fans that have packed themselves into the area, some standing on cars to get a better view of the ring while others push against the metal crowd barriers that surround the ring. The cameras pan over the crowd once more revealing an alarming amount of foreign objects present among the usual signs in the crowd, several wads of light tubes, trash can a few tables and even a ladder are visible in the sea of humanity. The camera finally cuts back to the announcer’s table, looking rather out of place in the middle of a car park; revealing Annie, Judge, and Ejiro seated and as always ready to continue calling the action.


Judge: Hello everyone and welcome back to SJL Metal! Broadcasting to you from this wonderful open air arena in Tampa, Florida!


Ejiro: ….Open air? We’re in the goddamn car park Judge!


Annie: Just be grateful we’re here at all Ejiro.


Judge: Exactly it’s been a good night hasn’t it? And most of all its warm out here so don’t complain. It’s been a good show tonight folks and we’ve seen some great matches but if you’ve just joined us then don’t worry. We’ve got one more match left and we’re going to be bringing a little Hardcore action back to Florida!


Annie: Tonight Is Aecas’ first title defense and he picked Landon Maddix as the challenger, Maddix has done quite well for himself with Hardcore stipulations so far, and that’s a good thing because tonight these two are going to face off in a Fans Bring The Weapons match!


Ejiro: Fans Bring The Weapons?


Annie: Don’t you ever read the match card Ejiro?


Ejiro: Only when I’m in it Annie.


Judge: The rules for this match are very simple, there’s No Disqualifications and the combatants can take weapons from the crowd at any point for use in the match, and we’ve already got a garbage can of fan donated weapons sitting outside the ring!


Annie: This one’s going to get very messy from the start Judge.


The parking lot goes pitch black for several long moments, a graveyard bell ringing ominously through the speakers set up around the building, before a deep voice reverberates through the speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Dark Funeral's “Dead Skin Mask” blasts out from the speakers as thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpeting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the depths of the smoke, an eerie silhouette will a large staff in one hand. Aecas raises the staff high above his head, a long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff, inciting a roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle. As he walks the light flickers his face alternating from an impassive visage to a mask of almost demonic glee with each flicker.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is for the SJL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Making his way to the ring! From Shrewsbury, England. Weighing 315lbs. He is the SJL WORLD CHAMPION! THE BLACK ANGEL! AECAS!!!!!!!


Aecas leaps up onto the apron, stepping through the ropes, the SJL World Title strapped securely around his waist, the Black Angel moves to the side of the ring, retracting the blade of his Scythe and tossing it down to the timekeeper before moving to the nearest turnbuckle ascending it quickly. The giant tears the belt from his waist and punches it into the air inciting a huge pop from the fans that fill the car park. The cameras focus in on the face of the Black Angel, a maniacal grin already on his faces as the word SICK is branded across his forehead with black paint. Aecas looks into the camera and grins wider pointing at his forehead and shouting “This ones for you Nick!” which drags yet another cheer from the fans.


Judge: Aecas dedicating this match to “Sick” Nick Mondo a mainstay of Combat Zone Wrestling who recently announced his retirement.


Annie: That has to cut Aecas to the quick, Nick Mondo was one of his role models.


Ejiro: Oh great….one more thing I didn’t want to know abort this guy!


Aecas jumps down from the turnbuckle shaking the ring with the impact of his landing before turning around and handing the belt to Eddy Long as he waits for his opponent. Aecas doesn’t have long to wait as the first strains of Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” hit the speakers dragging cheers from the fans once more as they wait for the entrance of the challenger. Landon Maddix sweeps through the entranceway grinning as the crowd greet him with upraised voices and arms, the SJL European title glittering around his waist as he walks down the aisle to the ring slapping palms with the fans on either side.


Funyon: And his opponent! From Huron, South Dakota! Weighing 206lbs! He is the SJL EUROPEAN CHAMPION! LANDON MADDIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maddix climbs the ring steps up onto the apron and raises an arm for the fans before he steps through the ropes and into the ring, undaunted by the size of his opponent as he removes his European Title and hands it to Eddy Long. Funyon moves to exit the ring but Aecas stops him and takes the mic from the ring announcer’s hand turning back towards Landon Maddix and raising the mic to his lips.


Aecas: Maddix we’re going to settle this one the old British way. First guy to die LOSES!


As the last word leaves his lips the Black Angel lunges forwards dropping the microphone as his head comes hurtling down cracking against the skull of his opponent as he floors Maddix with a gigantic headbutt as Eddy Long quickly signals for the bell.



DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ejiro: First guy to die loses? Somebody tell me why we employ this man?! He’s just as bad as Janus!


Annie: Don’t you mean like Janus USED to be? He toned it down a bit at A2A...


Ejiro: I KNOW what I mean Annie!


Annie: Good because nobody else does.


Maddix is quick to get back up to his feet one hand clutching at his forehead as the other snatches up the fallen microphone as Funyon quickly makes his way from the ring. Landon hurls the microphone at Aecas with all his strength and blinks as it bounces off of the forehead of the Black Angel. The impact only makes Aecas grin as he lunges towards his smaller opponent but his efforts are in vain as Maddix dodges under the giants questing arms and quickly dashes across the ring.


Aecas quickly turns around as Maddix hurtles back towards him meeting him halfway and sweeping the smaller man off of his feet into a Sidewalk Slam, Maddix however has other ideas and uses his momentum to his advantage swinging his body up to lock his legs around the head of the Black Angel. Maddix throws all his body weight to one side and takes Aecas off of his feet with a beautiful Flying Head Scissors, Landon leaps back up to his feet only to leave them once more as he darts forwards and slams both boots into Aecas face, flattening the rising giant once more.


Judge: Maybe an error of judgment by Aecas provoking Maddix like that.


Annie: We’ve seen before that Aecas doesn’t seem to have much care for judgment in his matches Judge, we’ve seen him do practically anything to put an opponent away.


Ejiro: And look what the result is Annie, Maddix is running rings around that giant numbskull.


Aecas is quickly getting back up to his feet, shaking his head slightly as he tries to shrug off the impact of the dropkick leaving himself open to attack once again, an opening Maddix takes full advantage of. Landon quickly runs the ropes once more charging back at Aecas he plants his left foot firmly on one of the giants legs, pushing himself up and twisting his body to slam his right foot straight into the back of the Black Angel’s head.


Ejiro: And there’s a Shining Wizard for the plant lover! Doesn’t look much when he’s lying on the ground does he Annie?


Aecas is already beginning to push himself back up to his feet once more, the giant trying to shake off the hard blows to the head and temple he just suffered and Maddix is once again poised and ready t take advantage. Landon quickly moves around in front of Aecas his right foot lashing forwards to smack across the pale chest of his opponent, Maddix draws his foot back once again and measures the Black Angel with another stiff kick to the chest.


Judge: Maddix is trying to shred Aecas with his feet!


Annie: He shouldn’t keep this up for to long, it may sting but its still giving Aecas time to recover!


Maddix grins as he draws his foot back for a third time, the boot flashing in and smashing into Aecas’ left side drawing a grunt from the giant but it also draws his massive left arm down tight against his side, trapping Maddix’s leg against his body. Maddix’s expression change from one of triumph to one of horror as Aecas’ huge right hand slaps around his throat. The Black Angel quickly stands up dragging Maddix with him by the leg and the throat, the giant sins on one heel his hand tightening around his opponents throat before dropping down to his knees, slamming Maddix back first into the canvas.


Annie: Leg Capture Chokeslam!


Judge: Nice counter to those kicks, too many moves like that are going to slow the pace of this match down and that’s something Maddix cannot afford to do.


Ejiro: He won’t let the pace stay slow for long Judge, all he needs to do is get some of those weapons in there, couple those with speed and he’ll soon have this match firmly back in his control.


Annie: Then he had better move fast Ejiro.


Aecas grabs Maddix by the hair, not wasting any time as he pulls his opponent back up to his feet, shoving Landon’s head down between his legs and leaning forwards to wrap his massive arms around the smaller mans waist. Aecas hoists Maddix up to his shoulders but the smaller man is quick to react breaking the giants hold on him and wrapping an arm around the head of the Black Angel. Maddix spins his body around once again, all his weight dragging Aecas’ head back down to the canvas as Landon spikes his huge opponent into the canvas with a thunderous Tornado DDT.


Ejiro: Is that fast enough for you Annie? I TOLD you, Aecas keeps underestimating Maddix!


Landon Maddix quickly rolls out of the ring amid a smattering of applause from the fans in respect of his quick thinking as he heads straight towards the garbage can of fan donated weapons, hefting the metal container and quickly climbing back up the steps tossing the can into the ring. Maddix quickly steps back into the ring reaching into the garbage can and withdrawing the first thing that come to hand, dragging a computer keyboard out of the container to a pop from the fans. Landon grips the keyboard in both hands as Aecas pushes himself upwards, Maddix waits for Aecas to look up before he smashes the plastic keyboard into the head of his opponent. Aecas staggers backwards as computer keys fly everywhere from the impact, the giant clumping back into a corner, Maddix quickly returns to the trash can upending it and dumping an number of weapons onto the canvas, quickly bending down and grabbing a metal baking sheet.


Ejiro: And the first shot of the match goes to Maddix with that keyboard!


Annie: Which just goes to show that the fans will bring anything to these kind of events!


Landon hefts the baking sheet for a moment before he charges at Aecas once again, slamming the baking sheet across the giants head as he lays in the corner, the impact snapping the Black Angel’s head back and denting the metal. Aecas slumps back into the corner his head being forcibly bowed as Maddix crashes the baking sheet over his head once again, bending the metal almost in half and throwing it across the ring, its usefulness ended. Maddix quickly returns to the upended garbage can searching through the items that remain in the can and that are strewn across the canvas.


Ejiro: And he’s going for some more toys already.


Judge: Yes but he’s being distracted by the agony of choice and that’s a big mistake.


Annie: You’re not kidding because here comes Aecas!


Maddix finally grabs a Snooker Cue from the canvas whipping around just as Aecas swings the devastating Baking Sheet, the metal whistles past Landon’s ear as the challenger sways aside slamming the fat of the Cue into Aecas’ gut. The Black Angel doubles over as the hard wood cracks into his midriff leaving his back wide open for Maddix as he brings the Cue down once again snapping the wood in half over Aecas’ back. The Black Angel arches his spine as the blow hits, dropping down to one knee as Maddix follows up with a huge kick to the temple, rocking Aecas as he takes to the ropes once more. Landon careens off of the ropes and charges Aecas once more, his timing is perfect, just as Aecas raises the damaged Baking Sheet to strike at his opponent Maddix comes in hard. His right leg stamping down on the left leg of the Black Angel, boosting himself up high enough to slam his left knee into the metal sheet, driving it back into Aecas’ face with a second Shining Wizard.


Ejiro: And there’s a Sheering Wizard for you! How does that taste Aecas!


Judge: Maddix s all over Aecas in the early stages of this match.


Ejiro: Just like I told you judge, as long as Maddix combines his speed with these weapons he’s going to overwhelm Aecas.


Back in the ring Maddix wastes no time, dropping down to his knees and quickly covering his opponent as Aecas lays prone on the canvas, Eddy Long is close at hand and drops down to his belly, raising a hand to start the count.













Aecas’ right shoulder shoots off of the canvas before Long’s hand has even got halfway back up the action galvanizing Maddix back into action as the challenger leaps back up to his feet darting towards the ropes once more. Maddix leaps onto the second rope his hands grasping the top for a brief second to keep his balance before he leap backwards his body arcing in the graceful curve of a Lionsault to find nothing but hard canvas as Aecas rolls out of the way a second before the impact.


Maddix pops back up to his feet after the impact but this time his face is twisted with pain and both arms are clutching at his chest from the impact of his missed Moonsault, momentarily slowed by the sudden pain Landon is caught completely off guard and flattened as Aecas launches himself at his opponent, smashing Maddix upside down and inside out with a devastating Lariat. The Black Angel falls down to his knees for a brief moment before he angrily pushes himself back up to his feet, the voices of the fans ringing in his ears, cheers for himself and Maddix alike echoing around the concrete of the car park as Aecas goes to the garbage can of weapons for the first time. The Black Angel looks at the remaining items on the canvas and shakes his head stooping to look inside the trashcan a grin splitting his face as he reaches inside.


Annie: And that’s where speed will get you if you aren’t careful Ejiro. He missed one Moonsault and got his head taken off for it.


Ejiro: I never said there were no risks involved in speed Annie, of course if that had been me in there I would never have made a rookie mistake like that.


Judge: Mistakes aside, Aecas has finally got his hands on the weapons and it looks like he’s found something he likes in there.


Aecas slowly stands up and withdraws an item from the garbage can, holding it up into the air to a massive pop from the fans, the item in question is a cricket bat that has been painted black and wrapped in barbed wire.


Judge: ………


Ejiro: What in the hell? That’s the Equalizer!


Annie: Is Janus in the crowd tonight?


Judge: I don’t know, but his legacy is living on tonight!


Aecas grins as he turns around to find Maddix struggling back up to his feet, the giant grins and lines up a shot as if he were standing calmly on the crease, much to the delight of the fans before he lunges forwards cracking the barbed wire bat into Maddix’s already bruised ribs. Landon cries out in pain as the barbs pierce his flesh leaving a succession of small puncture wounds in his torso. Unfortunately for the challenger Aecas is nowhere near finished with the bat, a second hard blow to the chest sends Maddix down to his knees before Aecas steps behind his opponent raising the equalizer high before bringing it down and starting to press the barbed wire bat into the forehead of his challenger.


Judge: And the tide has turned yet again! Two pulverizing shots from, the Equalizer and now Aecas is digging the barbed wire right into Landon’s head!


Annie: He’s trying to tear his face off right here in front of us! That’s not fake ladies and gentlemen that’s real barbed wire! That rips the flesh!


Maddix’s arms thrash wildly and his screams are audible over the fans as Aecas digs the barbed wire into his forehead, the Black Angel finally relents tossing the Equalizer back down to the mat, letting a bloody Landon Maddix collapse to the canvas, blood flowing from a series of scratches on his forehead. Aecas moves to the edge of the ring stepping through the ropes and jumping down to the floor to approach the crowd barriers, a number of items are immediately thrust out towards him. The giant quickly starts to grab as Many items as he can, several stacks of light tubes and a few steel chairs are slid into the ring, a table is set up on the outside balanced between the ring apron and the guardrail and finally a ladder makes an appearance and follows the light tubes into the ring as Aecas climbs back into the squared circle.


Judge: Aecas coming back with some toys of his own fresh from the crowd and this cannot bode well for Landon Maddix.


Annie: I see a ladder out there…


Ejiro: And a hell of a lot of light tubes! Its times like this I thank god I’m not in the JL!


Annie: Light tubes are still a double edged sword Ejiro, like every other weapon in this match…


Maddix is starting to push himself back up to his feet as Aecas re-enters the ring, the Black Angel grabbing the chairs and opening them up, planting them firmly in the middle of the ring before he lays three of the tight tube bundles across the steel in a bridge. Aecas grabs the last bundle in one huge hand, turning around to face his challenger the Black Angel lifts the light tubes up high, before he brings them crashing down onto the top of Landon’s head. Glass explodes across the ring as the densely packed light tubes disintegrate into a hail of razor sharp splinters, the artificial rain scattering all around the ring as Maddix collapses back onto the canvas, his hands clutching at his bloody forehead.


Aecas grins as he tosses away the stumps of the light tubes, reaching down and hauling Maddix back up to his feet by his bloodstained hair grinning into the face of his bloody opponent, before looking out at the crowd and pointing to the light tube bridge between the chairs. The fans let out another roar of approval as they see what the Black Angel is planning as he drags Maddix over to stand in front of the chairs and the light tubes, quickly pushing his opponents head down between his legs and leaning forwards to wrap his arms around the waist of the smaller man.


Judge: Aecas is set to send Maddix straight to casualty!


Aecas heaves Maddix up onto his shoulders, holding the challenger up for a moment before altering his grip and hurling him back down to the canvas. Maddix’s arms windmill as he falls, his back arches as he is driven right through the cluster of light tubes to bounce off of the glass coated canvas with a vicious Powerbomb, the crowd expressing their feeling the only way they can as a roar rocks the building.




Judge: Powerbomb right through those light tubes!


Annie: Aecas is slicing the challenger into pieces right in front of us!


Ejiro: And Maddix has got to get Aecas back on the defensive or he is as good as dead.


Aecas drops down to his knees amid the slivers of glass that cover the ring, ignoring the sharp pinpricks on his exposed flesh as he quickly covers Maddix, dragging one leg back as Long counts the pinfall on the chair, trying to avoid getting his hand lacerated by the glass shards.














TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Maddix shoots his right shoulder off of the canvas as Long’s hand descends for the three count and quickly tries to roll away from his huge opponent, Aecas ignores the fallen Maddix for a moment as he slides back out of the ring once more, seeming preoccupied with something other than his opponent.


Judge: What the hell is Aecas doing now?


Ejiro: He’s making another bad move here, looking for weapons when he should be pressing the attack!


Annie: Well what is he looking for? There are more than enough instruments of pain in the ring without needing any more!


Aecas walks around the crowd on the outside searching among the various items until he sees what he wants, one huge hand grabs a red can of gasoline from a fan while the other seizes a Pot Plant, holding it up high to a massive pop from the crowd.


Ejiro: I don’t believe this; a vegetable is getting more of a pop than these guys!


Aecas quickly makes his way back into the ring, placing the plant and the can of gasoline in one corner as he moves back to his challenger. Maddix is staggering back up to his feet as Aecas approaches, the giant grabbing Landon’s right arm, Irish Whipping him hard across the ring. Landon’s boots crunch through the rings glass coating as he hurtles across the length of the squared circle, rebounding off of the ropes and charging back towards Aecas. The challenger ducks under a huge boot rebounding once more off the rope and throwing all his strength into his right foot as he streaks forwards and Superkicks Aecas square in the chest.


The Black Angel staggers backwards across the ring from the impact, and Maddix struggles to capitalize, running past the giant into the ropes once more, gaining momentum and leaping into the air as high as his legs will carry him. The challenger’s right arm wraps around the head of his gigantic opponent pulling him forwards and off of his feet, planting him face first into the barbed wire of the Equalizer!










Ejiro: And here comes Maddix back again! What did I tell you Annie!


Judge: Landon returning the favour here by busting Aecas open with the Equalizer in turn!


Annie: I sure hope Landon has something up his sleeve though Judge because Aecas is already starting to get back up!


Maddix does indeed seem to have a plan, as the challenger quickly shoves his rising opponent, rolling Aecas towards the ring apron, Landon has to use all his strength to shift the bulk of his opponent and finally gets Aecas draped, half on, and half off o the table. Maddix hauls the huge legs of the Black Angel onto the table as well, leaving Aecas laying fully across the wood, Landon isn’t finished there either as he grabs a steel chair from the ring using it to devastating effect on Aecas’ unprotected and by now very bloody head. The giant’s body jerks from the impact as Maddix tosses away the chair and slides back into the ring setting the ladder up to the rising delight of the crowd as the challenger quickly begins to scale the metal.


Ejiro: Maddix is going all the way up top Judge! This could be his big chance!


Maddix carefully climbs to the top of the ladder punching an arm into the air and getting another huge response from the crowd before he gathers his legs under him and leaps off of the ladder plummeting towards the ground and smashing back first right through Aecas and the table to the outside!


Judge: Cannonball Senton!


Ejiro: He likes to call that one Death From Above! And he hit it perfectly!


Annie: Did he ever! I think he touched the ceiling with that one!












Judge: And the fans say it all folks! Landon Maddix just put everything on the line to take out his opponent!


Annie: And these guys are getting back up!


Aecas is slowly pushing himself back up to his feet, the Black Angel slumps against the side of the ring and slowly crawls under the bottom rope, the cameras focusing in on the giants face, an expression of confusion written all over the Black Angel’s features. Maddix on the other hand, is in much better shape having had Aecas there to break his fall, Landon gets back up to his feet and grins celebrating with the fans at ringside before he crawls back into the ring after his opponent.


Judge: Aecas’ doesn’t know where the hell he is right now.


Ejiro: And this is a perfect opportunity for Maddix to strike! He’s got Aecas down and more importantly he’s got him hurt!


Annie: Well he’s doing the right thing and going for a cover after that huge Senton!


Ejiro: That’s not the right thing Annie he needs to hit him again with something big to make sure he stays down!













TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






TWO AND THREE QUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










Aecas’ shoulder shoots off of the canvas at the last possible second to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos from the fans who evidently thought the match was all over. Frustration is also evident on the bloody face of Landon Maddix who pushes himself back up to his feet looking down at his opponent and shaking his head before quickly moving over to the nearest corner. Maddix grabs the top rope with both hands, using it to slingshot himself up to the top quickly following up this jump with another hop onto the ropes that sends his body cart wheeling back into the ring with a beautifully executed Double Jump Moonsault. Unfortunately like the Lionsault before it, the otherwise flawless move is foiled as Aecas rolls away from the impact leaving Maddix to crash down to the canvas once again driving more glass splinters into the flesh of his chest.


Annie: And the Fah-Laming Fury Moonsault misses! So much for your sage advice Ejiro!


As Maddix struggles to push himself back up, his chest a sea of pain from the hard impact with the canvas and the glass that covers it, Aecas has made it back to the corner his right hand closing around the familiar shape of the Pot Plant as his left grabs the gas can. The Black Angel waits crouched down for Landon to get back up to his feet, waiting for him to turn around….


Maddix can have no idea of what is in store for him as he fights his way up to his feet looking around desperately for his giant opponent before he finally turns around searching the ring. The only thing Landon finds is a pot plant as it sails across the ring at him, the challenger instinctively catches the plant which is summarily driven into his face as Aecas flattens his opponent with a huge Yakuza Kick, splattering the plant across Maddix’s face!


Annie: Van Potinator!


Ejiro: …..Van What?!


Judge: Aecas just broke the Pot Plant and probably Landon Maddix’s face with that big right boot of his!


Ejiro: I do not believe this! Can we buy this guy a greenhouse in the middle of nowhere and lock him in it?


Annie: What have you got against someone having a little fun Ejiro?


Ejiro: Absolutely nothing, except when the person in question needs to be given a double lobotomy for Christmas!


Aecas stands above the prone body of Landon Maddix, shaking his head slightly trying to clear away the cobwebs as he places one massive foot on the chest of Landon Maddix, his hands unscrewing the cap from the gasoline can and hurling it into the crowd as he raises the can high to another succession of cheers from the fans.


Ejiro: No way! He’s going to set him on fire with that gasoline!


Aecas pushes away Eddy Long as the referee tries to count a pinfall and slowly upends the gasoline can, which begins to pour not petrol but thumbtacks! Thousands of thumbtacks streaming from the gasoline can and right into Landon’s face!


Ejiro: Oh god…I think I’m going to be sick right about now Judge!


Judge: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this! Aecas is trying to drown Landon Maddix with thumbtacks!


Maddix thrashes under the rain of hard steel thumbtacks, trying to block the flow as best he can with is hands, the fans roaring with approval until finally the can empties and Aecas drops it disinterestedly, gazing down at his opponent. Maddix’s hands try to weakly brush away the thumbtacks that cover his face and chest as Aecas’ huge right hand moves down to grab him by the hair, dragging him back up to his feet once more. The Black Angel looks at his swaying opponent for a moment before snapping Landon’s head around with a huge elbow to the side of the head, rattling the brains of the already groggy challenger.


Judge: Maddix is all but dead ion his feet, and Aecas is closing in for the kill!


The Black Angel moves behind Maddix and bends down low, pushing his head between the legs of the challenger before slowly straightening up, hoisting Maddix up into the air to sit on his shoulders.


Annie: Looks like Aecas wants to finish this one of with an Assault Driver in memory of Nick Mondo!


Aecas’ hands come up between his opponents legs, grabbing Maddix’s arms and holding him steady as the Black Angel backs up into the nearest corner, slowly starting to climb up the corner in reverse until he stands squarely on the second rope, looking down into the silver sea of thumbtacks and glass that cover the ring.


Ejiro: This is the end of the road for Maddix!


Aecas grins out at the crowd as Maddix struggles to free himself but is held firmly in place by the huge hands of the Black Angel, the giant looks out at the screaming fans for a long moment before he leaps off of the second ropes, flipping Landon Maddix off of his shoulders and sitting out as he lands, DRIVING MADDIX HEAD AND SHOULDERS FIRST INTO THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!








Annie: Assault Driver form the second rope into the tacks!






Ejiro: Both of these guys look like pincushions! This is fucking crazy!


Judge: Aecas has got the legs hooked!


Aecas slowly climbs on top of his downed opponent, thumbtacks sticking out of his body as he leans back, both hands hooking a leg as Eddy long counts the pinfall one more time.













TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






TWO AND THREE QUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans explode once more as Aecas rolls off of his defeated challenger, the Black Angel slowly pushing himself back up to his feet as Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin Mask” hits the speakers once again. Thumbtack fall from the giant’s skin and ring attire as Eddy Long presents him with his belt once more, raising the hand of the Black Angel in victory as Funyon raises his microphone.


Funyon: The Winner of the match! And STILL SJL WORLD CHAMPION! AECAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judge: And Aecas has successfully defended his World Title for the first time!


Annie: And what a defense it was Judge! Maddix came out here and took the fight right to Aecas once again, he’s beaten the champion once before but tonight was not his night.


Ejiro: The sooner somebody gets that belt off of Aecas the better, the man is a maniac, he willing jumped into those thumbtacks for gods sake!


Annie: Yes he did Ejiro, but he finished off Maddix at the same time. Don’t the ends justify the means?


Ejiro: Only if the means don’t involve hideous amounts of pain to my precious self Annie.


Aecas holds the belt up high letting the cheers and chants of the fans wash over him and ring in his ears before he slowly moves to the ropes, stepping through the cables and dropping down to the floor. The Black Angel slowly moves to the time keepers table retrieving his Flick Scythe and starting to walk past the guard rails towards the makeshift aisle, the blood that covers his body a sharp contrast to the pale white of his skin, the fans patting his bloody back as he passes them. The giant slowly walks up the aisle to the entranceway, turning and raising his arms to the crowd once more, a grin splitting his bloody face as the Scythe blades snaps out of hiding once more, the Black Angel bows his head slowly as the fans chant his name before he disappears into the backstage area.


Judge: Aecas remains victorious for now, but he’ll take on Todd Royal in his next title defense! Landon Maddix has nothing to be ashamed off either, he put up a heroic fight against his much larger opponent and can still leave this building with his head, and more importantly the SJL European Title held up high! Thanks for joining us ladies and gentlemen and we’ll see you all on Wrath! Goodnight!


The SJL logo flashes at the bottom of the screen s the camera view fades to black, the last image of Metal shows the SJL fans giving a rising Landon Maddix a well deserved standing ovation for his efforts.

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