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  1. Longdogger_Pete

    Ground Zero Talk

    All right! Ground Zero takes place during a hurricane! This will put a whole new spin on Miami Mayhem! (You can bet I'm writing it in, too.)
  2. Um... I met Mick Foley at a baseball game once. And I got an autograph from Ron Killings back in his "K-Kwik" days prior to a Raw show a few years back. It was pouring rain outside and he was the only guy willing to stand outside and meet fans before the show. Do they have to be wrestling related?
  3. Longdogger_Pete

    Many guys released

    Does anyone remember Muffy?
  4. Longdogger_Pete

    Feeling arty again

    I'd love to see those, but the boards are telling me I don't have permission to download them.
  5. Longdogger_Pete

    Feeling arty again

    Are those Justice and Rule hoodies still available on Cafe Press? I totally wanted to buy one of those back in the day.
  6. Longdogger_Pete

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I was really surprised to go to the WWE main page today and see a big picture of Brock Lesnar.
  7. Longdogger_Pete

    Ground Zero Talk

    You're overreacting. I don't have a problem with the match - it was just unexpected, is all. As long as Munich's cool with it, I'm cool with it. In fact, it gives me a promo idea.
  8. Longdogger_Pete

    Ground Zero Talk

    For clarification, Munich, I did not request the match or the opponent. This card reeks of LANDONOSITY~!
  9. Longdogger_Pete

    Ground Zero Talk

    Oh god.
  10. I'm all for rebooking LDP/Spike for the next show if it's okay with all involved, since I couldn't get online and Spike had school issues.
  11. Longdogger_Pete

    Vote: Show Date

    Move it. But it may not matter in my case. My laptop has died. I'm using a roommate's laptop (when I can) so if I show at all I'll have to start over and send in some kind of rush job. Happy birthday to me.
  12. Longdogger_Pete


    Oh, and I should mention that he's not quite undefeated now. His sister Avery (she'll be 2 this October) kicks his BUTT on a regular basis.
  13. Longdogger_Pete


    Today is Ian's birthday. Though is he is now 9, he is no less feared than he was during his undefeated run in the SWF at age 3.
  14. Longdogger_Pete

    PROMO: socius per casus

    "Spike Jenkins?" Longdogger Pete glanced up from the paper he'd been reading--a copy of the next televised SWF card--to the SWF performer that he'd just been introduced to. He continued speaking. "Yeah, I've been in the ring with him before. He's been associated with the SWF a long time...almost as long as I have." Pete set the paper down on the table. "And I'm feeling good about this match. I'll give the guys in charge some credit for at least putting me up against a champion. Even though I'm not eligible to win his title, at least, not unless I drop six inches and 40 pounds in the next two weeks. It's not very likely." His colleague said nothing, apparently content to let the gears in Pete's head turn on their own without any assistance, sitting silently with hands folded on the table. "However, if I win this match...when I win this match...it'll go a long way toward showing the bookers that I'm capable of a run at the top, even after so much time has passed. And a win over Spike Jenkins would also wear him down for any...potential...challengers he may encounter." The other wrestler gave a smirk with a raised eyebrow. Pete shifted in his seat, sizing up the person sitting across from him. "Do you have anything to add, or are you here for your health?" He waited, hoping the conversation wouldn't remain one-sided. He didn't have to wait long. "You're right Dog, I don't think you should be too concerned with your match," said Taiga Star. "I may call you 'Dog', may I?" She didn't wait for a reply before continuing. "Though I believe I can take Jerkins down without anyone wearing him down before hand," Taiga exchanged a momentary glance at Pete, full of fire and stubbourn will, "But then again, I certainly don't mind the help." "Well then, you're in for something of a treat. Because once I get back in the ring... Spike Jenkins won't even know what hit him."
  15. Longdogger_Pete

    Jamaican Me Crazy preview thread

    They'll be up within 24 hours.