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  1. Justice

    From the Fire Losing Matches

    Well, that's fine, too. Underestimating Danny Williams often a nose-breaking mistake. No, it's cool. If I came off a little hard in my reply, it's really the first time I've ever had (in my opinion) a reason that was really supported by other evidence. And I think that, in retrospect, that storyline might have worked. You just came on too strong with it, and I didn't think was appropriate. If you had played it up as something small (Danny making headway, but constantly missing the Roaring Elbow, even at points where he SHOULD hit it) that really reflected a larger problem (Danny being slower than he normally is, perhaps due to the APJW Strong-Style against Toxxic's speedy Technical-Cruiser style, along with Danny just naturally slowing down from injuries) and in the end, finding a way around the problem (Rather than busting out the Rolling Elbow, he changes over to the Screaming Elbow (Shout-out to your extended series against Ejiro) to catch Toxxic offguard rather than just trying to beat him with speed, and using moves that you've learned from other people that resemble your moves, but change them enough to take Toxxic by surprise). Again, I don't really have too many problems with the psychology and moves itself. I thought it was great for what you were trying to accomplish. It's just not what the build really told me.
  2. Justice

    Let's talk about stuff.

    And hey, we both have back problems!
  3. Justice

    The new chat thread

    Uh... I'm in chat, if anyone wants to yell at me.
  4. Justice

    Let's talk about stuff.

    I approve of Spike's affinity for Ham Sandwiches.
  5. Justice

    From the Fire Losing Matches

    Subtlety aside, I've been recovering from a car crash that occurred Wednesday night. Nothing serious, I just really bruised. I was sleeping most of last week and part of Sunday, and for the most part I've been trying to sleep it off and keep up with my classwork. I really didn't want to comment on the matches until I felt good enough to give you the explanation I really wanted. My biggest problem is the story you're going with. Toxxic, in my opinion, went with more of a straight match. I have my problems with that, considering the build-up, but I think yours is far more flawed, and here's why: With the build-up you've given me, with Danny coming back from Japan (And, presumably, wrestling there), along with intense training and a past history with Toxxic, makes it hard for me to buy that Danny comes into this even remotely as unprepared as you show Danny. I paid very close attention to the promos you guys wrote out during 'regular season', so to speak, and I didn't get any sort of impression that Danny was coming into this as the weak player. In fact, I got quite the opposite: That Danny was in ring shape. Here's my line of thinking. Now that, to me, says "Flesher, of course I'm in ring shape." Plus, add in this: Gives me the impression that you're actually still wrestling. Perhaps I missed where you were only acting as a trainer in Japan (And I'm serious, I may have. I'm very ADHD and I no longer have the excellent internet connection I once had), but I figured that you had continued wrestling. Adding in the fact that, for the show promo, it was you "Taking your ball away" makes it seem like you decided 'Nuts to this, I can wrestle in other places' the choice. Finally, your promo where Danny is training didn't give me any hints that you were off your game in the slightest. If anything (And by the by, that was a really, really great atmospheric promo. I always love the good ol' gym promo), plus the fact that you're fairly young and, even with injuries, you're at that age where you can still get in shape reasonably quick, especially if you've been active (Like I assumed you were instead of being Japan). I mean (NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ISN'T MEANT TO BE SELF-PROMOTIONAL AT ALL), if Danny were at old fogey Judge/Ric Flair age, I can see the plot being believable, especially if you were something like a Road Agent over there. But Danny, coming in from APJW (Or wherever you were, I'm taking where Toxxic said you were) where you were presumably active, along with your training, made me assume that the match would go like this: 1) Toxxic goes on the offensive early, thinking Danny is the old, battered, broken-spirited guy that he's been talking about in those promos. 2) Danny, being 26, not in a good mood, and training constantly with new drive to secure his legacy, shows Toxxic how painful being wrong can really be. 3) Toxxic manages to recover,-Insert whatever strategy in here for the center of the match. 4) In the end, Toxxic's early hubris takes its toll, making Toxxic too weak to completely recover from the early beating he took from Danny. Danny wins, etc etc. But that didn't happen. Actually, again, neither of you tried that plotline. But while Toxxic took a more regular approach to the match, I felt yours was more "against the grain" than his, and it made your match hard to reconcile overall. I didn't really have a problem with your spots, your psych, and other things. It was simply the story driving it all was against everything I saw in the build. I apologize if you don't agree. Maybe it's just the post-crash head trauma talking, but that's why I didn't choose it.
  6. Justice

    NHL Thread

  7. Justice

    British Hostage Crisis with Iran

    Wow. Smitty's not a happy person today. Anyways, I'm not for a War in Iran with the current HoS. Bush isn't bat-shit crazy, nor do I think he out and out lied... but God damn if he isn't an utterly miserable leader, plus with a Congress that is ready to pull out of Iraq, why even try? I'd rather just We do eventually need to move onto Iran (For obvious reasons), but we can't right now. Re: Gulf of Tonkin - I don't think this is one of those situations. Firstly, the British are NOT going to go to war with "The Spare" in Iraq nearby. Maybe in a few months, if it lasts that long. Iran would be stupid to push the British into a conflict when they are about to pull back out of the region, and while I don't think that the Iranians are more savvy than Bush (Perhaps even less savvy), this would be beyond stupid.
  8. Justice

    NHL Thread

    Yes, that's true. But I think beating Nashville and Anaheim to snap their inexplicable losing streak (Which should have ended against the Blues, damned stupid referees...) will definitely help. Of course, we are a lot closer to Columbus than we should be in the season series, but I have a feeling the Wings are finally gelling after getting back all those hurt players. Plus we have Zetterberg to still look forwards to soon.
  9. Justice

    NHL Thread

    Crucial win in Nashville for the Wings. A real nail-biter, too. Bertuzzi gets two assists, which is a good start, and hopefully he can start turning into the dominant player that he could be. Also, the Wings win the season series 6-1-1.
  10. Justice

    The Official "52" Thread

    The "Tiger Guy" is Bronze Tiger, top-class martial artist. He's a perennial Suicide Squad member (Appearing in a recent Checkmate comic to save Rick Flagg from some God-forsaken foreign prison), has beaten Batman one-on-one, trained Cassandra Cain, and is a close friend of Richard Dragon (The top martial artist in DC). Actually, if you look at the screen Waller shows Atom Smasher for him to choose his team from, he's actually on it in the middle. Him being on one of the covers probably means Waller is making a move during World War III. Oh, and that isn't Dick Grayson. That's Jason Todd. That must be where he got the Nightwing uniform that he had One Year Later, and you can see him also holding his Red Hood helmet. If you hadn't heard,
  11. Justice

    Marvel's Civil War

    From what I know, he's actually dead. What Ms. Marvel is talking about is something different that will be explained later.
  12. Justice

    DC Comics announce three animated movies

    The weirdest difference with the Ultimate Avengers is that, for whatever reason, Iron Man's identity is secret. I didn't even get why it was, and why he was trying so hard to hide it. It was one of those weird subplots that just didn't really do anything.
  13. Justice

    Marvel's Civil War

    Judging from what I'm hearing about a few other comic book titles (Particularly Civil War: The Initiative), that might be what's happening.
  14. Justice

    Speed of Light possibly broken...

    Oh son of a bitch. I didn't notice the news post I stole this from was necroposted. Fuck me. Delete, please.
  15. Source <h1 class="headline"> How about that.