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  1. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Genesis X Comment thread

    What the hell is even going on round here? I get hit with a wave of nostalgia last night, reading some of the stuff I'd saved for some insane reason, decide to glance at the boards, see Candace trying to be witty or some such, get shocked that Mike and WC reply, and now a card is up? And Doom was somehow involved in a match, presumably the result of copious no-shows?
  2. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Shaun Boothe

    Anyone else caught any of Shaun Boothe's Unauthorized Biography Series so far? Granted, he's only four chapters in, but I'm pretty much a fan of all of them, though the Ali bio is my favorite. So, yeah. Anyone else a fan/curious to see the remaining eight?
  3. Angel_Grace_Blue


    I'm betting that not many people here have heard of D-Siggy, which is why I started this thread, I suppose. A lot of his newer stuff is super-duper introspective, sometimes bordering on full-blown emo, but damn if he doesn't make it sound great. I even have examples "Kneecaps" (Apparently the audio from the live show was awful, which is why he just put the album version on) "Laundry Room" He's also more than capable of being hilarious. "ThisIsWhatItSoundsLikeWhenWhiteBoysListenToHipHop" (Album version slightly different) He's also a fan of hi-jacking, as he first jacked Iggy Pop's album "The Idiot", then took the Tom Waits song "Underground" and made "Ambulance" So, yeah. If you want, you can get a free mixtape with pretty much every song he put out in 08 with plenty of DJ shenanigans right here: Complete 08 Comeback Special. If you want "The Idiot: Hijacked", you can get it at his site, http://www.aboyinaroom.com
  4. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 13

    THURSDAY Georgia Tech SATURDAY Indiana Virginia Mississippi State Penn State Wake Forest Stanford Illinois Utah Oregon State Minnesota Cincinnati Florida State Texas Tech Tiebreak #1: 72 Tiebreak #2: 89
  5. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 12

    THURSDAY Virginia Tech FRIDAY Cincinnati SATURDAY Navy Northwestern Florida Minnesota North Carolina Oregon State BYU Texas A&M Oregon Florida State Vanderbilt Tulsa Tiebreak #1: 46 Tiebreak #2: 288
  6. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 11

    THURSDAY Virginia Tech Utah SATURDAY Ohio State Georgia Tech Colorado Kansas Alabama Penn State Virginiat N.C. State West Virginia Texas Tech USC Notre Dame Tiebreak #1: 71 Tiebreak #2: 68
  7. Angel_Grace_Blue

    The Ultimate Fighter: Noguiera vs Mir

    I guess the fight put everyone else to sleep. I was impressed by Jules' vogueing skills.
  8. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 10

    THURSDAY South Florida SATURDAY Wisconsin Purdue Indiana Miami Connecticut Auburn Colorado Notre Dame Georgia Illinois Florida State Oregon Texas Tiebreak #1: 52 Tiebreak #2: 137
  9. Angel_Grace_Blue


    In as GOdrea
  10. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 9

    THURSDAY West Virginia SATURDAY Texas Tech Wisconsin Wake Forest North Carolina Connecticut LSU Michigan State Florida State Texas Iowa State Penn State Oregon USC Tiebreak #1: 59 Tiebreak #2: 373
  11. Angel_Grace_Blue

    What's the worst

    Another food-based name: Montgomery Biscuits
  12. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 8

    THURSDAY BYU SATURDAY Georgia Tech Purdue Iowa Wake Forest Georgia Ohio State Oklahoma Navy Stanford Kansas State Texas LSU Virginia Tech Tiebreak #1: 54 Tiebreak #2: 89
  13. Angel_Grace_Blue

    EliteXC: Heat

    Brett would blast Kimbo into oblivion... To think otherwise is retarded. Yes, because UFC 69 never happened. Not trying to be an asshole, just saying, stranger things have happened.
  14. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 7

    THURSDAY Wake Forest FRIDAY Memphis SATURDAY Oklahoma Indiana Kansas Kentucky Kansas State North Carolina Northwestern Arizona Baylor LSU Penn State Missouri Tiebreak #1: 68 Tiebreak #2: 287
  15. Angel_Grace_Blue

    EliteXC: Heat

    I wonder how many times Brett Rogers called Shaw asking to fight Kimbo, and also how pissed Brett is that he probably won't get to fight Slice any time soon because if Kimbo wins, it really hurts Brett's credibility.