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  1. Thoth

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    I miss the SWF.
  2. Thoth

    XBLA Community Games

    Those are Arcade games, not Community games.
  3. Thoth

    PROMO: What it takes

    The feeling of slamming his fist down against cold steel is the most stimulation Thoth has had in the past 5 minutes. Before this, he has been sensory deprived, swimming in his own confusion, slumped down in a steel chair. His fist has crashed into the metal underside of it. “She's even... with me?” he mutters to himself. The match ended in a double countout. It ended that way because Taiga Star was either to stubborn, or too stupid, to know that she was supposed to fall down when his hand struck her. The last thing she's supposed to do is hit back! And then, the steel chairs. He couldn't keep her down. He couldn't keep her down. They had to be separated; he couldn't finish it. He pounds the chair again. Steel doesn't budge. Kibagami has fallen asleep in his corner of the locker room. Thoth shakes his head. “Useless... utterly useless.” He frowns, his mind made up. He reaches into a bag and pulls out a neat, straight, previously-opened envelope. It shows no signs of wear and tear, as if it had rarely been used. He opens it and pulls out a piece of paper. * INITIAL DOSE 80 MG FIRST STEP DOWN 60 MG SECOND STEP DOWN 30 MG * He double-checks the paper to make sure, then replaces the paper in the envelope, pushing it back into the bag, and rummaging through it to find a syringe and a bottle. Thoth calmly and deftly inserts the syringe into the bottle, drawing out until just, exactly, the liquid stops at the mark on the syringe marked “60 MG.” He looks at Kibagami. “Thirty more minutes,” he mutters again, shifting in his seat. He leans back and shuts his eyes. “She's even with me.” He starts to hear it in his head differently. No ellipses after the word “even.” The concept is less foreign to him; they've battled several times now. Is it... okay to feel that way? Hell, why Taiga Star? From that moment months ago, when he sat up in bad, seeing her on the TV, something snapped within him. Or no, was it always there, and just rising to the surface? Is it because of her gender? The swimming in Thoth's head ceases for a moment. Never considered that angle. Just as quickly, Kibagami stirs in his slumber, breaking Thoth's concentration. If he's going to break Taiga Star, he's going to have to go for broke.
  4. Thoth

    Leena's Resignation

    This was the most confusing April Fool's Ever.
  5. Thoth


    Once you update, it should be painfully obvious where to go. If not, try clicking the new SD card icon in the lower left. Edit: As a bonus, the Wii now natively supports SDHC cards, up to 32GB.
  6. Thoth


    System update available. Big news: You can download games to SD cards... and PLAY FROM SD CARDS. THANK GOD THAT'S OVER.
  7. Thoth

    Fallout 3

    It's available now for the PC, but I keep staring at, and seeing that it works for some people, and not for others. Holding off for now.
  8. Thoth

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    Ha, the guy in the crowd with the flower mask is wrestlecrap's own blade braxton.
  9. Thoth

    Heaven needed to be Well Dunn

    Well Dunn were the first pro wrestlers I ever saw on TV. Kind of sad to read this, actually.
  10. Thoth

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    Can you Messiah Kick over the low fireballs? I actually don't like Rufus's chances against Sagat, to be honest.
  11. Thoth


  12. Thoth


    On Widescreen TV's, Component helps tremendously. If it were HD, it would look so nice...
  13. Thoth

    Extension Notice for Northwest Navigation

    PM sent. My half is looking strong for the match. Better than the last show by a country mile.
  14. Thoth

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Oh, I don't have an XBox. Actually, the closest thing I have to a next-gen system is the DS. I don't know if this is what SO4 is, but the Japanese cutesy superhero anime video game style is starting to wear thin. I guess that's why I'm turning to more organic RPGs like 7th Dragon - it's big on customization, has a plot that's interesting enough, and has that old school humor that comes from the NPCs, and checking out stuff around town, like Lunar did. Fair 'nuff. I actually need to finish Etrian 1 sometime soon (I still have 2 sealed). I'm on the 3rd stratum I think. I recently finished Mother 3 after having it put on the backburner for Chrono Trigger DS. The sort of crap I'm talking about with SO4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNEz1P2F7cA Oh, Japan... I should post Angry Rivet Gaming Episode 2, we railed on JRPG's. Seems like everyone, even Capcom, is giving it to JRPG's these days.
  15. Thoth

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I liked Legend... but that was free on Gametap. Would I pay for it? ...actually, yeah, I would. Anniversary I played on Wii, would have preferred traditional controls.