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  1. {''({o..o})''}

    I know what college kids want

  2. {''({o..o})''}

    I started DJ-ing shortly after coming to college

    When you decide to masturbate, the sticky white stuff that comes out your pee pee hole are the tears of God because he doesn’t want you to have no fun cause fun makes him cry and he cries out your pee pee hole.
  3. {''({o..o})''}

    Airbag/How Am I Driving?

    None of this would have happened if I still was a mod.
  4. {''({o..o})''}

    Mission Statement.

    I was all for killing this off when it got up to 25 pages. Or was it fifty? Either way, yeah.
  5. {''({o..o})''}

    It's pretty fucked up that Hawaii is a state

    Imagine how painful the Breane episodes will be.
  6. {''({o..o})''}

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Jewish asian guy Al
  7. {''({o..o})''}

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    And this is in no way Czech using the password that he gave me before he left.
  8. {''({o..o})''}

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Elite Snobs/Boardum/Pit bracket: #1 Incandenza #4 Banky Decided by my cat #6 Kotz #2 AgentOfOblivion TSM Vets/Shit Folders bracket: #1 Slayer #5 CWM #3 Czech #15 Special K Sports Folder bracket: #1 Al #4 Ripper #11 TheManInBlak #7 Vitamin X The Awesomely Mediocre and/or Unknown bracket: #9 DrVenkman #12 AndrewTS #3 CanadianChris #2 gary floyd
  9. {''({o..o})''}

    Final Fantasy VI Advance?

    I did. I had a couple minutes left and wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any treasure chests. I only left him there once in all my playthroughs, and that was just to see what Relm's dream was. Another question somewhat similar, did any once else figure out the Lete River leveling trick on their own?
  10. {''({o..o})''}

    Final Fantasy VI Advance?

    It's sort of sad I know, but I had a six month relationship all because of the "I'm the darkness, you're the stars" line.
  11. {''({o..o})''}

    100 reasons why Sega is/was stupid.

    21. No Chakan sequel
  12. {''({o..o})''}

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Anybody think a rom/game of the week/month thread would work? Play it and post opinions and such.
  13. {''({o..o})''}

    The Sega Master System

    The non-centered cable on the top of the controller made it a bit akward to use. The Afterburner games weren't too bad, and I remember Zillion to be quit fun.
  14. {''({o..o})''}


    That ain't happening, cancer faker.