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    Motor City feedback

    Opener's in. Apologies for the delay.
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    Motor City feedback

    1 in!
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    MCS: Leon vs. Baron

    BUFFER The following contest is set for one fall... and it is for possession of the OAOAST Money In The Bank briefcase! [COLOR=purple]"Oh (hey!), I've been travelin' on this road too long Just tryin' to find my way back home But the old me's dead and gone Dead and gone And oh (hey!), I've been travelin' on this road too long Just tryin' to find my way back home But the old me's dead and gone Dead and gone, dead and gone..."[/COLOR] The opening to "Dead And Gone" by T.I. fades into "Numb" by Linkin Park, to a solid chorus of boos from the crowd. All sense of home state pride goes out of the window. No-one in Michigan wanting to admit pride in their own Leon Rodez, who skulks through the entrance way with his head down and a determine expression on his face. COLE Welcome home, Leon Rodez. Leon slowly makes his way down the aisle as the song meanders along. Around his right wrist, handcuffed, hangs the Money In The Bank briefcase in his stolen possession. Coming to a stop in the middle of the aisle, Leon looks up at the skies with a scowl on his face as the song suddenly erupts and the lights flash back and forth from purple to white static. [COLOR=purple][b][i]"I'VE BECOME SO NUMB I CAN'T FEEL YOU THERE BECOME SO TIRED SO MUCH MORE AWARE! I'M BECOMING THIS ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE MORE LIKE ME AND BE LESS LIKE YOU!"[/b][/i][/COLOR] BUFFER Introducing first. From Grand Rapids, Michigan! Weighing in at two hundred, eighteen pounds... "THE FALLEN IDOL" of the OAOAST... LLLEEEEEOOOOOOOONN... RRRRRRROOOOOOOODDEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Grasping the briefcase in both hands Leon climbs up the steps and enters the ring. Looking out at the crowd Leon shows disdain, not just for the people, but for the reaction he's on the end of. COLE These people once idolised Leon Rodez. These people more than any other. Once upon a time, it was normal to be proud of this young man. Not anymore. There's nothing to be proud about, regarding his actions as of late. Not least, the Money In The Bank briefcase, that he [i]stole[/i] at AngleMania IX in a Ladder Match that he wasn't even a part of. Tonight, Leon has the chance to actually [i]win[/i] that briefcase. But it comes against the man who's hands he essentially stole it out of... A huge orange pyro rocket erupts on the stage and "Thriller" by Fall Out Boy hits. The TV audience is shown an overhead view of the entrance stage, it's metallic floor carpeted by simmering flames that form the shape of a bull's head. The camera then pans down to reveal Baron Windels, Tag Team Title belt around his waist, throwing up the longhorns! BUFFER And his opponent! From San Antonio, Texas... weighing two hundred, sixty eight pounds. He is one half of the OAOAST World Tag Team Champions... "THE LONE STAR GUNSLINGER"... BBAAAAAAAARRRRROOOOOOONN... WWWIIIIIIIIIIIINNDDEEEEELLLLLLLSSSSSSSSS!!!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Baron reaches out and tags some hands on his way to the ring, not hometown but certainly more of a hero than his opponent. He makes his way into the ring and casts a disapproving look over at Leon, before turning to the crowd and throwing up the longhorns again. Baron removes his Tag Title belt and hands it to the referee, looking focused. COLE It's been a big month for Baron since AngleMania. He rebounded big by winning the World Tag Team Titles the very next episode of HeldDOWN~! And, where this gets really interesting... if Baron can win tonight and get the briefcase that would have been his in Las Vegas if not for Leon's treachery, then he has a contract for a shot at the World Champion... who, just happens to be his tag team partner, Mr. Dick. Before the match can start Charles Robinson is worried about the briefcase, still handcuffed to Leon Rodez. Producing a key from his kneepad, Leon eyes both Baron and Robinson carefully as he prepares to unlock his stolen property from his possession. COACH Guess Leon figures now he's got his match, he's safe handing the case back. COLE Well thankfully Leon had the sense to bring a key with him. I'd like to see him try and wrestle with a briefcase hanging from his wrist. As Leon unlocks the handcuffs, Baron goes over to his corner as Robinson takes the briefcase... COLE Wait, LOOK OUT! ...only for Leon to snatch it back and CLOBBER BARON IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH IT!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" COLE Damnit, Leon using that briefcase as a weapon! Baron didn't see it coming! And I think Baron may have been busted open! Under a real interrogation from the referee, Leon barely pays a bit of attention as he picks the briefcase back up and hands it over, damage done. Robinson gets the briefcase out of the ring and checks on Baron, who is down, while Leon calmly walks over to his corner as if nothing happened and waits. Baron tries to get back up and is indeed bleeding from over the eye. "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" The words of his home crowd have no more of an effect on Leon as the referee's words, a blank look on his face as he waits in the corner. Robinson meanwhile shows concern for Baron and asks him if he wants to continue with the match or not. Baron, open wound and all, using the ropes to pick himself up and is determined to carry on. COLE And this is going to put Baron Windels at an immediate disadvantage. He's already busted open and the bell hasn't even rung! COACH Which means the ref can't do anything about it. Perfect. *DINGDINGDING* With Baron insisting he's okay the match finally starts and it starts with him being ambushed in the corner! Leon stomps Baron back into the turnbuckles, before targetting the cut with some hard right hands! Charles Robinson drags Leon off of his wounded opponent and warns him about the closed fists, to another blank stare. COACH Leon better watch himself now. I think this referee would love nothing more than to disqualify him. COLE Can you blame him!? Baron picks himself back up again, putting up his fists ready to fight. Picking his spot, Leon delivers a boot to the gut to cut Windels off and then drives a forearm into the side of head. Baron falls throat-first over the middle rope. Pressing him in, Leon then reaches over the top and starts DIGGING at the cut with his fingers!! "ONE!" "TWO!" "THREE!" "FOUR!" Breaking before five Leon backs away, not wanting to push his luck with the ref too far. COLE Leon is a man on the edge. A desperate man, desperate to be the World's Heavyweight Champion again. As Baron picks himself up by the ropes Leon takes aim and comes running in with a dropkick, catching Baron in the back and sending him through the ropes to the floor. Baron lands on his feet, slumped over the ring apron. So Leon follows him outside, taking a run down the apron to blast Baron in the head with a sliding kick!! "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Baron lays hurt against the steel steps, while Leon rolls back in under the bottom rope and demands that the referee start counting. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COLE And Leon is going to take this win any way he can get it! COACH Why not? A win's a win here, whatever it takes to get that briefcase for keeps. Screams of "COME ON BARON!" come from the stands, the Detroit crowd willing the big Texan to get back in. COLE Can you imagine Josie's reaction if Leon wins this match, via a [i]countout[/i]? Leon hangs back and watches Robinson's count reach 5, with Baron still looking dazed on the floor. The Texan suddenly shakes off the cobwebs though, starting to pick himself up. Leon's head sinks a little. And as Baron stumbles over to the apron, beginning to climb back in at the count of 7, Rodez abandons the plans to get a cheap countout and grabs hold of Baron. Facelock applied, Leon tries to suplex Baron back in... but Baron blocks. COACH Uh oh. Trying again, Leon can't get Windels up, causing his mood to sink even lower. And things get a lot worse very quickly, as suddenly Baron lifts up Leon for a suplex, before proceeding to throw him BACK inside! Leon lands face and stomach first with a groan, to cheers from the crowd. COLE Counter by Baron! And now, can Baron get himself back into this match? After a moment to collect himself Baron heads for the top turnbuckle. He waits for Leon to get back up, then looks for the big flying Lariat... ...but Leon hits the deck and Baron crashes and burns!! "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" COLE No, nobody home! That may have been a crucial mistake by the bigman from San Antone. Leon quickly crawls over and hooks the leg on Baron... 1... 2... No! Leon jumps right back up and puts the boots to Baron, giving a cold stare to referee Charles Robinson as he tries to move him back. COLE And now Leon, back in control. Baron clearly still feeling the effects of that pre-match attack with the briefcase, missed with the high-risk move. A big gamble by Baron. And it didn't pay off. Waiting in the corner, Leon lines Baron up and delivers another sliding kick to the head, setting him up for another pinfall attempt... 1... 2... No! Leading Baron up by the arm Leon dishes out a couple of kicks to the ribs. Wringing the arm, he then places his foot underneath Baron's jaw, falling back and hitting the Soul Destroyer! Baron grabs the side of his bloodied head as he's forced down for yet another cover... 1... 2... No! Another kickout and this time Leon shows his frustration by swiping at the mat. "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" COLE That little show of petulance from Leon has got this Detroit crowd on his back again. COACH I'd like to think that Leon's past the point of caring about these morons. But, getting booed in your hometown, that can't be fun. I wouldn't know, I'm essentially a god in Kansas, but I imagine it'd suck. Hands on hips Leon stalks around the ring, glare fixed on the fans. Baron gets back to his feet and manages to block a right hand, firing off with one of his own! Which only increases the noise in the arena. Leon throws another right, but Baron blocks again and fires back. So Leon rakes the eyes, then doubles Baron up with an MMA style knee strike to the stomach. COACH Boy, Leon put everything he had behind that. Baron's eyes practically fell outta his head! Baron drops to one knee, winded. By the hair, Leon drags the big Texan back up to run his face into the turnbuckles. He then rears back... *SLAP!* "WHOOOOOOOO!" ...and dishes out a knifedge chop... which seems to wake Baron up a bit. *SLAP!* "WHOOOOOOOO!" Another chop connects and Baron stands bolt upright, with rage in his eyes. LEON (dejected) Goddamnit... Resigned to his fate, Rodez tries a right hand anyway, but Baron is again equal to it and starts to unload with big Texas sized rights of his own! Four, five, six right hands connect backing Leon to the middle of the ring. Baron then whips Leon back towards the corner and delivers a running clothesline! COLE Oh yeah, Baron! That adrenaline is flowing! Baron gives a call to the crowd and whips Leon all the way to the opposite corner. Charging in Baron then shins up his metal ass... ...AND MISSES! Leon dodges the ass bump in the corner and Baron leaps straight into a nasty collision with the turnbuckles! As he staggers out, Leon quickly hooks Baron up and executes a vertical suplex, floating over into the pin... 1... 2... No! COACH A little too much adrenaline, you reckon? COLE Well if there's anyone in the OAOAST who's capable of being a buzzkill, it's Leon Rodez. And he killed Baron's buzz dead right there. Not getting worked up over the count this time Leon clubs on Baron as he brings him back up. Whipped to the corner, Baron is then struck with the Superman Spear! COLE Leon [i]does[/i] connect in the corner. Baron then falls into the clutches of The Fallen Idol, looking for an Exploder Suplex. But not having much luck. Baron delivers elbows to break free and falls back into the corner, drawing Leon into a raised boot to the jaw! COLE Ever since that pre-match bloodying, Baron has struggled to get any sort of momentum. But he's not going to quit on you, that's for damn sure. Shaking off the boot, Leon goes in with his shoulder to drive Baron back into the turnbuckles. A couple of thrusts with the shoulder soften Baron up and put Leon back in control. As he goes for an irish whip though, Leon is reversed on by Baron. The Texan lets Rodez get only as far as arm's length, before reeling him back in like a lasso, getting underneath Leon and launching him face-first into the top turnbuckle!! "YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" COLE But maybe that will turn the tide for big Baron! COACH He still looks wobbly Cole. Don't get your hopes up. As Leon stumbles out of the corner, Baron comes off the ropes and leaves his feet to deliver a BIG clubbing Lariat!! COLE BAM! Baron scores big with the Lariat! COACH Okay, maybe get your hopes up after all. Both men are down after that collision but it's Baron shows signs of life. He reaches out for the support of the crowd, while Leon is just lifeless in the centre of the ring. "BA - RON!" "BA - RON!" "BA - RON!" "BA - RON!" As Robinson lays the count on, it's Baron to his feet first at the count of five. Leon is up a moment or two later, but immediately on the recieving end of some Texas sized right hands. After a flurry of shots, Baron whips Leon into the corner, hitting a clothesline. Baron then whips Leon to the other side of the ring and forces him to BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS!! COLE A little ass action, at the second time of asking! COACH If only it were that easy in real life. COLE Huh? COACH Huh? Leon stumbles out and walks into a Sidewalk Slam, Baron hooking back with the leg... 1... 2... NO! Rolling outside, Baron goes over to the corner and heads to the top rope again. COLE Another high risk from Baron. Will it pay off this time, or is this going to be another wasted roll of the dice? Baron reaches the top and throws up the longhorns to the Detroit crowd as he waits for Leon to turn around. Shaken up, The Fallen Idol does spot Baron and he turns around... right into the diving Lariat from the top!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" COLE This time, It's Clobberin' Time! Cover by Baron... 1... 2... KICKOUT! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Baron takes some issue with the count, thinking that was it. COLE Just a half second away from Baron finally getting the Money In The Bank briefcase that he truly deserves. Whipping Leon into the ropes Baron sets himself and scoops Leon up, only for Leon to slip out of his grasp in mid-air. Landing on his feet, Leon quickly hits a back elbow, dazing Baron. With a 360 Leon then goes for a rolling sobat to the gut. But Baron deflects the boot away with his bare hands and catches the off-balance Michigan native with a hard right that has the Michigan crowd roaring. Baron then whips Leon back into the ropes and floors him with a Big Boot to the face! COLE Things are starting to come together finally for Baron Windels. Has he put it together when it counts? COACH Well, we thought that at AngleMania. And look what happened then. Baron waits for Leon to get up, ready to strike. Which he does, with a boot to the gut, setting up for the Brigham Young Cocktail. But as soon as Leon feels the facelock lock in he drops to one knee and clings onto Baron's leg desperately to block the move. COLE Baron going for it but Leon's got hold of the leg, like a toddler clinging onto it's mommy! After his attempts to shrug Leon off don't work Baron lets go and starts clubbing away at the back. Finally he prises Leon off of him, sending him crawling away for an escape. COLE Well Leon, obviously had Baron well scouted there... As Baron follows after Leon, The Fallen Idol suddenly springs to life and catches Baron with a flapjack, dropping him throat-first over the top rope! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COACH And Baron didn't have Leon well scouted there. Stalking the reeling Baron from behind, the sinister Rodez lies in wait, waiting for Baron to turn around... and BLASTING him in the face with a Superkick!! Baron stumbles and Leon follows it up with a back suplex, looking for the cover... 1... 2... NO, ONLY TWO! Leon puts his hand on his head and runs them down his disbelieving face. "LET'S GO BA - RON!" *clap clap clapclapclap* "LET'S GO BA - RON!" *clap clap clapclapclap* Glaring at his hometown crowd Leon suddenly fixes himself on Baron. He watches as the Texan starts to get back up and with a cold stare, he takes aim. COLE LOOKIT~! Lookit the look in the eyes of Leon Rodez! COACH Kill time! Baron gets to one knee, shaken. And Leon uncoils with the ONE HIT KI... ...NO! Baron ducks the foot! Coming up from his one knee Baron scoops Leon up in his arms and throws him across the ring with a Fallaway Slam!! COLE The Devil's Addiction, on the OAOAST's most devilish star! And now, Baron looking to put Leon away! Loading up with the arm Baron waves Leon back up, then hits the ropes. He takes aim and charges at Leon, who just has the presence of mind left to drop to the mat. Unfortunately, referee Charles Robinson doesn't do the same. And the result is a head-on collision which he doesn't come out on the better end of. "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!" COLE OH! Referee Charles Robinson goes down, wrong place wrong time for him. As Baron checks on the referee, Leon tries to capitalise. Baron catches him with a Big Boot though and instinctively goes for a cover, for which there's no ref to count. COACH Wrong time for Baron too. Shoulda watched where he was going. Baron goes back to trying to revive the referee as a figure rushes down the aisle. Unfortunately not another referee, but instead MORGAN NERDLY, running down to check on Leon. COLE Uh oh. Somebody please get her out of here. No good can come of this. COACH I agree. Someone gonna get zapped up in here, or something. With no signs of movement from the referee Baron gives up and goes back after Leon, but turns around to find Morgan instead. Realising she's in an awkward position, the shivering girl stands her ground, trying to protect Leon. Baron orders her out of the way, but Morgan continues to stand in the way, just long enough for Leon to recover and leap out from behind her with an MMA knee! Baron buckles, as Leon rears back and delivers another knee... and another... and a third, bringing the big Texan down to his knees. Wiping the sweat from his eyes, Leon then turns to Morgan and gives her the orders, to hold Baron in place. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COLE Hang on a minute. This is two on one, this is ridiculous! Morgan pins Baron's arms behind his back, as best someone of her diminuitive size can on a man so back. Taking his sweet time, Leon looks out at the booing crowd as he walks into position, then sets himself. But Baron has plenty of time to break free of Morgan and lunge out, punching Leon in the stomach! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" COLE So much for that plan! Back up, Baron tees off on Leon, as Morgan looks on in shock. COLE Baron dishing out a Texas sized beating here! And all Morgan can do is look on. She ought to get out of there. COACH Yeah, Baron's not above hitting a woman I bet. A big right is ducked by Leon, but he runs right into a back elbow shot. As Leon stumbles back, Baron then turns and hits the ropes. Coming back, he then leaves his feet again with the big Lariat... ...and clobbers [b]MORGAN[/b], WHO GETS PULLED IN THE WAY BY LEON!!!!!!!!!! "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" COACH SEE! SEE! COLE Di... did Leon just... Baron looks shocked at who ended up on the recieving end of his clothesline and makes the mistake of stopping to check on Morgan, allowing Leon to creep up behind and BOOT HIM BELOW THE BELT!!!!!!! COLE LOWBLOW! I... Falling to his knees, Baron is then lined up... and BLASTED with the rolling sobat to the face!!! COACH One Hit Kill! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Looking a very relieved man, Leon shakes out the cobwebs. He looks over at Morgan, then notices the referee stirring. And without a hint of worry for her condition, Leon drops down and start to logroll her motionless body out of the ring. ALL the way out of the ring, under the bottom rope, until she hits the arena floor with a splat! COLE Are... are you kidding me here!? Don't tell me Leon is going to steal the briefcase again! Like this!? Leon turns away from Morgan and with the referee coming to his senses, he drops down and hooks the leg on Baron... 1... 2... 3!!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" COACH Woah, ho ho ho! COLE Leon Rodez has robbed the Bank... AGAIN! *DINGDINGDING!* BUFFER Here is your winner, of the 2010 Money In The Bank briefcase... LLLEEEEEEOOOOOOOONN... RRRROOOOOOOOOODDEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" [i]Almost[/i] cracking a smile, Leon sits up with sheer relief on his face. He quickly rolls over and crawls towards the timekeeper's side of the ring, DEMANDING the briefcase be handed to him. And the moment it is, he snatches it to his chest and bails out of the ring. COLE It's highway robbery, again, from Leon Rodez! An ambush before the bell, sacrificing the referee, sacrificing the one person in this entire world that seems to genuinely care for him... there were no depths that Leon would not sink to, in order to leave his home state with that briefcase! None! Retrieving his handcuffs, Leon's immediate concern is to get the briefcase secured back around his wrist, as soon as possible. The jeers of the crowd ring closer in his ears but he has complete tunnel vision with the briefcase, which once snapped around his arm he drags away like a thief in the night. Only stopping to scoop up the lifeless body of Morgan Nerdly and drag her away in his other arm. COLE Leon Rodez is a desperate man. And a desperate man, capable of doing desperate things, is a dangerous man to be holding that guaranteed contract, with his name on it. COACH I tell you what, if you want a reason [i]not[/i] to be the World Champion right now... that might just be it. Leon hauls out the briefcase and the lifeless Morgan, as in the ring Baron is attended to by the referee, still unaware of what just happened to him.
  4. King Cucaracha

    HD: LDC promo

    Hey hey hey, look who's using the interview lounge while Patty ain't lookin! [img=http://www.purethenightclub.com/venue/main4.jpg] Unfortunately, two of the people in the lounge look like they'd rather be anywhere else in the world. Stood either side of OAOAST correspondent guy Tony Brannigan are Colin Maguire Jr. and Spencer Reiger, the LDC Moneygang. And, yes, they're still dressed against their will in their embarrassing women's clothing. Spencer's Hello Kitty top clearly put on in quite a rage, all wrinkled and not even on straight. Poor Colin still in his schoolgirl's outfit. BRANNIGAN As you can see we're back here in the interview lounge. And guys, before we get started, I just want to ask one thing... even though you're dressed for it, no Coyote Ugly routines tonight, please. This isn't that kind of bar. Spencer fumes at the cheapshot and tries to put a lid on it. SPENCER Let me tell you something Brannigan, you're lucky we like you or else you'd soon regret making wisecracks. Clearly not bothered about annoyed the Moneygang, T-Bod chuckles to himself and lets Spencer take the microphone. SPENCER You see, me and Colin, we're just about at the ends of our tether here. We've had to put up with wannabee comedians like you for damn near 30 days now, making fun of us. Do you realise what a miserable month this has been!? Do you!? Let me tell you what a miserable month it's been. Let me talk about how Krista and Alix [i]somehow[/i] managed to make sure this stupid stipulation of theirs is enforced 24 hours a day!! Brannigan stifles a laugh. SPENCER Oh yeah! Twenty four hours a day, Brannigan! The OAOAST trot us out on TV to cut a promo with your washed-up ass, or sends us out to the ring to wrestle a match, dressed up like a couple of cheap whores. Everyone gets a cheap laugh. But no, that's not enough. We walk around backstage and guys are wolf-whistling us, they're making smart-ass remarks. I got goosed three times! That ain't enough of a humiliation for the LDC Moneygang! Let me explain it for everyone. We've had to go to the gym dressed like this. If we wanted to do grocery shopping? We have to dress like this. Do you realise how embarrassing it is to go and fill up with gas while the wind's up if you're wearing a skirt!? Because I do! Me and Colin have been laughed at in the street. Everywhere we go, there's assholes with camera phones trying to take a picture of us. If I get re-tweeted one more picture of me in this damn skirt I'm gonna scream! We've been made practically house-ridden because we're too ashamed to go out in public. I live in NEW YORK CITY for crying out loud! This has been the worst 30 days of my life! BRANNIGAN I can imagine. Now, Britney, anything to add to that? Colin just stares at Brannigan contemptfully, almost too embarrassed to even move for fear of showing off more flesh than he wants. COLIN We've had enough. April 30th, we get tah take this gahbage off for good. Krista and Alix... they did this to us. They made us look like jackasses. Well come May, there's hell to pay. We're gonna take 30 days of frustration out on the OAOAST. Don't matter who it is. And somewhere down the line, we're gonna take it out on Krista and Alix, bet yer ass on that Brannigan. BRANNIGAN Well, that'll be next week and I'm sure the fans will be very sympathetic towards you guys when you return. One more thing before you two go off and powder your noses... where's Lorelei at? And Moneymaker? Seems like ever since this whole forfeit happened, they haven't been at your side. Don't tell me they're embarrassed to be seen beside you two. Still seething, Spencer looks like he'd love nothing more than to punch Brannigan right in the mouth, but also realises he's wearing a skirt and a Hello Kitty top and looks ridiculous. SPENCER Grrgh. Spencer groans to himself and just walks off, defeated, with Colin not far behind. BRANNIGAN Hey Colin, nice panties. Hurriedly pulling his skirt down Colin storms off and Brannigan has a good laugh to himself. COACH What a professional. COLE Ah, come on. If you can't laugh at that, what can you laugh at?
  5. King Cucaracha

    HD: Josie segment

    COLE Let's send it back to Josh Matthews with Josie Baker, for a big announcement. Ready and waiting in her office, Josie stands behind her desk with clipboard in hand. Josh, obediently there with microphone in hand. JOSH Ms Baker, we understand you've got some big news in regards to next week's big event in Detroit. JOSIE That's right Josh and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind all our fans who aren't lucky enough to be able to join us live from Detroit, to watch it as it happens, live on TSM. Now, for our fans who will be in Detroit, there is some good news and some... well, sort of good news. I guess. First, the good news. I've had Lorelei DeCenzo and Theodore Moneymaker pestering me, complaining about the disrespect that they think the LDC Moneygang have been put through as of late. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is their own fault. If they dislike wearing women's clothing so much, perhaps they shouldn't have accepted the stipulation from Chicks Over Dicks. But, I digress. The Enterprise want the OAOAST to compensate them for, what they claim is, "irreperable damage to their marketing image". Well, the OAOAST are happy to pay The Enterprise... [i]and[/i], give them a chance to repair some of the damage done to their credibility. And they have been given the option to do it in Detroit by showing up and wrestling Detroit's own, D*LUX. Unfortunately, Spencer is refusing to compete again until after his 30 days are up. So, Christian Wright and Theodore Moneymaker will be filling in for him. Seemingly impressed, Josh nods. JOSH Okay, so Christian Wright and Theodore Moneymaker versus D*LUX next week. What about the... uh, 'not so great' news? JOSIE Well, that would involve another of Michigan's "finest". Leon Rodez. Bitter at the very name Josie scowls down at her clipboard a little. JOSIE Seems like there's a whole queue of people lined up at more door lately, all waiting to be the next to cause me trouble. And Leon is right at the front of the queue. See Leon has essentially stolen from me, he's stolen from the OAOAST. And now he's trying to hold me to ransom, in order to keep that stolen property. It's not going to work. I could easily go through the proper legal channels to make sure that if Leon doesn't uncuff that briefcase from his wrist and hand it over as he has been asked, he'll never get within 100 feet of a wrestling ring to even cash his little contract in.... JOSH But, you're not going to? A little annoyed at being called on this, Josie gives Josh a sharp look. JOSIE I [i]could[/i]. But, I have a better idea in mind. You see, the OAOAST weren't responsible for Leon not having a match at AngleMania. Leon was the one who walked out. If he had wanted that Money In The Bank briefcase so badly, perhaps instead of sulking and running away, he could have fought for it. Not once did I try and keep him out of that match. My problem isn't with Leon Rodez holding the Money In The Bank briefcase, no matter what conspiracy theory he's dreamt up in his mind. My problem and the OAOAST's problem is that he didn't earn it. However, we can solve that. If Leon wants to keep the briefcase... all he has to do is win it. Josie smiles to herself. And, presumably, to Leon, assuming he's watching. JOSIE And all he has to do to win it is to beat the man who's hands he stole that briefcase out of at AngleMania, the real "victim" in this sorry mess, Baron Windels. One on one, in Detroit. Satisfied with her work, Josie sets the clipboard down. JOSH Uh, before we go Josie, do you have any comment about the current situation regarding the backstage turmoil between Anglesault and Za... Josie quickly sticks a hand up and cuts Josh off. JOSIE I will have [i]no[/i] comment to make on that situation and there will be no comment of it on my show. Now, please see yourself out. Realising he's overstepped his mark, Josh quickly skulks off.
  6. King Cucaracha

    My status.

    That's cool man. Even if you can just stick around to do the odd PPV match here and there like you said, maybe use Syndicated for any occassional stuff you'd need in between, that'd be great. There's no point in feeling pressured into doing more than you can. After all, this is just a recreation. Finding a schedule where you can stick with this thing and enjoy it without feeling any pressure is in everyone's best interests really. Just ease off, do what you're comfortable with before you start hating the sight of us! And obviously all the non-show stuff like the title histories and adding feedback is always much appreciated.
  7. King Cucaracha

    Booking 4 the 4/22 HD~!

    Remember how I promised promos last week? Promos.
  8. King Cucaracha

    HD: LDC vs. J-MAX/Mariachi

    [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3knYqEJ0wY"]"Skills"[/url] by Beatbullyz hits and as the crowd begin to clap along to the beat, the masked figure of J-Max heads out through the entrance. Followed by another masked figure, clad in pink. Wearing his sombrero and poncho, Mariachi does a sexy grind on the stage, while J-MAX heads to the ring trying to play along with his unique partner, without actually... well, "playing [i]with[/i] him". BUFFER The following tag team contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, total combined weight, three hundred fifty pounds... the team of "THE BIRMINGHAM BAD BOY" J-MMMMAAAAAAAAXXXXX... and, his tag team partner, MMMAAAARRRIIIIIAAAAACCHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" J-MAX vaults into the ring with a springboard moonsault, landing on his feet to a cheer. The two masked men salute the crowd, Mariachi's eyes wandering towards his partner's well-toned body. COLE What an exciting tandem this should be. The high-flying J-MAX and the always entertaining Mariachi! COACH Always entertaining, you say? COLE Yeah. He likes to have fun! And hopefully Mariachi is starting to move on with life without his former partner, in the ring and out, Moracca. COACH [i]In the "ring"[/i], you say? As the masked men limber up, "The World Is Mine" by David Guetta pumps through the arena. And to their eternal embarrassment, out walk the LDC Moneygang, Colin the schoolgirl and Spencer in his Hello Kitty tanktop, skirt and heels. BUFFER And their opponents! Representing THE ENTERPRISE... total combined weight, four hundred thirty pounds... SPENCER REIGER and the OAOAST United States Champion COLIN MAGUIRE JR. ... THE L D C MMMOOOOOONNEEEEYYYY - GGAAAAAAAAANNGG!!!!! No boos. No jeers. That would be great for LDCMG right now. Instead, [i]laughter[/i] fills the arena. Colin looks ready to slaughter somebody while Spencer is mortified. Meanwhile, in the ring, Mariachi's eyes are practically bulging out of his mask and... well, something else may be bulging out of somewhere else, if you know what I mean. COLE Somebody pinch Mariachi, let him know he's not dreaming! As they approach the ring, Spencer attempts to climb onto the apron. The cameraman promptly goes for an UPSKIRT SHOT and Reiger flips his shit at him, the Moneygang chasing the cameraman away! COLE :D Oh, lord! COACH This is horrible. Two of the finest wrestlers in our sport, being reduced to this. I mean, for god's sake, Colin is the United States Champion of this company and he's dressed up like a schoolgirl!! Composing themselves, Colin and Spencer climb to the apron. And once he gets a good look at them, Mariachi promptly FAINTS and takes a bump! SPENCER ...that's it, we're outta here! The LDC Moneygang jump back down off the apron and decide the match isn't worth their time or embarrassment, so head to the back! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" J-MAX isn't going to let that happen though and sprints up the aisle to catch them, ramming the Moneygang's heads together! J-MAX then brings Spencer back to the ring and throws him back inside, allowing the ref to ring the bell. *DINGDINGDING* Beginning to stir, Mariachi gets up as Spencer tries his best to stand up without exposing his underwear. COACH Behind you, Spencer! Look out, you're wide open! Literally! Spencer gets to his feet bitching out the referee, before slowly realising that Mariachi is behind him. [i]Close[/i] behind him. Spencer freezes in fear as Mariachi starts playing around with his skirt and whispers something in his ear! COACH Oh my God. Whatever was said, Spencer doesn't appreciate it and wheels around with a right hand. But Mariachi ducks and LIFTS UP SPENCER'S SKIRT!! "YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" COACH AAAHHH!! COLE Spencer Reiger just became New York's Finest Flasher! Freaking out Spencer runs away, coming back off the ropes with a big clothesline. Mariachi ducks the line and sweeps out Spencer's legs. As Spencer tries to roll over and protect his modesty he ends up on all fours and Mariachi jumps on, riding Reiger and shouting "HELLO KITTY!" with some slaps on the ass to get Spencer moving!! COACH Somebody stop this. This is awful! COLE This is great! Mariachi must feel like all his Christmases have come at once! Spencer manages to buck Mariachi off of him and having had more than his fill of the embarrassment, tags Colin in. But Colin, understandably, doesn't want to come in. Mariachi waves him on, practically licking his lips. COLE Come on in, Colin. Join the fun! Nervously, Colin steps into the ring and tries a simple lock-up with Mariachi, who scares him off by making kissy-faces. COACH I hope Chicks Over Dicks are proud of themselves right now. COLE I'm sure they are. As they go to lock knuckles Colin surprises Mariachi with a boot to the gut, then piefaces him to the mat, angry at being made a fool of. Colin starts obsessing over his schoolgirl outfit though and doesn't notice J-MAX tagging in. As he turns around, Colin is hit with a Springboard Crossbody! 1... 2... No! J-MAX hits the ropes, ducking an elbow from Colin and catching him with a Spinning Wheel Kick! Another cover... 1... 2... No! Wringing the arm, J-MAX takes control with an armbar, armdragging Colin to the mat with it. Colin trying in vain to close his skirt. COLE J-MAX is taking CMJ to school right here! COACH (deadpan) HA HA HA HA HA. Vintage Michael Cole. Colin gets back to his feet and catches J-MAX with a knee. And a second one. Free of the armbar, Colin then takes J-MAX to the corner and rams him into the turnbuckles. Tag is made and the Moneygang double-team, stomping the masked Brit in the corner and releasing some of their frustrations. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COACH There ya go. You've gone and made them mad now. Spencer and Colin ain't gonna take this kind of humiliation lying down. Make 'em pay boys! Dragging J-MAX out of the corner, Spencer scoops and slams him in the middle of the ring. Fuming, Spencer glares over at Mariachi and out at the crowd before he hits his Measured Kneedrop. Cover... 1... 2... No! Spencer drags J-MAX up with a hold of the mask again, making another tag. The US Champion dishes out a couple of Irish uppercuts, then whips J-MAX to the ropes and cuts him down with a back elbow. Cover by Colin... 1... 2... No! Rear chinlock applied by Colin, he and Spencer trying to ignore the crowd as they start to WOLF-WHISTLE at them! COLE The LDC Moneygang trying to focus on the task at hand here, which has to be extremely hard considering they're dressed up in short skirts. COACH Exactly! This isn't just humiliation. COD are trying to ruin their livelihood with this stupid stunt. COLE Well, it's hard to feel too sorry for them. They did bring it on themselves... and it is kinda funny. J-MAX gets back to his feet and starts to fight out of the chinlock, ramming elbows into the exposed stomach of CMJ. Once free, J-MAX quickly snapmares Colin over. He comes off the ropes and looks for a basement dropkick, but Colin moves out of the way! First to his feet Colin is then able to hit a quick boot and deliver a DDT, to the concern of Mariachi. COACH Here's where COD got it all wrong though. The Moneygang's quality will shine through. Great moves like that are great moves, no matter what you're wearing. Colin rolls J-MAX over and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Kickout! Another tag is made on the LDC side and Spencer comes in, stomping J-MAX down. COACH How about we ask J-MAX how humiliating it is to get beat down by a dude wearing a skirt? Spencer whips J-MAX into a neutral corner of the ring, hard. Angrily adjusting his ill-fitting ladies top Spencer then comes charging in... and runs into a knee! With Reiger staggered, J-MAX quickly hops onto the middle rope and hits a Blockbuster Neckbreaker to the despair of CMJ! COLE Oh, SNAP! Both men are down, but suddenly J-MAX leaps up and makes a diving tag to Mariachi! "YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Colin comes in to try and cut Mariachi off immediately, but Mariachi ducks his clothesline and starts chopping away at Colin's chest with overhand chops. Another CMJ clothesline is ducked and as he comes back off the ropes, Mariachi is waiting with a BUTT bump to the face! Out rolls Colin, but Spencer is back up and jumps Mariachi from behind. COLE Mariachi full of energy, but he needs to keep that wandering eye of his on the man in the ring. Whipped to the ropes Mariachi ducks underneath a shot from Spencer and tries for a crucifix. But when that doesn't work, he turns it into a sunset flip and pulls The Prodigy down... 1... 2... NO! The LDC are getting frustrated now, another wild swing going right over the head of Mariachi. With Spencer off balance Mariachi grabs him in a rear waistlock and hits a PENIS THRUST FROM BEHIND!! More embarrassing than painful, but it does cause Spencer to stumble forward while Mariachi comes off the ropes, catching Spencer turning around with a crossbody! 1... 2... NO! COLE The Moneygang are all over the place here! And what an upset this would be if J-MAX and Mariachi could pull this one off. Caught with a boot, Spencer is sent into the ropes. Mariachi waits and leaps up, hoping to catch Spencer on the way back with a Frankensteiner... but Spencer counters and FOLDS Mariachi up with a kneeling powerbomb!! "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" COACH Great counter! 1... 2... KICKOUT! Angry, Spencer turns Mariachi over and rains down right hands to the head until the referee drags him off and warns about the closed fists. Spencer vents back at the ref, giving Mariachi a chance to escape. COLE Look out, tag made. COACH Turn around Spencer! When Spencer finally turns around he's left looking up in shock, as J-MAX frontflips off the top and wipes him out with a Springboard Somersault Seated Senton!! 1... 2... NO!! Spencer staggers back up and walks right into a jump spinning back kick, right under the jaw! Down he goes, allowing J-MAX to position himself and follow up with a STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!! COLE Whatamove, count him ref! 1... 2... SAVE BY COLIN!! COLE Whoo, how close was that? The LDC Moneygang a split second away from defeat if Colin hadn't been alert. Colin beats on J-MAX with forearms but the Brit bites back, laying into Colin with a couple of jabs. With Spencer back up J-MAX fends off CMJ with some kicks to the body, then cracks both Spencer and then Colin with a hard kick to the quadracep. Both of the Moneygang are hobbled and J-MAX hits the ropes with both in his crosshairs, only for Colin to step forward and cut J-MAX off, snatching him up for a HARDVARDPLEX!! "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!" The force rolls J-MAX to his feet for Spencer to follow up with a BRAINBUSTER!! "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" COACH Playtime's over, baby! COLE What a brutal pair of suplexes. All fired up the Moneygang start shoving each other in the chest, trying to psych each other up a bit. COLE And the Moneygang have suddenly pulled their act together, it seems. As Spencer runs Mariachi off the apron, Colin uses a short whip on J-MAX to reel him in and hang him across the top rope with the Cambridge Curse!! J-MAX lays hung over the top but is hauled right back off his feet by Colin, who hands him over to Spencer. COACH Here we go! Together, with Colin still holding the legs and Spencer with the head, the LDC Moneygang turn J-MAX over. Colin holds him in a wheelbarrow, while Spencer hooks up the arms. And with a determined look on their faces, the LDC proceed to SPIKE J-MAX on his head with a devestating SPIKE REIGER COUNTER!!! Spencer flips J-MAX over and presses him into the mat while Colin aims a hard boot at Mariachi to send him back to the floor again... 1... 2... 3!!!! *DINGDINGDING* BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, your winners of the match... THE L D C MMMOOOOOONNEEYYYY - GGAAAAAAAAANNGG!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Still seething and breathing heavily, Colin and Spencer have their hands raised in victory as they scowl at the crowd, almost daring them to laugh now. COLE This was no walk in the park for the former World Tag Team Champions. They almost, [i]almost[/i] slipped up here tonight. But ultimately, once Colin and Spencer were finally able to get their heads in the game, they did enough to come away with the win. COACH With the odds stacked against them. You take away their concentration, forcing them to wrestle in women's clothes. You try and turn them into a laughing stock. Well, The LDC Moneygang are nobody's laughing stocks! And Krista and Alix ain't gonna keep these guys down forever. Spencer kicks up some dust on J-MAX before he leaves, the Moneygang still worked up over their women's attire as they walk back up the ramp.
  9. King Cucaracha

    HeldDOWN~! 4/15 Booking

    LDC Moneygang vs. J-MAX and Mariachi And some promos.
  10. [b]***Malaysia Nerdly -VS- Jessica Haynes***[/b] An easy and, of course, enjoyable night of things for Malaysia. The OAOAST's most dominant straight female made light work of her out-matched opponent. Not quick work, though, Malaysia opting to drag things out after having the match seemingly won within the first 20 seconds. Malaysia stretched and beat on Jessica, soaking in every second. Only difference being, the crowd seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. Eventually Malaysia put poor Jessica out of her misery with a hard powerbomb, turned into the Inverted Boston Crab for the submission. [b]Winner[/b]: Malaysia Nerdly, via submission [b][color="#000080"]***[size=3]James Blonde w/Faqu -VS- Danny Boy w/Scottish Scott[/size]***[/b][/color] The main event pitted The Cucaracha Kingdom's "Prince Of Panache" against one half of the team exiled from the Kingdom, The Last Kings Of Scotland. Fighting for the King's pride Blonde came out of the blocks quickly. And, failed, miserably. Danny Boy beat the tar out of Blonde for the first few minutes of the match, taking out some of his frustrations on King Landon's second in command. It took a desperate hangjob across the top rope to get Blonde into the match. At which point, the panache took over. Blonde preened and posed at every opportunity, preventing him from actually beating Danny Boy, merely having the upperhand for a while. The mohawked Scot predictably came back. At the finish, all hell would break loose. Blonde managed to lowbridge Danny Boy outside. But when Faqu started to move in to attack, Scottish Scott squared up to the Samoan and the two bigmen began to brawl around ringside! This massive battle brought out TONS of officials to try and break it up. With little success. All this served as a distraction to the match itself, until after a minute or two of non-action, Danny Boy rolled in, spun Blonde around and delivered a Back To Front Tombstone Piledriver to pick up the victory! [b]Winner[/b]: Danny Boy, via pinfall With the match over, the task at hand became seperating the two wild savages at ringside, the crowd urging the officials to let them fight and Syndicated going off the air before any order could be restored.
  11. King Cucaracha

    Syndicated booking thread

    Me! Danny Boy vs. James Blonde, plus a Malaysia match
  12. King Cucaracha

    HD: Landon vs. Denzel

    COLE Tonight, our main event, Denzel Spencer against [i]King[/i] Landon Maddix. And it was just about two months ago, Landon Maddix pulled the royal carpet out from under the Jamaican to become the King Of The Ring. [QUOTE="2010 KING OF THE RING FINAL, OAOAST NERDLY SPECTACULAR"]With a hold of the legs Landon falls back with a slingshot, sending Denzel towards the turnbuckles. Denzel lands on the second rope though, unbeknownest to La Cucaracha! Megan waves at him to turn around and when he finally does Denzel springs off the second rope, twisting in mid-air and nailing Landon with a flying lariat!! DENZEL C'MON!!!! "YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" COLE Those were some "big ups" from Denzel, as the kids say! Queen Esther, who had been quite into the match up until now, seems a little distracted now as the fans go wild. Denzel is all fired up and whips the crowd into an uncontrolled frenzy as he waits for a seemingly helpless Landon to get back to his feet. COLE And now Denzel is calling for it, Denzel looking to put this one away and cap an amazing night for him! As Landon picks himself up Denzel is ready and waiting, going to the gut with a kick. Landon doubles over dramatically and Denzel comes off the ropes, looking for the Scissors Kick... ...BUT SUDDENLY HAS HIS FOOT GRABBED BY QUEEN ESTHER!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" COLE What the hell!? Denzel looks as bemused as anyone and tries to snatch his foot back, as the Queen clings on for dear life. He finally does pull away and stares down in confusion, as the referee turns away from Landon and does the same, not seeing enough to issue a disqualification. COLE What was that about? COACH Don't look at me. Turning back to the match Denzel blows Queen Esther off and turns around... ...but gets picked up and BLASTED WITH THE GO TO SLEEP, OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! COACH BAM! GTS! COLE Denzel was distracted by Queen Esther! And now, the Go To Sleep... you've gotta be kidding me! 1... 2... 3!!!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" COLE And Landon Maddix has done it! Landon Maddix is the King Of The Ring! COACH ALL HAIL! *DINGDINGDING* The fans are up in arms as Landon rolls over with a look of amazement on his face and punches the sky! "Parade Of The Charioteers" plays to herald the new King, who looks set to explode he's so happy. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this contest... and... the 2010 OAOAST [b]KING[/b] OF THE RING... LANDON "LA CUCARACHA"... MMMMMAAAAAAADDIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Landon doesn't know what to do with himself he's so excited, looking around in amazement. There's a brief moment of confusion as he catches sight of Queen Esther, but he's too excited to get distracted for too long and starts to celebrate.[/QUOTE] COLE Well tonight, the chance for redemption for Denzel Spencer. It's King Of The Ring versus the Heartland Champion. Revenge on the mind of Denzel, more gold in the eyes of the King And that is our main event, here tonight in our nation's capital. ----------------------- BUFFER The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the OAOAST HEARTLAND CHAMPIONSHIP!! "Parade Of The Charioteers" trumpets out through the arena and there's a revolt in the stands as the King heads to the ring! Booed by his public, King Landon extends his hands to the skies as golden sparks fall behind him and his Queen! BUFFER Introducing first, the challenger. Accompanied to the ring by QUEEN ESTHER!! Hailing from the Kingdom of Madrid, Spain... he weighs two hundred, eight pounds. He is the leader of the CUCARACHA KINGDOM and one third of the OAOAST 6-Man Tag Team Champions... The 2010 OAOAST King Of The Ring ... KKIIIIIIIIIIIIINNGG... LLAAAAAAAANNDDOOOOOONN... MMMMMMAAAAAAADDIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXX!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The King and Queen link arms as they walk to the ring, waving obliviously to the fans. As they reach the ring Landon holds the Queen's hand on her way up the steps, Esther holding the ropes open for the King to spin himself and his purple robe into the ring theatrically. Landon disrobes, revealing a similarly regal purple and gold version of his old tights. COACH And lo, the King did look swank as all hell. COLE A chance tonight for Landon Maddix to win his first singles gold in two and a half years. COACH Hold up. One, he's been concentrating on building an Internacional empire and now a Kingdom. Two, the last belt he held was the World Title. And three, he's the King Of The Ring. Bow down, show some proper respect. COLE ...I wasn't trying to criticise. As King and Queen parade around the ring, they're rudely interrupted by "Master Blaster (Jammin')". To a much warmer reaction, Denzel Spencer bounds out and sets off the green and yellow pyrotechnics before heading to the ring. BUFFER And his opponent. From Montego Bay, Jamaica... weighing two hundred, twenty five pounds. The reigning and defending OAOAST HEARTLAND CHAMPION... DDEEEEEENNZZZZZZEEEEEEELLLLLL... SSSSSPPPEEEEEENNCCCEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!! "YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" As Denzel slides into the ring, Landon and Esther take a powder and talk things over from the safety of the arena floor. COLE Denzel, who was involved in that hellacious Money In The Bank match at AngleMania IX. And what a hellacious move he put on his old rival Sandman9000 in that one... a Carribean Compactor, off the apron, through a [i]ladder[/i]. You have to wonder if Denzel's back to 100% yet. COACH Doesn't matter. He'll need to be 150% to beat the King, at least. The referee takes the title belt from Denzel and holds it up for the fans. He asks Landon to come back inside for the pre-match rituals, but he declines. COLE You know, he could do that same move to Landon tonight. No disqualifications in the Heartland division. COACH Does the King know about this!? *DINGDINGDING* Finishing up their conversation, Queen Esther kisses King Landon on the hand before he enters the battle. COLE Shouldn't that be the other way around? COACH Shush! Landon strolls up to Denzel with a big smile on his face. The Jamaican responds by cracking the King across the face with a slap! "YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" To the delight of the crowd Denzel unloads on Landon with a flurry of right hands in the corner. Landon gets beaten down to a seated position and Denzel wheels away, fired up, spotting Queen Esther nearby and shouting something at her too. COACH You don't shout at the Queen! How dare he! Denzel picks Landon up in the corner, dishing out a european uppercut. And another one. Irish whip is reversed on Denzel though, sending him towards the turnbuckles. Denzel leaps onto the middle rope to save himself, then fakes on a leap backwards, causing Landon to dive for cover! Unaware that Denzel is still on the ropes King Landon taps his temple, until his Queen urges him to turn around and Denzel connects with a flying crossbody!! 1... 2... Kickout! Trying to cut Denzel off, Landon runs right into an armdrag! Headlong, he then runs into a second armdrag! The King is smart enough to learn his lesson and turns away from a third armdrag. But again he points to his head instead of concentrating on the match and when he turns around, Denzel is waiting... *SLAP!* "WHOOOOOOOO!" ...with a knifedge chop! COACH Be strong, Landon. Strong like a King! *SLAP!* "AAAAAAHHHH!" COACH Dangit. *SLAP!* "AAAAAAHHHH!" As the King yelps in pain Denzel grabs him by the head, running him face-first into the turnbuckles. The Jamaican scales up and plays to the crowd... "ONE!" "TWO!" "THREE!" "FOUR!" "FIVE!" "SIX!" "SEVEN!" "EIGHT!" "NINE!" Denzel milks the tenth punch though and gets picked up, backdropped over the top rope. Landing safely with both feet on the apron, Spencer sends his shoulder through the ropes, catching the King in the stomach. Landon staggers away and Denzel goes to the air again, springboarding to the top. The King takes a step backwards though and catches Denzel in the ribs with a dropkick as he lands! Cover... 1... 2... No! COLE Well that actually was a smart move by Landon. And for once, he didn't follow it up by pointing to his head and gloating. COACH Yeah, hopefully he can put that right in a second or two. Taking advantage, Landon stomps away on Denzel, then sits him up and cracks him with a kick to the spine. Denzel writhes in pain and King Landon takes the time to pantomime a bow for the crowd. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COACH There, that's better! Denzel picks himself up in the corner in this time and is waiting for Landon, firing a boot into his gut. And a second one. Turning the tables, Denzel places Landon in the corner and dishes out some more right hands, then goes for a whip. Maddix reverses though and Denzel hits the turnbuckles hard. The King gets a smile on his face, but then runs right into a raised boot! Up to the middle rope, Denzel is grabbed before he can capitalise, dragged off the ropes with a hard landing on the back of his head! "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!" Coming over, the Queen offers some encouraging words to the King and he turns around to cover Denzel... 1... 2... No! This time it's Landon to the middle rope, measuring Denzel before bringing a clubbing blow down across the back of the head. "LAN - DON SUCKS!" "LAN - DON SUCKS!" "LAN - DON SUCKS!" "LAN - DON SUCKS!" COLE And here in our nation's capital, no love being shown for the would-be monarchy! King Landon tries not to get worked up by the chants. Queen Esther however, forced to cover her gentle ears. Whipping Denzel to the ropes Maddix busts out a Dropsault, cramming back the words of some of the fans. Leg hook... 1... 2... Kickout! COACH How can these people boo and taunt such a great, noble athlete? Pulling the Champ back up Landon dishes out some forearms, backing him against the ropes. After a little téte a téte with the referee Landon then tries for a whip, but is reversed by Denzel. Coming back, Landon manages to float over a scoop attempt, landing on his feet behind the Jamaican. A mule kick by Denzel doubles the King up. But as Denzel hits the ropes, Landon follows him in and rocks him with a forearm smash right on the rebound! COLE Landon was right on Denzel's tail with that one! With Denzel dazed, Landon drags him out into the middle of the ring. Setting up a neckbreaker he falls to one knee, dropping Spencer's head across the other! Cover... 1... 2... No! King Landon puts his hands on his hips, with a disapproving look at the referee. COACH Watch yourself pal. You want to spend a night in the dungeons? COLE Landon doesn't [i]have[/i] a dungeon, does he? COACH He's a King! Of course he has a dungeon. All kings have dungeons. What a stupid question. Fed up, Landon exits the ring and heads for the timekeeper's table. But he stops when Queen Esther applauds him and gushes over his abilities, making Landon too guilty to even think about grabbing a weapon. So he goes back inside and stomps on Denzel some more. COLE Not sure what Landon was thinking there. Maddix picks Denzel back up and whips him into the corner. Pointing out to the Queen he then runs in, hitting a leaping forearm smash! COACH Alright King! As Queen Esther looks on approvingly, Landon steps onto the middle rope. He soaks in the boos of the crowd as he waits for Denzel to turn around, coming off the second rope with a Front Missile Dropkick!! Practically giddy at this point the Queen jumps up and down as Landon goes for the cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Looking even more frustrated, King Landon rolls out of the ring and this time makes it to the timekeeper's table. He grabs a chair and starts to turf out the timekeeper, only to catch sight of his Queen again. Seeing her pride, he SHAKES THE TIMEKEEPER'S HAND, then picks up a bottle of water and takes a healthy swig before getting back in the ring. On the way he gives the Queen a thumbs up, but seems secretly annoyed. COACH Ah, nothing like a quick break for refreshments. COLE And that was [i]nothing[/i] like a quick break for refereshments. Landon was looking for a weapon. And for some reason, he changed his mind. COACH Slander! Treason! The King doesn't need any weapons, he's no thug, like those traitors he had kicked out of the Kingdom were! As Landon goes to pick Denzel up again, the Jamaican springs to life and shrugs off Landon to hit a right hand! Another one! And another! Firing back on the King, Denzel whips him to the ropes and hits a high spinning back elbow, getting the crowd on their feet! Suddenly the Queen is looking on with shock, as Denzel connects with a high standing dropkick! "YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" COLE I think Landon could use a weapon right about now! Whipped into the corner Landon is hit with a corner body splash and staggers out into the middle of the ring. On the hop, Denzel catches the King ducking his head and pulls him down with a sunset flip... 1... 2... No! Back up, Landon throws a wild right hand and is caught in a crucifix! 1... 2... No! The King backs into a corner and tries to lure Denzel in, but the Jamaican catches his foot. Throwing it down, he unloads with right hands, before whipping Landon across the ring. King Landon avoids danger by floating up and over out of the corner though. COACH Ah-ha! As Denzel turns around, he gets caught with a boot to the gut. Pleased with himself, Landon takes a moment to relax before whipping Denzel off the ropes. This time it's Denzel who floats out of a scoop slam attempt though, landing on his feet. Quickly, Denzel hooks Maddix in a waistlock, running him into the ropes. Hanging on, Landon counters the roll-up and as Denzel tries to roll through, he gets caught with the LOW FLYING SUPERKI... NO! Denzel dodges and catches Landon with a schoolboy rollup!! COLE Denzel was ready for it this time! 1... 2... Kickout!! "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Scrambling back up, Landon runs right into a leg lariat! Another cover. 1... 2... No! Rolling out of the ring Denzel doesn't waste any time like his challenger, heading for the timekeeper's table and bringing in a steel chair. QUEEN ESTHER :O COACH Look at this cheat! COLE It's all legal, Coach. Landon had his chance to grab a chair and he didn't. COACH Yeah, because he's a man of nobility and morals, unlike Denzel! Sliding back in Denzel waits for King Landon to get back up, the Queen protesting from the outside. Denzel lines Landon up and attempts to crown him with the chair... but Landon ducks! Spun around from the force of his own swing Denzel is left off-balance and Landon quickly kicks the chair back up into his face!! COACH HAHA! Beautiful, King! Beautiful! As the chair goes flying, Landon capitalises, driving Denzel face-first with a quick Complete Shot! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Landon gets back to his feet... and suddenly, the chair slides right into his toe, courtesy of Queen Esther! COLE What happened there, Coach? COACH Magic. That's all the approval the King needs from his Queen and he smirks as he picks up the steel chair, waving Denzel back to his feet. As soon as Denzel is up Landon then rears back and takes a big swing with the chair... DUCKED! And Landon finds himself up on Denzel's shoulders in the process! Eyes bugging out, the King wails out in terror as he's spun around in the dreaded AIRPLANE SPIN by the Heartland Champion! COACH Somebody help the Queen, I think she's going to faint! Delicate women like her get dizzy real easy, you know. After about six revolutions Denzel sets King Landon down. Wobbly legged, Landon still has the chair in his hands. Unlucky for him, as Denzel DROPKICKS THE CHAIR BACK INTO HIS FACE!!!! "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" Cover by Denzel... 1... 2... NO! Picking the chair back up, Denzel sets it in the middle of the ring. Grabbing Landon by the hair he then rams him face-first into the open seat a couple of times, leaving him dazed over the chair. COLE Welcome to your throne for the evening, King Landon. Off the ropes Denzel then leaps, looking to Scissor Kick Landon down into the chair... but Landon moves out of the way! Picking Denzel up in a fireman's carry the King then positions him near the chair, drawing worried boos from the crowd. COLE Uh-oh! Uh-oh! COACH GTS on the chair! But as Landon throws Denzel up, the Jamaican miraculously manages to turn it into a VICTORY ROLL!! 1... 2... NO!! COLE OH how close! What an amazing counter from Denzel, unbelievable body control! Both men are up and Landon kicks Denzel back towards the chair, then takes a run up. Denzel ducks his head though and backdrops the King right over the chair! Holding his back, Landon picks himself up and Denzel sets himself. He hits the ropes, then uses the chair as a launchpad to throw himself at the King... BUT LANDON DUCKS!! Denzel flying forearm goes astray and he lands throat-first on the middle rope, bounced back up to Landon who hooks on an inverted facelock and hits the LANDON EYE!! COLE A miscue from Denzel! And are we going to crown a new Heartland Champion!? 1... 2... KICKOUT! The King pouts and paces around the ring, hands on hips. "DEN - ZEL!" "DEN - ZEL!" "DEN - ZEL!" "DEN - ZEL!" Bouyed by the crowd, Denzel starts to pick himself back up. Landon kicks the chair aside and lies in wait for the Jamaican. When, suddenly, he notices JAMES BLONDE rushing to the ring, carrying the SCEPTER! COLE Wait a minute, what is this goofball doing out here? COACH Goofball!? That's the Prince Of Panache! COLE Exactly! Blonde gets Landon's eye and then tosses in the scepter, giving the King the thumbs up! Landon returns the favour... but, although the thumb stays up, the colour slowly drains out of his face as he looks up behind Blonde, to see THE LAST KINGS OF SCOTLAND on the stage... and NATHANIEL BLACK in between them!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" COACH Oh no! SECURITY! GUARDS! SOMEONE! Frozen in shock for a moment, Landon suddenly spots Denzel back up and turns around, but before he can even think about using the scepter he's hit with a boot to the gut sending it flying! Off the ropes, Denzel then delivers the SCISSORS KICK, wiping the King out! Blonde freaks out and jumps onto the apron, trying to save his King. But Denzel spots him and knocks him back down to the arena floor with a dropkick!! COLE There goes "the prince"! Denzel acts quickly, dragging Landon into position. The Queen is horrified but dare not jump in and intervene with the British thugs looking on the from the stage. And she can only watch as Denzel comes off the top with the KINPUPPALICK!!! COLE And there may go the King! 1... 2... 3!!!!!! COLE Yes! Denzel Spencer, retains! COACH Oh, Esther! A travesty! *DINGDINGDING* BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match and STILL OAOAST HEARTLAND CHAMPION... DDEEEENNZZZZEEEELLLL... SSSSPPEEEEENNCCCEEEEERRRRRR!!!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Small satisfaction for Black and The Last Kings, they look on just as miserably as before, as Denzel claims his Heartland Title belt. He is of course much more satisfied, jumping to the turnbuckles and raising the title in the air for the crowd. COLE Sweet revenge for Denzel Spencer, here tonight on HeldDOWN. He may not be the King, but tonight, he was the king of [i]this[/i] ring! And he's still the Heartland Champion. As Denzel celebrates the Queen tends to her King, helping him out of the ring with the assistance of James Blonde. But they delay over helping him to the back with Black and The Last Kings still watching on, leaving the Kingdom with nowhere to go. COACH Get these hooligans out of here, the King needs medical assistance! COLE I think the King may need to watch his back. There's a royal revolt brewing. And the revolters are watching him, very, very carefully! The Brits continue to look on, with Denzel's celebrations fading us out of HeldDOWN.
  13. King Cucaracha

    Booking for the 4/8 HD

    If you can wait until tommorrow and Alf doesn't object, I can probably have Landon versus Denzel, Heartland Title.
  14. King Cucaracha

    HD: Leon segments

    Stick the first one before the Youtube vid. Put the party on hold though as we find ourselves stationed outside the back door of the arena. There waiting stands JOSIE BAKER, flanked by the arena's security team. As Josie stands with her arms folded impatiently, the door opens and the security team stand their ground, surrounding the door, blocking the entrance of LEON RODEZ, who carries the OAOAST Money In The Bank briefcase. JOSIE Hold it right there, Leon. Stopped in his tracks, Leon scowls at the security, who are ready incase he makes any sharp moves. JOSIE Now, are you going to hand that thing over, or are you going to play stupid? Leon, much like the security, stands his ground. JOSIE Alright, fine. Get the case. Giving the order, Josie watches as two of the security guards step forward and ask for the case to be handed over. Leon just stands there. So, the guards resort to brute force and grab the case... and find themselves unable to wrestle it away. Leon continues to stand, barely moved by this attempt to steal what he's stolen. Instead he stares straight at Josie, as the security guards back off. They turn to Josie as well, waiting for her to notice, under Leon's sleeve, the briefcase HANDCUFFED to Leon's wrist!!!! LEON Not so stupid after all, am I? Leon breezes past the guards, Josie too stunned to give them any orders to stop him. She looks dumbfounded for a moment, then snarls, angry at being one-upped. [COLOR=purple]"Oh (hey!), I've been travelin' on this road too long Just tryin' to find my way back home But the old me's dead and gone Dead and gone And oh (hey!), I've been travelin' on this road too long Just tryin' to find my way back home But the old me's dead and gone Dead and gone, dead and gone..."[/COLOR] The opening to "Dead And Gone" by T.I. fades into "Numb" by Linkin Park, creating a dark mood over the arena. Boos ring out as Leon Rodez emerges through the entrance way. Dressed in a plain black zip up jacket and jeans, Leon stalks down the aisle, clutching in his arms the Money In The Bank briefcase, still handcuffed to his arm. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... LLLEEEEEEOOOONN RRRRROOOOODDEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Not a warm welcome, but the welcome you'd expect for Leon. Coming to a stop in the middle of the aisle, Leon looks down at the briefcase in his hands, then up to the skies as the song suddenly erupts and the lights flash back and forth from purple to white static. [COLOR=purple][b][i]"I'VE BECOME SO NUMB I CAN'T FEEL YOU THERE BECOME SO TIRED SO MUCH MORE AWARE! I'M BECOMING THIS ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE MORE LIKE ME AND BE LESS LIKE YOU!"[/b][/i][/COLOR] Leon carries on to the ring, briefcase hanging from the cuffs as he climbs up the ring steps. COLE As of last week, we thought we had seen the back of Leon Rodez. He had walked out on the OAOAST, a protest strike against the fact he is no longer in line for an OAOAST World Heavyweight Title shot. And we thought that was a desperate measure. But it turns out, we hadn't seen anything yet. AngleMania IX, we saw the most desperate of desperate measures. Leon Rodez sat in the crowd, biding his time, waiting for the eight competitors in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match to pick each other apart, before running in and STEALING the Money In The Bank briefcase! In a match he wasn't even in, Leon climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase and robbed the bank! Huge controversy and controversy which still hasn't been cleared up! COACH Everybody thought he'd given up, thrown in the towel. And he was one step ahead of everyone. Leon demands a microphone and stands in the centre of the ring, holding the briefcase in his other hand and scowling at the fans. "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" "LE - ON SUCKS!" Going to speak, Leon is stopped by the chants. COLE This crowd not too happy with the way Leon Rodez stole that briefcase. LEON You people can boo me... you can yell at me... and you can call me every name under the sun. I... don't... [i]care[/i]! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" LEON And you can all say what you want about what I did at Anglemania. All the "rules" I broke. You can preach about morality. Right and wrong. And I don't care about that either! Because I've been on the recieving end of the wrongs for far too long now. So, you'll forgive me if I don't feel [i]sorry[/i] for Alfdogg. Or for Baron Windels. Or for Tha Puerto Rican. You'll forgive me for not feeling guilty about what I did. Because, people say... two wrongs don't make a right. But I've had more than one wrong done to me lately. A well-timed shot of a fan holding a "CRYBABY LEON" sign is thrown in mid-whine. LEON See, ever since I had the OAOAST World Title stolen from me, I've been frozen out. Josie Baker has been victimising me. Just like she's been victimising Morgan. Picking on the vulnerable. Kicking us while we're down. So, you'll forgive me if you think what I did at Anglemania was... "unfair". Was it "fair" when I was robbed of my title? Was it "fair", when I didn't get my rematch? Was it "fair" when I was forced to qualify for the Lethal Rumble? It wasn't fair. Life isn't fair. But sometimes... sometimes, you get on over on life. Sometimes an opportunity comes along... and you take it. Because you know life isn't going to [i]give[/i] you anything. You have to take it. Steal it from under somebody's nose. They'd do the same to you. Fair or not. Leon looks down at the briefcase again. LEON Do you people realise... the damage this briefcase has done? Leon thrusts the briefcase forward into the camera. LEON Do you people realise the anguish this damn briefcase has lead to!? Everything that's gone wrong for me this past year! It's ALL because of this briefcase! It was because of THIS briefcase that Krista... Krista was able to ruin the one, brief moment of happiness I had last year, stealing my World Title the same day that I won it!! It was because of THIS briefcase... that Reject was able to steal the title from under my nose, right when I was about to get my revenge on her!! It's THIS briefcase! So don't TELL me what's fair and what's not fair about this! This briefcase can't ruin my life anymore! It can't hurt me anymore! Because it's [b]MINE[/b]! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" LEON And whether you like it, or you don't like it... there's nothing anybody can do about it! Leaving the ring, Leon goes over to the announce table and slams the briefcase down in front of Michael Cole. Flipping it open Leon demands a pen, which Coach timidly hands over, having it ripped out of his hands. Suddenly, Josie Baker appears on the stage, backed up by the security from earlier. COLE Here's someone who might have something to say about that. JOSIE That's where you're wrong, Leon. That isn't your briefcase, it's not your contract and you won nothing on Sunday. So I suggest you stop this, right now. LEON Oh, I've only just begun, Josie! Tired of the games, Josie sends the security down to ringside. Frantically, Leon scrawls his signature on the contract inside, to another chorus of boos. He balls the contract up, throws it in the briefcase and locks it back up, then wards off the security while he slides back into the ring. LEON Mine or not, it's got my name on it. And as for your goons... Leon holds up his hands, showing off the handcuffs tying the briefcase to his arm, jangling them about for effect. LEON ...I'd like to see them get it off me. Unless you feel like sawing my arm off at the bone, I suggest you get used to this. JOSIE Well, I suggest you [i]don't[/i] get used to it, Leon. Because you didn't win that briefcase, so you have no right to a title shot, no matter what you've scrawled on that contract. And I can get this issue sorted very easily with OAOAST management, to ensure that that contract isn't worth the paper it's written on, so long as your name is written on it. Leon looks up at Josie from the ring... and if you didn't know better, you'd swear that a smile was forming on his face. Josie seems taken aback that Leon wouldn't be taking her threat seriously. JOSIE You don't believe me? Try me. LEON Try you? No, Josie, you try me! See how that works for you. The way I see it... possession is nine-tenths of the law... and the other tenth? You're going to struggle to get that. You think the OAOAST are going to listen to you on this? Fine. Go to OAOAST management. Go to the courts. Go to wherever. I'm not worried. Not one bit. By the time I cash this contract in, you'll still be pleading your case. Your credibility is shot, Josie. I'll fight you all the way. And do you really want to start [i]that[/i] fight, Josie? After all, what was it you said on Sunday... "the OAOAST is unpredictable"... "sometimes you have to shake up the status quo"? Realising her own words are being used against her, Josie begins to get a sinking feeling. LEON That's spin. Manipulation. I can do that too, Josie. Sure, I wasn't in the match and I grabbed the briefcase. But, I shook up the status quo by doing it. No different from you giving someone winning a Women's Title... when they weren't even supposed to be in a Women's Title match. No? Unless you think OAOAST management would see things differently. In which case, go ahead. Go to them. I've got nothing to lose, Josie. What about you? Josie sticks her hands on her hips, shaking her head. She mulls things over as she leaves, while Leon continues to grip the briefcase defiantly in the face of the leaving security personnel. COLE So, let me get this straight. Leon Rodez has the Money In The Bank briefcase... but he didn't win it. Josie Baker wants to take it back, but can't. And if she goes to the OAOAST's management, she's going to have to answer for her [i]own[/i] actions, as it regards to the Women's Title situation and Morgan Nerdly. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Leon Rodez may have Josie Baker backed against a wall here. He holds all the power! COACH Yeah, but what's Josie gonna do about it, that's what I wanna know! As we return to HeldDOWN~! we are backstage, keeping an eye on Leon Rodez and his stolen Money In The Bank briefcase. He stands, staring down at the case, when suddenly he's grabbed in a bearhug from behind by an excitable Morgan Nerdly. Leon turns around and just looks down at her, gripping onto him for dear life. MORGAN Thank you thank you thank you, I knew you'd be back to help me! Leon peels Morgan off of him. LEON I'm sorry, what? MORGAN You... y-you came back! And you're going to get my title back. Like you said earlier... right? LEON When did I say that? MORGAN When you told Josie, about what she did to me, how she ruined my great moment beating Crystal, how she was wrong and how you were going to take it to OAOAST management and make them change things and give me my belt back becau... Leon reaches out and puts his hand over Morgan's mouth, enough to get her to shut up. He waits for a few seconds until he's sure that Morgan has stopped talking before slowly taking the hand away, looking her dead in the eyes. LEON What happened to you has [i]nothing[/i] to do with what I said earlier. Okay. MORGAN Bu-but you sai... LEON No. Everything I said was to make sure I get to keep this. *pats briefcase* That's what's important. Josie's not going to open that can of worms. She's not that stupid. You should know that. After all... she outsmarted you. Didn't she. What do I keep telling you? Don't.. trust.. anyone. And yet, what did you do? You took her on her word. You won your match and you started [i]celebrating[/i]. Like you thought you'd beaten her. And then what happens? Somebody who's not supposed to be there comes down and beats you? Boo-hoo. I've had that happen to me twice now. And I'm still trying to make things right. I had to learn the hard way. So do you. You didn't listen to me. So why should I help you? [i]You[/i] lost the belt. [i]You're[/i] going to have to deal with it. Morgan looks crushed, but chokes back her tears and grasps Leon's hand. MORGAN I'm sorry I didn't listen... I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't listen, I am. Rolling his eyes, Leon wraps an arm around Morgan, who buries herself into his chest sobbing. LEON Maybe next time, you will then.
  15. King Cucaracha

    HD: CAE vs. Quincy/Mariano

    COLE Back on HeldDOWN and we're ready for tag team action! BUFFER The following tag team contest is set for one fall. In the ring, accompanied by the rest of the Burrough Boys. Total combined weight, four hundred fourty five pounds... QUUUIIINNCCCYYYYYY and MMAAAARRRIIIIAAAAAANNOOOOOOO!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" The four Burrough Boys goof about in the ring, to the annoyance of the referee they're bugging. COACH My boys lookin' in [i]high[/i] spirits tonight! COLE And they're going to have to contend with a team they had an unsuccessful run-in with at AngleMania IX. The fun is over for the BBs though as "Like The Angel" by Rise Against hits. Melody Nerdly summons out her twin brothers with the use of a Wiimote, then makes them hit a jumping high-five, sending one orange and one blue pyrotechnic rocket shooting into the air! BUFFER And their opponents! Accompanied by MELODY NERDLY... at a combined weight of three hundred, seventy pounds... MARV and MEL, THE CHHRRRIIIIIISSSSSTT AAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR... EEEXXXXXXPPRRRRREEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!! "YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" MARV and MEL rush into the ring and slide in, only to get jumped by all four Burrough Boys!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" COLE Hey! Come on, this is supposed to be two on two, what is this about!? COACH This is how we do in NYC, bitch! COLE Aren't you from Kansas? Beaten on by all four Burrough Boys, MARV and MEL are sent off with a QUADRUPLE whip. They both duck double clotheslines though and dish out double Double Kickflips, knocking down all four New Yorkers at once! COLE Four for the price of two! COACH Just like the places you buy your suits at! *DINGDINGDING* As the bell sounds to start the match, Luther and Waldo bail out leaving the legal men in the match in the ring. MARV and MEL perform a double whip on Quincy and Mariano. The BBs hold onto the ropes though and point out how smart they are. At the same time, they spring off the middle rope with stereo asai moonsaults. But MARV and MEL run right underneath and come off the ropes in front with stereo running dropkicks!! COLE Woah! Fast paced action here on HeldDOWN, hold onto your hats! MARV and MEL whip Quincy into a corner. They go to whip Mariano in as well, but a reversal sends in MARV instead. MARV recovers and hits a running forearm on Quincy in the corner. He then catches Mariano running in, launching him into the air, causing Mariano to hit a top rope bronco buster on Quincy! Quincy falls back in a tree of woe, leaving both Burrough Boys trapped. After a jumping high-five The CAE then run in and launch themselves with dropkicks, one high one low, blasting both Quincy and Mariano!! "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!" COLE WOW! Mariano rolls out of the ring, leaving Quincy two on one. The twin brothers send him to the ropes, launched up in the air by MARV and caught with a gutbuster by MEL! MARV then comes off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker, with Quincy's back bending over MEL's knee for good measure! COLE The Christ Air Express are on fire here! Cover by MEL... 1... 2... Kickout! Finally getting some order, referee Charles Robinson gets MARV on the apron, long enough for a tag to be made and another double team to be set up. Sending Quincy to the ropes, they hit a double hiptoss. The CAE then turn around to find Mariano springboarding in off the top rope, but they sidestep and guide him down into a springboard splash onto his own partner! COACH C'mon guys! Get yo' act together, homies! COLE Again, you are from [i]Kansas[/i]. Mariano is thrown outside as MARV covers Quincy... 1... 2... No! The count is broken up as Luther and Waldo throw their SNEAKERS into the ring! COLE Pelting the referee with shoes, are you kidding me? As Luther and Waldo argue with the referee, Melody takes exception as well and starts reminstrating with them too. WALDO Yo bitch, there ain't nothin' for ya here! MELODY How you gonna do, homeboy? How you gonna fling dem ice creams like dat? LUTHER Get out' mah grill, hoodrat! MELODY You wanna step to me? Huh? You wanna dance? WALDO Hell naw you ain't got none white girl! MELODY Best get to steppin', 'fore I leave ya'll curbstomped! In the ring meanwhile, MARV and MEL hit the ropes, but MARV is tripped up by Mariano from the outside and dragged to the floor. Quincy catches hold of MEL and holds him up for a SPRINGBOARD HART ATTACK by Mariano!! Cover... 1... 2... NO! The BBs call for the finish. COACH Alright, time to get that cash money! COLE I... nevermind. Quincy sets MEL up, looking for the Tanooki Suit... but MEL kicks up, kicking off of Mariano and floating over the back. He runs the two together, then ducks a clothesline from Quincy and counters with a Full Nelson Facebuster!! COACH No no, come on! Recovering, Mariano runs at MEL. The elder twin ducks and Mariano keeps running, to where MARV has climbed to the apron. MARV nails him with a forearm from the outside. He then jumps in over the top, lands on the middle rope and executes the DIAMOND DUST on Mariano!! "YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" COLE Here we go! MARV and MEL looking for that Happy Ending! As The Christ Air Express prepare to finish Quincy off though, VINNY VALENTINE strolls to the ring! Meanwhile, Luther and Waldo jump to the apron to try and help their partner. Dropkicks from The CAE send them flying to the arena floor though. Quincy tries to take advantage, but his double clothesline is ducked and he suffers the HAPPY ENDING after all! 1... 2... 3!!!!! *DINGDINGDING!* BUFFER Here are your winners... the team of MARV and MEL, THE CHRIST AIR EXPRESS!!!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" As the brothers celebrate though, attention turns to the outside where Vinny is attempting to put the moves to Melody! His disco dancing and chest rubbing doesn't seem to be winning her over, but it does distract MARV and MEL, allowing Luther and Waldo to attack from behind!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COLE And now it's another gangland beatdown from the New York street punks! Luther and Waldo puts the feet (sneakerless, remember) to MARV and MEL, joined by Vinny Valentine. Three on two the odds are too much for The CAE and they're stomped down into the mat. Looking on helplessly, Melody is given a HIP-SWIVEL by Vinny V! MELODY HELP! HEEELLLLPP!! Luckily for Melody, somebody hears her cries for help... ...[b]BIFF ATLAS[/b], running out to the rescue!!!! "YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" COLE IT'S BIFFMAN TO THE RESCUE!! COACH Aw, you've gotta be kidding me with this! Biff slides into the ring and lands a right hand on Luther, who flies backwards! And one for Waldo, sent crashing out of the ring! Vinny freezes and begs off from the superhero dressed Atlas. Biff grabs him by the head though and with superheroic strength, he launches Vinny V over the top and through the skies, right down onto all four Burrough Boys who unwittingly break the Disco Duck's fall!! "YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Biff checks that MARV and MEL are okay, as The Ghetto Groove Monkeys pick themselves up and run for safety. MELODY My hero! A swooning Melody is caught by Biff, while The CAE pick themselves up and thank Biff for saving them. COACH This simp be getting simpler and simpler! Dude's running around in a Halloween costume now. I thought he was just playing dress-up for AngleMania, now he's acting like a superhero 24/7? COLE He IS a superhero, Coach! COACH Whuh? COLE Well, he just just answered the call of a damsel in distress, ran off the bad guys, came to the rescue of those that needed help. That's pretty heroic if you ask me.