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    Feedback for the 4/17 HD~!

    Awesome show! Patty, you did a great great job on the PR/Maggie-Lolly match!
  2. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 4/8 HD

    -"Virgin Island Thunder" Victor Perez makes his OAOAST in-ring debut. Honest. For real this time. I mean it. I already wrote the match and posted it in the GCF. You can check it out yourself. It's most definitely 100% there!
  3. Ed Wood Caulfield

    HD: "Virgin Island Thunder" Victor Perez's In-Ring Debut

    This is a follow-up segment to be placed right after a commercial break, please. We return from commercial break with highlights from the Victor Perez/Michael Anderson match. A caption reading, “MOMENTS AGO” appears on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The highlights start with Victor’s hurricarana on Michael Anderson while charging towards him. COLE Back on HeldDOWN~!, and fans, just moments ago, we saw the impressive debut of Tha Puerto Rican’s little brother, “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez. We have all been waiting for this man to make his OAOAST debut, and he DID indeed live up to the hype! Victor pulling out all of these innovative, incredible moves that are rarely seen in professional wrestling, let alone in the OAOAST! A replay is shown of Victor’s Swanton Bomb in slow motion. COLE He finished things off with an unbelievably smooth looking Swanton Bomb, picking up the win in his debut! So far in his OAOAST career, “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez is 1-0! And who knows, who can tell how long this winning streak will last for this exciting youngster!? If he keeps at it like he did tonight, Victor Perez will indeed make the Quagmire family, Tha Puerto Rican and himself proud like he said that he wanted to! The camera cuts to a lockerroom. The crowd cheers as Maggie Nerdly and Colombian Heat are congratulating “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez on winning in his debut. Victor is humbled by all of the accolades, sipping on a DAISANI~! water bottle. The talking stops when Tha Puerto Rican enters the room to loud cheers from the crowd. Heat and Maggie look at PRL. PRL looks at his brother with a serious expression on his face. Victor looks at his brother with a serious expression on *his* face. The crowd is wondering what will happen next. After a tense staredown between the two, Tha Puerto Rican starts to crack a smile. So, Victor starts to crack a smile. PRL is soon beaming as he hugs his brother to cheers from Heat, Maggie and the fans. THA PUERTO RICAN All right, little bro! You did it! You finally FINALLY did it! “VIRGIN ISLAND THUNDER” VICTOR PEREZ Thanks, man! Appreciate it! Tha Puerto Rican gives his brother a big bear hug! COLOMBIAN HEAT Gee, dat was awkward for a second! Tha Puerto Rican puts his left arm around his brother’s shoulders. Victor has a wide smile on his face as he looks at his older brother. THA PUERTO RICAN And it’s only the beginning, man. ONLY the beginning! PRL high fives Victor and the two brothers laugh. Maggie and Colombian Heat laugh along with them as the crowd cheers. Tha Puerto Rican, “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez, Colombian Heat and Maggie Nerdly are all smiles and are laughing it up. They all engage in a conversation in the lockerroom as the crowd cheers, happy for the four of them.
  4. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute TV time limit. Introducing first. Already in the ring. From San Jose, California. Weighing in at 230 pounds. MICHAEL ANDERSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN! Michael Anderson, a young 5’8” Caucasian male with semi-long black hair, brown eyes, a white bandana around his head, yellow elbow pads, white wrist tape, long black tights with yellow vertical and horizontal stripes and white wrestling boots, raises his hands in the air to no reaction. He throws his hands up in response. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzkAQ_TkXPQ"]"100%" by Big Pun featuring Tony Sunshine[/url] starts playing over the P.A. system. [Tony Sunshine] [i]Ooooooooooohhhhh… Puerto Rico[/i] [Big Punisher] [i]Toma[/i] [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] [i][Pronto llegara] El dia de mi suerte Te lo juro por mi gente Te juro que un dia llegara And we won't stop We always knew we'd make it Even though you player hated we still made it to the top[/i] [Big Punisher] [i]Puerto Rock Puro, not Menudo no I'm not the one I'm studyin’ Judo, you don't know if I got a gun It's Pun, from the X side of things, baguette inside my rings Everything I want I gets, bada-BING It's mine I Shyne like money that sound like Biggie Fuck around my town, Boogie Down my city Come around get pound, to the ground no pity Watch the sound, fo'-pound twenty round milli' Get smacked silly, for coming out your mug I'm known for bouncin’ thugs from the Tunnel to the Salsa clubs Don't matter, put the chrome to your bladder Splatter your abs, have you pissin’ in a plastic bag That's a drag now you abnormal Don't make me go out to rumble, and put some motherfuckin stabs on you The night is young and I'm already fightin’ hidin’ my gun Promoter buggin’ screamin‘, "Who the fuck invited Pun?"[/i] [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] [i][Pronto llegara] El dia de mi suerte Te lo juro por mi gente Te juro que un dia llegara And we won't stop We always knew we'd make it Even though you player hated we still made it to the top[/i] The entrance doors slide open, and it is revealed that this entrance theme belongs to Tha Puerto Rican’s brother, “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez! The crowd pops for Victor’s appearance. Victor looks thrilled to be finally making his OAOAST TV debut, as he jumps up and down on the entrance stage. He flashes a peace sign and plays to the crowd some more before walking down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way. BUFFER And his opponent. Coming to the ring at this time. From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Weighing in at 208 pounds. Making his OAOAST Television debut. He is “Virgin Island Thunder” VICTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Victor’s ring attire consists of long light blue tights that have a Puerto Rican flag design on both sides, the word “QUAGMIRE” written on the waist in gold letters, “Nunca Te Rindas” written on the rear in gold letters which is Spanish for “Never Give Up”, white wrist tape and red wrestling boots just like ones Tha Puerto Rican wears. He comes to the ring wearing a Crucifix around his neck and a black unbuttoned collar shirt that has the Puerto Rican flag stitched onto the left side above the left breast pocket. COLE This young man, at 24 years of age, making his OAOAST debut! The brother of former OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion Tha Puerto Rican! COACH Out of fear of Tha Puerto Rican watching this, I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut. COLE Good idea. You should keep it shut for the rest of the show! You never know when PRL stops watching this program! Victor makes sure to slap hands with everybody at ringside before stopping at the ring steps, crossing himself, and then running up the ring steps so that he can climb onto the ring apron and hop into the ring. Victor flashes another peace sign to a cheering crowd, and then pumps his fists, clearly excited for this moment as “100%” continues playing. COLE A lifelong dream about to be fulfilled. Victor Perez following in his big brother’s footsteps by stepping into an OAOAST ring for the first time tonight! Victor removes his shirt and hands it over to a ringside attendant. He then removes his Crucifix, kisses it and then hands it over to the same ringside attendant. Perez stretches on the ropes while referee Andrew Thomas pats down Michael Anderson. The referee then pats down Victor. After going over the rules one last time, Andrew Thomas calls for the bell. *DING DING DING* [b]“VIRGIN ISLAND THUNDER” VICTOR PEREZ vs. MICHAEL ANDERSON[/b] “100%” by Big Pun featuring Tony Sunshine dies down. Perez claps his hands in order to get the fans to clap along. The fans do so. COLE And here we go. The first match in the OAOAST career of Victor Perez is underway! Victor and Michael circle each other. They lock up. Both men jockey for position. Victor grabs a headlock on Anderson. He cinches the hold tight. Anderson walks with Perez back into the ropes and then shoves him off into the opposite ropes. Victor fires back with a shoulderblock which knocks down Anderson to a pop! Victor then bounces off of the ropes, jumps over Anderson, bounces off of the opposite ropes, and nails Michael with a spinning wheel kick to another pop from the crowd! Victor poses to cheers! COLE And Victor Perez is rolling in the opening minutes of this contest! Victor goes for a cover. 1... 2... LEFT SHOULDER UP! Perez picks Michael up and seats him on the mat. He measures Anderson up and then hits him with a STIFF~! kick to the back with his right foot that is heard all over the arena! He hits Anderson with another STIFF~! kick with his left foot that causes the crowd to groan! One more kick to the shoulder blades with his right foot has the crowd (and Michael) groaning. “Virgin Island Thunder” bounces off of the ropes and hits Michael with a front dropkick to the face! Victor covers Michael. He gets a two count! COLE Victor able to keep the also-young Michael Anderson down on the mat! Perez picks Anderson up off the mat, getting elbowed in the gut as he does so. Anderson punches Victor in the gut as he’s getting up. Michael Anderson does several European Uppercuts to Victor Perez, hurting the rookie. COLE And now Anderson is in control. Michael Anderson gives Perez an Irish whip into the opposite ropes. He follows that up with a jumping back elbow which knocks Victor to the mat! Anderson goes for the cover. 1... 2... LEFT SHOULDER UP! Anderson applies a chinlock on Victor. He trash talks while doing so. Andrew Thomas checks on Victor as the crowd starts rallying behind him. “VIC-TOR!” “VIC-TOR!” “VIC-TOR!” “VIC-TOR!” COLE The crowd showing support for Victor much in the same way that they support his older brother! Anderson knees Perez in the back several times. He then picks Perez up. A whip into a corner is followed by a clothesline that rocks Perez! Anderson whips Perez into the opposite turnbuckles, but Perez is able to stop in his tracks, grab ahold of the top turnbuckle, jump up when he sees Anderson charging towards him, land behind Anderson when Anderson stops himself from crashing into the turnbuckles, and when Anderson turns around, nail him with repeated kicks to the thighs and midsection! COLE Victor going to work on his opponent! Victor whips Anderson into the ropes--Anderson reverses, Victor bounces off of the ropes, charges forward, jumps off of the mat and somehow manages to wrap his legs around Michael Anderson and give him a hurricarana! COLE Unbelievable! Victor Perez able to do a hurricarana out of nowhere! Amazing! Anderson gets back up quickly and goes for a clothesline. Unfortunately for him, Victor is able to do the MATRIX DODGE~!, surprising Anderson and the crowd. COLE Oh my! Anderson wonders where Victor went for one second, and then turns around, where Victor is back up and punching Anderson in the face repeatedly! The punches rock the journeyman, getting him dazed and confused. Once Victor has Michael stunned, he kisses his right fist and then hits Michael right in the face with a right hook that knocks him down! Afterwards, Victor plays to the crowd. COLE Shades of his brother, right there! Victor climbs the top rope and waits for Michael to get up. COLE What could he be going for now? Once Anderson gets to his feet, Victor SOARS~! with an Evan Bourne-like Senton, bringing Anderson back down to the mat and landing on his knees! COLE I’ve never seen anybody in the OAOAST use that maneuver before! Victor goes for another cover on Anderson! 1...2...3--KICK OUT!!! COLE A close nearfall for Victor Perez, who is absolutely amazing us in his debut match here in the OAOAST! Victor argues the count, but then goes back to the work. He stomps on Anderson a few times, and then picks him up. *CHOP!* “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” *CHOP!* “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Perez delivers an Irish Whip onto Anderson. Anderson bounces off of the ropes, Victor leapfrogs over him, Anderson bounces off of the opposite ropes, Anderson does a reverse leapfrog over him, Anderson bounces off of the ropes, into an arm-drag from Perez! Anderson gets up, and he gets dropkicked back down by Perez! COLE That one is straight out of Tha Puerto Rican’s playbook! Victor goes to pick Anderson up, but gets poked in the eyes! Michael Anderson fires with punches to “Virgin Island Thunder’s” face. The crowd does not approve of this. Anderson delivers an Irish Whip onto Perez. He goes for a clothesline, Perez ducks, bounces off of the opposite ropes, charges forward…and hits Anderson with a spinning forearm! COLE And Perez back on offense! Perez KIPS UP~! He plays to the crowd and then exits the ring to climb the top rope. COLE Uh-oh. Perez going up top! Anderson might be in trouble here! Victor positions himself on the top rope. He stands up, the crowd buzzing in anticipation of his next move. Victor throws up a double peace sign, looks down at the writhing Anderson, looks at the crowd and looks up at the sky, smiling… before jumping off of the top rope, flipping forward in mid-air, and crushing Michael Anderson with all of his weight to loud cheers from the crowd! COLE Swanton Bomb! A Swanton Bomb from Victor Perez! Victor quickly covers Michael Anderson, making sure to hook his right leg while doing so. Andrew Thomas makes the count, along with the crowd. 1... 2... 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DING DING DING* (3:09) “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” COLE And Victor Perez with an impressive debut in the One And Only AngleSault Thread! “100%” by Big Pun featuring Tony Sunshine starts playing over the P.A. system. Victor crosses himself and gives thanks to God, looking up to the heavens as the crowd cheers. BUFFER Here is your winner…”Virgin Island Thunder” VICTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR PERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Andrew Thomas raises Victor’s hands in victory. Victor, breathing heavily, still has the strength in him to stand up and wave to the crowd. He blows kisses to his fans and then throws up another peace sign. Michael Anderson is still on the mat, holding his back in pain. Victor slowly exits the ring. He slaps hands with the fans as he walks up the entrance ramp. COLE A great showing from Victor Perez! Clearly, Tha Puerto Rican isn’t the only talented member of his family! This kid has got a great GREAT future ahead of him and I am certainly looking forward to seeing where he goes in the OAOAST!
  5. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 4/3 HD~!

    Also the hometown of WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels who just got retired by The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania XXVI this past Sunday. Perfect timing. Was it Alfdogg or I who picked San Antonio as the site for the OAOAST HeldDOWN~! after OAOAST AngleMania IX? I forget. Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can have "Virgin Island Thunder" Victor Perez's debut match happen on this show. What better time than now? Woooooooooah HBK retired? Did in by Taker? That's crazy. Taker still wrestles? That nigga been in the wwf longer than I been alive. Fuck that dude, I don't respect my elders. Yeah, man. He did his retirement speech last night on WWE RAW. I'm pretty sure he's legit finished.
  6. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 4/3 HD~!

    Also the hometown of WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels who just got retired by The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania XXVI this past Sunday. Perfect timing. Was it Alfdogg or I who picked San Antonio as the site for the OAOAST HeldDOWN~! after OAOAST AngleMania IX? I forget. Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can have "Virgin Island Thunder" Victor Perez's debut match happen on this show. What better time than now?
  7. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 3/25 HD~!

    Fine by me, Patty.
  8. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 3/11 HD~!

    -"Virgin Island Thunder" Victor Perez makes his OAOAST in-ring debut! -PRL-Perez segment
  9. We cut to a dressing room, where... [IMG=http://www.laht.com/music/DaddyYankee.jpg] [b]COLOMBIAN HEAT[/b] and... [IMG=http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/avril-lavigne.jpg] [b]MAGGIE NERDLY[/b] are standing by. The crowd cheers. Colombian Heat is in his wrestling attire and is pacing back and forth. Maggie, wearing a black Minor Threat T-shirt, necklace, purple bracelets, purple nail polish, a gold watch on her right wrist, a black wrist band on her left wrist, a purple ruffled skirt, black knee high socks with purple stripes and black Converse sneakers, is sitting on a table. Maggie is whistling when the door opens, and... [IMG=http://www.wrestlingvalley.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/rey-mysterio-unmasked.jpg] [b]THA PUERTO RICAN[/b] appears to the crowd’s delight. THA PUERTO RICAN Hey guys. MAGGIE NERDLY Hey babe! PRL and Maggie give each other a hug and a kiss. COLOMBIAN HEAT Sup, bro? Colombian Heat high fives his longtime best friend and then pulls him in for a hug. THA PUERTO RICAN Nothin’ much. So, looks like we all had an interesting night last Thursday! HEAT Yo, man, I’s had it! I’s had Landon right where I’s wanted him! But I’s made one mistake! ONE mistake! And that cost me, dawg! Man, I’s could have been King! I’s could have been da King of da Ring! I’d would have been da illest King EVER! But I done messed up, and now, I’s got nothin’. PRL Hey, don’t sweat it, man. You got me. You got us! As much as it pains me to know that you lost to freakin’ Landon Maddix, and that Landon is now the…ugh…King Of The Ring…at least I can go to sleep at night knowing that he didn’t pull any B.S. on you, and that, no matter how hard he tries, the crown will never AND THA PUERTO RICAN MEANS NEVER make him look good. Plus, the crown won’t be able to hide his stupid haircut. So, at least there’s that. All Hail King Dork! HEAT HAIL KING DORK! HA! HA! HA! HA! PRL, Maggie and Heat all share a laugh along with the crowd before P.R. continues talking. THA PUERTO RICAN Yes. Well, I did a pretty damn good job sending James Riggs back to obscurity last week. Not too hard. Quite easy, really. No sweat off my back. But, I think we can all agree that you, little missy, had the most interesting night of us all! Maggie blushes as the crowd hoots and hollers, remembering the very exciting and very stimulating Evening Gown Pillow Fight from seven days prior. MAGGIE Oh, well, hehe, it was no big deal. I had fun. It certainly wasn’t something that I do all the time! THA PUERTO RICAN I would hope not! Swinging pillows at my ex-fiancée while in your bra and panties. That better not be business as usual! Although, I can’t help but find that strangely erotic at the same time. Are you sure you and Lindsay don’t have secret meetings where all you do is have pillow fights in your underwear? And can I come to the next meeting? MAGGIE Hahahahahaha! P.R., no! Last Thursday night was the last time I ever wanted to interact with Ms. Lindsay Gonzalez. Trust me on that one! Unless she wins the OAOAST Women's Title again, of course! HEAT Yo, Maggie, as a close friend and confidant, I gotta say tha following, but I say dis wit da utmost respek: DAMN GIRL, YOU WERE LOOKING GOOD OUT THERE LAST THURSDAY! SHAWTI GOT BACK, YO! SHAWTI GOT BACK! Maggie giggles while PRL gives his best friend The People’s Eyebrow. PRL Yo, bro, easy with that. Remember who you’re talking to! HEAT I know. I know. She’s your girl. Just dat, I’s see a fine lady with barely anything on, and I go nuts, you know what I’m sayin’? PRL Hey, I don’t blame you! I’m pretty damn sure that you weren’t the only one who enjoyed that match! MAGGIE The match that I won, by the way! Don’t forget that! PRL Yes, but I could have done without having the entire OAOAST Galaxy see you in your underwear. “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Tha Puerto Rican looks up to the ceiling. THA PUERTO RICAN Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! I heard that! Don’t think I didn’t hear that cheer, Lightning Bolts! You know that I love you guys, but watch it! I’m not gonna share her with ANYBODY! She be mine! Colombian Heat and Maggie Nerdly just watch as Tha Puerto Rican talks to the ceiling. The fans, who have all clearly heard PRL, just laugh and chant his name. THA PUERTO RICAN Oh well. At least you were partly covered. At least you weren’t bucky ball naked. MAGGIE …until later that night. THA PUERTO RICAN And that was in front of an audience of one. PRL and Maggie both nod and giggle. PRL licks his lips while Maggie winks at her boyfriend. The crowd hoots and hollers as PRL and Maggie embrace and lock eyes with each other, both of them smiling a wide smile. The two lovebirds give each other Eskimo kisses while Colombian Heat plays the role of the third wheel. COLOMBIAN HEAT Ugh. Get a room, yo. THA PUERTO RICAN Already got the room key! COLOMBIAN HEAT :rolleyes: MAGGIE So, what’s going on for tonight? You told us that you had a surprise. That someone else was in the car with you. COLOMBIAN HEAT Yeah, man. I haven’t seen you dis excited in a long time. You didn’t come with me or Maggie to tha arena cuz you were pickin’ dis person up at the airport. Who is it? PRL There indeed was somewhere else with me. Someone you guys might recognize. HEAT Daddy Yankee? THA PUERTO RICAN No. MAGGIE Richard Marx? PRL No. HEAT The dude that played Harry Potter? PRL Nope. MAGGIE Barry Horowitz? PRL Eh…close. He’s definitely a wrestler. But he’s most certainly a better wrestler than Barry Horowitz! I have been trying and trying to get him into the OAOAST for the longest time, but it wasn’t until last week that he finally signed his contract! So, now, we can proudly welcome him into the One And Only AngleSault Thread! Tha Puerto Rican opens the door to the dressing room. THA PUERTO RICAN You can come in now! [IMG=http://www.nuvo.net/files/imagecache/800px_w_aspect_watermark/article_images/JohnLeguizamo.jpg] A handsome young man who is a couple of inches shorter than Tha Puerto Rican enters the room. He is slimmer than PRL and has spiky black hair, brown eyes and a black goatee. He is wearing an earring in his right ear, a white T-shirt with a red buttoned down dress shirt over it, a leather jacket, a gold watch on his right wrist, a silver ring on his right hand, a silver chain around his neck, black dress pants with a leather belt and black dress shoes. He removes his aviator sunglasses and takes a good look at Heat and Maggie. The crowd is wondering who this man is, but Heat and Maggie clearly recognize him. THA PUERTO RICAN Guys, you remember my brother: Victor Perez Quagmire! HEAT Victor! Sup, holmes!? VICTOR PEREZ QUAGMIRE Sup, Heat! How you been? Heat and Victor high five each other and then Victor pulls Heat in for a hug. HEAT Nothin’ much. Same as always. Just hustlin’, workin’ on mah grind, tryin’ to keep mah head above water. You know how we do! VICTOR Right. Right. I feel ya, Heat. HEAT Yeah boy! Victor turns his attention to Maggie and gives her a warm hug, a hug that you give someone that you haven’t seen in a long time. VICTOR Hey Maggie! I missed ya! MAGGIE Hey Victor! Good to see you again! VICTOR You treating my brother right? MAGGIE Haha. You know I am! You know I can’t keep my hands off of him! VICTOR I know. He truly cares about you. He never shuts up about you! MAGGIE Awww, really? VICTOR Nope. Just kidding. Of course! He’s crazy about you! MAGGIE Awwwww! Maggie glances at her boyfriend and smiles. PRL looks lovingly at his girlfriend before remembering what he was going to say. THA PUERTO RICAN Oh yeah. So, anyway, Victor just signed a contract with the OAOAST. As of right now, he is an official member of the One And Only AngleSault Thread roster! MAGGIE That’s great! HEAT Way to go! MAGGIE Congratulations! VICTOR Thanks, guys. It’s great to finally have my dream come true. I have been wanting to be a professional wrestler my whole life! Tha Puerto Rican, Edward, he’s been my guardian since the day that I was born. I looked up to him. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He’s not just my older brother, he’s my role model. I wanted to be just like him so badly, and now, in a way, I can. I’m going to continue what he’s started. I’m going to live up to his expectations, to my family’s expectations, to my expectations. The Quagmires are going to become one of professional wrestling’s most powerful families! It started with Tha Puerto Rican, and it will continue on with me: [b]“Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez![/b] THA PUERTO RICAN “Virgin Island Thunder”! I like it! VICTOR Thanks. It took me all night to come up with that one! Tha Puerto Rican puts his right arm around his little brother’s shoulders. THA PUERTO RICAN This is only the beginning for you, little brother! Soon, we will become the first brothers to BOTH be OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion! Who knows? You might even win the Lethal Rumble before I do! I wouldn’t mind it! You can do it! Go right ahead! The possibilities are endless! I’m so glad that you’re finally here! And I know that Mom is just so happy right now! I’m pretty sure that she was crying, crying tears of joy obviously, when I talked to her earlier. VICTOR Dad was too. PRL Wow. Something finally caused him to crack. Amazing. VICTOR Yeah, wasn’t it? THA PUERTO RICAN You know, being here, in this room. With my brother. My best friend. My girl. The three people in the OAOAST I care about the most. With The Lightning Bolts watching our every move. It just doesn’t get any better than this! VICTOR Yeah. HEAT Yeah. MAGGIE Yeah. PRL, Victor, Maggie and Colombian Heat all stand around and reflect on what Tha Puerto Rican just said. They all have smiles on their faces. There is an awkward silence for a couple of seconds as everyone stops reflecting. COLOMBIAN HEAT Sooooo…do we sing “We Are The World” now? MAGGIE The original or the remake? HEAT Does it matter? PRL Yeah, you’re right, this is getting a little bit *too* mushy for my tastes. Who’s up for some beers? HEAT ME! VICTOR Fine by me! MAGGIE I’m down. VICTOR You’re 19-years-old. MAGGIE I’m legal in Canada. VICTOR Eh, close enough. MAGGIE We don’t all say ‘Eh’. THA PUERTO RICAN Beers it is! And beers are on me! MAGGIE, VICTOR & HEAT YEA! THA PUERTO RICAN And we’re off! Tha Puerto Rican opens the door and exits the dressing room. “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez follows. Colombian Heat follows Victor. Maggie Nerdly follows Heat and closes the dressing room door. The crowd cheers loudly and chants, “BEER! BEER! BEER! BEER!” (Cut to Sofa Central) COACH Tha Puerto Rican’s BROTHER is in the OAOAST now!? COLE Yep. And hopefully, despising Da Coach runs in the family. COACH Damnit! Now I gotta go hide TWICE a show now! COLE You should be hiding all of the time. But I digress. Fans, as you just heard, Tha Puerto Rican’s very own brother, “Virgin Island Thunder” Victor Perez, has joined the OAOAST! I have heard a lot about this young man. Apparently, he is a very talented up and coming high flyer who can soar through the air with the best of them! I cannot wait to see Victor Perez in action in an OAOAST ring hopefully very soon! But, for right now,
  10. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 3/5 or 3/6 HD

    -Tha Puerto Rican will be in the building. Along with Colombian Heat.
  11. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Nerdly Spectacular Feedback

    Hey guys, I have edited Tha Puerto Rican vs. James Riggs into the show! This show was pretty great. I loved the Evening Gown Pillow Fight, the One And Only World Tag Team Title change was most definitely a shocker, the match-up graphic for the Anderson Cup Final is hilarious and while I kind of figured that Landon Maddix would win the King Of The Ring, I got so into the match, I seriously believed that Denzel Spencer might have pulled it off. Mr. Dick being kicked out of the Deadly Alliance, and then reuniting with Baron Windels was the most shocking thing to happen in the OAOAST in a long time. For reals, yo. You would think Baron wouldn't forgive Mr. Dick for squirting jizz onto his face, but Baron Windels must be a super nice guy to overlook that one uncomfortable moment in time. A face Mr. Dick sounds weird though. Although, I guess if Billy Gunn could still be Mr. Ass and be a face, then Jock Mulligan can still be Mr. Dick and be a face. Hopefully, he stays pretty much the same and the character doesn't get neutered, although since this is an e-fed, I'm sure that won't be much of a problem, hehe . What happens with Malaysia Nerdly? What about Malaysia? WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN MALAYSIA NERDLY!? This was a fun show. It feels good to be back!
  12. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Nerdly Spectacular!

    -Tha Puerto Rican vs. James Riggs
  13. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Feedback 4 the 2.19 HD~!

    FYI, I edited in a PRL segment into the show.
  14. Ed Wood Caulfield

    HeldDOWN~! 2/19 booing thread

    -PRL will be around.
  15. Ed Wood Caulfield

    Booking for the 2/11 HD~!

    -PRL promo