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(SJL Metal returns to the sold out St. Pete Times Forum's.....PARKING LOT! The SJL seems to be banned from holding an event inside the arena, so we do one better! The camera pans across the audience, all of them sitting in steel folding chairs, and even outside in the warm weather, they hold their signs, trying to get attention from the camera. The camera cuts down to the announcers table (i.e.: just a wood prop up table) where three LOSERS from Ashes to Ashes sit, the SJL Announce Team, Annie "Ichiban" Onita, and the SWF Tag Team Champions, Ejiro Fasaki and Judge Mental!)


Annie: Welcome back to SJL Metal! We've had a action pack show so far, and it's only going to get better!


Ejiro: In the opening bout, Charismatic Kev made his debut in the SJL, against Wes Outlett! And in the last match, Todd Royal, the man who will get a SJL World Heavyweight Title shot against the champion, whomever it may be, went one on one, toe to toe, against The Unknown Warrior!


Annie: Speaking of Todd Royal, he will get his title shot in the near future, against the winner of our main event tonight, between the current SJL World Heavyweight Champion, Aecas, and Landon Maddix!


Ejiro: Up next though, is a four way dance, between four of the top SJL superstars. Manson, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins, Dominic Korgath, and the man that's been on a roll lately, Alan Clark. The only way you can get eliminated is by pinfall, submission, or getting thrown over the top rope, and having both feet touch the floor!


Judge: Let's get this match underway!


(The camera cuts to Funyon, who is standing in the middle of the ring.)


Funyon: Ladies, and Gentleman, the following contest is a four way elimination match. All four men will start out in the ring, and will eliminate each other, one by one, until there is only one man left victorious. The only ways of elimination are by pinfall, submission, or getting thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. First, making his way to the ring!


("Not Today" by Hotwire starts up, as the fans start cheering wildly. After a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins walks out behind the entrance curtain set up near the building, with his usual sleeveless jacket and ring attire on, the hood of his jacket cover his face. Spike stares at the ground, getting focus for the upcoming match.)


Funyon: Weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Pounds, from Hollywood, California. He is the former SJL World Heavyweight Champion, he is "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins!!!


(Spike tosses the hood back on his jacket, and begins to make his way down to the ring. Spike slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and quickly gets to his feet, throwing his jacket off and to the outside of the ring. Spike runs into the corner, and leaps up onto the middle rope, holding his arms out in his cocky, but cool manner. Spike leaps backwards off the middle rope, as "Not Today" dies down.)


Funyon: And his opponent!


"You sit alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone


No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone


Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze


Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase!"



The opening lines of Grave Digger's "Demon's Day" hits as the massive form of Dominic Korgath emerges from behind the curtain. The crowd boos their hate as the Big Demon simply stands motionless. Then, the Big Demon raises his iron staff high above his head in a sign of defiance as he starts making his way down to the ring.


Funyon: Now, making his way to the ring. Weighing in at Three Hundred and Fifty Pounds, from Plains of Azeroth! He is Dominic Korgath!


(The big man climbs over the top rope as he gets into the ring and stares at Spike, waiting for the rest of their opponents.)


Annie: There is the big man! Dominic Korgath has a big advantage over the other three men in this match, as he has the HUGE size advantage!


Funyon: And their opponent!


("Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group, and the crowd immediately responds by getting up to their feet, and cheering the on coming Hate Machine. Manson pops out from behind the curtain, and throws an arm into the air. The crowd starts a "Manson...Manson...Manson" chant as he makes his way down past the barricade, and into the ring. Manson takes off his leather jacket, and tosses it to a ring worker, as he looks back and forth from Dominic to Spike.)


Annie: Manson has issues with both of these men. Him and Spike had a heated blood feud several months back, where Spike hit Manson with a fireball to defeat him in a Street Fight, only for him to try to light Manson on fire, week after week. Now these two, both with different views on their lives and goals right now, how will they react against each other?


(A voice suddenly booms over the PA system.)


"Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro Del Anillo."


"For the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please. Para la seguridad y la comodidad de otras... el ningún fumar por favor"


"The SJL and the Walt Disney Company are proud to present...the following match up."


(The camera cuts down to the curtain to see Alan Clark make his way out, his usual smile on his face. Clark walks down the aisle and greets 'guests' in the arena till he makes his way to the ring.)


Funyon: Ladies And Gentlemen...hailing from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida ...he is the Happiest Guy On Earth.... ALAN CLARK!


(Clark makes his way into the ring, and immediately walks around the ring, giving the referee, Funyon, Spike, and Manson a handshake. Clark walks over to the corner Dominic is standing in, and offers his hand, but Dominic responds with a huge bear like clothesline to Clark's chest, knocking him to the mat.)


Annie: And this match is underway!


*Ding Ding Ding*


Ejiro: Nice clothesline from Dominic!


Annie: It was a cheap shot! Alan Clark only wanted a handshake. That isn't fair!


(Alan quickly rolls out of the way before getting attacked by the beast some more, as Manson quickly charges in with elbows to the face of Dominic. Dominic simply shoves them off, and pushes Manson backwards and to the mat. Spike does the exact same as Manson, but with kicks to Dominic's legs. Dominic easily no sells any of them, and grabs Spike by the face, and pushes him backwards and to the mat as well. Clark, back up to his feet after the clothesline, tries his luck against Dominic, with punches to the head, but like the other two, Dominic just shrugs them off and pushes Clark backwards and to the mat!)


Judge: What a monster! Dominic Korgath took the incoming assault from Manson, Spike, and Alan Clark, and simply threw them away!


Annie: This match is obviously not going to last long if things keep going the way they are.


(Manson gets back up to his feet, and again charges at Dominic with some elbows to the head. Dominic starts to stumble backwards, and with the advantage he has, Manson backs up, and spins around, aiming at Dominic's head with a Roaring Elbow, but Dominic wraps his huge arms around Manson's body before he can get the elbow in. Dominic lifts Manson off the ground, and slams Manson back first into the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Dominic pulls himself up off the ground, and turns around, as Spike goes for a superkick, aiming at the jaw of the giant! But the monster sees it coming, and catches the foot of Spike Jenkins! Dominick spins Spike around, and grabs him around the waist, lifting him into the air, and driving him down into the mat back first with a Side Walk Slam! Dominic gets off the mat and slowly makes his way to his feet, out of breath from all the pounding he has been doing. Clark, finally back up to his feet, goes after Dominic again, this time with knife edge chops to the chest. Clark charges into the ropes in front of Dominic, trying to get a full head of steam, and comes running back at Korgath, but is stopped dead in his tracks by a big boot to the face. Clark lies on the mat, holding his face, as Dominic leaps into the air with a giant leg drop the comes crashing down on Clark's chest!)




Annie: Dominic has been man handling all three of his opponents with ease!


Ejiro: That's why he is my pick to win this match, Annie!


(Dominic rolls off of Alan Clark, and gets up to his feet. Manson, just getting up from the previous Belly to Belly Suplex, also gets up to his feet, charges at Dominic, and dives low with a dropkick to Dominic's right knee! Dominic stumbles around, as Manson gets back up to his feet, and hits another basement dropkick to Dominic's right knee, knocking Dominic to one knee! Manson gets up to his feet, and looks around the raving crowd, as he starts slapping his leg, signaling for the Yakuza Kick! Manson runs into the ropes behind Dominic, and charges full speed into the opposite ropes. Manson comes charging at Dominic, ready to throw his boot into the air and connect it with the monster's mask, but Dominic explodes off his knee, and hits a massive Clothesline from Hell that knocks Manson inside out!)


Judge: Manson had the opportunity, and went for the Yakuza Kick, that will knock out ANYONE, but Dominic Korgath saw it coming, and caught Manson with a Clothesline from Hell!


(Manson rolls away as Dominic gets to his feet, still feeling the effects of those dropkicks to the knee. Spike, back up to his feet, runs towards Dominic, and leaps off the mat, connecting with a Standing Enzuguri to the back of Dominic's head! Dominic stumbles forward, and eventually falls to one knee! Spike, quickly jumps to his feet, and charges into the ropes at full speed. Spike bounces back towards Dominic, and looks to be going for a Dangerous Wizard, but Dominic again explodes off his knee, catching Spike around the waist, and spinning him around, before driving him back first into the mat with the Black Hole Slam (Spinning Bossman Slam)!! Dominic gets up to his feet, and leaps into the air, before dropping down with all his weight, crushing the chest of Spike Jenkins with a Big Splash~! Dominic stays on top of Spike, going for the cover!!)




















(Alan Clark stops the count!)


Ejiro: Why would Alan Clark stop the pin on Spike Jenkins? This is a elimination match!


Annie: If Spike get's eliminated, it will be two on one against the big monster that is Dominic Korgath. Alan Clark is just trying to keep the odds in the small guys favor.


Judge: She does have a point, Ejiro. It would be easier to eliminate the giant Dominic with three smaller guys, then two.


Ejiro: Yeah, that's for pointing that out, J. You suck bag.


Judge: Still upset about Ashes to Ashes?




Annie: Feeling bad about talking smack about Wildchild, eh?


Ejiro: Annie, you didn't do too well at Ashes to Ashes either!


Annie: Yeah, well, at least I didn't lose in the main event!


Ejiro: Yeah, you lost in the opening match!


Annie: Back to the match!


(Clark continues stomping away at Dominic, as Dominic gets to his feet. Clark goes for a kick to the stomach, but Dominic catches his foot! With no where to go, Clark leaps into the air, and connects with a kick to the back of Dominic's head, knocking him to one knee with a Enzuguri! Clark rolls out onto the ring apron, and gets to his feet, clutching the top rope, waiting for the big man to get to his feet. Dominic gets to his feet, shaking the confusion out of his head, as he turns towards Clark, who springboards up onto the top rope from the apron, and dives towards the giant!)




(As Judge called it, Clark went for his springboard DDT, but Korgath also called it, and catches Clark by his throat in mid-air, spins around, and choke slams Clark straight into the mat!!!!)


Judge: Spinning Choke slam onto a mid-air Alan Clark!


(Dominic sense someone getting up behind him, and hobbles back up to his feet. He turns around, and finds out he was right, as Manson is getting up after the Clothesline from Hell. Dominic grabs Manson by his head, and pulls him in between his legs, setting up for a power bomb. But before Dominic can wrap his arms around Manson's waist, Manson drops down, and hits a uppercut to the groin of Dominic Korgath!)




Annie: But the only way you can get eliminated is by pinfall, submission, or tossed over the top rope. Nothing about disqualification!


Ejiro: Annie, when I want your opinion, I'll just take my opinion, and make it wrong.


Annie: That doesn't make sense....


Ejiro: To me it does.


(Manson stands up, staring down at the big man who is down on one knee. Manson grabs Dominic by the back of his head, and starts ramming stiff knee shots into the center of the giant's face! Over and over and over again! After about the fifth shot, the crowd starts chanting along with him!)





















(Manson lets go of the beast, and quickly turns around, and charges into the ropes, while Dominic just stands there on one knee. Manson bounces off the ropes, and comes running back at Dominic. Manson leaps up onto Dominic's knee, and smashes his knee into Dominic's face with a Shining Wizard~! Dominic falls backwards, into a sitting position in the corner. Manson looks around the audience, jumping up and down, getting his blood going, as he runs a circle in the ring, and charges into the corner, DRIVING his knee into the face of Dominic Korgath! Manson jumps out of the corner, and gives out a blood curdling scream, as the crowd starts up their "MANSON...MANSON...MANSON" chant!!!!)




Judge: Some of the stiffest shots I have ever seen just took place in that ring!




Ejirio: Oh no, Dominic was my pick for this match!


(Manson turns back to the corner, and starts screaming at Dominic to get to his feet. Dominic crawls out of the corner, and slowly gets to his feet. Manson, does a quick spin, and nails a vicious Roaring Elbow, connecting with the side of Dominic's head!! Dominic stumbles backwards into the ropes, but bounces off them and stumbles around some more. Manson turns towards the opposite ropes, and charges full speed into them. Manson bounces off the ropes, and charges towards Dominic. Manson throws his right boot into the air, and connects with a huge Yakuza Kick, nailing Dominic square in the face! Dominic stumbles back into the ropes, and both Spike Jenkins and Alan Clark charge at him from opposite sides, and hit a double clothesline....THAT SENDS DOMINIC KORGATH OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!)


Annie: Spike Jenkins and Alan Clark eliminate Dominic Korgath with the little help of a Manson sized-Yakuza Kick!


Ejiro: That Manson! He is my pick to win this match!


Annie: You said it was Dominic!


Ejiro: Annie, what are you talking about?


Funyon: Dominic Korgath....HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!


Annie: It is now down to Spike Jenkins, Manson, and Alan Clark! Who will walk away victorious?


Ejiro: Manson, of course. He is my pick after all.


(All three men have a little celebration, before looking around the ring at one another, now knowing that only one of them will win this match. All three men begin to circle around the ring, eyeing each other, making sure no one goes for anything sneaky. Out of no where, Alan Clark charges at Manson, and hits him with a quick boot to the gut. Clark starts pounding away on Manson's back, when Spike Jenkins comes up from behind, and nails Clark with an elbow to the back of the head. Clark stumbles away, but Manson and Spike stay right on him. Manson and Spike pound away on the back of the head of Clark with rights and left’s. Spike tells Manson to go into the corner, and Manson does so, as Spike lifts Clark up onto his shoulders, Death Valley Driver style, though with a little bit of struggle after the Big Splash that he received earlier from Dominic Korgath. Spike flips Clark over his shoulders, and drops down with him onto the mat with a neck breaker/DVD combo.)


Judge: The Spotlight by Spike Jenkins! Manson and Spike working pretty well together, but how long will it last?


(Manson climbs up to the middle rope, and looks down at the fallen Disney sponsored wrestler. Manson leaps off the ropes, and drops down across the chest/neck area of Clark with a leg drop!)


Judge: Second rope leg drop by Manson!


(Before Manson can get to his feet though, Spike unleashes a stiff kick straight to the face of Manson, that causes a loud SNAP sound to echo off of Manson's face. Manson falls straight back, holding his face, as Spike drops down for the cover.)





















THRE.....NO! Manson kicks out!


Annie: Close call there, from The Hate Machine.


(Spike grabs Manson by the boot, and drags him into the center of the ring. Spike leaps up into the air, and hits a spinning 420 leg drop, keeping Manson down on the mat. Spike gets up to his feet, and looks around the audience, as he signals for the Rolling Thunder. On the other side of the ring, Alan Clark begins to make his way to his feet, as Spike bounces into the ropes. Spike charges back towards Manson, and dives to the ground doing a little roll. As Spike jumps out of the roll, and leaps into the air for the flipping senton, Alan Clark jumps out of no where, doing a cartwheel while Spike did the roll, and leaping into the air, connecting with a big kick to the side of Spike's head as he went for the senton, stopping the Rolling Thunder with a Tidal Wave~! The crowd goes insane for this, and a small "Holy Shit...Holy Shit...Holy Shit" chant breaks out!!)




(Alan pulls Spike away from the ropes, and drops down, hooking the leg for the cover!!!)


















THRE........NO!!!!! Spike gets a shoulder up!


Annie: Spike just getting a shoulder up at two and three/fourths!


Ejiro: This match could go anyway right now. All three men are exhausted after the beating they received from Dominic Korgath!


(Clark gets up to his feet, but before he can continue his attack on Spike, Manson pops up from behind, and wraps his arms around Clark's waist, looking for a German Suplex! Clark struggles to not go over, and throws back a couple of elbows to the head, that stun Manson. Clark, escapes from the waist lock, and grabs Manson around the waist with his own, going for a Germany Suplex! Clark tries to lift Manson, but Manson blocks it with his own elbows. Clark releases his waist lock, as Manson spins around into his own, but instead of going for a German Suplex, Manson quickly spins Clark around, and gives him a boot to the gut. Manson locks Clark in a front face lock, and ducks his head under Clark's arm. Manson lifts Clark straight into the air, holding him up in a stalling suplex!)


Judge: Manson going for the Mind Bender here on Alan Clark!


Annie: A big impact move here! If he hits it, that can mean an elimination for Alan Clark!


(Manson goes to drop down, but Spike gets up to his feet, and hits a quick basement dropkick, that hits Manson in the knee/ankle area, sending both Manson AND Alan Clark face first into the mat!! Some of the members in the crowd rise up from their seats, and start applauding the three men in the ring for their ring work, as all three of them lie on the mat, trying to catch a breath.)


Judge: Manson was going for that sit out suplex he calls the Mind Bender, but Spike helped sit him out with that dropkick to the knee. Spike, the ring veteran, knew that he can take both men out with one shot, and that is that he did!


(With all three men down, the referee isn't sure what to do, as he can't count them out. After a few moments, Spike begins to roll around, and starts to get to his feet. As he is about to get to his feet, Manson slowly rises to his as well. Spike pushes Manson back into the ropes, and goes for a high roundhouse kick, but Manson ducks under neath it. Manson grabs Spike around the waist, and lifts him up, and drops him backwards OVER THE TOP ROPE........









Annie: Close call there from Spike! Almost got eliminated from that belly to back suplex over the top rope!


(Spike ducks his head in between the ropes, and dives through with a shoulder block, hitting Manson's lower back, and knocking Manson to the mat. Manson holds his back in pain, as a newly awaken Alan Clark runs towards the ropes facing Manson, leaps onto the middle rope, and springboards backwards with a Lion-Sault, that nails Manson on the lower back again!! Clark rolls into the middle of the ring, as Spike slingshots over the top rope, and comes down crashing with a knee to the lower back of Manson! Manson screams out in pain, as he holds his back!)


Ejiro: Great team work from Spike Jenkins and Alan Clark! Both of them going after the lower back of Manson!


(Alan Clark doesn't hesitate to keep on the attack, as he reaches down, and grabs Manson by his hair, pulling him up to his feet. Clark stuffs Manson's head in between his legs, and hooks Manson's arms back. Clark lifts Manson straight up into the air, and drives him down back first into the mat with a Tiger Bomb!!!!)


Judge: 3 O'Count Parade to Manson! That is Alan Clark's finishing maneuver, and it further damages the back!


Ejiro: But look, Clark isn't done yet!


(Clark grabs Manson's legs, and lifts them into the air, wrapping them around one of his free legs. Clark locks Manson's legs around his, and spins over, turning Manson with him, and locking Manson in a Sharpshooter!!! Manson starts throwing his arms around wildly, screaming in pain, as Clark pulls back on the hold!!!)


Judge: Good strategy by Alan Clark! Manson's back is weak, and what better way to eliminate him then to make him tap out to a move that goes after the back?


Annie: That is right, Judge. But what is Spike doing?


(Spike walks over to Manson and Clark, and steps over the open half of Manson's body. Spike leans down, and wraps his left arm around Manson's face, and uses his free arm to lock up Manson's right arm. Spike has Manson locked in The Silver Lining while Alan Clark has him locked in the Sharpshooter!!!!! Spike lifts Manson into the air, and Manson isn't even touching the mat anymore, has his free arm is the only thing that is being able to move on his whole body!!!!! THE CROWD RISES TO AN UPROAR, AND START CLAPPING FOR THE INNOVATIVE SUBMISSION, AS MANSON TAPS OUT!!! MANSON TAPS OUT!!! MANSON TAPS OUT TO THE SHARPSHOOTER/SILVER LINING!!!!!




Annie: The match is now down to Alan Clark and Spike Jenkins! They both used their patent submission moves, and made Manson tap out!


Ejiro: My money is on Spike! He was my pick since the beginning!


Annie: YOU LIAR!


(Spike and Clark release their hold, and let Manson roll out of the ring to the floor. Clark, thinking that him and Spike were going to give each a few minutes to get their breath, but as soon as he turns around, he dodges out of the way of a quick right hand from Spike aimed at his face. Clark dodges a left hand, as Spike uses his martial arts background, and spins backwards, hitting a low roundhouse kick to the back of Clark's legs, knocking him back first onto the mat. Spike gets up to his feet, and charges towards the ropes, as Clark gets up onto one knee. Spike leaps up onto Clark's knee, and smashes his knee into the side of Clark's face, nailing a SHINING WIZARD~! Spike falls on top of Clark, and hooks the leg!)
















THRE......NO! Clark gets a shoulder up!



Judge: Spike Jenkins, pulling out a Shining Wizard, not what he usually does, as he usually pulls out his version, the Dangerous Wizard.


Annie: Either way, Spike almost had the three count, but Clark just gets a shoulder up!


(Spike looks at the referee in shock, expecting that to be a three count, but quickly gets back on his game. Spike gets to his feet, and grabs Clark by his hair, pulling him to his feet as well. Spike turns Clark around, and wraps his arm around Clark's neck, in a Reverse DDT position. Spike waves his arm over Clark, signaling for the Roll the Joint!!! Some of the crowd cheer, but most of them boo, as they are behind Clark for being the hometown boy. Spike spins around, attempting to drive Clark face first into the mat, but Clark catches Spike before he can drop down! Clark holds Spike in a reverse DDT position, before spinning around, driving Spike head first into the mat with a Spinning Reverse DDT!!! Clark hooks the leg, as the crowd counts along with the count!!)































NOOOO! Spike kicks out!!



(Clark looks up, stunned that he didn't get the pin!)


Ejiro: Spinning Reverse DDT couldn't keep my boy down! Spike is going to take this home!


Annie: I don't know about that. If Alan Clark can keep his advantage that he just got, then he can come out the victor in this contest!


Ejiro: Spike! Just throw him over the top rope! Come on man!


(Clark gets up to his feet, leaning down and grabbing Spike by the hair, and pulling him up to his feet. Clark stuffs Spike's head in between his legs, and hooks his arms back, setting up for the 3'O Count Parade!! The crowd sees it coming, and start cheering! But Spike sees it coming too, and unhooks his arms, and pulls himself out of it! Spike, still holding Clark's arm, pulls him in towards Spike, as Spike ducks underneath Clark's arm, while hooking his arm over Clark's shoulder. Spike goes to lift Clark up for the Highlighter!!!, but Clark hits a back elbow that knocks Spike off of him. Spike holds his head, shaking the cobwebs out, as Clark spins Spike around. Clark ducks underneath's Spike's arm, and hooks his arm over Spike's shoulder, ATTEMPTING HIS OWN HIGHLIGHTER!!!! BUT SPIKE HITS A BACK ELBOW THAT KNOCKS CLARK AWAY!!! Clark turns back to Spike, who hits him with a quick boot to the gut. Spike pulls Clark in, and tucks Clark's head in between his legs. Spike double underhooks both of Clark's arms, and GOES FOR HIS OWN 3'O COUNT PARADE, but Clark lifts his head up, back dropping Spike! Spike falls onto the mat, but grabs onto Clark's waist, and pulls him down for a sunset flip!!! Before the referee can make the count, Clark rolls out of it, as does Spike!!!)


Annie: Look at these two go! Non-stop action as they went for their own finisher, then went for the other's finisher, and both of them get nothing!


(Both jump to their feet, but Clark makes the first move as he goes for a clothesline. Spike ducks this, but hooks Clark's arm, and quickly gets back to back with Clark. Spike hooks Clark's other arm, and starts to pull him down for a backslide, BUT CLARK UNHOOKS HIMSELF AND TURNS HIM AND SPIKE AROUND!!! Clark hits a quick kick to the gut, and pulls the bent over Spike in between his legs!! CLARK DOUBLE UNDERHOOKS SPIKE'S ARMS, AND AGAIN GOES FOR THE 3'O COUNT PARADE, BUT SPIKE LIFTS HIS HEAD, AND BACKDROPS CLARK!! BUT JUST LIKE SPIKE, CLARK GRABS A HOLD OF SPIKE'S WAIST, AND GOES TO PULL HIM DOWN WITH A SUNSET FLIP, BUT SPIKE DROPS DOWN ONTO CLARK'S HEAD!!! CLARK TRIES TO USE HIS LEGS TO PULL SPIKE OVER, BUT SPIKE HOOKS BOTH OF CLARK'S LEGS, AND HOLDS THEM DOWN INTO A ROLL UP!!!!!)


























(Spike lets go of the hold, as he falls onto his face, and Clark sits up, a look of shock on his face. Some of the crowd cheer, but some boo, but most of them applaud the efforts of all four men in this match.)


Funyon: Here is your winner of the Four Way Dance...."HOLLYWOOD" SPIKE JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!


("Not Today" starts up again, as Spike and Clark begin to make their way to their feet.)


Annie: Spike pulls up the win!




Annie: Shut up, Ejiro!


Judge: Spike getting the cradle on Clark, and hooking both legs to keep Clark down for the surprise three count.


Annie: A well fought win for Spike Jenkins!




(Clark grabs Spike by the shoulder, and spins him around. Spike looks straight at Clark, as Clark stares back. The crowd is in an uproar, waiting to see what happens, as both Clark, and Spike look around at the fans. After a few moments, Clark puts his hand out, wanting Spike to shake it!!! Spike gives Clark a nod, and gives his hand as well, as the two men shake hands!! The crowd starts cheering for both men, as they release their hold on each other, and Clark quietly exits the ring. Spike turns towards the corner, and climbs up onto the middle rope, holding both arms in the air in victory.)




Annie: Why? These two men went at it with two other great superstars, and gave it their all, but Spike came out the better man tonight!


Ejiro: Yeah...but a handshake? What happened to the good ol' cheap shot?


Annie: (sigh) Anyway, up next, we have a very special main event, as The Fans Bring The Weapons, with the SJL World Heavyweight Title on the line, as the SJL Champion, Aecas defends against Landon "La Cucaracha” Maddix!! Stay turned for more action from SJL Metal!!


(Spike rolls out of the ring, and hops the guard rail, and celebrates with the fans, as SJL Metal goes to a commercial break.)

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The opening triple elimination is nice......the three littler guys taking out the big man...


it's not called a TIGER BOMB...there is no such move..it's a Tiger DRIVER...yeesh...


also......i don't think any wrestler is dumb enough to break up a pin in an elimination match... i just saw that Clark breaks up one earlier on...


now... Dominic might do that...because of the "inexperience" his character has...and may do it out of habit or something...but Clark has 4-5 years of experience and understands that if he has to do something to win he will do it...


Grr...just tooting my own horn again...


the ending sequence with the trading of finishers was pretty good...




all in all the match is very spot driven...which while fine for most battle royals... especially Over The Top Elimination Only ones... this match has a place for pscyhology due to the pinfall/submission aspect of it all...


...I had alot of crazy spots too...but alot of them also lead somewhere... sorry...



had it been a strict Over The Top Battle Royal...my match would have been a highlight reel of bodies shooting everywhere...and Dominic would have went out first (with the double superkick I used in my match)


Me and you did have many similiar elements:


Spike/Clark working together to take out Korgath

Groups forgetting heel/face alignment to work together...only for everything to go awry


...basically alot of standard stuff...



the only thing i can guess is that my extra psychology put me over the top... (no pun intended)

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I pointed out in the commentary that Clark stopped the pin so that it wouldn't be Two on One with the Big man, and they would have a better chance of eliminating Dominic with Three on One.



Yes, it was very spotty. I didn't really enjoy my match either.

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I know what you are saying and i saw that...



the other thing is people don't realize that Korgath's vitality is only a FOUR... a few good shots (even from littler guys) would take him down... so all of his matches (especially with little guys) turn into Speed vs. Strength... that's what my match with him on Crimson was based around...




...at least you showed for once...

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I think I brought out his vitality when Manson only got a few stiff shots in, which knocked Dominic around. If Dominic's vitality was at 10, a low blow, a shining wizard, a knee to the face, a roaring elbow, and a Yakuza kick wouldn't have taken him down so easy.

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