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  1. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Leena's Victory Celebration.

    I really don't understand how so much drama can surround a message board.
  2. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    CS2C Comments Thread

    You know, comment on the show. And maybe predict stuff.
  3. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Dead Like Me Cancelled?

    I just saw the movie and the only thing I really liked out of it was the closure for George/Reggie. Everything else wasn't so great. I also like how everyone was hating on Weeds before it even debuted because Dead Like Me got canceled. How wrong we were.
  4. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    oh, the rest of this season is going to be amazing.
  5. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Box Office Report April 3-5

    $72 million for Vin Diesel and Paul Walker? PAUL WALKER?!?
  6. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    TSM Moments that made you laugh and smile.

    How do you burn a CD without a CD burner? And the years I've spent in the SWF.
  7. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    Guys, don't bring the drama down here.
  8. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    You also have to consider the type of character Ben is. Nobody imagined that he would be the sadistic leader that he is when they thought his name was Henry Gale.
  9. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    How do we know for sure Ben didn't recognize Sayid, or any of the 815 survivors, back when they had Ben captured?
  10. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Favorite Twitter Pages

    twitter.com/alexalbrecht & twitter.com/kevinrose - Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose of Diggnation twitter.com/martinsargent - Martin Sargent twitter.com/sarahlane - Sarah Lane Basically, I follow all the TechTV alumni.
  11. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Xbox 360

    RE5. It shouldn't take you long to beat.
  12. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    How I Met Your Mother

    Robin in rave clothes was hot.
  13. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    Undertaker feuds are a lot more interesting when he is getting his ass kicked every week.
  14. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    HBK has a lazy eye and no sound.
  15. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    How I Met Your Mother

    Theres a Teen Wolf on the court!