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HBK/Mankind, Piper/Orton, Snuka/Slaughter

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Details, finishes, corrections, additions welcome.


WWWF @ Washington DC - November 21, 1968

Teleivsion taping:


Spiros Arion defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna

WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeataed the Black Shadow

Bull Ramos defeated Pete Sanchez

Dominic DeNucci defeated Chuck Adcock

Virgil the Kentucky Butcher defeated Pete Sanchez

Rocky Fitzpatrick defeated Johnny Rodz

Haystacks Calhoun & Spiros Arion defeated Lou Albano & Tony Altimore


WWWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - November 21, 1975

WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Blackjack Mulligan


WWWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - November 21, 1977

Ken Patera defeated Dewey Robertson

Stan Stasiak defeated Dominic DeNucci

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Johnny Rivera

Dusty Rhodes defeated Butcher Vachon

Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Tony Garea & Larry Zbyzsko

Peter Miavia defeated WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham via count-out


WWWF @ Allentown, PA - November 21, 1978

Television taping:

Tony Garea & Larry Zbyzsko defeated WWWF Tag Team Champions the Yukon Lumberjacks (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) to win the titles; after the match, Albano fired his team for losing the championship

Crusher Blackwell defeated Dave Darrow

Ernie Ladd defeated Charlie Brown

Ivan Putski defeated Mark Pole


Andre the Giant defeated Johnny Rodz & Frank Rodriguez in a handicap match

Ivan Koloff defeated Frankie Williams

Ernie Ladd defeated SD Jones

Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Jose Estrada

Ivan Putski defeated Mark Masters


Greg Valentine (w/ the Grand Wizard) defeated Steve King via submission with the figure-4 (Valentine's debut)

Ivan Putski defeated the Great Sabu

Jimmy & Johnny Valiant (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) defeated SD Jones & Frankie Williams (Valiants' return match)

Ivan Koloff defeated Tony Russo

WWWF Tag Team Champions Tony Garea & Larry Zbyzsko defeated Johnny Rodz & Silvano Sousa in a non-title match


Steve Travis defeated Frank Rodriguez

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Freddy Marzino


WWF @ Belleville, NJ - November 21, 1980

Included Rick McGraw and Tony Garea


WWF @ Franklin High School - November 21, 1980

Included Pedro Morales


St. Louis, MO - Kiel Auditorium - November 21, 1980

Roger Kirby & Mike George defeated Eddie Gilbert & Akio Sato

Bulldog Brown defeated Art Crews

Takachio & Buzz Tyler defeated Pat O'Connor & Rufus R. Jones

Dick Murdoch fought Bruiser Brody to a no contest

WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Bob Sweetan

Dick the Bruiser defeated Ric Flair in a lumberjack match

Ted Dibiase defeated Missouri State & WWF IC Champion Ken Patera to win the Missouri title


WWF @ Baltimore, MD - Civic Center - November 21, 1981

The Haiti Kid pinned Little Boy Blue

Johnny Rodz pinned Steve King

SD Jones pinned Jose Estrada

Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeated Hans Schroeder & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Mr. Saito pinned Dominic DeNucci

Mr. Fuji pinned Curt Hennig

Mil Mascaras pinned the Masked Executioner

Dusty Rhodes defeated Angelo Mosca via disqualification

WWF IC Champion Don Muraco defeated Tony Atlas via count-out

Greg Valentine defeated WWF World Champion Bob Backlund via disqualification


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - November 21, 1983

Salvatore Bellomo defeated Butcher Vachon

Tito Santana defeated Don Kernodle

WWF IC Champion Don Muraco defeated Iron Mike Sharpe

The Invaders defeated Mr. Fuji & Rene Goulet

The Wild Samoans defeated Rocky Johnson & SD Jones

The Iron Sheik defeated Tony Garea

Tony Atlas defeated Big John Studd

Jimmy Snuka fought Sgt. Slaughter to a draw

Pat Patterson defeated Ivan Koloff via count-out

WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated the Masked Superstar


WWF @ White Plains, NY - Westchester County Civic Center - November 21, 1984

Rocky Johnson defeated AJ Petruzzi

David Schultz defeated Rick McGraw

Moondog Spot defeated Salvatore Bellomo

Bret Hart defeated Moondog Rex

WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine fought Tito Santana to a double count-out


WWF @ San Diego, CA - November 21, 1985

Dan Spivey defeated Terry Gibbs

The Spoiler defeated Tony Garea

Pedro Morales defeated Alexi Smirnoff

Bob Orton Jr. defeated Scott McGee

Randy Savage defeated Mr. Wrestling II

Paul Orndorff defeated Terry Funk via disqualification

WWF Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake defeated Ivan Putski & Mike Rotundo


WWF @ Newcastle, Australia - Sports & Entertainment Center - November 21, 1985

Included the Junkyard Dog, the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell, the Tiger, Adrian Adonis, Iron Mike Sharpe, Les Thornton, SD Jones, Tony Parisi, & Tiger Chung Lee


WWF @ Launceston, Australia - International Velodrome - November 21, 1985

Included the Junkyard Dog, the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell, the Tiger, Adrian Adonis, Iron Mike Sharpe, Les Thornton, SD Jones, Tony Parisi, & Tiger Chung Lee


WWF @ Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Arena - November 21, 1986

Hillbilly Jim defeated Jimmy Jack Funk

Billy Jack Haynes defeated Steve Lombardi

Roddy Piper defeated Bob Orton Jr.

Don Muraco defeated George Steele via disqualification

Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine defeated the Islanders

Hercules defeated Koko B. Ware

Kamala defeated Pedro Morales via disqualification


WWF @ Providence, RI - Civic Center - November 21, 1990


WWF @ Utica, NY - November 21, 1990


WWF @ Tampa, FL - November 21, 1992


WWF @ Richmond, VA - Coliseum - November 21, 1992


WWF @ Hartford, CT - Civic Center - November 21, 1993

Adam Bomb defeated the 1-2-3 Kid

Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Johnny Polo & WWF Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau

Diesel defeated Bob Backlund

WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated the Undertaker

WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated IRS

The Headshrinkers defeated SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock 'n' Roll Express in a non-title match

Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga via disqualification


USWA @ Memphis, TN - November 21, 1994

Mabel defeated USWA Champion Sid Vicious via disqualification


WWF @ Salisbury, MD - November 21, 1995

WWF Superstars taping:


WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Skip & Rad Radford


WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated Ken Raper

King Mabel defeated Dave Thornberg & Jerry Morrow in a handicap match

Ahmed Johnson defeated Jason Ahrnt

Owen Hart defeated Matt Hardy

Duke Drose defeated Reginald Walker

Psycho Sid & the 1-2-3 Kid defeated Hakushi & Barry Horowitz


Diesel defeated Rad Radford

Davey Boy Smith defeated Al Phillips

Yokozuna defeated John Chrystal

Dean Douglas defeated Tony Williams

Action Zone - 12/10/95: Savio Vega vs. Bob Backlund

WWF Superstars:


Goldust defeated Aldo Montoya

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Titus Dunning

WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty defeated Jerry Faith & Jason Ahrndt

Skip defeated Rich Myers

Action Zone - 12/17/95: Ahmed Johnson defeated Isaac Yankem DDS


WWF @ Montreal, Quebec - Molson Centre - November 22, 1996

Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated Leif Cassidy (sub. for Davey Boy Smith) & WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart after Henry hit the Slop Drop on Owen

Barry Windham pinned Bob Holly with the superplex

Farooq pinned Aldo Montoya with a powerslam

The Undertaker pinned Vader with a chokeslam

The Sultan defeated Carl LeDuc with the Camel Clutch

Rocky Miavia pinned Goldust with the shoulder breaker

WWF World Champion Psycho Sid pinned Steve Austin with the powerbomb

Billy Gunn pinned Bart Gunn with his feet on the ropes

Marc Mero defeated WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley via disqualification when Mero attempted to use the title belt as a weapon; the champion had previously hit Mero with the title belt but the referee didn’t see it

Shawn Michaels pinned Mankind with the superkick


WWF @ Greensboro, NC - Coliseum - November 22, 1997

Taka Michinoku pinned Brian Christopher

Crush, Chainz, Sull, & 8-Ball defeated Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Jesus Castillo, & Jose Estrada

Ahmed Johnson pinned the Sultan

Marc Mero pinned Flash Funk

Kane pinned Vader

WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom defeated Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg

Mark Henry pinned D-Lo Brown

Dude Love (w/ Steve Austin) pinned Rocky Miavia (w/ the Nation) in falls count anywhere match

Ken Shamrock defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley

The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels via disqualification when Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna interfered


WWF @ Anaheim, CA - Arrowhead Pond - November 21, 1998

The Oddities defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor

Edge & Gangrel defeated the DOA after Paul Elloring's interference backfired

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Christian & WWF Woman's Champion Sable defeated Marc Mero & Jackie when Sable pinned Jackie with the Sable Bomb

WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Mankind in a No DQ match with a belly to belly suplex; only the IC title was on the line

Steve Blackman pinned the Blue Blazer with a roll up

Val Venis pinned Goldust with a roll up

WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry after Gunn hit D-Lo with one of the belts

Steve Austin defeated Kane, the Undertaker, and WWF World Champion the Rock in a non-title match by pinning Rock with the Stunner; the Big Bossman was the guest referee but Earl Hebner made the pinfall


WWF @ Syracuse, NY - November 22, 1999

Joe E Legend defeated an unknown

Tom Howard defeated Papi Chulo

Brian Anthony defeated Paul Atlas

Mideon defeated Lou Marconi

D-Lo Brown defeated Shawn Stasiak

The Headbangers defeated Taka Michinoku & Sho Fuanki

Raw is War:

Crash & Hardcore Holly defeated Mankind & Al Snow when Crash pinned Snow following a dropkick from Hardcore as Snow attempted the Snow Plow on Crash

Kurt Angle pinned Mark Henry with the Angle Slam

Chris Jericho pinned the Godfather with the Lionsault

Edge & Christian defeated the Dudley Boyz when D-Von was pinned

X-Pac (w/ WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) pinned Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy & Terri Runnels) with the X-Factor after Gunn and Road Dogg interfered

WWF World Champion the Big Show defeated Kane (mystery opponent) via count-out when the challenger attacked Viscera on the floor, who had chased Tori to ringside; after the bout, Show hit a powerslam on Viscera

Too Cool defeated Val Venis & WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith via disqualification when the Mean Street Posse attacked Too Cool after Venis walked out of the match; after the bout, Rikishi made the save and danced with Too Cool

Test pinned WWF Tag Team Champion the Road Dogg after interference from guest referee Shane McMahon

The Rock & Mankind defeated WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman & Albert when Mankind made the pin after the Rock Bottom / People's Elbow combo from the Rock; the bout was originally a 2-on-1 handicap match but Mankind came to the Rock's aid mid-way through the contest

Triple H fought the Acolytes to a no contest in a no holds barred handicap match after Vince McMahon prevented Triple H from leaving ringside, hit him with a chair, and threw him off the stage; prematch stipulations stated that if any member of DX interfered in the match they would be suspended for 30 days


WWF @ Ft. Lauderdale, FL - November 21, 2000

Just Joe pinned Pete Gas

Rodney pinned an unknown

Sunday Night Heat:

Edge (w/Christian) pinned Al Snow with the Edge-o-matic after Snow becamed distracted by Christian

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ Lita) when Malenko pinned Matt following a Saturn elbow drop off the top

WWF Tag Team Champions Bull Buchanan & the Goodfather (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Ivory) defeated Too Cool when Buchanan pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with a shoulder breaker following a low blow

Smackdown! - aired on Thanksgiving:

Billy Gunn pinned WWF IC Champion Eddie Guerrero to win the title with the Cobra Clutch slam

Test & Albert (w/ Trish Stratus) defeated Hardcore & Crash Holly in a hardcore match after Albert ran Crash into a big boot from Test

Val Venis pinned K-Kwick after Steven Richards interfered and hit the Steven Kick as the Road Dogg battled the other members of RTC on the floor

The Rock defeated WWF European Champion William Regal in a non-title match via submission with the Sharpshooter; after the match, the Rock further attacked Regal by hitting the Rock Bottom; Rikishi looked on from the rampway for much of the contest

Raven pinned Tazz with the DDT

Molly Holly pinned Trish Stratus with the Molly-Go-Round

Chris Jericho & Steve Austin fought Kane & Chris Benoit to a no contest when a frustrated Austin hit the Stunner on Earl Hebner before doing the same to Benoit and Kane

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