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Zack Malibu

OAOAST HeldDOWN~! 11/27/03

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Gobble gobble, OAOAST fans! Holiday season is upon, which means another rendition of Season's Beatings, OAOAST Style! On this day of thanks, we give thanks to you for sticking with HeldDOWN~! and making us the highly ranked wrestling extravaganza that we are!




PYRO~! (no, not the X-Men character) EXPLODES within the confines of The Pond in Anaheim, California, as OAOAST HeldDOWN~! is on the air. After scanning the crowd of rabid fans anxiously awaiting tonight's action, our cameras pan over to "Sofa Central", where our fearless commentary crew awaits viewers nationwide. Take it away...




Michael "The Pilgrim" Cole and Cheif Drooling Coach~!



Hello everyone, and welcome to HeldDOWN~! Best wishes to you and yours on this great Thanksgiving holiday. I'm Michael Cole, alongside the missing Village People member Jonathan Coachman.



Hey! Like your outfit is any better than mine. You look like you should be churning butter.



Those weren't pilgrims, you gimp. The Amish do that.



Well, duh. I knew that. I was just seeing if YOU knew that!



Fans, what a tremendous show we have tonight. Northstar has...






"Wake me up,

Wake me up inside,

I can't wake up

Wake me up inside,

Save me...

Call my name and save me from the dark..."


"Bring Me To Life" interrupts tonight's introduction, as ZACK MALIBU, clad as always in the finest apparrel, heads to the ring to a huge pop. Looking more determined than his usual jovial self, Zack heads down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans along the way.



Looks like we're not going to be wasting any time here tonight!



This is a good thing. Who wants to hear you drone on?



The same people who don't want to hear you drooling over Crystal.



Crystal? WHERE!?


Zack steps into the ring, doing a brief pose before requesting the mic from HeldDOWN~! ring announcer extradordinaire Michael Buffer. As his Evanescence theme dies out, a large cheer breaks out, with Zack chants filling the building.



Michael Cole, Coach, sorry to cut you guys off.



That's ok Zack.






First and foremost, I want to wish everyone here and at home a great Thanksgiving, and a happy holiday season. You know, there are some of us you love in this company, and some of us you hate, but I will tell you that without a doubt, no matter if you cheer or boo a certain person, each and every person in that locker room gives you one hundred and ten percent day in and day out, and on this day of thanks I want to thank you, and the OAOAST wants to thank you for making us what we are. So if you're going to cheer for anyone tonight, make sure to do it for yourselves. You people are the reason we're here, you're the reason why I do this. You push us, you make us strive to do our best, and for that you deserve applause.




He's absolutely right, Coach. The fans are what it's all about.



True 'dat. Major props to our fans here and at home.



Now, I don't mean to ruin the moment, but now we have to get down to business. 4 days from now, we head for another OAOAST first. The Elimination Chamber matchup, first time ever at an OAOAST event, with the World Title on the line.


*The fans cheer*



We've got the very best the company has to offer. IZ is being represented by three guys that have broken out as major stars on their end. Right here on HeldDOWN~!, we are also sending the very best. Excluding myself, we've got the former dominant X Champion, Ragdoll...


*Crowd boos*



...the Female Phenom herself, CRYSTAL...


*Huge cheer*



...and a HeldDOWN~! homegrown talent in the World Champion, Calvin Szechstein.


*Boos once again*



All I have to say is that it has been too long. I have been through so much in the last 3 months. I lost the World Title, the title I strived for for so long, to Calvin, only to watch him use it as a prop. Now suddenly, with a ratings war heating up and an invasion underway, he's trying to "take charge" more or less. The thing is, Calvin, you've never been in it for any reason other than yourself. You surround yourself with people blinded by greed, all while you tote that belt around as some type of vanity piece. Cal, we've had our differences, and on Sunday it all comes to a head, because the Elimination Chamber will live up to it's name. I will eliminate you once and...


"This is soooo cliche!"


The fans turn the entrance ramp, and boo loudly, as a particular character steps out onto the stage. Clad in boot-cut jeans, a black T-shirt, and a leather jacket is the man who cost Zack Malibu and his team the win two weeks ago. The man who acts as The Underground's "backup". The man those in The Underground refer to as HOFF.



Zack Malibu, Mr. Personality. What's the matter, couldn't wait until later to suck up to these peons?


*The crowd boos, as Zack looks on from the ring.*



See Zack, I didn't want to cut you off. I figured you'd come out here, do your little motivation speech, promise to win, yadda yadda yadda. Seen it all before. What I didn't like though, is that you've taken such a backseat the last two weeks to The Underground. I mean, first you cost your own team a victory, showing everyone just how selfish you really are, then next week, you hide behind a supposed "ban", when we know that the Zack Malibu everyone knows and loves would have come down to that ring and taken care of business with no fear of reprimand.



What are you getting at, errand boy?


HOFF (inching closer down the aisle and to the ring)

Errand boy. Cute. You come up with that yourself? Zack, I'm a very passive person. I don't get involved until absolutely necessary. However, one thing does not sit well with me, and that is the fact that I cost your ass a main event match two weeks ago, and you have allowed that fact to become lost on you? Did it damage your ego? Most likely. However, it's your ignorance that is doing twice the damage. Not only are you not admitting what you should be, which is the fact that The Underground has pretty much owned your ass since the day that we set foot on the HeldDOWN~! brand, but that the high and mighty Malibu got drilled halfway to hell by ME.


Hoff, who is now in the ring, goes nose to nose with Malibu. The two stare each other down, and then Malibu starts to back off.



Look, I'm not dressed to fight tonight, so...


Zack backs up a step, then turns and FLATTENS Hoff with a right hand, sending him reeling back! Hoff charges, but Zack ducks under his onslaught, running the ropes and diving through the air, nailing him with a flying forearm! The crowd goes nuts as Hoff rolls to the floor and pulls Buffer up, grabbing the steel chair that he was sitting on. Hoff goes to get back into the ring, when suddenly Charlie Hoss~! and Alix, the Co-Cheifs of HeldDOWN~! Security, rush out with several guards in tow. Charlie enters the ring to calm Zack, while the others pry the chair away from Hoff and hold him down.


A mixed reaction now greets General Manager NORTHSTAR, as he walks out.



What is this, open mic night at hD~!?



Zack...ZACK! Listen to me, mi amigo. We've got a PPV in four days, and I'm not risking you getting taken out.



Northstar, go do your safety dance somewhere else. Today's a day where we're giving back to the fans, right? Don't you fans wanna see Zack Malibu kickin' some Underground ass?


*Huge cheer*



C'mon Northstar, how about it? Are you going to listen to the fans?


*The sellout crowd at the Pond starts a "Let Them Fight" chant, overpowering Northstar every time he tries to say something.*



All right...ALL RIGHT! Zack, I want you to know that I will hold you personally responsible if anything goes wrong before the Pay Per View. However, since I'm in the holiday spirit, and since the fans here want to see it, that means those at home want to as well. Tonight, in that ring, an UNSANCTIONED STREET FIGHT will take place, as Zack Malibu takes on Hoff!



That's unbelievable!



Zack, you are so lucky I don't pull a Bobby Knight and choke you for this. I hope you know what you're doing. Now, security, please do your job and make sure these two men get to the back and are seperated until match time!


Security starts ushering Hoff up the aisle, while Zack steps out of the ring on his own accord, Charlie Hoss standing beside him to make sure he doesn't make a sudden rush for Hoff. Later tonight they'll do battle, but first, we've got to take a break!

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The scene cuts to the backstage area, into the main hallway. The entire hallway is all but deserted, apart from a few backstage workers...and after a few seconds, the newest member of the HeldDOWN crew Leon Rodez. Having turned into the hallway, Rodez is greeted by some of the workers...and he politely smiles and waves, before taking a swig from the unspecific soft drink can in his hand, and throwing it in a nearby trash can. Rodez continues on down the hallway, and gets more 'Hi's and 'Hey's from various random people, before turning another corner and stopping short. Rodez suddenly develops as intimidating of a look as he can manage on his face, as the camera pans around to reveal why he has stopped...


...the figure of UGW star Jacob Lyne standing in front of him!


The crowd watching can be heard cheering in the background, as Rodez nervously looks around him for any signs of other UGWers...as Lyne suddenly laughs, prompting him to turn back around.


Lyne: "What's the matter kid? There's no need to look so nervous..."

Rodez: "I don't trust you and your buddies, none of us do."

Lyne: "Listen, I'm not here to kick your ass, or lure you into some sort of trap. So just, calm yourself down...because I was hoping to talk to you actually."


Rodez looks a little surprised, and still keeps glancing around incase of an ambush.


Lyne: "There's been a lot of talk about you. That debut match...impressed a lot of guys. And for the past week or two, I've been hearing about how you might be the next big thing around here. The whole UGW crew has been talking about you, so I decided to check your match out...pretty impressive stuff Leon."

Rodez: "Is this, you know, going anywhere?"

Lyne: "Look, I know what you've heard from the 'boys'. We're the bad guys, we're the enemy, not to be trusted. But if you'd just hear me out...


Begrudgingly Rodez signals for Lyne to continue, which he happily does.


Lyne: "The thing is...I see big things in your future. Just like I see big things in my future. And, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what would happen if you put two big things together. So, I..."

Rodez: "Wait, are you asking me to join the U..."


Lyne throws up a hand, and Rodez quickly stops, knowing what Lyne is about to say.


Lyne: "I'm not asking you to join the UGW. Listen...I may be a part of their 'movement', but I've got bigger things on my mind than just the UGW. Understand? They don't own me. I'm here asking you this on my own...here asking you independently. I'm asking if you'd fancy forming a team. No UGW ties, relax. I just think we'd be able to make a bigger impact together than we would separately.


A surprised looking Rodez stands staring at Lyne, who sighs upon seeing the look he's getting.


Lyne: You can trust me, ok?

Rodez: That's the thing...from what I've heard, that's a matter of opinion.

Lyne: Meaning…

Rodez: Well, and Undergrounder is an Undergrounder around here, no matter what the fans think of you.

Lyne: Well, look at it this way. What are you going to do without me? Spend a couple of months getting recognition, getting shat on along the way by the more experienced, more cunning veterans. Believe me, two heads are better than one when it comes to this sport. But more importantly…I’m giving you what no other HeldDOWN wrestler can say they have…a ‘Get out of a UGW ass kicking’ card. You may not be one of them, but if you’re with me…then you’re home and dry.


Rodez suddenly steps forward a bit, so that Lyne can look into his eyes.


Rodez: “Let’s get one thing straight…I don’t need ‘protection’ from your buddies. I may be the new kid on the block around here, but I’m not a charity case. When it comes to a fight, I don’t need help from you, or anyone…


Rodez and Lyne stare long into each other’s eyes with determination…until Rodez suddenly smiles, and backs off.


Rodez: “But, as far as your ‘proposition’ goes…I’ll do you a deal. Trial basis…we see how working as a team goes, and if it all goes wrong, we go our separate ways. If your guys get involved in our teaming, it’s over, just like that. No UGW, no favours. I’m partners with you, not the Underground. And thirdly…we split the women evenly.”


Rodez smiles again, as Lyne slowly does the same…before the two shake hands. With a last laugh and a smile, the two go their separate ways…



…until Rodez grabs a hold of Lyne’s arm, and pulls him back.


Rodez: “Oh, and believe me…if you mess this up, you will regret it…”


Rodez smiles again, this time Lyne not returning the favour…instead looking straight back at Rodez.


Lyne: “And you remember…I’m putting a lot of faith in you…don’t let me down.”


The two continue to stare each other down…before shaking hands again, a little less friendly than the first time, and leaving their separate ways.




How about that? An uneasy alliance being formed by new hD~! talent Leon Rodez, and Underground member Jacob Lyne!



Man, I don't think EITHER roster is going to be down with that? Jacob Lyne has certainly impressed us lately, and has shyed away from much of the gang warfare, but like Leon said, an Undergrounder is an Undergrounder.



I hear ya, Coach.



*I'm Just a Girl blares throughout the arena as Crystal appears on stage. The fans roar in unison with respect and admiration as she walks to the ring quickly with a look of anger on her face.*


Coach: There's my girl! I wonder what she has to say!?


Cole: Well give her two seconds Coach.....


*Crystal grabs the microphone and looks takes a minute to compose herself as she seems to be almost shaking*


Crystal: You know this Sunday I'm going to do what no woman in the history of our entire sport has ever done! I'm going to win the World Heavyweight title...and I'm going to beat 6 men to do it! However....there seems to be ONE MAN who doesn't want me to win this title. There is one man who seems to want to torment me...without ever actually touching me. I'm talking about you Damaramu! You're a coward...plain and simple. You come out here and start yelling at me about your hidden pain and about how you were screwed over in Japan....well I'm sorry but....it's time to get over it! There is no call for coming out here and injuring people left and right....no call whatsoever! Now after you came out and mouthed off to me you put yourself in MY world. And I decided that that shit doesn't fly in my world! So when you tried to injure Union Jack Winthrop last week....well I did something about it. And guess what? You chickened out...you took off....for the love of god you even had a chair. Do I scare you that much? Well then you take it to another step and you go ahead and cut Jack open and hang him in my locker room! That was the point where you crossed the line! So why don't you get out here right now! I have a title match this Sunday and you have Back Alley Brawl...well you know what!? ONE OF US ISN'T GOING TO MAKE IT! GET OUT HERE NOW!


*Crystal stands in the ring waiting for Damaramu to appear. She stands staring at the curtain for a good minute as the fans start to boo in discontent.*


Coach: He really is scared!


Cole: Umm....Coach look to your left.


Damaramu: Crystal.....Crystal......Crystal! What is wrong with you? What's your problem?


*Crystal looks around wondering where Damaramu is as a spotlight settles on him coming out of the crowd to the left of the announce desk*


Damaramu(standing on the outside of the ring): You want to fight me? You truly want to fight me? You know what? You brought me up in your interview a few weeks ago! You say I'm in your world? You drug me in! And I don't follow the law babe...you crossed the line by entering the ring during one of my matches last week! Every action deserves and equal and opposite reaction....and that's just what you got! Honey...YOUR WORLD JUST GOT BROKEN!


Crystal: Enough talk! Get in here now!


Damaramu: You don't want me in that ring. I learned a few things in Japan that you don't want me to do.....



Crystal: Bastard!


*Crystal slides out of the ring and runs to punch Damaramu but he ducks under and comes back leaning forward and........SPRAYING GREEN MIST IN HER EYES!*




Cole: Damaramu just spewed poison mist in Crystal's eyes!


*Crystal falls over onto the ground holding her eyes as Damaramu peels back the protective mats on the outside of the ring. He pulls the blinded Crystal up and puts her in position for a rock bottom. Damaramu smiles and grabs the waist of her pants with the other hand and then suddenly snaps backwards flipping Crystal straight over onto her head on the concrete!!!!!!!*


Coach: NO!




*Damaramu stands triumphantly over Crystal as the fans all boo and throw trash at Damaramu. Dama starts to grab Crystal's hair but suddenly turns as the fans begin to blow the roof off the place! Calvin, Ragdoll, and Zack Malibu are all on there way to the ring! However they are quickly headed off by a host of about 15 officials! Damaramu smiles and charges at the 3 men!*


Cole: He's going to fight all of them!


*Damaramu is restrained by all 15 officials however as he tries to get at the 3 men! Damaramu begins to fight them off until GM Northstar appears with 5 security guards!*


Northstar: Put him in cuffs! Take him to his locker room and lock him in!


*The Security Guards manage to get Dama's hands cuffed behind his back and they start dragging him up the rampway while he screams and yells at the fans who are still throwing things at him. Meanwhile Zack, Calvin, and Ragdoll are all surrounding the downed Crystal as the EMT's show up and beging to look her over*


Zack: What is it!? Did he break her neck!? Did he!?


EMT: No....I think he just gave her a concussion.....but it has to be a bad one after that fall.


Northstar(looking at Zack, Ragdoll, and Calvin): You guys don't do anything! I'm taking care of this myself!


Cole: Coach...I don't know what to say.....


Coach: That bastard....I never thought I'd say this but I hope to hell that Pyro beats the hell out of him in that back alley brawl.


*fade to black*

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We are back, in the backstage area, as Crystal is being tended to by medics. Northstar, Zack Malibu, Calvin Szechstein and Ragdoll all stand beside them.



God dammit! Why couldn't you have gotten to the ring sooner, huh?


Nobody says anything. Zack appears to be more concerned than either Calvin or Ragdoll is.



You know, I could give two shits about your vendettas. The fact is, I asked for a favor. That's all. Watch each other's backs and protect MY INVESTMENT IN THE PAY PER VIEW! Our roster could make history. We could have had the first ever female World Champion on Sunday, making the match twice as historic, and getting us major pub, but nooooo.



Look, Northstar. I know how you feel...



Do you, mister superstar? Do you really know how I feel? Or are you just saying that.



I'm not just saying that. That's my friend laying on a stretcher in there.



Yeah, well you know what, Zack? Forget about your friendship for a minute, and think about business.



Is that all you care about?


Calvin pipes in.



Why shouldn't it be?



Don't start. Not now.






NO! EVERYONE LISTENS TO ME! I have HAD it, and we just got the show started. Ragdoll, I suggest you go and gear up for your match later on. Zack, you too. Go call Candie at her folks' or something. Calvin, just...


Before finishing, Northstar turns and lifts up the catering table, dumping food everywhere. He walks off, leaving Zack and Calvin. Both men look up and eye each other as they walk off in seperate directions.


(We cut backstage, where Sly Sommers is preparing for his upcoming match against Jeremy Red. All of a sudden, the phone in the Totally Endorsed locker room rings...)


SLY: Hello? Sly speaking.


ALTERED VOICE: You know who I am, and you know why I’m calling. I’m out for revenge. Tonight, this Sunday, whenever it may be....just watch your back. I’ll be there when you least expect it...::click::


SLY: What in the hell...? Whatever. I gotsta do my stretching....


(Sly starts stretching, but stops in a sudden halt when, all of a sudden, someone throws a brick through the small window in the door of the Totally Endorsed locker room, with a note tied to it. Sly runs over and reads the note...)


SLY: “I’m watching you....look at the door.” What?!?! (Sly turns towards the door, and sees Mad Matt staring back at him) Holy crap!


(Sly grabs a baseball bat, and opens the door. However, no one’s there.)


SLY: Matt, I’m not going to fall victim for your little hide-and-go-seek games. You’re not scaring me!


(Sly then turns around to go back into his locker room, but a giant stuffed dummy, dressed up exactly like him, with a piece of paper stating “You’re gonna die!” attached to it, falls downward, while hung by a rope attached to the ceiling.)


SLY: I’m gonna die? No, no...Matt, you’re gonna die! (Sly swings the bat and knocks the head off of the dummy.)


(Sly slams the door, and we Fade to Black...)

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HeldDOWN~! returns, to a somber Coach and Michael Cole.



Michael, I...GOD DAMMIT...



Easy, Coach. Look, I know what you're feeling, BELIEVE ME. Just try to hang on, OK. We've got a show to do.


COACH (pounds the desk)

That sonuva...



Coach...c'mon. We've got more of a show to call.



Yeah...yeah all right, c'mon let's just do this.


Cole:It is now time for Jeremy Red's tryout match.


Coach:You notice that not even Mad Matt has any faith in Red. Red has to last five minutes. Win, Lose, or Draw, if Red lasts five minutes with Sly Sommers tonight


"Higher" by Creed plays and out comes Mad Matt. Mad Matt is on crutches from getting his knee worked over two weeks ago on HeldDown. Mad Matt enters the ring to some cheers. He sets the X-Division Belt in front of him.


Matt:Coach, Cole, I decided I would contribute some expect commentary to this next match.


Coach:Well it is about time.....


Jeremy Red makes his way down to the ring. He looks very nervous. This is his official debut in wrestling. The kid doesn't even know how to wrestle.


Cole:Red looks like he is going to piss his pants or something, you know Coach.


Coach:I have a feeling that Red will eat his squash and eat it well.


Matt:I have nothing to add to this other than this will be the most pathetic site I have ever seen since I tried to do a moonsault on the first day of wrestling school. But let's not open up that wound.


Jeremy Red shakes in the corner. Sly Sommers makes his way in the ring. This is just inevitable. Red looks like he might faint again. Sly enters the ring and the bell rings.


Cole:Red is hanging on the ropes shaking for dear life. You see at the bottom of the screen, the five minute timer is on.


Coach:Sly is pulling Red off the ropes and he throws him into the center of the ring.


Sly grabs Red and kicks him in the chest lightly. Red flops to the canvas and he twitches.


Matt:Play dead and roll him up you idiot. Do not twitch. If you move, you will give him more insentive to beat you up.


Coach:One move and Red is down on the canvas. Cole has even lasted longer on some of his dates.


Cole:Sly is playing to the crowd.


Matt:Hey Sommers. You should go and like pin him now. He is not getting up. OR ARE YOU TOO PATHETIC TO EVEN BEAT JEREMY RED.


Sly grabs Red and pounds away at him with punches. Sly grabs Red and suplexes him. Sly grinds the soles of his boots across the face of Red. Sly grabs Red and throws him to the outside. Sly slides to the outside and grabs Red. Sly rams Red into the guardrail. Sly rolls Red back into the ring. Sly rolls over Red and knees him in the back. Sly does it a second time. Sly does it a third time. Sly grabs Red and bow and arrow submission move to Red.


Cole:This could be it. This is a submission. Sly has Red. In less than two minutes, Sly has won this thing. This is the last that we have seen of Jeremy Red.


Coach:Why isn't Red submitting. He is screaming but he is looking at the referee with a blank look whenever he asks if he submits.


Matt:Oh this is too great. I forgot to tell him what a submission hold was. I only told him he can only lose if his opponent pins him.


Coach:You did that on purpose, Matt.


Matt:No, I honestly forgot. It is a common side effect of having frequent concussions. Well Sly releases the hold, and he doesn't look too pleased that Red didn't give up despite being in pain.


Sly grabs Red and Sly slams Red down to the canvas. Sly goes up top and Sly is perched. Sly flies off but he misses a flying elbowdrop. Sly is down. Red could pull off the upset of the century. Red is up and Red is spinning around in the ring.


Cole:What in the hell is he doing.....


Matt:He is going for the most electrying move in wrestling today. The Spiral Slappy Thing of Mild Discomfort. That is his finishing move. At least I think it is. I think his real finishing move is hoping I interfere and knock out his opponent.


Red goes for the slap but Red falls on his face. Sly grabs Red and Sly drives Red down with the spinebuster. Sly grabs Red and locks him in the Argentina Leglock.


Cole:Sly has that move on. The same move he injured your leg with two weeks ago.


Coach:Red won't submit because he doesn't know he can.


Matt:Sly, being incredibly stupid that he is, hasn't caught on that Red knows absolutely nothing about wrestling. He just wants this job to pay the rent on his apartment.


Red is lying in the ring, he is about out. He has about passed out from the pain of the hold.


Matt:I have to end this...in about five seconds.


Matt counts to five and takes the oversized Shadow of Madness shirt that Red wore in the ring. Matt raises it over his head slowly and throws it into the ring. This apperently counts as the towel being thrown into the match.


Ring Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match is Sly Sommers. The time of this match. 5 Minutes and 1 Second.


Red gets his contract for HeldDown. Mad Matt enters the ring and goes after Sly. Mad Matt grabs Sly but Sly kicks him in the knee to break free. Sly attempts to get away but AJ Flaire is on the ramp. AJ grabs Sly and rolls him back into the ring. Mad Matt has one of his crutches and he swings for Sly but Sly ducks and AJ gets hit. Mad Matt looks for Sly, as he slid out of the ring for the confusion. Sly reenters the ring and hits Mad Matt with the other crutch.


Cole:That dirty rotten sneak, Sly just attacked Mad Matt with his own crutch.


Sly puts the crutch in the hand of the fallen AJ. AJ pulls himself up ,looking groggy, holding the crutch and Mad Matt is up as well. Mad Matt sees AJ with the crutch and Mad Matt and AJ get into a shoving fest. However, all of a sudden, the lights go out. When they come back up, both AJ and Matt are covered with a giant, white banner that says, "Your Savior Is Coming."


COACH: What in the hell?


MC: Who is this savior guy, and what in the hell does he want with us?


COACH: I hope we get that question answered really soon. Speaking of getting questions answered, we will know exactly who will come out of this feud standing, this Sunday night, as Sly Sommers, AJ Flaire, and Mad Matt all enter a 20-foot high steel cage to fight for the X-Division Title. Don'cha dare miss it!


(Commercial break)

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(Shot of Alix and Northstar sitting on a plush zebra print couch. They're sipping on Alize. All the lights are turned off. The room is being lit by numerous vanilla scented candles.)


Alix: This is nice.


Northstar: What? What's nice?


Alix: Sitting here. You and me. Together on a holiday. It feels really great. It's important to spend the holidays with someone you love. Don't you think?


Northstar: If you say so.


Alix: I was an army brat when I was younger. My dad was in the service and we were always on the move. The first Thanksgiving I remember was spent in Switzerland. The next one was spent in Alberta. It was tough having to move around all the time. But my mom told me that holidays aren't about where you are, but who you're with. That's something that really stuck with me. And that's why I feel so good right now. Because I'm with someone I love.


Northstar: Oh yeah? Who?


Alix: You!


Northstar: Oh. Hey, what do you think about a Santa's workshop match?


Alix: What?!


Northstar: A Santa's workshop match. We can do it before Christmas. I'll call Scenic Express and they can build us a life size model of Santa's workshop. And we can have a couple of guys have a match in there. What do ya think? We'd get some midgets to play elves, maybe get John Goodman to play a special guest Santa Claus. Sounds good, huh?


Alix: John Goodman? Santa Claus?


Northstar: Well, we can try to get Jack Black. But, like, he might cost a bit more.


Alix: I don't care who plays your stupid Santa Claus! Jesus Christ, I pour half my heart out to you and try to tell you how much you mean to me and all you can do is talk about some stupid fucking gimmick match! What the hell is wrong with you? Who do you think you are? You're the GM of a redneck wrestling show, not the CEO of NBC. So quit treating me like shit! Jack ass! You're not some fucking great entertainment revolutionary. You're just a twenty year old make up wearing twerp who needed my help just to get this stupid job! You think you can boss me around, ignore my feelings and act like a jerk to me? Well, I've got news for you! I'm not you're fucking door mat and I won't let you walk over me! If you don't have feelings for me then just tell me. Quit stringing me along. (Alix starts to sob) Don't try to sugar coat it. If you don't love me any more then please just tell me. Please, be honest with me.


Northstar: God Alix, I never stopped loving you. I've never seen you as anything less than most beautiful girl in the world. You are with out a doubt the most important thing in my world and if you were to leave me or if I were to lose you, I'd be beyond heartbroken. I know that things have been difficult for you lately and I haven't really been there for you. I've taken you for granted and I truly am sorry. But, you have to believe me when I tell you I love you, I will always love you and I will quit my job if that's what would make you happy. Because your happiness is the only thing that matters to me.


(Alix pushes Northstar down back firstb against the couch. She begins to passionately kiss him but stops when she realizes a camera is in the room. She rips off Northstar's shirt and throws it over the camera, ruining the shot)


(Cut back to Coach and Cole)


Coach: Damn it! Damn it! I was ready to pitch a tent! Or in this case a teepee.


Cole: And on that uncomfortable note, let's take a quick look at what's coming up for the Deadly Games PPV...

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::Cut to the OaOasT Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 Control Center. Josh Matthews is standing over a table with a flatscreen t.v. bearing the Deadly Game logo on it right next to him. Josh is standing behind an obvious blue screen with windows and a city skyline imposed on it.::


Josh Matthews:

Thanks, guys. What's crackin' everybody? This Sunday, November 30th, is going to be without a doubt, a historic night in OaOasT history. Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 is a presentation of both the IZ and HD brands and you will see a night of exciting action!


::As Josh talks, matchup graphics are shown on screen.::


Josh (Voiceover):

On the HeldDown side, you will see hot hD newcomer, Panther take on the monster, "The Current Big Thing" Brock Ausstin in an unsanctioned Street Fight. Panther is very brave for taking on the returning Brock, but will he regret challenging the Current Big Thing at Deadly Game in an unsanctioned Match? It's anything goes, and Panther is hell bent on making Brock and his manager Jim Heyross pay for what they have done to him and his manager Tina.


Two new hD superstars will also be in action at Deadly Game, as the dangerous Damaramu takes on the deranged Pyromaniac in a Back Alley Brawl. Damaramu has been on a warpath since he debuted a few weeks ago. He has injured Ryan Smith, among others, and has been feuding with Crystal as of late. Pyromaniac ain't so normal himself, and with these two fightning, in a Back Alley Brawl where the ring won't constraint them, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. The unstable Damaramu, or the insane Pyromaniac.


Josh (V.O. Cont'd):

Deadly Game will also be featuring a special match with the members of the Underground wrestling organazation. The leader of the Underground, CWM, will put his OaOasT 24/7 Championship on the line against his fellow Underground members in a Gauntlet Match. The Underground have been hell bent on destroying HeldDown, but will we see some dissension in the group as Chave Senate, The Superstar, J. Arthur Edwards, Gunner Sharps, and the mysterious man each have a chance at becoming the 24/7 Champion? Tune into Deadly Game to find out.


The OaOasT X Title will be defended at Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 in a Triple Threat Match inside a 20 foot high steel cage. The OaOasT X Champion, Mad Matt will take on his nemesis as of late, Sly Sommers, and new hD Superstar "The Phemonenal" A.J. Flaire. You can win by either climbing over the cage OR by pinning your oppoent or making your oppoent submit. Sly has been a thorn on Mad Matt's side in the past few weeks, and you can be sure that Matt is looking forward to getting his revenge on Sommers inside the cage. Also to be remembered, Matt is not clear to wrestle, but he is still going to be at Deadly Game this Sunday to defend his title, but what condition he'll be in, is a mystery. It will be interesting to see what these three will do, how far they will go, and what risks will they take to be the X Champion.


::The IntenseZone logo flashes on the screen. More matchup graphics are shown as Josh continues speaking::


Josh Matthews (Voiceover):

On the IntenseZone side, we will see the OaOasT Tag Team Titles be defended as Champions, The Dream Machines--La Parka and Peter Knight, take on the challengers, new to IntenseZone, T.N.T.--TJ Burns and Tyler Bridges in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The Dream Machines have been Tag Champions for 3 months now. TNT are new to the OaOasT and have made their mark on IZ by irritating and attacking The Dream Machines. Both teams look to take advantage of the Falls Count Anywhere Stipulation. TNT look to become Tag Team Champions for the first team at Deadly Game: Unlucky 7. Will their dream come true? Or will The veteran Dream Machines stretch their title reign through another pay-per-view? Will the new blood dethrone the veterans? Order Deadly Game to find out the anwser.


The IntenseZone main event is sure to have major reprucussions on IntenseZone and on IZ General Manager Dan Black. It will be a Three Way Tag Scramble Elimination Match between Blackheart Security--IZ GM Dan Black, Steve Scott, Jake Karma, and Hades, The Deadly Alliance--Alfdogg, G-Money, Dangerous A, and Plushward Al Logan AND Stephen Joseph's Corporate Team--Stephen Joseph, JINGUS, The Shuffle, and D-Nice. It is the first Tag Scramble Match in the OaOasT and the rules are as follows: Tags are not made in this match. A man may enter when another man leaves meaning that any member of any team can come into the ring at any time without any tags. The last team in the match wins. This match is not about titles, it's about pride. With these kind of stipulations, it should be a wild match and one of the highlights of the night.


::A graphic saying THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER is shown. The Elimination Chamber is shown and then it cuts to the Unlucky 7 matchup graphic making the crowd pop huge::


Josh (V.O. Cont'd):

And finally, the main event, for the OaOasT World Heavyweight Championship. Don't miss history in the making as The Unlucky 7 fight in the first ever Elimination Chamber Match in the OaOasT. Ragdoll, Crystal, Zack Malibu, and the OaOasT World Heavyweight Champion Calvin Szechstein from HeldDown. "Shooter" Jay Darring, The Blurricane, and the OaOasT North American and Puerto Rican Champion, Puerto Rican Lightning from IntenseZone. These 7 superstars will be locked inside the Elimination Chamber and will fight for Calvin's World Title. Each superstar is worthy of being World Champion, but only one will make it out of the Chamber the winner. These 7 have been dubbed "The Unlucky 7", but only one of them will be lucky enough to survive the Elimination Chamber Match. The rules of the Elimination Chamber match are simple: Two superstars will start. Every 5 minutes, another superstar will enter until all 7 are in the ring. The match continues until 6 of the superstars are eliminated. The last superstar standing will win the match and the OaOasT World Heavyweight Title. There are many questions surrounding this match. In what order will the wrestlers enter? Who will be the winner? How will each wrestler use the Chamber as a weapon? You never know who will enter next. This is without a doubt, a historic match and I urge you not to miss this one.


::Cut back to Josh Matthews in the OaOasT Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 Control Center::


Josh Matthews:

We are just 4 days away from one of the most anticipated matches in OaOasT history. The "Unlucky 7" Elimination Chamber Match. But that's not all. You will see 6 other great matches at Deadly Game. PLUS! You will see appearances from Totally Endorsed, Candie, The Lightning Crew, The Mad Cappa, and much much more!


::Cue OaOasT Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 logo and information::


Josh Matthews (V.O.):

Do not miss a historic night! IntenseZone and HeldDown present OaOasT Deadly Game: Unlucky 7. This Sunday, November 30th, at 8:00 p.m. only on pay-per-view. If you haven't done so already, call your local cable or satelite operator to order now. I'm Josh Matthews from the Deadly Game: Unlucky 7 Control Center. See you next month and let's send it back to Michael Cole and Da Coach! Guys, take it away!

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Cole: Well folks, its now time to show you the second part of Axel’s interview, where we finally find out just what his plans are when he returns to action.


MC: Axel, your actions of the past week have been somewhat psychotic, your attack on Panther a month ago after your loss, your attack on Tina at World Without End, and your attacks on five different men two weeks ago. What has motivated you to do this? Why have you attacked so many people?


Axel: Well Michael, it’s quite simple. Just a couple of months ago, I beat not only The Mad Cappa to win the Revolution Tournament, but the following Thursday night, I beat the current OAOAST Champion, Calvin Szechstein, clean, by pinfall, in a non title match. I then made the single biggest mistake of my career. I beat Calvin, and he knew I could do it again, so he clouded my mind, and I joined Totally Endorsed. I was under the impression that Calvin wanted to help further my career, he wanted to help me get to the upper echelon of the OAOAST. But what happened Michael? I got shoved into the tag title scene. Calvin sugar-coated it and told me that it was the way to the top, but it wasn’t the way I wanted to go. I lost the Tag shot, and then I lost another, and that match was even three on two! I had that match won, I had the gold in my grasp, but Sly Sommers had to try and be the hero, and he hit me in the head with my bat. Then I issued the open challenge. Now I was expecting some top star of HeldDown to answer me, but then I got a rookie in his first match. Do you have any idea how that made me feel? I went from beating the Champion, to facing a rookie in the space of a month.


MC: So you attacked all those people two weeks ago because you were frustrated?


Axel: Yeah Michael, I took out all my anger, all my frustration on those people, and you know what? I loved doing it. I was in pain, and the only way that I could get rid of that pain was to hurt people. I pretended that those that I attacked were guys like Malibu, Calvin, CWM, hell, even Caboose. I want to face those men, not rookies like AJ Flaire. I deserve better Michael, and I know it. I deserve to be in the main event. Hell, I’ve been nominated for five Angle Awards!


MC: But one of those was ‘Most ridiculous swerve’ Axel.


Axel: Shut up.


MC: So would I be wrong in saying that you are no longer a part of Totally Endorsed?


Axel: Of course I’m not a part of Totally Endorsed anymore Michael. I made Sly Sommers scream in pain, and I put a gash in Colvid’s head the length of my middle finger. I enjoyed feeling their pain Michael, because they follow Calvin. I resent them for everything that they have done to sabotage my career. I resent them for corrupting my mind. I resent Colvid for losing the Tag title matches. I resent Sly for being such an annoying asshole. And, most of all, I resent Calvin for holding me down. Heh, ironic, how we are on a show called HeldDown, and that’s exactly what I was.


MC: Who do you blame for the frustration that you have been feeling?


Axel: Michael, I place a lot of the blame on my own shoulders. I joined Totally Endorsed, I ran as a supporting player, I did not wrestle to my full capability, and it cost me. It cost me a shot at the main event. I lost one time, I got pinned one fucking time, and I lost it. Going into the three on two tag match, I was almost over the edge, but when Sly hit me with the bat and I got pinned again, that pushed me too far. I had a lapse in concentration because of Tina, and Panther beat me. Then I left Panther laying. I beat Panther at World Without End, but I wanted more, so I powerbombed Tina through a fuckin’ table. Then, two weeks ago, Sly picked me as his partner. Bad move Sly, really bad move. You didn’t realise that I hated you. You didn’t realise that I would take great pleasure in hearing your cries of pain. Matt, AJ, you two were at the wrong place at the wrong time. AJ Flaire, proclaiming yourself as Phenomenal, winning your first match, you reminded me of Panther beating me in his first match. That’s why I attacked you so brutally.


MC: But then you went on to attack your former tag team partner Colvid, and later the President of the OAOAST, Bill Watts. Why?


Axel: Colvid had the nerve to come out to that ring and tell me what I can and can not do around this place. NO ONE tells me what I can and can not do. So, I bust him open. And Bill Watts? He comes out there like he owns the place…


MC: He does.


Axel: …whatever, anyway, he comes out there, and suspends me from the one thing that I love doing more than any other. That pissed me off. So, I gave him a Spinebuster. At that point I was running on adrenaline, I was almost running off of the pain of others, it was fuelling me. I still can’t remember some of the parts of that match, I was blind with rage.


MC: So, what’s next for Axel? Where to next? Is there someone that you particular want to face? Do you want to focus your rage on one particular OAOAST superstar? Or are you going to keep your options open?


Axel: There is someone Michael, someone that I have been watching for a while now. I hold this someone personally responsible for me being held down in this company, for pushing me away from the Main Event spot. But soon, they will feel the pain, taste the pain, and when it’s all said and done, they will like the fucking pain.


MC: One last thing Axel, before we bring this interview to a close. Who is this someone that you will be going after?


Axel (smiling): Well if I told you that Michael, I’d have to kill you.


*HeldDown logo flashes over and we cut back to Cole and Coach*


Coach: Interesting interview Michael, do you have any idea who Axel would be going after?


Cole: I don’t know Coach, but by the look in his eyes, he really has a score to settle.

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Cole: Coach, we're rapidly approaching our first ever holiday four way!


Coach: I know and I must say I'm a little disappointed.


Cole: Why?


Coach: When Northstar told me about the holiday four way I thought I was gonna get naked with Crystal, Alix and Josie and in a giant bowl of gravy.


Cole: Boyfriend, please! Much like you and Josh Matthews, Panther and the unstoppable animal Brock Ausstin have major bad blood.


Coach: No doubt, playa. If murder wasn't illegal, I'm pretty sure one these guys would've been carried outta here in a body bag a long time ago.


Cole: Hey, let's not forget about Ragdoll. One of the OAOAST premier superstars has another golden opportunity on his hands tonight. If he wins this match but loses the elimination chamber match, he's can just get another title shot the next week.


Coach: No doubt, playa. But is Rag's mind really on this match? He's been having some personal issues and that could be a big factor playing into tonight's match up.


Cole: I know one guy who's focus is on this match and that's Jacob Lyne


Coach: No doubt, playa. Jakey boy has blown Coachie boy away. I know he's one of the Underground but I wouldn't mind seeing him hold an OAOAST title.


Cole: We'll see if your wish comes true.


Coach: No doubt, playa.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the Holiday Fatal Four way!


*Cue State Prop*


The crowd gets on their feet as the first competitor, Panther emerges from the back.


Announcer: Now making his way to the ring, from Philly, being accompanied by Tina.....PANTHER!


State Prop fades out and is replaced by "Punishment"


The unstoppable monster Brock Ausstin is greeted with a chorus of jeers and taunts from the drunken losers who have nothing better to do on Thanksgiving but watch wrestling.


Announcer: And the second contestant, from Victoria, Minnesota, weighing in at 320 lbs....BROCK AUSSTIN. He is being seconded by Rick Heyross.


*Cue "Voodoo Child" by Stevie Ray Vaughn*


Announcer: From, Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 174 lbs.....Ragdoll.


Ragdoll lazily makes his way towards the ring. Completely ignoring his opponents for the night.


"Smells like Teen spirit" plays as surprising fan favorite Jacob Lyne heads towards the ring. The crowd shows their admiration from this young man by cheering him as he heads towards the squared circle.


Announcer: And, representing the Underground....Jacob Lyne!


All four men are in the ring. The ref goes over the rules as Brock tries his hardest to intimidate Panther. Ragdoll isn't paying much attention to anything and Jacob Lyne is sizing up his competition.


Coach: Someone shut this ref up so this match can start.


Panther and Jacob Lyne start out. Lyne goes for a headlock. Panther pushes Lyne into the ropes. Lyne rebounds with a clothesline but Panther goes low and hits a drop toe hold. Lyne gets back to his feet. Panther knees him in the gut and puts him back down with a DDT. Panther tries to mount Lyne but gets punched in the face. Panther stumbles back towards Rag's corner in pain. Ragdoll grabs Panther's head and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Lyne adds insult to injury when he tosses Lyne to the outside! Panther's face smashes against the unforgiving mat!


Coach: Ha Ha! That's funny! I don't know why, but that's funny.


Ragdoll hops off the apron and heads towards Panther. He grabs his rival by the neck and drives his head into the steel ring post! Rags tosses Panther into the ring where Lyne goes for the pin. 1....2....kick out. Lyne drags Panther to the corner. He ascends to the top rope and comes down with a knee to Panther's gut!


Cole: The longer Panther stays in this match, the less of a chance he has of winning.


Coach: No doubt, playa.


Cole: Quit saying that!


Lyne has Panther in a front face lock. He tightly applies pressure to his rivals neck but Panther amazingly is able to power out of it. Both men to their feet. Lyne hits a belly to belly suplex but Panther LANDS ON HIS FEET. He flies towards Brock's corner and tags him by forearming him in the face.


Coach: That's a fine how do ya do.


Cole: I don't think Brock wanted to be tagged in like that. It may have insulted his pride.


Brock refuses to enter the ring. The ref urges him to compete but Brock demands a proper tag that's worthy of his super powered status. Tired of Brock's stalling, Lyne and Panther team up to double suplex him into the ring!


Cole: That's one way to get the job done.


Coach: No it ain’t. That probably just made Brock madder.


Figuring two is better than one, Panther and Lyne go for another double suplex. Brock has other ideas and nails them both with a double clothesline. Brock scoops up Panther and presses him out of the ring. Lyne pops up with a sweet drop kick and sends the big man to the corner. He unloads on Brock with a series of chops. Tired of getting his chest beaten on, Brock shoves Lyne to the ground. Lyne goes right back to Brock and scales the top turnbuckle to punch Brock in the head.


Crowd (counting along with punches): 1...2...3....4....5...6....


Brock powerbombs Lyne! Lyne grabs his back and howls in pain. Brock grabs Lyne's neck while he's still on the ground and throws him back first into the corner. Brock takes his monster sized boot and uses it to choke the life out of Lyne. He backs up and starts to snort like a bull. He lowers his head and charges at his adversary. Lyne moves! Lyne moves! Brock rams his head into the ring post! He staggers backward, temporarily forgetting where he is. Lyne drops him with a bulldog. When Brock gets to his feet, Lyne nails him in the face with a dropkick!


Coach: Boooooyah mac daddy! That's what I'm talking about. Lyne's on fire! He's my pick to win this match.


Lyne scales the top rope and comes off with a flying shoulder block to Brock's massive neck! The massive hoss gets right up and goes for a clothesline but Lyne counters it into a cross face! Because he's all man, Brock powers out. He doesn't get up in time to stop Lyne from making the tag to Ragdoll.


Coach: It's the Ragman. Are we going to see him on the victory stage or on the next edition of beyond the glory?


Cole: I'm not sure what that means.


Pissed that he was tagged in, Rags superkicks Lyne in the chin! He casually staggers over to Brock. Rag's slaps the monster in the face and hooks him in a neck vice. Brock fights out of that and takes his opponent down with a spinning side walk slam!

Pin attempt 1....kick out!


Cole: It's not such a good idea to pin someone after your first offensive move.


Coach: It's not about winning. It's about Brock showing Ragdoll he doesn't respect him.


Brock rakes Ragdoll's eyes across the ropes. He bodyslams him to mat and drops an elbow across his throat. Brock gets to his feet, and starts shoving his boot into the face, scraping the flesh straight off his face. Brock starts to repeatedly kick Ragdoll in the face, as Ragdoll struggles to get away. Brock calmly walks towards the corner, and slaps Jacob Lyne across the chest to tag him in.


Coach: And Brock tags in Jacob Lyne!


Lyne hops into the ring, and quickly goes on the attack with boots to Ragdoll's chest. Lyne pulls Ragdoll up to his feet, and hits a spinning neck breaker! Lyne gets straight up to his feet, and hits a standing moonsault onto the prone Ragdoll. Instead of going for the cover, Lyne gets back to his feet, and heads towards the ropes. Lyne steps through the ropes, and starts to get the crowd going, as he prepares for a high risk move. Lyne springboards to the top rope, and leaps into the ring towards Ragdoll, looking for a springboard leg drop, but Ragdoll moves out of the way and Lyne hits nothing but mat! Ragdoll rolls around the mat, and gets up to his feet, as Lyne makes it up to one knee. Ragdoll runs into the ropes facing Lyne, and charges at him, leaping up onto Lyne's prone knee, and hitting a STIFF knee to the face, knocking Lyne back onto the mat!




Coach: The Devil Doll to Jacob Lyne! And Ragdoll with the cover!
















Coach: And Jacob Lyne has been eliminated!



Jacob Lyne rolls out of the ring, as Brock positions himself on the apron. Ragdoll gets to his feet, and turns around, as Brock slingshots himself into the ring, and nails a huge shoulder block, knocking Ragdoll all the way across the ring!




Cole: Huh?


Coach: That's street talk for Brock just sent Ragdoll flying!


Cole: Oh...



Brock gets up to his feet, and picks Ragdoll up after him. Brock hooks Ragdoll's arm, and starts to hit massive knee lifts to Ragdolls rib cage. After three knee lifts, Brock tosses Ragdoll with ease all the way across the ring! Heyross stands on the outside of the ring, applauding the strength of Brock. Brock stands, waiting for Ragdoll to get to his feet, but Brock instead turns, and hits a running elbow to Panther's face, knocking Panther off the apron!


Cole: Brock getting in a cheap shot at Panther! What a cheat!


Coach: I concur.


Brock turns his attention back to Ragdoll, who is just getting back to his feet. Brock charges at Ragdoll, and lifts his boot up, connecting with a big boot to the face of Ragdoll! Brock seems ready to go for the cover, but Heyross starts screaming on the outside to finish him with the F-Stunner-5.


Cole: Brock is listening to his agent, and his going for the F-Stunner-5! No one has EVER kicked out of the F-Stunner-5!


Brock lifts Ragdoll up, and lifts him onto his shoulders in a firemans carry position. Brock prepares to spin Ragdoll off, but Panther slides into the ring, holding a steel chair, and CRACKS BROCK OVER THE FACE WITH IT! The referee immediately calls for the bell, as Panther continues to lay shots into Brock's face.




Panther is able to slide off of Brock's shoulders, as Panther continues his assault with the steel chair to Brock's skull. Panther lays a quick shot into Brock's gut, knocking him over, and then a big shot to the back of Brock's skull! Panther throws the chair on the ground, as the referee tries to pull him away and out of the ring. Panther struggles with the referee, as Heyross screams for Brock to get up from outside the ring. Ragdoll gets to his feet, and finds the chair on the mat. He picks the chair up, and charges into the ropes facing Brock. Ragdoll leaps onto Brock's knee, and in one swift motion, puts the chair in front of Brock's face, and knees it into Brock's skull!!!




Coach: Can all that keep the monster down?


Panther sees Ragdoll leap onto Brock for the pin, and quickly exits the ring, as the referee turns back to make the count!























Coach: But it took several chair shots from Panther and a Devil Doll, USING A CHAIR, to keep Brock Ausstin down!


Cole: Brock Ausstin was just defeated by Ragdoll! Brock Ausstin's undefeated streak is over!


Coach: I really wouldn't want to be Panther or Ragdoll right now!


Cole: I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Brock Ausstin now!


Ragdoll gets up to his feet, celebrating his victory, as Brock gets to his feet, now realizing what happened. Brock looks around, as Panther stands at the entrance way, holding a new chair. Ragdoll turns around, and is met with a CLOTHESLINE OF MASS DESTRUCTION~! from Brock. Brock focuses in on Panther, and goes to make his way towards him. The referee gets in his way, but Brock just shoves him out of the way. Brock steps through the ring ropes, and runs towards Panther, who comes running at him as well. Brock goes for a clothesline, but Panther ducks under it. Brock turns around towards Panther, who meets him with a steel chair shot across the skull. Panther pulls back and hits a second chair shot to the skull. Brock stumbles a bit, but as Panther goes for a third chair shot, Brock quickly grabs Panther around the waist, lifting him into the air, and throwing him over the guard rail into the audience! Brock soon follows after him, with Heyross slowly running behind him, as they both begin brawling through the audience, throwing chairs and whatever they can grab at one another. Soon, they both disappear to the backstage area, as the camera cuts back to Coach and Cole.


Cole: Jesus...


Coach: Those two are WACK!


Cole: Well, after that four way dance, we now know that Ragdoll gets to challenge any champion on Helddown after Deadly Games. That means if Ragdoll doesn't walk out of Deadly Games as the champion, he can get a rematch next week!


Coach: And not to mention that Brock and Panther are trying to kill each other! Literally!


Cole: Well, I am getting word now that security as finally pulled Brock and Panther away from each other. And Helddown! GM, Northstar has banned them BOTH from Deadly Games!


Coach: Brock and Panther aren't allowed at Deadly Games? Why?


Cole: Well, Northstar wanted to book a match between Brock and Panther, but after seeing how they have been going at each other, they may actually KILL each other! So now they are both banned from the show!


Coach: That is intense.


Cole: Fans, we'll be back after this commercial break!

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How about that, Coach? Ragdoll, who's a member of the Unlucky 7 at Deadly Games for the World Title, will get a shot at any title he wants, right here next week!



It could be double gold for a man who's proven to be dominant in the past? Suppose he shows up with a World belt next week? Does he go after the X Champion, whomever that may be? Same for the 24/7 Title, or even the tag straps?



It's a good day to be the Doll, you have to admit that. Right now however, is a man standing by who will face off with another person we saw in action earlier. We take you now to Sturgis, who will do battle with Jacob Lyne this coming Sunday.


(Sturgis is standing in front of gates)


Last week I saw something that I thought was quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen a man do. Brock Ausstin beating the hell out of Tina who did nothing wrong. Why is that dumb you ask? You see in the book of the Burning Souls that is a unpardonable sin, and with the fact that Brock and I have unfinnished business it seems as though the actions I will take against him will be more extreme. In the next order of business: Jacob Lyne. I heard the rumors that you wanted me at the pay-per-view. Well that's fine with me, the chance to break your neck will be a pleasurable expirenence. Until then BURN IN HELL.



(Fade Out)

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*We come to Damaramu's locker room as he is standing there going through his bag while Northstar stands behind him*


Northstar: Darling, do you hate me? Honestly, do you harbor ill will toward me? Because sometimes it seems like you do. I mean why else would you injure Crystal? If you didn't hate me, you wouldn't have ruined my chance at keeping the world title on this show. Ya know, I didn't care when you were taking out all your pent up sexual frustration out on poor little no name wrestlers. But when your severe case of roid rage interferes with my main event, you and I have tiny bit of a problem. So, I'm here to tell you to cut the shit quick. Or else I'll teach you a lesson you won't soon forget Are we clear, sugar heart?


*Dama turns to Northstar with a look of fire in his eyes*


Damaramu: What are you going to do? Huh? What are you going to do about it? Crystal got what was coming to her! She got what she deserved. So what's it going to be....darling?


Northstar: Oh honey.....you have no idea......*leans in real close to Damaramu's face* No idea......


*Northstar pats Damaramu on the cheek for a second but is quickly swatted away. He laughs for a second and then gets deadly serious*


Northstar: But it all seriousness...*whispering* You have made a big mistake.

*Northstar turns and walks out of the room leaving Dama standing there with an infuriated look on his face....Dama finally turns to his locker*

Dama: *mocking voice* Oh darling! Do you hate me!? *serious* Who the hell does he think he is....I'll break him to...I'll break them all.....

*door opens*


*Dama turns and his face turns serious as Pyromaniac rushes in from off screen and spears Dama into the locker. Dama lets out a loud "OOOOF!" as the wind is knocked out of him. Pyro begins to open up with lefts and rights as Dama tries to regain his bearings. Finally Dama fights to his feet as a host of officials burst into the locker room and pull them apart.*

Pyro: I'll see you in the parking lot! You're in my world now!


Dama: I'm looking forward to it! LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! *He looks at the officials after they drag Pyro out* GET OFF ME! *the officials all scramble as Dama stands for a second and then turns and kicks his locker...denting it.*


*fade to black*

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"#1", Nelly


We fade in on a shot of Calvin Szechstein, standing in front of a black background. Grinning cockily, he stares into the camera, and says the words in time with the song...



I am number one.


No matter if you like it retake it sit down and write it...


We get a clip of Calvin Szechstein, leaping off of the top rope and flipping over 450 degrees, nailing the FUBU 450 Splash on Crystal!


We then cut to a shot of "Shooter" Jay Darring, standing in front of the same black background. He, too, says the words along with the song...



I am number one.


Now let me ask you man...


We get a shot of Jay Darring, from two nights ago on IntenseZone, grabbing Calvin Szechstein and drilling him to the mat with the Afterthought! The crowd erupts as we cut to a shot of Crystal, standing in front of the black background.



What does it take to be number one?


Two is not a winner, and three, no one remembers it...


We get a shot of Crystal, springboarding off the top rope and nailing the Diamond in the Rough on Ragdoll! The crowd again erupts, but their roars echo as we fade to a shot of Blurricane, standing in front of the same black background



What does it take to be number one?


Eh eh, eh eh, eh eh eh eh...


We get a shot of Blurricane, throwing Bizarro through all... three... cages, at Dirty Deeds! The roars of the crowd again fade out as we see Ragdoll, standing in front of the black background.



I am number one.


No matter if you like it, go take it, sit down, rewrite it...


We get a shot of Ragdoll, charging at a prone Zack Malibu and backflipping in midair, landing the standing shooting star on the prep! The pop, mixed with the boos of the crowd, fades out as we get a shot of Puerto Rican Lightning, standing in front of the same black background.



I am number one.


And tell me now...


We get a clip of PRL, leaping high off the top rope, flashbulbs going off as PRL drives a leg into Blurricane's neck with the Cappa Killer! The roar of the crowd fades out once more as we cut to the last participant, Zack Malibu, standing in front of a black background.



What does it take to be number one?


A clip of Zack Malibu, all of his title defences playing in time with the music, clips of all the superstars in the Elimination Chamber playing like mad as we fade in on Calvin Szechstein, the OAOAST title over his shoulder, a cold look of indifference on his face.



Two is not a winner...



The OAOAST Presents Deadly Games

Live on Pay-Per-View

November 30, 2003




The live feed, returns, as we fade in on a shot of a grinning Calvin Szechstein, sitting at the head of a long buffet table. We pan back to see the rest of Totally Endorsed sitting in front of him. Calvin grins at his two compadres, as Jonathan Coachman walks in, decked out in full Native American gear. He quickly takes his seat, catching a glare from Szechstein as he sits.



What'samatter, Cal baby?



You're late, Coach.



Sorry, Cal.



You should be. Now, gentlemen, look at the magnificent dinner we have laid before us, all courtesy of our friends...



Our Native American friends?



No, you goofy bastard, our friends at Pepsi-Cola and Coliseum Video!



You should listen to Colvid, Coach. Anyway, I think we should all be thankful for this meal, and I feel we should all go around the table and discuss things that we're thankful for. Coach, we'll start with you.



Well, I'm thankful for twins...



That's enough out of you. Colvid, you next.



I'm thankful that I have this Sunday off, so I can watch Deadly Games and watch as Totally Endorsed captures the X title and retains the World title, reasserting our dominance over IntenseZone and the rest of HeldDown. I am also thankful for my immense collection of Coliseum home videos.


Coach wipes a tear from his eye, but Sly socks him in the stomach.



Beautiful words, Colvid. Sly, you next.



I'm thankful to Northstar for the chance to make AJ Flaire and Mad Matt cry like girls this Sunday. I'm thankful for reruns of California Dreams at convenient hours, I'm thankful for X Title shots, and most of all, I'm thankful for a chance to share thanksgiving with two of the greatest wrestlers ever to live.


Calvin and Colvid, now, have to wipe the tears away.



Oh my... thank you, Sly. And now, me... I am thankful for Pepsi, New Line Cinema, the Mountain Dew branch of Pepsi, Freddy vs. Jason, Triple X, Fantasy Fantasy Ten-Two, Skittles, Tasting the Rainbow, FUBU, Majestic, DKNY jeans for my favorite gorgeous virgo. I'm also thankful to Northstar and Dan Black for giving me the chance to make not one but six people's hearts break this Sunday, when I deny every single one of them the chance to exit Deadly Games as the World Heavyweight Champion.


Calvin takes a deep breath. He looks around at his brothers, grinning widely.



Gentlemen... let's eat.

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Fans, it has been a WILD night here on HeldDOWN~! The buildup for Deadly Games is incredible, and to cap the night off we've got an Unsanctioned Street Fight coming up now, between Zack Malibu and Hoff of The Underground.


*Coach comes strolling back to Sofa Central*



How was your meal?



Mmm, delish. I gotta say, Cal's got da hookup fo sho.



Thank you, Rhythym Nation.



No problem, Vanilla Ice.


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" hits, and the crowd starts to jeer upon the first note. Coming out from the back, in unison, are the members of The Underground!



What the...c'mon now, this is supposed to be Hoff vs. Zack Malibu.



Michael, don't you do your research? Where one goes, they all go. It's the gang warfare mentality!


CWM, Superstar, J. Arthur Edwards, Gunner Sharps and Chave Senate all flank Hoff, as they head down to the ring. Hoff steps into it, while The Underground members float around ringside.



C'mon, get these guys out of here!



Normally, it could happen. However, Northstar made a mistake making this an unsanctioned matchup, Cole. All is fair tonight, and that could be deadly for Zack Malibu!


"Bring Me To Life" booms through the speakers for the second time tonight, bringing Zack Malibu out. Seeing the rival group surrounding ringside, Zack opts to charge the ring, rather than the slow walk, and slides into the ring, popping to his feet and darting at Hoff with a flurry of punches!



We're underway pretty quickly tonight!


Zack whips Hoff into the ropes, then carries him over with a dropkick. Hoff is quick to get up, but is also quick to go back down, courtesy of a Malibu dropkick!



Zack isn't wasting any time! And look at Hoff beg off!


Hoff backs into the corner, trying to get himself together, but Zack Malibu goes for him. Just as he does, an all too familiar theme interrupts the contest...


CUE:"I'm The Bomb" by Electric Six



What the...it's Calvin Szechstein!



And look who's with him, it's Ragdoll!


The two heels, notorious enemies of Zack, head down to ringside.



They're out here to watch out for Zack!



You sure about that?


Zack sees them coming, and then turns back to Hoff, but catches a thumb to his eye, blinding him. Hoff tosses him into the corner, and starts ramming him in the ribs with shoulderblocks, then grabs him by the arm and sends him into the opposite corner, follwing right behind him. Zack counters, jumping up on the ropes and over Hoff, and takes him down with a drop toehold when he turns to him, putting Hoff on the mat facefirst. Zack goes to run the ropes, but as he does, he's tripped up by J. Arthur Edwards, who nonchalantly tries walking away...ZACK SWINGS THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A DROPKICK TO J. ARTHUR!



Haha! Take that!



And you say I'M biased!


The rest of The Underground scattter to help the slimy city boy up to his feet, and J. Arthur breaks away, trying to get back in the ring. With this distraction, Hoff gets handed the 24/7 Title from CWM, and waits on Zack, then CRACKS him with a beltshot as he turns around! Hoff tosses the belt aside, and goes for the pin, but now Ragdoll jumps up on the apron!



What is he doing?


Ragdoll gets the ref's attention, and Calvin Szechstein sneaks into the ring. Hoff gets up to go to the ref, but Calvin spins him around, and nails HIM with a World Title beltshot, actually drawing a huge pop from the crowd!



I TOLD you, Coach! Northstar wants some hD~! unity, and by God he's getting it!


Both men are now out of it due to similar manuevers, and Calvin actually starts a rally for Zack! Malibu starts to get up, pulling himself to his feet, and holds onto the ropes, stomping his right foot into the mat.



What? School's Out a little early today!


Hoff starts to stir, prying himself up off the mat as well, and when Zack tries his patented kick, he gets tripped up again, and this time drug out to ringside, courtesy of CWM!



God damn, these guys will do anything!


CWM starts hammering on Zack at ringside, prompting Calvin and Ragdoll to come running over and start doubling up on him! The rest of The Underground come over, and we've got a pier six brawl at ringside! The Underground crew greatly outnumbers the hD~! side, until the fans start to cheer wildly...



Michael, look at this!


General Manager Northstar stands atop the ramp, WAVING talent on! Mad Matt, Sly Summers, Panther, Leon Rodez and Jacob Lyne come charging down the ramp, and everyone starts to get into it. Lyne slides into the ring, staring at the carnage, and Rodez slides in behind him.



What's going on here?


Suddenly, Lyne and Rodez nod at each other, then both bounce off the ropes and do simultaneous no hand planchas, down onto The Underground crowd!









Amazing! Jacob Lyne and Leon Rodez just wiped out nearly everyone!


Meanwhile, Zack gets rolled back into the ring by The Superstar, who follows suit and comes back in himself. Superstar puts the boots to his former comrade, and then pulls him up to his feet. Superstar holds Zack by the hair with one hand, and starts slapping Zack with the other, when CWM jumps up on the apron with a chair, yelling for Superstar to send Zack into it! Before Superstar can act, Zack comes to life, and tosses Superstar towards CWM, knocking the 24/7 Champion to the floor and taking SS out! Malibu gets up, and turns around...RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER...NO! Zack drives an elbow into the side of Hoff's head, and then CRACKS him with School's Out...HOFF FALLS INTO THE ROPES AND REBOUNDS UP...INTO ANOTHER SCHOOL'S OUT!



He got him TWICE, Michael!



He's not going to wake up until sometime around Christmas!


Malibu goes for the cover, hooking the leg...








Winner:Zack Malibu



He did it!



No, WE did it, Michael! HeldDOWN~! unity has shined through tonight!


On the floor, The Underground crew has taken to helping CWM up, who gets up and pushes them all away! Superstar, who is on the other side of the ring holding his head, gets shoved to the floor by the leader of The Underground, who is infuriated about what happened several moments ago!



Look at this! Now they're fighting amongst each other!


The Underground continues to argue, as Gunner Sharps pulls Hoff out of the ring, and aids him in getting to the back.


Meanwhile, Zack gets up, and the rest of the HeldDOWN~! roster stay in the ring. Zack's theme song starts to play, and the roster, face and heel alike, all work the crowd. Zack paces the ring, thanking everyone, before coming face to face with Calvin.



Oh man, now this has to be a tense moment...


Zack stares at Calvin, who is flanked by both Ragdoll and Sly. Calvin reaches out, pats Zack on the shoulder, and then turns to leave. Sly follows suit, and Ragdoll gives Zack a sneaky smirk before he too exits.



Man, tonight it was about unity, but Sunday, it's all about the gold.


Panther, Mad Matt, Rodez and Lyne stay in the ring with Zack, working the crowd as his theme continues. Calvin mumbles something inaudibly to Ragdoll as they retreat up the aisle, but looks back at Zack with a stern look on his face. The camera then catches General Manager Northstar standing on the ramp, obviously pleased with the "moment" his roster has just shared.



Fans, if you taped this show, don't ever tape over it. Break off that little tab on the side, because we may never see a night like this again. It has been hectic, it was wild, but most important of all, it was one for the ages. The HeldDOWN~! roster has come through, and their are visible cracks in The Underground. For Jonathan Coachman, I'm Michael Cole, saying we'll see you Sunday at Deadly Game!

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