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    The Beer Thread.

    I'll flip you for it.
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    Feedback 4 the 3/27 show

    My match is in!
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    Was Chris Kreski's run really that great?

    Bam Bam Bigelow and Goldberg had nothing to do with Russo. Bam Bam debuted in the fall of 1998, a year before Russo was ever hired.
  4. Zack Malibu

    Was Chris Kreski's run really that great?

    Test could be chalked up to not only being injury prone, but by being way too similar to Hunter for his liking, a la Jericho. It's been rumored that part of the reason Test became midcard fodder was partly for political reasons. They didn't "run" with Austin and Tazz in 2001. It was almost like when the older Dudleys picked on Spike, until he finally stood his ground. The nerd told the bully where to shove it. I don't think it was setting up any type of serious Tazz run at all. I like the guy, but the powers that be didn't have faith in him as a top guy, and beating Angle at Rumble 2000 was not the same as beating Angle in say, 2003. He barely meant anything to them at that point.
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    Booking for the 3/26th HD

    I'm working on my match, if it's not done tonight it will be by the morning.
  6. COLE Fans, it has been another historic night for the OAOAST, and in just a few moments, we are going to relive what many would call the most pivotal match in OAOAST history. Two men, now friends, now both the leaders of this company, both inside and outside of the squared circle. Zack Malibu and Anglesault have built this company on respect that has forged a friendship for nearly six years, however, it wasn't always that way. Let us take you back now to Anglemania II, and the main event with Anglesault defending the OAOAST World Heavyweight Championship against Zack Malibu. FLASHBACK~! The main event of Anglemania II saw without a doubt the OAOAST's top two athletes embroiled not only in a battle for the World Championship, but for the right to be called The Franchise. A young Zack Malibu, barely a year into his OAOAST tenure, blazed through the ranks while earning tremendous fan support, and it was on this night that he found himself against a man who could be called nothing less than his polar opposite...the reigning OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion, Anglesault. Zack and Anglesault don't flinch, both men burning a hole through the other with their glares. Zack extends his hand, and AS looks down, quickly slapping it away. Zack shrugs, and extends his hand again in a show of sportsmanship. AS slaps it away again, and gets in Zack's face, pointing his finger at him and mouthing off. Zack paces back and forth for a second, and turns back to AS, then floors him with a right hand! It's on! AS got taken by surprise by that shot, and gets to his feet, massaging his jaw. Zack grabs him by the arm and backs him to the ropes, trying for an Irish Whip, only to have AS counter, grabbing him for a belly to belly, but Zack counters with a headlock takeover! AS slips out, coming from behind and locking a full nelson on Malibu. Zack squirms free, breaking from the grip of the champ, then counters by coming behind AS, shoving him towards the ropes while he holds on with a waistlock. Zack tries for a rollup, but Anglesault holds onto the top rope, keeping him grounded. Zack rolls backwards and pops up to his feet, and charges at Anglesault. AS tries a lariat, which Zack ducks, and both men bounce off the ropes...shoulderblock collision in the center of the ring, and neither man budges! We're back to where we started with a staredown, as the crowd roars in approval! Both men arrived in tremendous condition, neither one willing to back down from the onslaught of the other, and it wasn't until Anglesault resorted to sheer brutality that a full advantage was taken in the contest. As Zack Malibu tried to land his trademark School's Out superkick, Anglesault snapped, and began mercilessly pummeling the popular superstar. ...NO! NO! ANGLESAULT SLAMMED THE CHAIR ON ZACK'S FOOT! ZACK GOES DOWN! JR Oh man, Zack may be hurt and hurt badly. Zack falls down, clutching at his right ankle, as replays show that AS saw the trademark kick coming, and smashed the chair into Zack. Zack is screaming, and there is a great fear that his foot may be shattered. Zack tries back away from AS, trying to get the time to evaluate his condition, but Anglesault stays on him like a rabid dog, grabbing his right leg and swinging it so that the foot crashes against the steel steps. Zack reaches up, using the apron for support to get off the floor. He starts to slide in under the bottom rope, but Anglesault grabs the bad leg again...ANOTHER SALT AND PEPPER ANKLELOCK! Anglesault, still standing outside the ring, has Zack in an Anklelock as he was getting back inside! Despite the beating, Zack stood his ground, surving the rest of the contest on one good leg, doing his best to fend off the vicious assault, until finally Anglesault's will was broken, his body tired from continuously trying to end the hopes and dreams of the popular prep. ANGLE SLAM...NO! NO! ZACK slips out, LANDING ON ONLY HIS LEFT LEG! ZACK LANDED ON ONE LEG! Kick to the gut...POP DROP! POP DROP! ZACK MALIBU COVERS! 1... 2... 3! * DING DING DING * As fans and OAOAST stars rushed the ring, Zack Malibu cradled the World Heavyweight Championship for the very first time. Perhaps more importantly than winning the title itself, was that Zack's drive and will to win, combined with his ability to stand up to the power-mad Anglesault made him a role model to many, and was just the start of his status as the OAOAST Franchise. Tonight, in the center of the ring, these two men, now the best of friends, will do battle for the OAOAST World Title for the first time since that fateful night. Will Zack Malibu be able to capture another victory over the company namesake, or will Zack's days as The Franchise be ended as the former champion regains his throne? FLASHBACK OVER~! The bell sounds, and the fans cannot be kept quiet, even as Michael Buffer makes the intro's, for they know what's coming. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening! "Medal" hits, and the fans go ballistic, as the return to active duty tonight has brought the crowd to a fever pitch. Clad in his trademark singlet, ANGLESAULT comes out from the back, looking all too happy to be returning to active competition tonight. He hits the ring and does warm ups, not even bothering to play to the ground, rather he is focues on the match to come. "Getting Away With Murder" follows his song, and the fans collectively lose their minds as ZACK MALIBU, the OAOAST WORLD CHAMPION enters through a shower of pyro! With the World Title fastened around his waist, Zack heads to the ring, seemingly unnerved by the shocking announcement that he would have to make this defense against Anglesault here tonight. The two lock up, and immediately Anglesault brings Zack to the canvas with a rear waistlock takedown, then slides over him and traps him in a front facelock as the champion starts to come to his feet. A fireman's carry puts Zack down again, but as 'Sault goes for him, Zack sweeps his feet out from under him! Both men up, and Anglesault comes at Zack, who catches him and hoists him up for a bodyslam, dropping him to the canvas! As Anglesault comes to, an arm wrench follows, and then Zack connects with a hard chop before sending Anglesault to the ropes! He hiptosses him over, but as he leans down, Anglesault kicks him off, then rolls to his feet. He lifts Zack up off his feet and throws him against the corner, then drives a knee into the gut before bringing Zack out and bieling him across the ring! Zack reels, and when he comes to Anglesault charges, only to be brought down with a drop toehold! Zack then traps him in a headlock, but Anglesault pushes up, fighting to his feet with Zack clinging to him. They come up, and he lifts Zack, only to have Malibu float over...and a SCHOOL'S OUT follows as Anglesault turns around, but he ducks and rolls at the last second, escaping the ring before Malibu can connect! COACH Anglesault's still got a little game! COLE He's certainly taking this opportunity very seriously, and is doing quite well in keeping up with Zack. Anglesault comes back into the ring, and Zack wants to tie up as soon as he comes in. Anglesault reaches up for the lockup, then boots Zack in the stomach, and then strikes with a series of forearm shots. Malibu gets sent to the ropes, but he ducks under an Anglesault lariat and nails a spinning leg lariat, wiping the OAOAST owner out! Anglesault quickly rolls to the corner and comes up, putting a hand up in surrender as he tries to gather his thoughts. Zack starts coming at him, but the champion backs off as his friend looks for a moment to recover...only to come bursting out of the corner with an attempt at a lariat! Zack ducks that and fires back with a chop that sends Anglesault reeling, then whips him to the corner, only for it to be reserved! Zack heads for the turnbuckles thanks to AS, but leaps up and backflips over Anglesault, who turns around and immediately nails Zack with a lariat as he lands, then drops for a cover! ONE! KICKOUT! Anglesault brings Zack right up to his feet and nails a release vertical suplex, then brings Zack up again and hits a kneelift that knocks him right back on his back! He brings Zack up and fires him off into the ropes, but when he drops his head for a backrop Zack kicks it up and follows up with a discus clothesline...but Anglesault catches the arm, kicks Zack in the gut, then tosses him overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Malibu is rattled, and brings himself up by the ropes...but Anglesault charges and dumps him with a clothesline, sending the champion out to the floor! COACH The brotha hasn't lost a step! COLE He's certainly holding his own, and you have to wonder if deep down Anglesault is glad that Zack was caught off guard by the announcement, because it could lend to a psychological advantage here! Anglesault hops out of the ring to retrieve Zack, but when he does, Zack pushes him away, then comes up with a hard chop, then takes 'Sault and throws him right back in under the bottom rope. Zack follows and slingshots in from the apron with a headscissors, but Anglesault takes Zack's legs and throws him back over, onto the apron! Zack catches himself and then ducks a blow from Anglesault, dropping and hitting a shoulder to the stomach, then launches himself over with a sunset flip...but Anglesault rolls through and grabs the leg, trying for an ANKLE LOCK~! Zack kicks him off and rolls backwards to his feet, then catches AS as he comes at him with an inverted atomic drop, then nails him with the leaping lariat after getting momentum from running the ropes! COLE Speaking of advantages, the World Champion is gaining quite a bit of it right now! Zack hits a kneedrop on Anglesault, then brings him up and staggers him with a European uppercut. He goes for a suplex, but Anglesault slips behind him, then hooks him for a German...but Zack floats over the attempted suplex, then runs AS to the ropes, looking for a rollup! 'Sault clings to the ropes as Zack rolls back, and when Zack charges him the OAOAST CEO drops down and pulls the top rope down, sending Zack spilling out to the floor once again! COACH Quick thinking by the OAOAST's main man! Anglesault paces the ring, the crowd fully invested into this matchup, a rematch six years in the making. 'Sault heads out of the ring and picks Zack up, suplexing him on the floor! COLE Anglesault pulling out all the stops here tonight! COACH It's the chance of a lifetime, Cole. A chance to regain his former glory. Even against his buddy Hack Malibu, he can't be too lenient with his offense! Malibu howls in pain, cringing as pain shoots up his spine. Anglesault brings him up, and continuing with the focus on Zack's back, rams him into the apron! He then shoves Zack under the bottom rope, back into the ring. He goes and hooks Zack's leg again, but Zack lunges for the ropes, looking desperately for something to grab onto. He squirms and manuevers as Anglesault tries to lock the leg, but Malibu manages to roll over...but as he goes to kick off this time, Anglesault hooks the other leg and catapults Zack over the ropes! Zack grabs on, and SKINS THE CAT~! back in, catching Anglesault by the head and snapping him to the canvas with a headscissors! Anglesault rolls across the canvas, and when he gets to his feet, he's met with a dropkick! He gets up again, and this time it's a European uppercut that floors him! Zack then goes to pick AS up, but when he does, Anglesault hooks him by the head and rolls him up with a cradle! ONE! T-KICKOUT! The two get up, but immediately Anglesault hooks Zack, and brings him over with a Northern Lights suplex! ONE! TW-NO! Zack bridges up, and twists around so that he brings Anglesault's shoulders to the mat with a backslide! ONE! T-NO! Anglesault kicks out, and as they get to their feet again, drives a knee into Zack's stomach, then hooks the waistband of his tights and swings him chest first into the turnbuckles! Zack staggers back, right into a German suplex by Anglesault! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! COLE It looks like friendly sportsmanship is turning into a game of one-upsmanship! Anglesault gets up and looms over Zack, rolling him onto his stomach and then unloading with crossface shots to his opponent! Zack tries to cover up, and manages to slide out behind Anglesault, yanking his legs out from under him! Anglesault comes up stunned, and Malibu hits a jawbreaker to keep the tide in his favor, further rattling the former aWo leader! Zack gets to his feet, and when Anglesault turns to him he's wide open for SCHOOL'S OUT...but Anglesault catches it and spins him around right into an ANGLE SLAM~! COACH He hit the slam, Mikey Cole! Anglesault covers, hooking the leg for all it's worth, as the crowd chants along! ONE! TWO! NO! SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST SECOND! COLE Zack Malibu kicked out of the Angle Slam! COACH The same move Zack uses as a tribute to Anglesault nearly just cost him his World Heavyweight Title! Anglesault brings a weary Zack up and sends him to the corner, then nails him with a lariat as he's pressed against the turnbuckles! Anglesault then sets Zack up on the top, hooking for a superplex, but Malibu fights off, driving his fist into the ribcage of AS! 'Sault responds by hammering Zack across the back, but Malibu makes a desperate shove and sends Anglesault to the canvas! Anglesault lands on his feet and goes charging in, but Zack delivers a kick to stun him, then hooks him for a Tornado DDT...but Anglesault throws him off! Zack moves for him, but Anglesault drives a knee into the gut, then swings around Zack...GERMAN SUPLEX! AS hangs on, and both men come up...GERMAN NUMBER TWO! He rolls them to their feet again, but this time Zack starts firing back elbows, freeing himself from Anglesault's grasp, then goes around...GERMAN SUPLEX FROM ZACK! THEN TWO! THEN THREE! THEN FOUR! THEN...ANGLESAULT KICKS BACK, CATCHING ZACK LOW! COACH Haha, I don't think I ever liked Anglesault as much as when I just saw him do that! COLE In the heat of a battle like this, you've got to pull out all the stops, but Anglesault just fouled his best friend! With Zack doubled over, Anglesault stuffs him into a headscissors, then powerbombs him to the canvas, and hangs onto the legs so that he can segue into the ANKLE LOCK~! COLE He's got it locked! He finally snared Zack in the trap! Anglesault wrenches, as Zack screams out, his fingers not even close to grazing the ropes! Zack stretches as far as his body will take him, scraping his chest across the canvas as he tries to reach the bottom rope...but Anglesault rears back, dragging Zack away from the ropes! COLE Could we see Anglesault vs. Bohemoth at Anglemania? Can Zack last while trapped in that devestating hold? Zack howls in pain as he pushes up off the canvas, managing to get on one foot, and he hops up and CRACKS Anglesault with an enzugiri to break! Malibu hobbles away, limping noticeably, showing the effects of the hold. Just then, Anglesault shoots for the leg, trying to take Zack down, while Zack relentlessly hammers him across the back to drive him off, then traps Anglesault's arms and hits a series of knees before carrying him over with a butterfly suplex! Anglesault comes to his feet, yanking himself up to a standing position with the aid of the ropes, and Zack is right there to Irish whip him across the ring...NO! 'Sault reverses, and ducks, allowing Zack to leapfrog...BUT HE COMES DOWN ON THE BAD ANKLE! COACH He's hurt! Right there, Mikey Cole, Zack's hurt! Zack winces, and as he ducks to favor his leg, Anglesault rushes up behind him...ANGLE SLAM~!...NO, ZACK SLIPS OUT...ANGLE SLAM BY MALIBU~! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! DING! DING! DING! COLE He got him! I don't know whether he was hurt on that or not, Coach, but that little sequence just led to a successful defense for our World Champion! Zack sits up, and upon hearing the sound of his music, breathes a sigh of relief. The referee hands Zack his prized possession, and helps him to his feet, raising his hand to signify victory. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, your winner...and STILL the OAOAST WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...ZAAAAAAAAAAAACK MAAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Zack heads up to the top rope with his belt, holding it high as flashes from cameras explode, along with the cheers of the crowd. Zack comes down the ropes and looks at Anglesault, groggy and just getting to his feet, and he offers his hand to his old friend. COLE That's what it's all about, right there. Past and present, in the ring, with a mutual respect for each other. Anglesault looks at Zack's hand, then at his other hand, which is holding the title belt that he once proudly held. Anglesault then nods his head in approval and grabs Zack's hand, shaking it and pulling his friend into a hug. COACH Ugh, Brokeback Mountain 2 did not need to happen here! COLE Stop it, would you please? Anglesault raises Zack's arm, again showcasing the victorious champion en route to Anglemania, and a matchup with another man called friend. COLE Malibu with a big win here tonight, and he's certainly got momentum in his favor as we head to the big one...ANGLEMANIA. We've got one more stop before then, and it's next week, same time, same channel. Join us for more OAOAST HeldDOWN~! fans, we'll see you next week!
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    HD OPENING SEGMENT announcing the main event~!

    This can go before the main intro? Kind of like the opening scene of a sitcom, before the credits!
  8. It's a cold open to another red hot edition of HeldDOWN~!, as we begin tonight's broadcast with the owner of the OAOAST, ANGLESAULT, standing in center ring. ANGLESAULT It is with a heavy heart that I begin this broadcast of HeldDOWN~!, because last week, the OAOAST was dealt with a tremendous blow with the passing of Sly Sommers. I am pleased to announce here tonight that the HeldDOWN~! broadcast after Anglemania will be a special 3-hour tribute show to our friend Sly, and I welcome all OAOAST fans past and present to join us as we pay our respects to our fallen brother. Anglesault pauses, and gives the crowd a moment to applaud and cheer, while some fans even brandish signs showing their respect for Sly. ANGLESAULT Now, that brings me to tonight, because here at the OAOAST, we are going to get back to business as usual. We are going to get back to doing what we do best, and that is by giving you fans the kind of excitement and action that will stick with you for a lifetime! Here tonight, on HeldDOWN~!, it's ANGLEMANIA REMATCH NIGHT, showcasing rematches of some of the most famous matches in Anglemania history as we make our way to the next chapter in that event on April 5th! We have some great matches planned, including a World Heavyweight Title match in our main event! Right now, I'd like to announce that match, but before I do, I'd like to welcome out here the OAOAST WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ZACK MALIBU! "Getting Away With Murder" is cued, and the World Champion emerges, lookin' all spiffy in gray dress pants and a white button down shirt. Malibu stops at the top of the ramp and points to the sky, a silent tribute to his friend, then heads to the ring to an enormous reaction. COLE We've heard all week that Zack was willing to recreate Anglemania history here tonight, and you want to talk about a track record of classic matches at Anglemania! COACH Gotta keep in mind though, most of the people Zack has battled over the years are no longer affiliated with the company. Calvin Szechstein's vanished off the face of the earth, Drek Stone ain't comin' back anytime soon... COLE ...or is he? Or Calvin, for that matter? What about Zack tagging up with Caboose and Some Guy, right here tonight? We already saw CWM show up a few weeks ago, whose to say Black T can't as well! Zack and Anglesault hug, and Zack turns around, holding the sixteen pounds of gold over his head as the fans chant his name loudly. It's a warm response for the champion, who has certainly been battling a slew of emotions the past week or so. ANGLESAULT Zack, my friend, tonight is going to be historic, and when history is going to be made, you can be damn sure that the Franchise of the OAOAST, the World Heavyweight Champion, is going to be a part of it! Now, I know that the question on your mind, Zack, is the question on everyone's mind that's here in this arena and that's watching at home; just which Anglemania moment are you going to relive tonight? Could we see Zack Malibu defending his World Championship against...Calvin Szechstein? Or how about Drek...no, you know what, let's forget all about Drek, shall we? No, tonight, Zack Malibu, you are going to relive your crowning achievement, the day that you became the glory boy of the OAOAST. Tonight, Zack Malibu is going to defend his World Heavyweight Championship... Anglesault pauses, as he turns to the crowd, and then back to Zack as he makes the startling announcement. ANGLESAULT Against ME! The crowd buzzes, cheering for the shocking announcement, as a confused Zack looks at Anglesault, who stands there beaming. ANGLESAULT Now hang on, before anyone gets carried away, there is no ill intent here. Zack, I've come to respect you as a man, and more importantly as a friend. You have carried this company on your back through the years, but it was that night, the moment the referee's hand hit the canvas for the third time, that you became what you are today. Now, I'm not an active competitor, and truth be told I've seen better days, which is why I'm content standing back and helping to lead this company from the corporate side. But Zack, you and I made history that night, and after all that's happened through the years, I've never asked you for anything, and I've always been a man of my word. So have you. So tonight, I'm asking you to step into this ring not as my friend, but as my opponent. I'm asking you in front of the world to hear me out on this, to do what you know in your heart will go down as one of the greatest matches in broadcast history. What do you say, Zack? Malibu, still a bit confused by this turn of events, takes the mic. MALIBU 'Sault, it's not a secret that I've come to respect you, because this company would have never gotten off the ground had it not been for you. Everything, right down to the name, is because of the things you've done in this business. It's also a well known fact that Anglemania II was the "passing of the torch" in regards to the OAOAST. Like you said, it was the night that I ascended to the throne, and cemented myself as the leader of the OAOAST. As for tonight, I'm two weeks away from the challenge of another man that I call friend, and that itself is an Anglemania rematch. I've been training, studying tapes, and sadly have been caught with more serious distractions recently. However, I am a man of my word, and a man of action. I'm never one to back down anytime anyone, friend or foe, throws a challenge my way. There's no better way to prepare for Anglemania then by reliving the night we tore the house down six years ago. My friend, tonight, YOU'RE ON! Anglesault smiles slightly, nodding his head and then extending his hand to Zack. ANGLESAULT Well, if it's a done deal, then all I can say is...I hope you're ready, Zack. I might not be the Anglesault of 2003, but you never know when I could surprise you. Zack and Anglesault shakes hands, and Anglesault walks out of the ring. He stops and turns, looking at Malibu at Zack plays to the crowd with the World Title held firmly in his hands, as the shocking announcement of the Anglemania II main event rematch has kicked off our night with a bang!
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    Feedback for the 3/20 HeldDOWN~!

    I edited in a brief speech for Sly at the top of the show, along with the memorial pic.
  10. Zack Malibu

    RIP Sly Sommers

    I'm down with the memorial show (already had an idea of what to do re: Zack and co.), and will obviously make it a part of my segment(s) for tonight's show. PFL, talk to some of the guys at The Pit, we've had a few newbies join up over there, so see if you can get stories working with them to bring their characters into the fold.
  11. Zack Malibu

    History of ECW

    Having not looked at 24/7 at all in the past two weeks, is this the same episode where Dreamer fights Taz? I have that original airing on a tape somewhere and I remember thinking that ECW could have been onto something with Spicolli. He was pretty over as a midcard face for a while there.
  12. Zack Malibu

    History of ECW

    Having not looked at 24/7 at all in the past two weeks, is this the same episode where Dreamer fights Taz? I have that original airing on a tape somewhere and I remember thinking that ECW could have been onto something with Spicolli. He was pretty over as a midcard face for a while there.
  13. Zack Malibu

    Feedback for the 3/12 show

    Zack vs. Rico is IN~!
  14. Zack Malibu

    HD: Zack Malibu vs. Rico~!

    COLE It's time now for the main event, as the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion will make his first defense here tonight, just a few weeks shy of Anglemania. Tonight, Zack Malibu puts the belt on the line against the...unique, I guess you could say, Rico de Janeiro! "Right Round" kicks up, and the crowd does not welcome the challenger with open arms, but rather a slew of catcalls, as the moustache stroking superstar heads down the aisle, accompanied by Queen Esther. Toting his scepter and tuggin on his 'stache, Rico berates some of the ringsiders as he heads to the ring for the challenge of a lifetime. COACH So, whaddya think, Mikey Cole? Rico vs. Bo at Anglemania? COLE I think there'd be an overload of metrosexuality in that match, Coach. COACH And you would love every minute of it! COLE More gay jokes, really? COACH It ain't a joke if it's true, closet case. Rico and Esther work the crowd, doing their best to be as annoying as possible...but all eyes are off of them once Papa Roach kicks in! COLE The champ is here! COACH Doesn't someone else have that trademarked? So now not only are you a homo, but a thief as well! The pyro showers the entrance way, and through it all emerges the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Holding that strap for the fourth time in his career, ZACK MALIBU powerwalks down the aisleway, looking all too ready for action here tonight on HeldDOWN~! COLE Just a few weeks after defeating his best friend for the World Title, and just a few weeks before putting that belt on the line against another one of his allies, Zack Malibu is here tonight to welcome the challenge of Rico de Janeiro! Zack climbs into the ring and unstraps the belt, holding it high with one hand. Rico and Esther taunt him from the other side of the ring, both making the "belt is mine" gesture, to which Zack waves a hand for them to bring it. The entrance festivities soon peter out, and the bell sounds to get us under way for our title match. The two lockup, but Rico has other ideas, as he drives a knee into Zack's gut, then works him over with forearms across the back, having caught the champion with his guard down! He sends Zack to the ropes, and catches him with a sideslam, but Zack floats over and in the same motion snaps Rico down with a Russian legsweep! He pulls Rico up and rocks him with two European uppercuts and then sends him into the ropes, delivering a crisp dropkick as he bounces back! Rico rolls out of the ring before Zack can capitalize, and Esther is all too happy to meet her man and give some words of encouragement. COACH There ya go, Rico. Listen to the queen and soon enough you'll be our champion! COLE Esther certainly has gained great influence over Rico and Lucius, and to lead one of them to the World Heavyweight Title would certainly be a nice coup for her. Esther whispers in Rico's ear and sends him back into the ring, where Zack is waiting for him amidst the cheers of the crowd. He and Zack tie up again, but then Rico drops down and hooks Zack by the waist, carrying him across the ring and slamming him into the corner! He follows up with a slap, probably causing one lucky fan to be hit with a Malibu spitball, and works the crowd before turning to charge the corner...and eat a boot! Rico stumbles back as Zack comes out of the corner and runs the ropes, nailing him with his patented leaping lariat! Rico rolls to his feet, and Zack is right on him, chopping away like a lumberjack looking to take out a tall oak! He grabs Rico to send him across the ring, but Esther grabs Rico's leg, preventing him from being sent across the ring! Rico then thumbs Zack in the eye, and takes him to the corner, running his head into the top turnbuckle! Esther applauds as the crowd boos the tactics of the challenger. Rico scoops Zack up, but Zack wriggles free and hits a HYOOGE release German suplex, tossing Rico halfway across the ring! COLE That'll rattle you! Zack gets up and brings Rico to his feet, then opens fire with a flurry of open hand strikes, yet out of desperation Rico delivers another knee to the gut! He fires Zack into the ropes, and there Esther trips Zack up, giving her man more recovery time! COLE Well, it was only a matter of time... COACH Are you implying that she was bound to interfere? COLE I'm not implying anything, you knew it the minute they came through the curtain! Esther struts away, smiling cockily to the crowd to mock their hatred for that move, and as Zack is getting up, Rico floors him with a clothesline! He stomps Zack before bringing him to his feet, then scoops him up again and slams him to the canvas. Rico then playfully strokes his moustache and then drops a leg...but Zack rolls out of the way, and Rico lands hard on the canvas! A basement dropkick from a rejuvenated Malibu follows, and then he comes off the ropes and nails a legdrop of his own! Esther slams her hand on the canvas and turns to tell the crowd to shut up, not pleased with the turn of events in the ring. Zack brings Rico up and whips him into the corner, then charges in and NAILS him with a running forearm before putting him on the top rope! Zack follows up, but Rico shoves him off, only to have Zack land on his feet! The World Champion then races up the ropes and biels Rico off the top, sending him down to the ring below! Zack steadies himself, climbing up to the top, but now Esther has gotten up on the apron and is trying to stop him from climbing by hooking his ankle! Malibu reaches down and brings the nosy valet up onto the ropes while he is able to climb down, and he then launches her airborne, right at Rico, who catches her in his arms! Before he knows what do to, Rico gets BLASTED with a SCHOOL'S OUT while holding Esther, and she goes rolling out under the bottom rope as his dead weight falls to the canvas! ONE! TWO! THREE! DING! DING! DING! BUFFER Here is your winner, the OAOAST WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...ZAAAAAAAAAAAACK MAAAAAAAAALIBUUUUUUUUUUU! Zack is given the belt, and he holds it up high, as "Getting Away With Murder" signals another victory for the champion. His foes lay scattered, with Rico out like a light in the ring and Esther getting up on the floor, probably not even realizing what just happened! Satisfied with his defense, Malibu heads for the locker room, the World Title safely draped over his shoulder.
  15. Zack Malibu

    When do you start writing your stuff?

    Honestly, it all depends. I usually get a good idea of what I want a match to be like as soon as its planned out. Sometimes I'll keep "rough drafts" of my writings, or just a list of sequences/spots that I want to use, and then flesh things out. I always go for the meat of the match first, as evidenced by the numerous times Patty has tacked on entrances for my stuff.