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Gert T

Who is the kingpin of "Premium Seat" companies

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My sister told me today she wanted to go to the Browns-Bengals game on December 28th. No problem for me as I already had my ticket, so I looked around online, and was SHOCKED at how high the ticket prices were:


Anywhere from $110.00 to $580.00 per seat.


I don't know if I love her that much, but its funny, I looked on about 10 different websites and their seats were mostly in the same sections and same rows. So how are all of these tied together is my question?


Does the (people/corporations) that buy these make a bunch of different websites and tweak the prices by 5-10 dollars to try to move them better?


The bottom line is that I'm shocked I'd see a day Bengals seats are sold 10 times greater than face value!

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The seats are together because that's the ones that the ticket brokers got (ticket brokers = stores that sell tickets at inflated rates. Basically, legal scalping.)


Most likely, one guy waited in line and bought X number of tickets, which he sold to the various stores. He makes his money back with extra, and they make their money back plus a lot extra.

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