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1/12 SWF Smarkdown HOLT Report

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Yeah, it's late; sue me...





SWF Smarkdown HOLT report

January 12, 2004

Indianapolis, Indiana at Canseco Fieldhouse

Report by Dennis Tarwood of Glenview, IL Smartmarks.com reader



Dark Matches:


- Manson destroys Daredevil in 0:18 with Consequences.


- Ann Onita beat Landon Maddix in 8:33 with the Triple C.


- CIA and Aecas beat Xcalibur and English Dragon in 6:45, when Aecas hit Dragon with the Executioner.


- Johnny Dangerous beat Todd Royal in 13:26. Todd seemed to be in control, and was going for the Trinity, but Johnny rolled through on the stalling suplex and countered into the MI Slam to get the pin.





- Favorite sign in the crowd: Ejiro Fasaki = The Stan Stasiak of the SWF.


- Thugg and Judge got into a heated argument after the tag team match, and had to be separated by officials. We wanted to see them tear each other apart, though, and got a good “Let Them Fight” chant going.


- The Unnamed continued to beat on Dace and Janus after the show went to break, until Wild and Dangerous came out to make the save. Strangely enough, though, the Trinity didn’t seem too grateful, and they got into a staredown with Wild and Dangerous.


- Danny took a few minutes after the match to soak in the cheers from the fans. A guy at ringside handed him a sign, which he held up for all the rest of us to see, reading, “5-0. He’s better than you, Fasaki, and just proved it… AGAIN!”


Biggest Pops

1) Danny Williams

2) Tom Flesher

3) Wildchild

4) Grand Slam

5) Linchpin


Most Heat

1) Ejiro Fasaki

2) HVT/Judge

3) Va’aiga

4) Michael Craven

5) John Duran

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