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Final Losing Match Thread

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If nothing else...skip to the end and read IL's speech... and remember the good times






“…the memories…”


As SJL Metal returns from its final commercial break ever to an insanely loud Gund Arena crowd, the Smarktron comes to life to show pictures of Fallout and Grimedogg… the first SJL World and European Champions…respectively. “O Fortuna” begins to play solemnly over the loud speakers, and as each note passes, one of the pictures is replaced by the next two champions…moving past such greats as current SWF Commissioner “Grand Slam” Mark Stevens, Longdogger Pete, Xstasy, El Luchadore Magnifico, Andrew Blackwell, Cyclone Comet, Thoth, The Boston Strangler, Annie Eclectic, Ejiro Fasaki, Judge Hearford III, Tom Flesher, Mak Francis, Mike Van Siclen, and others…


…slowly moving closer and closer to November 21, 2003…a voice-over can be heard…


“It was on this day…that two men stepped up to the top of the Smarks Junior Leagues, each for the second time…as Alan Clark returned from an absence and regained the European Championship…and only a short time later…Todd Royal became the World Heavyweight Champion.”


Video of the two men are shown holding their respective titles in the air…


“But soon…it came down to one Alan Clark…and one Todd Royal…squaring off to see who was the better man…”


The voice fades out as Alan Clark flies off a production truck and crashes down through the roof of a limousine and Todd Royal…defeating the World Champion and becoming a double champion himself. The scene changes to Alan Clark in the ring that night, clutching both belts to his chest.


“But Todd Royal saw red that night…as he lay defeated. Enter Landon Maddix…the newest Disciple of the House of Todd…”


The arena crowd boos as Landon Maddix appears on screen, showing his European Title win over Alan Clark from a few weeks ago, leaving Alan bleeding in the center of the ring…a look of shock and pain on his face.


“It has come down to this…”


“O Fortuna” fades up once more, getting louder and louder as shots of Landon Maddix with the European Title and Alan Clark with the World Heavyweight Title rain across the SmarkTron. As the music hits a crescendo, the pictures stop…slowly fading away…leaving a few words on the screen.


European Champion Landon Maddix




World Heavyweight Champion Alan Clark


The SJL’s Final Battle


The video fades out and the cameras pan around the arena to show that the entire crowd is on their feet, including WF and JL veteran Ced Ordonez in the front row…as well as Annie Eclectic, Ejiro Fasaki, and the Judge…all dressed to the hilt…at the announcer’s table.


“Ladies and gentlemen…the legends have come out tonight…we have Ced Ordonez in the crowd…a man who was at the very last IGNJL show EVER…and he is here tonight…because tonight is THE NIGHT …no more future to look forward to in the SJL. The SWF looms on the horizon for these men…but now comes the time to decide who will leave this arena…who will leave the SJL…the Undisputed Champion.” Judge takes his seat as he finishes speaking.


“That’s right, Judge…Alan Clark showed he had what it takes a little over a month ago as he defeated Todd Royal to become a double champion…and from seeing him this past week training and preparing himself…I know that he is ready for this match.” Annie takes her seat next to Judge. Ejiro looks down at the other two.


“I know what it is like to World Champion of both of these feds…and I know what is going through both of their heads right now as they sit in the back and wait for this match to begin. I am usually a troublemaker…usually a sad sport…but tonight is the end of an era for everyone in the back…and for all these fans….and I’m kind of sorry to see it go…” Ejiro takes his seat as well, Annie looks over at him.


“That was very nice, Ejiro…I didn’t know you cared.”


“I don’t really…but hell…they are paying me to say this stuff!” Ejiro stifles a laugh as Annie puts her head down in frustration.


“Enough of that you two…this is it. It’s all coming to a close tonight! Let’s get this started!” Judge waves his hand at Funyon, who is standing alone in the ring.


The lights in the arena slowly dim, and a lone spotlight is cast on the ring announcer, and the fans throughout the arena stay on their feet as he speaks.


“Ladies and Gentlemen…it is my pleasure to introduce to you…the Commissioner of the Smarks Junior Leagues…CHRIS RAYYYYNOR~!”


The Gund erupts in cheers and some boos as “The Grudge” by Tool begins to play throughout the arena, bringing Commissioner Raynor out from behind the curtain in a full suit. With him he carries the SJL World and European Championships, both looking shiny as always. Chris Raynor walks to the ring with a smile on his face and a tear in his eye.


“Chris Raynor is making his final appearance something to be proud of…” Annie remarks as Raynor steps up the stairs and climbs through the ropes and into the ring. Funyon hands the mic over to him and steps aside as the spotlight turns it’s attention to the Commissioner.


“Everyone…it is with some sadness and regret that the SJL is closing its doors this evening. I know that since I have become Commissioner, some of you have cheered my actions…and others have booed them…but I have always done what is best for this League…and tonight I am continuing that in the hopes that these men go into the SWF and have as much success as they possibly can. So without further adieu…” Chris Raynor clears his throat and looks toward the ceiling as the Gund begins appluading wildly.


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is a TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH…” this call causing more and more cheers from the crowd, “…and it is to declare the UNDISPUTED SMARKS JUNIOR LEAGUE CHAMPION!


…Introducing first…he hails from Easton, Pennsylvania…”


“No way…” the three announcers all say at once.


“…he is a former SJL World Heavyweight Champion and the Special Referee for this contest…you know him…you love him… he is Andrew Rickmen…




“What a set of pipes on Raynor…” Judge chuckles a bit as “Gotta Get Away” suddenly explodes through the rafters as the Insane Luchador appears through the curtain, wearing his signature baggy khakis and a referee shirt. The crowd explodes in an ungodly amount of cheers for the returning SJL superstar as he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, getting to his feet and stepping up, getting only inches away from Chris Raynor.


“We had heard rumors all week that the Insane Luchador was returning here tonight…but we hadn’t seem him until now!” Annie yells out as a smile slowly forms on Rickmen’s face and he steps away from the Commissioner before offering his hand for a handshake. Raynor pauses…then accepts to another huge cheer.


“An’ I’m sailin…YEAH!”


Raynor looks toward the entranceway as “Suck My Kiss” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to play, and a spotlight appears on the curtain as Landon Maddix steps through, a smile on his face. The Gund seems split on their reaction to the European Champion…as some of the cheers quickly turn to boos at the recent actions of the new Disciple.


“Coming to the ring at this time…hailing from Huron, South Dakota… he weighs in at 201 pounds and is the Current and Two Time SJL European Champion…




Maddix slowly climbs the ring steps before hopping over the top rope, landing on his feet and turning around to face the Gund fans, whose reactions are still somewhat mixed for the European Champion.


“This crowd doesn’t know whether they should be cheering or booing this guy right now!” Ejiro watches as Landon and Raynor share a brief handshake as Andrew Rickmen looks on behind them. Landon steps away as Raynor pulls the microphone back up to his lips.


“…And now…his opponent…hailing from Long Beach, California…he weighs in at 225 pounds and is a former two time SJL European Champion…and he is the Current SJL World Heavyweight Champion…known under many, many names…let’s just get him out here…




The crowd explodes in applause and cheers as the opening guitar of “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi begins to play throughout the arena. Alan Clark appears through the curtain and stops for a moment to look down toward the ring at Rickmen, Raynor, and Maddix and then out over the entire building. Alan raises his hands and spreads his arms out wide, holding the pose and pointing out toward every fan in the arena before walking slowly toward the ring.


“Alan Clark looks like he might cry before he makes it to the ring!” Ejiro watches as Alan high-fives a few fans and even says a few brief words to some before climbing up the ring steps and through the ropes, entering the ring as the lights in the arena return to normal. Alan shakes hands with Rickmen, but then turns around and grabs Raynor with a huge hug as he tries to leave the ring…the crowd explodes as the look on Raynor’s face turns to that of complete shock.


“Getting a little too personal for the Commish…I think.” Annie comments as Alan returns to the center of the ring. Rickmen looks between both men and holds the two championships in the air for all the world to see before handing them off to Raynor, who stands a bit shaken outside the ring.


Rickmen turns his attention back to the two competitors and signals for them to shake hands and make this a clean fight. Landon immediately puts his hand out, causing Alan to pause before accepting. Alan looks to the Gund crowd and they cheer him on, telling him to shake the man’s hand. Alan accepts the handshake to a smile from Maddix, and Rickmen signals that they match is underway…




As the crowd throughout the Gund Arena takes their seats, a few cheers can still be heard as Alan and Landon go into their first lockup of the match. The two push back and forth for a moment before Landon pulls Alan towards him and whips him into the ropes. As Alan comes back toward the center of the ring, Landon rolls down and catches Alan’s arm, flipping him over with an armdrag takedown. Alan is up quickly and he takes another run at Landon, but the same armdrag result occurs.


“Landon Maddix is taking an early advantage here…” Judge remarks as Alan gets back to his feet. Landon takes another run toward the world champ and leaps into the air, trying for a dropkick. Alan has other plans, however, as he catches Landon’s ankles in mid-air, dropping Landon down unprotected and back-first to the canvas.


“You spoke too soon, Judge…” Annie says as Alan spreads Landon’s legs and flips between them, landing on his back on Landon’s chest and into a pinning combination. Rickmen drops to the canvas to make the first count of the match…











Landon sits up at two, pushing Alan back on his head and into a pin of his own. Rickmen is thrown off his guard, but quickly counts once more…









Alan quickly rolls backwards and out of the pin, rolling up and to his feet as Landon pops up as well. Both men lunge at each other but freeze, stopping momentarily as their eyes catch each others. As this impromptu stare-down occurs, the Gund crowd explodes in applause. The camera catches Chris Raynor seated at ringside, who almost looks to be in shock at the crowd’s actions.


“It looks like Raynor, and the three men in the ring, are beginning to realize exactly what they are apart of…” Judge mentions as the camera returns to the ring, the stare-down is broken, but Landon, Alan, and even Rickmen seem to be taking in the crowd’s applause.


Rickmen suddenly snaps out of it and signals for the two men to continue, and after a brief moment the two lock up once more. Alan takes the advantage this time, going for a whip to the ropes, but Landon reverses the whip and pulls Alan with him, almost dragging him right into a short arm clothesline that puts Alan on his back in the center of the ring.


Landon sees his chance as he pulls Alan up to his feet and whips him into the corner with as much force as he can, causing Alan to hit the turnbuckles hard. Before Alan can move away from the corner, however, Landon rushes in and leaps into the air, connecting with a flying forearm right into Alan’s forehead. Landon comes down on his feet and steps back as Alan stumbles out of the corner from the forearm shot. The European champion sees that Alan is dazed as he sends a kick into his stomach, doubling over the world champ and putting him in perfect position for a front facelock. Landon holds the facelock for a brief second before driving Alan face-first into the mat with a DDT!


“Landon Maddix seems to know exactly what he needs to do to leave this building tonight the champion!” even Ejiro can’t help but call the action as Landon rolls Alan onto his back and goes for a quick cover…












Alan kicks out just before the three, causing cheers from the crowd as Landon gets back to his feet. Alan is a bit slower, crawling up to his knees and trying to regain his focus, but Maddix sees an easy target and sends his right foot whizzing through the air and connecting right into Alan’s face. The impact almost lifts Clark off the mat, causing him to roll almost to the opposite corner of the ring.


Landon wastes no time in continuing his assault as he rushes across the ring and leaps into the air, rolling backwards and crashing down onto the chest of Clark with a beautiful and picture perfect Senton Bomb!


“Senton from Maddix! This could do it!” Judge comments as Landon stays on top of Alan for the cover…













Alan gets his shoulder up just barely, and as Landon sits up and tries to get back to his feet, Alan pulls himself out of the ring under the bottom rope, taking a little breather from the opening moments of the match.


“Alan Clark heads to the outside…but look at Landon!” Annie exclaims as Landon takes a run toward the ropes, but instead of diving over them or through them, Landon slides straight under the bottom, landing on his feet before lunging at Clark, spearing him hard against the barricade!


“What a spear!” Ejiro screams as Alan drops down to the canvas holding his head as Landon gets back to his feet to a small chorus of boos. Landon quickly pulls Alan back up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring, putting Alan down on his back near the ropes. Maddix climbs up onto the apron and stands poised there for a moment.


“What is Landon Maddix going to do now?” Annie asks, and almost before she can even finish the question, Landon leaps into action…hopping up to the top rope and springboarding off, hitting a legdrop on Alan Clark…to a pop!


Landon flips his body over and goes for another quick cover on Alan. Rickmen drops down for the count…


















“Alan Clark barely gets his shoulder up there! He doesn’t even want to give up one fall to Landon Maddix!” Judge comments as Landon quickly pulls Alan up to his feet. Alan has other ideas however, and muscles out of Landon’s grip, shoving him back into the corner before attacking with vicious knife-edge chops. The crowd joins in on the action as each shot echoes across Landon’s chest.


















“Alan Clark is just blistering up the chest of Landon Maddix with those shots!” Annie exclaims over the crowd.


“Rickmen! Get in there! Stop him!” Ejiro yells even louder, causing Rickmen to look over at him and just chuckle a little before turning his attention back to Clark and Maddix.


Alan pulls Landon away from the corner and whips him into the ropes, but Landon reserves…sending Alan toward the ropes instead. As Alan bounces back, Landon ducks down and rolls through, bringing his foot right up into Alan’s chest, knocking him down to the canvas.


“Koppu Kick!” comes the call from Annie as Alan lands flat on his back, holding his chest from the kick. Landon gets back to his feet and spins around wildly in celebration, causing another mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd. As Landon hears the boos, he simply turns his attention back to Alan, pulling him off the mat and holding him up, connecting with a few European uppercuts that send Alan back into the corner.


Landon stalls for a moment, then tries for a whip to the opposite corner, but Alan is able to reverse it at the last possible second, sending Maddix into the corner instead.


Alan looks at the dazed Maddix for a moment and then out in the crowd before rushing toward the corner, going heels over head with a cartwheel before leaping into the air and bringing his foot roundhouse into the side of Landon’s head!


“Tidal Crush from Alan Clark! That could be exactly what he needed to take the offensive!” Annie mentions as Landon walks out of the corner and right into a front facelock from Alan, who easily is able to lift the smaller Maddix and flip him over onto the mat with a hard snap suplex!


Clark gets to his feet and heads to the top rope, looking out over the Gund crowd and signalling for a moonsault, but before he can really get his balance, Landon Maddix pops off the canvas and bounces up the ropes, heading to the top and cutting off Alan in mid bounce, catching him with a waistlock and falling backwards with the world champion…


“He’s using Alan’s momentum against him!” Judge calls as Landon and Alan crash to the canvas, but with Alan landing right on his head in what can only be described as a Backdrop Superplex!


“What a counter! Landon’s got the cover!” Annie exclaims as the hold took a lot out of Landon, but he is able to put his arm over top of Clark’s chest. Rickmen is still stunned from the counter…but he quickly drops for the count…




























“Landon Maddix got the pin!” Annie yells out as Alan’s shoulder flies off the canvas, but not in time as the Insane Luchador had already counted the three on the World Champion. Chris Raynor stands up from his seat with his microphone and makes the fall official.


“The winner of the first fall…LANDON MADDIX~!”


The crowd explodes with emotion…some are cheering wildly for the first fall, and others are booing as Alan gets back up to his feet.


“It’s the one minute allotted rest period for the two superstars as they await the second fall to begin.” Judge comments, “Alan looks to be in a bit of shock, as his eyes haven’t left Rickmen’s since he got to his feet.” The cameras catch it too, as Rickmen looks over at Alan and shrugs his shoulders, holding up three fingers toward the World champion to show he is only one three count away from losing his championship. Alan’s head drops and he tries to get his second wind as Landon stretches in the other corner, he himself trying to gain his strength back and try to end the show tonight as the final SJL champion.


“Landon Maddix now has two pinfall victories over the world champion…that can not be setting well with Alan Clark right now.” Ejiro mentions as Rickmen calls the two men into the center of the ring and signals that the rest period is over…





Alan and Landon go into another lock-up, but Alan quickly goes behind Landon with a hammerlock, holding it and pulling up hard, causing Landon to wince in pain. Clark pulls up once more, but Landon rolls around and hooks in his own hammerlock, catching Alan off guard. Before Landon can really lock the hold in, however, Clark quickly reverses back…and then connects with a stiff forearm shot right to back of Landon’s head.


“Alan is looking a bit more aggressive after losing that first fall, guys” Annie comments as Alan lets go of Landon momentarily before driving him down into the center of the ring with a bulldog.


“You may be right…he needs to step up or he’ll be walking out of the SJL a defeated man…” Judge remarks as Alan sees an opening, hopping over Landon as he rolls to his stomach. Alan leaps up and springs off the second rope, flipping backwards through the air and coming down across…






…Landon’s knees!


“Landon Maddix gets his knees up just in time, and Alan takes them right into his ribcage!” Ejiro exclaims as Alan lands on his knees and clutches his chest in pain as Landon gets back up to his feet. Alan finally is able to look up at the European Champion…but Maddix takes him back down, firing his right foot through the air and catching Alan Clark right in the temple, knocking him down to the canvas. Rickmen drops for the count as Landon makes a cover…













“Landon Maddix almost had the match right there!” Annie says as Landon pulls Alan off the canvas and goes for an irish whip into the corner, but Alan is able to reverse it and Landon goes running instead.


Alan rushes behind, but before Landon hits the corner he takes a leap up and springs backwards off the top turnbuckle, flying backwards through the air and throwing his elbow out…



…but Alan Clark ducks out of the way in the nick of time and Landon’s back crashes hard into the mat!


“Landon thought he had Clark scouted there, but the World Champion saw it coming and now Maddix is down on the mat!” Judge makes the call as Alan continues running and leaps up to the top himself, flipping backwards for the second time in under two minutes…



…and he connects! Rickmen makes the count as Alan tries for the pin…













“Landon Maddix is not going down to a moonsault here tonight!” Ejiro yells as Alan sits up and looks at the Insane Luchador, giving Landon time to roll to the outside after missing the elbow.


Alan sees that Landon is on the outside as he gets back to his feet and runs at the opposite ropes and bounces back. Rickmen is quick to move out of the way as Alan fires off another quick cartwheel and lands near the ropes, flipping backwards over the top and crashing down hard on a recovering Landon Maddix, sending both men to the floor.





“Space Flying Tiger Drop from Alan Clark!” Annie exclaims as the crowd explodes in chants and applause and Rickmen looks on from the inside, beginning his mandatory ten count. On the outside, the two men lay almost motionless, causing Raynor to rise a bit out of his seat to see if the two are okay. Raynor seems satisfied after a moment as Alan starts to move, raising his arm up toward the apron as Rickmen continues to count.




Alan finally pulls himself off of Maddix, but is barely any closer to getting back in the ring.




A close-up shows Landon staring at the ceiling and his eyes blinking rapidly as Alan gets closer and closer to getting to his feet.




Landon rolls to his stomach and begins to move, causing more and more noise to come from the crowd as they try to cheer both men to their feet.




Alan is almost to his feet as he holds the apron and continues to pull himself up…and as Rickmen calls…





…Alan is able to roll under the bottom rope, leaving Landon outside on his knees, reaching for the apron.




Landon pulls himself up quickly and shakes his head to clear out the ringing noise from Alan’s attack, and finally just as Rickmen gets to an 8 count, Landon rolls back into the ring. Alan watches on as Landon uses the ropes to get to his feet in the ring, but before he can turn around, Alan hooks in a waistlock and pulls Landon off the mat and over his head, slamming him down hard on his neck with a German Suplex!


“Beautiful German…and a BRIDGE!” Judge yells as Alan holds the waistlock after the suplex and bridges his body up into a pinning predicament for Landon Maddix. Rickmen makes sure Alan’s shoulders are off the mat as he drops for a count…














“Landon Maddix rolls backwards out of the bridge, catching Alan off guard as he goes for a pin of his own! Rickmen counts once more…












A surprised Alan Clark barely kicks out before the three as Landon gets to his feet and pulls Alan up as well. Landon shoves Alan back into the corner and comes in with some chops of his own, but Alan reaches out and grasps Landon by the head, turning it around and shoving Landon into the corner before attacking with harder and harder chops…each one echoing louder than the last.












The crowd chants and cheers as Alan quits his chopping, but before Landon can escape from the corner Alan gets underneath him and lifts him up, setting the European Champion on the top turnbuckle. Alan follows him up and hooks in a front facelock before pulling Landon up as well.


“Alan Clark is going to try and superplex Landon Maddix…” Annie starts…but Ejiro cuts her off…


“BLOCKED!” He screams as Landon fights out of the facelock and shoves Alan off the top, causing Alan to fall hard to canvas below, a loud thud echoing throughout the Gund Arena. Landon Maddix sees his chance as he spreads his arms and dives off, bringing himself down unprotected for a headbutt…








“ALAN CLARK MOVES JUST IN TIME!” Judge and Annie say in almost unison, as Alan is able to roll out of the way, leaving Landon’s head to meet the mat with a resounding thud. The crowd explodes once more as Alan rolls on top of Maddix for a cover…




















“How did he get his shoulder up!?” Ejiro asks no one in particular as Landon’s holds his shoulder in the air, showing the whole world that he is still alive in the second fall of the match. Alan looks down in a bit of frustration as he pulls Landon back up to his feet.


Alan holds Landon by the head and sends a boot into his gut…and goes for his signature neckbreaker!


“This could be it!” Annie exclaims as Alan wraps his right arm around Landon’s head and tries to fall, but Landon gets his hands up and shoves Alan away!


“Blocked by Mad—WAIT!” Judge’s call turns to surprise as Landon follows up, only for Alan to turn around in the middle of his shove and send his right foot scorching through the air, catching Landon right in the jaw…knocking him down and out in the middle of the ring!


“PICTURE PERFECT SUPERKICK!” Annie yells out as Landon’s body falls to the canvas like a ragdoll. Alan stumbles from the kick and drops down, falling on top of Landon for the cover. Rickmen stares in shock for a moment before dropping down for the pin…






























“Alan Clark wins the second fall!” Judge and Annie both yell out as Rickmen holds Alan’s hand in the air.


“Alan Clark stole the fall right out from under Landon Maddix! Maddix kicked out!” Ejiro complains about the Luchador’s decision as a replay shows that Landon’s left shoulder leaves the canvas just after the Luchador’s hand hits the canvas for the three count.


“The replay shows that Alan clearly got the pin there…Andrew Rickmen made the correct call.” Judge tries to console Ejiro as Chris Raynor grabs his microphone and makes the second fall official.


“The winner of the second fall….ALAN CLARK~!”


The crowd goes insane as Alan tries to get back up to his feet during the one minute rest period. Rickmen helps Maddix up as well, but Landon shrugs off the help.


Suddenly…the lights in the arena dim as the opening chords of AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill” begin to play throughout the arena, and through the curtain comes Megan Skye and a bruised, bloody, and bandaged Todd Royal…both holding chairs!


“It’s Todd Royal! Todd has returned!” Ejiro suddenly livens up as Todd and Megan head out towards the ring, some fans cheering in respect for the hell Todd Royal just went through only a short time ago in the steel cage, others booing loudly the closer and closer that the wounded Todd gets to the ring.


“What are they doing out here with those chairs?” Annie questions as Todd gets to ring and Rickmen leans over the top, pointing his finger at Royal. As Megan walks behind Todd and around the ring, Royal simply grabs Rickmen’s hand for a handshake, giving the Luchador a big smile before following Megan around the ring and toward where Raynor is seated.


The two House of Todd members unfold their chairs and place them next to Raynor’s, with Megan giving Chris a hug as she sits down. Todd also shares a handshake with the Commissioner as he takes his seat.


“They have come out here to watch the match! They want to cheer for their boy!” Ejiro mentions as Alan and Landon have made it back to their feet, and the rest period is over. All three men in the ring stare over at the couple before Rickmen finally breaks the silence and calls for the third fall to begin.




Landon and Alan move to the center of the ring once more, both eyeing each other…almost burning holes through each other. Finally Alan steps back and offers his hand for another handshake. Landon looks between Alan’s hand and his eyes, and finally accepts the handshake to a huge round of applause…


…but Landon breaks the applause soon after by going into another lock-up and shoving Alan back. Alan catches his balance and rushes back toward the center of the ring, but Landon spins 360 degrees and brings his right leg up…connecting with Alan’s throat and dropping him down hard to the mat.


“Landon Maddix almost took Alan Clark’s head off with that spin kick!” Annie comments as Alan hits the canvas. To the shock of almost the whole arena, but mostly Landon, Alan rolls to his chest and pops back up to his feet.


The crowd explodes in cheers as Alan returns the shove on Landon, pushing him back a few feet. Landon shakes his head in disbelief and rushes toward Alan, aiming for a clothesline…but Alan rolls out of the way and trips Landon down to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Before Landon can get back to his feet, Alan dives down and connects with an elbow drop right to the back of the head of the European Champion. Alan quickly pushes Landon onto his back and goes for a cover…










Landon kicks out almost before Rickmen can call a two count, causing some cheering from Megan and Todd at ringside. Alan gets back to his feet and looks toward the two, who simply smile as Landon gets up as well and catches the World champion off guard, locking up with him and going for an irish whip to the far ropes…but Alan reverses at the last second, sending Landon bouncing off them instead.


As Landon comes back to the center of the ring, Alan seems poised to attack…only for Landon to leap to action, jumping through the air and wrapping his ankles around Alan’s neck and flipping him over with a headscissor takedown!


“Beautiful flying headscissor takedown…and Alan looks to be heading for the outside!” Judge notices Alan rolling for the ropes and right under them to the apron. Landon gets back up to see Alan pulling himself up the ropes on the outside, getting to his feet on the apron.


Landon goes to the ropes and connects with a hard European Uppercut that almost knocks Alan off the apron, but Maddix catches Clark and hooks in a front facelock, trying for a suplex over the ropes and back into the ring.


Maddix lifts Alan up, only for Clark to block, wrapping his foot in the bottom rope. Landon releases the hold and connects with another uppercut before reapplying the facelock and lifting Clark off his feet, draping him over the top rope and using that little bit of moment to snap Clark over with a suplex right to the center of the ring.


“Slingshot snap suplex!” Annie screams…causing Ejiro to chuckle…


“Amazing alliteration, Annie…” he says, causing both Annie and Judge to groan as Landon floats over out of the suplex for a cover…















“Alan Clark is keeping himself alive, but every moment that passes by it seems that Landon Maddix is closer and closer to victory!” Judge remarks as Landon pulls Alan back up to his feet and goes for a whip toward the corner…


…but Alan is able to reverse it, and pull Landon back in close and into a waistlock, and before Landon can react he is being lifted up and over…driven hard into the mat with another German Suplex!


“Another German Suplex on Landon Maddix!” Annie screams as Alan keeps his hands locked around Landon’s waist as he rolls to his knees and pulls the European Champion back up, only to lift him into the air once more and slam him back down with the third German Suplex of the match!


“And Another! Landon’s head has got to be ringing from the abuse it has taken!” Annie continues as Alan pulls Maddix up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Alan follows close behind and as Landon’s back hits the corner, he leaps into the air and puts his feet into the stomach of Maddix and falls backwards, catching Landon’s head before flipping him over and sending him across the ring with a huge kick from his feet.


“Monkey Flip out of the corner by Alan Clark…but Landon Maddix is back up!” Judge exclaims as Alan and Landon get to their feet almost simultaneously and rush toward each other, both aiming for a clothesline…







“Double Clothesline! Both men are down in the center of the ring!” Ejiro yells out as both men crash to the mat from the double clotheslines. Rickmen stares down at the two men and out toward the crowd as Todd, Megan, and even Chris Raynor get to their feet to see what is going on in the ring. Rickmen begins to count as more and more of the crowd in the Gund Arena slowly gets to their feet…




“This crowd is starting to stir as it looks like both men may not be moving any time soon!” Judge comments as Megan strains her neck to see who moves first and Raynor too moves a bit away from his chair for a better vantage point…




Alan is the first superstar to begin to move…rolling from his back to his side and his eyes opening slightly as he sees the Gund crowd on their feet, cheering and chanting for both men to get up and continue…









“This crowd wants to see a true winner here tonight…and they seemingly don’t care who it is! This is crazy!” Ejiro exclaims as Landon begins to move now, he rolls to his stomach and tries to get his ninety-first wind of the match.




Alan Clark is crawling now…and getting closer to the ropes with each passing moment. Maddix has gotten up to his knees, but is still breathing somewhat heavy.




Clark makes the ropes and begins to crawl up, just as Maddix gets to one knee and tries to stand, his head aching from the abuse of the match.




Both men get to their feet at around the same moment, with Alan looking out over the Gund Arena crowd just as Landon gets his balance. Rickmen breaks the count as Landon rushes across the ring and almost runs into Clark, knocking him over the top rope and to the floor.


“Landon Maddix just took Alan Clark to the outside from behind!” Judge screams as Landon finally is able to realize that everyone in the arena is standing and watching their every move. For the first time in weeks, Landon waves his arms up and down in appreciation…telling the fans to get louder and louder as he bounces off the far ropes and comes rushing across the ring…



…Landon leaps up to the center of the top rope…



…he springboards off…




…quickly spins 360 degrees…










The crowd goes ballistic as Landon Maddix crashes down on top of Alan Clark on the outside, sending both men to the floor.





“It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD MADDIX!” Annie yells out as the crowd continues to cheer. Landon gets up to his feet and hops up on the apron for a moment of adulation from the crowd before hopping back down and pulling Clark to his feet and tossing him into the ring. Landon covers Alan quickly as Rickmen drops for a count…















“Landon Maddix is pulling out all the stops!” Ejiro exclaims as Todd, Megan, and Chris Raynor applaud the Corkscrew Plancha along with the rest of the arena crowd.


“He’s running on pure adrenaline now!” Annie yells as Landon pulls Alan to his feet and whips him toward the ropes, and as Alan comes rushing back he is taken down once more with a huge flying clothesline from Maddix, again to the crowd’s approval. Landon quickly goes for another cover…














“Alan Clark barely gets his shoulder up! This crowd is cheering everything now!” Judge starts…


“These men could get a standing ovation for breathing at this point!” Ejiro finishes, and the remark even gets chuckles from Annie and Judge. Landon gets to his feet relatively quickly and looks around at the arena, seeing everyone on their feet, including his friends and the Commissioner at ringside. Maddix pulls Alan up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, and as Alan comes back to the center of the ring….





Landon Maddix drives his shoulder into Alan’s ribs and spears him down in the center of the ring. As the crowd watches on, Landon gets to his feet and stands tall at the head of Alan Clark. Landon kicks Alan’s right arm into his side and holds his right arm out…pulling his elbow pad off slowly… the crowd seems to know what is coming…


…Landon tosses the pad into the crowd, who dive all over each other to get it as he rushes from rope to rope bouncing off with a lot of speed until he makes two passes over the prone body of Alan Clark before stopping on the third pass and throwing his arms into the air for the…






















Landon drops a hard elbow right into Alan’s chest, causing Alan’s body to noticeably pop off the canvas. Maddix stays down on the mat for the cover…Rickmen snickers a bit as he makes the count…















Alan Clark’s shoulder leaves the mat just before the three, and the crowd seems to grow even more restless as Landon looks down at Clark, wondering what he can do next. Out of the corner of his eye, Landon sees his chance. As he gets to his feet he points toward the corner and then to the mat before pulling Alan up and whipping him towards the turnbuckle.


“Landon Maddix may be looking to put the final nail into the coffin of Alan Clark’s championship reign right here!” Judge exclaims as Landon grabs Alan by the head and pulls him away from the corner before hopping up to the second rope himself…


“It could be time for the Crash Landon!” Annie yells out as Maddix hooks Alan’s head and leaps off the top, spinning 180 degrees through the air and driving him face-first into the canvas!


“AND IT IS!” She yells out again as the Gund crowd…and especially Todd and Megan, cheer wildly for Landon as he rolls Alan over and goes for the cover…































“ALAN CLARK GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!” Ejiro screams as Rickmen breaks the count, showing Landon that Clark indeed got his foot on the bottom rope before the three count.


Landon can’t believe his eyes as looks back and forth between the foot on the ropes and Rickmen’s face, but the disbelief soon disappears as Landon pulls Alan off the mat and pulls him back toward the corner, lifting himself back up to the second rope…


“He’s going to do it again! A Second Crash Landon coming up….” Judge exclaims as Maddix leaps off…



…spins through the air…












“Alan Clark slips out!!” Annie yells as Alan holds the top rope just as Landon spins, causing the grip around his head to loosen and send Landon crashing to the mat all by himself. The crowd cheers once more, and a few more “AL-AN!” chants are heard as Clark pulls Landon up off the mat and toward the center of the ring. Alan boots Landon in the stomach once more and goes for the neckbreaker yet again…


“Alan is going for that neckbreaker again…and Landon blocks once more!” Ejiro exclaims as Maddix shoves Alan away for the second time, only for Clark to stop in his tracks and fire back with another superkick!


“Landon ducks the superkick!” Judge screams as Alan almost loses his balance, but as soon as he turns to face Maddix, the European champion rushes in with another clothesline…




Alan ducks the clothesline in the nick of time…causing Landon to spin 180 degrees and right into another kick to the stomach…









“NECKBREAKER!!!” The crowd explodes and Annie jumps out of her chair with excitement as Alan finally is able to connect with the neckbreaker on Landon Maddix. Alan pops back up to his feet and looks at Rickmen, then down at Landon…and then out over the entire arena.


A large smile can be seen forming on Alan’s face as he rushes toward the corner and stands on the second rope, holding himself balanced as he looks out over the vast sea of people in the Gund Arena…


“This is for all of you people!!!” Alan screams out over the crowd as he pops up to the top rope and bounces off with tremendous force…



“This could be it!” Judge stands next to Annie as…almost in slow-motion…Alan Clark spins a full half turn and begins to somersault forward…


“If he hits this…it’s over!” Ejiro is on his feet as well, joining his partners, Commissioner Raynor, Todd Royal, and Megan Skye as they watch Alan complete his somersault…



…and crash down right into the chest of Landon Maddix!


“SANTERIA PHEONIX SPLASH!!” All three announcers scream as the Gund arena nearly implodes with cheers as Alan hooks Landon’s leg and Rickmen drops to his knees for the pin…




































The Gund Arena crowd erupts once more as Rickmen signals for the bell. Todd Royal and Megan Skye slide under the bottom rope and into the ring as Rickmen lifts Alan off the mat and raises his hand in victory.


“Alan Clark has done it, ladies and gentlemen…he is leaving the SJL as the Undisputed Champion…” Judge tries to keep his cool as Todd and Megan pick Landon up off the canvas and back to his feet. Todd, Alan, and Andrew all catch each other’s gaze at once, with Todd moving in and getting only inches away from both men. Behind him, Megan holds Landon up on his feet.


“Uh oh…we knew something like this might happen…” Annie stares, and as the whole world watches at home…and everyone in the Gund watching as well…Todd Royal opens his arms and grabs Alan and the Insane Luchador in a huge hug.


The standing crowd in the Gund Arena can not stop cheering as Landon Maddix and Megan Skye join in the group hug as Chris Raynor steps into the ring with the European and World Heavyweight Championship Titles…along with his microphone. As the hug continues with Funyon joining in as well, Raynor speaks over the cheering crowd…






The hug stops momentarily and the group splits, with Alan Clark standing in the middle of the five other SJL superstars…Megan and Landon on his left, Todd and Andrew on his right. Chris Raynor walks into the group and hands over the two titles to a now-crying Alan Clark, who accepts them. Raynor puts his hand out for a handshake, but then goes in for a big hug, and as Annie Eclectic, Judge Hearford, and Ejiro Fasaki watch on…the other SJL superstars walk out from behind the curtain to join their friends in the ring…


…Aecas, Manson, Jacob Helmsley, Jimmy Liston, Spike Jenkins…even Ced Ordonez hops the barricade and slides into the ring with the SJLers, congratulating Alan Clark on his victory. Chris Raynor wipes some tears from his own eyes and puts the microphone back up to his lips…


“It is my pleasure right now…to say that I am going to miss running this place as much as all of these guys will miss competing…and you all will miss watching our shows every week. But they are not going away! Oh no! They will be heading to the big leagues! The SWF! You know it! You love it!” The Gund crowd pops for the SWF as Annie, Judge, and Ejiro enter the back of the ring and also congratulate Clark.


“…And now…if he would like to say a few words…I would like to hand this microphone over to the last champion the SJL will ever see… Alan Clark… you’ve driven me insane, you driven me to medication…but tonight you showed me what else that drive can do! SPEECH! SPEECH SPEECH!” The crowd and all the wrestlers in the ring chant and cheer as a still crying Alan Clark steps up and takes the microphone, his two titles in his grasp.


“I just wanted to say a few things right now. First of all… Commissioner Raynor… I still love you, man! Secondly…to both Todd and Landon…you guys gave me the toughest fights of my life in this ring over the past few months. You know that. I am so glad to know that in less than a week we will be suiting up in the SWF to wreak some havoc there…” Alan is suddenly cut off by Todd…


“…but you still annoy me, Clark…” Todd says with a smile and ruffles Alan’s hair before stepping back into the group of wrestlers.


“Some of the guys behind me right now…I never got to face in this ring. Aecas…I’m GLAD I never had to lace it up with you, man…I don’t know about the future…but you showed yourself to be one of the most hardcore fighters this fed had ever seen…and the other…” Alan stops and looks over at Insane Luchador…


“…Is you, Andrew. I never got to step into this ring and try to take on the one guy that has called this place his home for the last few years whether he liked it or not… I never got to see if I had what it took to beat you in the SJL. Maybe one day in the WF I’ll have that chance…and we can tear the roof down there just like I know we could have here. I want you to come here…take this microphone…and tell these people exactly what is on your mind… you deserve this!” Alan holds the microphone out for Andrew, whose jaw drops with surprise. From behind, Ejiro shoves him toward Alan, causing him to trip slightly before taking the microphone. Alan gives Andrew one more hug and steps out of the way for the Insane Luchador to speak…


The crowd cheers loudly as Insane Luchador takes a bit of a step back, turning around to stare at Ejiro. Once he turns around, he finds the microphone tilted towards him and then Alan finally tosses it to Andrew. He catches it to a loud wave of cheers as he brings it towards his mouth. With a raise of the eyebrows and a sigh he looks up and around, seeming to be scanning the whole crowd.


"It's a real special night tonight…" Rickmen nods and bites his bottom lip slightly. "I've been through this experience twice, once taking a bail during the ML dance off," he recalls as he catches a glance at Raynor, who has a grin. "The second time watching Clark overcome Maddix and I got to be the referee." The fans pop. "I've been through a lot over these years. Girlfriends, Midgets," The fans all laugh. "Blood, sweat, more blood, mmmmaayyybbbee a few tears, but damn it I even enjoyed being the 'True Plague.'" Luchador says, making fun of his SJL career run. "I've flown across the country to come here to do what I do- to fight, to wrestle. I've flown from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and ring to the outside, and from a god damn balcony in a car factory to take down Dace Night," he smirks as the fans continue to eat up his speech. "I've flown from balconies to beat Erek Taylor and Grimedogg, two legends. I've given myself more self-mutilation than the doctors would ever believe, those doctors know me by name…" Andrew cracks a huge grin. "Hell, I've flown across the world because of this federation for the most interesting few lost months of my life." The fans burst into laughter…which slowly fades into clapping and whistles.


He pauses and looks at all the wrestlers and everybody collected around the ring and ringside area. "I've loved every second of it. I wouldn't admit it then but there's no more of a rush than scaring away the start of the sWo by laughing while getting beat by a chair and now I'm back." The crowd agrees electrically with their cheers. "Not also am I back, but I'm moving on up! Now it's time for you to see all those matches that I should of won, lost, bleed more, tapped out, and whatever. This isn't the end, man. This is a start!" With those words the fans explode into their cheers as Luchador nods up and down with that twinkle in those unique eyes. As Andrew finishes speaking…Raynor grabs the microphone from his hands…


“Security…let these people GO!” Raynor’s words ring out over the arena, and the security…in unison…begin moving the barricades out of the way of the sold-out crowd. Those in the front look toward Raynor…


“Come on…don’t be shy!” Raynor yells down at them and motions for them to come forward. A few of the braver ones walk toward the ring…then more and more…until fans have surrounded the ring of soon-to-be SWF superstars. The wrestlers high-five the fans and some even jump down into the crowd, celebrating the end of the SJL with the people…


The scene slowly fades out…and then back up to a picture from the first SJL show…also Metal…from February 27, 2002 in Sydney, Australia. The opening of the show can be heard…






“…Welcome… To the first ever SJL show… SJL Metal!”




…followed by “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day…playing over the still pictures of current SWF stars such as Mike Van Siclen and Michael Craven, along with WF veterans such as Erek Taylor, Annie Eclectic, Edwin MacPhisto, Axis, and Ced Ordonez.


The video and music moves along…passing through clips of such shows as Wrathapalooza’s I & II, 2002’s Malice In Wonderland, 2003’s Season’s Greivings…and matches like the first ever No Gravity Match, Condemned House, Lost At Sea, Border Run, Damnation In A Box, Styrke vs. Erek Taylor Iron Man, Calvinball, all the Mall Brawl matches, Fans Bring The Weapons, McGriddle on a Pole, Window Pain…


…the blood…


…the sweat…


…the tears…


…all shed in one ring…for one goal…



…to make it to the SWF…







…to be the BEST



The video concludes with highlights of the entire final edition of SJL TV ever…SJL Metal…the first show…same as the last show…with the World Champion retaining…


The video and music fades out on a single unknown voice…saying four ominous words…










…the final shot ever seen on SJL TV…is that of thousands of fans standing around the Gund Arena ring…as all of the current SJL wrestlers and the announcers watch as Todd Royal and Insane Luchador hold Alan Clark up on their shoulders…both belts held high…



“Thanks…for the memories…”

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I wish I put more time into this match, but Todd deserved the win with the excellent build up to the match. Meh, we can't win them all. Then there is me. Who can't win at all.




(SJL Metal: The Final Chapter, returns from one of it's last ever commercial breaks, as the fans in the arena are wild. They are all wearing their favorite SJL and SWF competitors merchandise, waving many signs Many of these signs are for SJL Superstars, but a few of them happen to say "Thank You, JL" and "RIP JL", et cetera. As a video montage of the SJL's history ends, the crowd starts cheering, as the camera cuts down to Annie Ecletric, Ejiro Fasaki, and Judge Mental!)


Annie: Welcome back to SJL Metal! The final Metal we will ever have!


Ejiro: Stop sounding so happy! We are out of jobs now!


Annie: Yeah, Ejiro. You're right.....


Judge: Well, I still wrestle for the SWF!


Ejiro: ........


Annie: ........


Judge: Yeah....


Annie: ANYWAY! Up next, will be one for the ages! "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins and Todd Royal will meet one last time in an SJL ring, as they will end this feud of there's, once and for all!


Ejiro: Inside a Fifteen foot high, Steel Cage!


Annie: Judge, would you like to explain to the fans at home how this whole feud originated, while the ring crew sets the cage up?


Judge: Sure, thing.


Ejiro: Why can't I do it?


Annie: Because Judge is doing it.


Judge: A few months back, Todd Royal was the reigning SJL World Heavyweight Champion, currently feuding with Alan Clark. Before going into his title match with Alan Clark, SJL Commissioner Chris Raynor, decided to give Todd a warm up match. And the man he chose was one, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins! Todd had no worries about the match....


Ejiro: Due to Spike sucking.


Judge: Very nicely put.


Ejiro: Thank you.


Judge: Anyway, Spike wasn't considered a major threat to Todd or the SJL World Heavyweight Champion, so the stakes were raised higher as it was now a No Disqualification match. The title wasn't on the line, though. But anyway, during the match, Todd Royal had the advantage after a long battle, and was locking Spike in the Wrath of Todd. But out from the back comes Alan Clark, who distracts Todd long enough for Spike to get to his feet, hit a roundhouse kick, and lock in a modified Dragon Choker for the tap out victory over Todd!


Ejiro: It was a fluke!


Annie: How is a submission victory a fluke?


Ejiro: Alan Clark distracted him! That's how!


Judge: Fast forward, and Todd Royal loses the SJL World Heavyweight Championship to our current champion, Alan Clark. After wards, we go on our Christmas vacation, and come back, as Spike and Todd are once again in a match with each other.....AS PARTNERS! That's right, Todd and Spike were team mates, taking on The Ghost of Sean Casey and Jake Helmsley. And they also did a very good job as a team! They even won the match!


Ejiro: Then....


Judge: Then....Todd nailed Spike with Jake's pipe, and proclaiming victory over the fallen Spike.


Judge: THEN what happens?


Judge: Then, Chris Raynor books another singles match, with Todd coming out victorious with The Chaos Theory, made famous by British Independent Wrestler, Doug Williams.


Ejiro: THEN....


Judge: On the very last episode of Wrath, both Spike and Todd were in the 6 man elimination match, where it came down to the very wire, as Spike and Todd were the last men left. With the help of Landon Maddix and Megan Skye, Todd was able to spit the gum in Spike's face, and walk out victorious!


Ejiro: That is why Todd is the greatest wrestler in the SJL today!


Annie: He had to have interference from his lackey's to beat Spike!


Ejiro: And he did beat Spike! So there!


Annie: Spike and Todd have faced each other twice in single's matches, with Spike coming up with one victory via submission, and Todd coming up with the other victory, with a pinfall. Tonight, is the tie breaker, as the SJL merges with the SWF, which one of these men will come out with Two Victories, over the other man's One?


Ejiro: Todd.


Annie: We'll have to see about that.


Ejiro: No, we don't. It's going to be Todd.


Annie: Shut up, Ejiro.


Judge: The cage is all set up, as Funyon grabs the microphone, and we are ready to start this match!


(The camera catches the cage as it's fully connected, as Funyon is heard at ringside.)


Funyon: Ladies and Gentleman, the falling match will be one fall, and will be inside a Fifteen Foot High, STEEL CAGE!!!


(The crowd cheers at the brutality that is going to come with the cage, as Funyon continues.)


Funyon: First, making his way to the ring....


(The lights in the arena dim down, as "Not Today" by Hotwire starts up, causing the fans to get on their feet, and start cheering. After a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins makes his way out from behind the entrance curtain, to a monstrous pop. Spike stands on the top of the ramp, with the hood of his sleeveless jacket covering his head. Spike stares at the ground, before looking around the arena, at all the fans.)


Funyon: Making his way to the ring! Weighing in at Two Hundred, and Twenty-Five Pounds! Hailing from Hollywood, CALIFORNIA!! Here is, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins!!!!!!


(Spike flips the hood off of his head, and starts jumping around, and screaming at the crowd to get up. Spike starts to make his way down the ramp, as he pulls the jacket off, and tosses it to the side. Spike quietly walks down the ramp, staring at the cage the whole time.)


Annie: Spike is looking over the cage, trying to study it.


Judge: Many men’s career’s have been cut short due to this type of match. If Spike or Todd aren’t careful, they can be seriously hurt.


Annie: I think Spike is out here just to hurt Todd!

(Spike walks around the side of the ring, as referee Anthony Michael Hall opens the cage door, allowing Spike entry into the cage. Spike enters the ring, and looks around the cage with a little worried look on his face. Spike walks around, shaking the cage to make sure everything is tight and where it should be.)




(As the lights die down, a dozen of small flames appear around the stage area, illuminating the faces of two complete church choirs, each softly singing a chorus of praise. As a soft white light falls from the roof of the arena, a huge stained-glass portrait of Todd Royal is visible over the entrance way. The crowd erupts in jeers as the choirs die out, replaced by strobe lights and the sounds of Motley Crue's "Livewire".)


Funyon: Accompanied to the ring by Megan Skye, and weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds! Hailing from San Diego, California…HE IS TODD ROYAL!!!


(Boos drown out the announcement as the curtain parts and Megan Skye steps through. Wearing a black and blue mini-skirt outfit, Skye flashes a condescending grin at the jeering crowd before pulling away the curtain to reveal Todd Royal, with "TODD DAMN" emblazoned on his vest. Todd walks an arrogant walk down to the ring, followed behind Megan. Todd stops, looking through the cage at Spike. Spike stares right back, and tells him to enter the ring. Todd walks around the ring side area, as Anthony Michael Hall opens the door for him. Todd calmly walks up the steel steps, and steps through the middle and top rope into the ring. Todd walks towards the center of the ring, as Spike goes to meet him. They both hit each other chest on, and start talking trash to each other, as Anthony Michael Hall locks the door, and signals for the bell.)


*Ding Ding Ding*


Judge: AND IT’S ON!


Annie: It’s time we find out who the better man is!


Ejiro: It’s Todd.


Annie: Shut up, you tool!


(Both man stand in the ring, talking trash to one another right to each other’s faces. The crowd starts eating it up, chanting “Go Holly....Go Holly” and “Todd Sucks....Todd Sucks”. They continue yelling at each other, until Todd makes the first move, and hits a vicious slap across of Spike’s face. Spike back steps, holding his face, as the crowd boo’s at the cocky Todd. Todd continues shouting at Spike, mocking him, when Spike jumps back towards Todd, and his Todd with his own slap across the face! Todd stumbles backwards, holding his face, as the crowd starts cheering wildly for Hollywood. Holly shouts at Todd to bring it, and Todd does......with another slap across the face!! Spike grabs his face and backs up into the ropes, with Todd holding his arms out in victory. The arena fills with boo’s, as Spike charges at Todd, diving at him at the waist, and driving him to the mat with a spear! Everyone in the arena starts cheering, as Spike gets on one knee, and starts unleashing punch after punch to Todd’s head. Right hand after right hand, with each one the crowd gets louder and louder.)


Annie: A slap contest, which seems to been have won by Todd, is ended abruptly with Spike spearing Todd out of his boots and unloading right hands on him!


Ejiro: That’s not right! He hit Todd when Todd wasn’t expecting it! They were only suppose to slap each other!


Annie: That must suck for Todd.


(Spike quickly jumps to his feet, and pulls Todd up with him. Spike grabs Todd by the wrist, and Irish whips him across the ring into the ropes. Todd hits the ropes and bounces back, as Spike leaps into the air, and connects with a standing leg lariat, nailing Todd across the face, and knocking him to the mat! Spike, not even wasting time, jumps back on top of Todd, and unleashes some more right hands to Todd’s head.)


Judge: Spike with a leg lariat, knocking Todd back down to the mat.


Annie: And Spike unleashes punch after punch!


Ejiro: This isn’t fair! Todd hasn’t had time to get up!


Annie: Spike isn’t out here to play fair. He is out here to get revenge on Todd!


Ejiro: Well, that isn’t fair!


(Spike lets go of Todd, and quickly gets to his feet. Spike jumps into the air, and rotates a hundred and eighty degree’s, dropping down with a leg drop onto Todd’s chest.)


Judge: 420 Legdrop by Spike!


(Instead of going for the cover, Spike gets back up to his feet. He looks around the arena, and points to the cage, as everyone starts cheering. Spike reaches down, and grabs Todd by the hair, pulling him to his feet.)


Ejiro: NO! DON’T DO IT!


Annie: He’s going to do it!


(Spike holds Todd by the hair, as he drags him across the ring, and launches Todd......HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL CAGE!!!)


Ejiro: NO!


Annie: So cool!


Ejiro: No, it is not cool!


(Todd bounces head first off the cage, and stumbles around a bit, as Spike grabs him by his hair again. Spike drags Todd to the opposite side of the ring, and launches Todd HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL CAGE AGAIN!!!!)




(Todd hits the cage head first, and bounces backwards into the ring. Todd stumbles around on his feet, before turning to Spike, who leaps into the air, and connects with a kick to the back of Todd’s head, knocking Todd inside out!!)


Annie: Standing Enzuguri by Spike! Spike’s going for the cover!


(Spike jumps on Todd, and hooks the leg, as Anthony Michael Hall dives to the mat.)

















(Todd gets a shoulder up at the last second!)


Ejiro: Yes! Using the cage is not going to keep Todd down! Todd isn’t going to his lose his final match in the SJL!


(Spike pulls himself up to his feet, and lifts Todd with him. Holly locks Todd in a front face lock, and wraps Todd’s arm around his neck. Spike grabs Todd’s tights, and falls backwards, flipping Todd over with a snap suplex! Spike floats over onto Todd’s chest for the pin.)









Judge: Todd Royal kicking out at One, from Spike’s snap suplex!


Ejiro: That’s my boy!

Annie: Ejiro, Todd may have kicked out now, but Spike has been in control the whole match. He is bound to wear Ejiro down, sooner or later. And the fact that this match is in a cage, doesn’t give Todd a whole lot of options to run away.


Ejiro: You may be right about the no room to run away, but who said Todd was going to run away in the first place? Todd beat Spike in the middle of the ring, One, Two, Three, without cheating, and he plans on doing it again!


(Spike gets up to his feet, and walks around the ring, catching his breath and waiting for Todd to get up. Todd rolls around on the mat, before starting to get up, using his knees to lift himself up. Todd stands on his knees, as Spike zero’s in on his target. Spike walks up to Todd, and....








unleashes a quick kick to the chest, as the crowd groans in pain. Spike backs up, resetting himself, as he goes back in and.....









ANOTHER kick to the chest. Todd holds his bright red chest in pain, as the crowd cheers for the final kick to the head.)


Ejiro: Did you see those kicks? Dear God! HE SHOULD NOT BE HITTING PEOPLE THAT HARD!!


Annie: This is pro wrestling.....they get hit for a living....


(Spike backs up, waiting for Todd to regain his composure. Todd looks up, as Spike steps back into place, ready to take Todd’s head off. Spike goes in for the kill, but before he can release the final kick, Todd throws his hand out, wanting to SHAKE SPIKE’S HAND IN A PEACE OFFERING!)


Ejiro: All right! Let’s end the match with a draw! It’s clear Spike can’t beat Todd, so he better take the best he can get, and agree to a draw with Todd!


Annie: That’s a joke, right?


Ejiro: No joke about it.


Annie: Last time Todd tried to shake Spike’s hand....well....Spike kicked him in the head.


Ejiro: All Todd want’s to do is give Spike a break, and end the match in a draw!


(Holly looks at Todd’s hand, and looks around at the crowd, who start booing. Spike turns back to Todd, and stares him straight in the eyes.......before kicking Todd’s hand. Todd grabs his hand in pain, as Spike spins around, and goes for the kick to the head.......but Todd see’s it coming, and ducks down. Spike spins around, as Todd dives at him, and hits a desperation low blow! Spike grabs at his groin, and falls face first to the mat, as Todd tries shaking some feeling into his hand.)


Ejiro: YES! Todd saw it coming, and countered it! Todd Damn! Praise Todd!


Annie: For the first time in his life, Todd actually countered Spike kicking him in the head. Good Job!


Ejiro: Stop mocking the Former SJL World Heavyweight Champion!


Annie: Spike is a former SJL World Heavyweight Champion as well!


Ejiro: For like, ten seconds!


(Todd looks around the ring, as Megan screams at him from outside the cage. Todd turns towards her, and starts crawling towards the cage door.)


Annie: What is he doing?


Ejiro: He is getting out of the cage, obviously.


Annie: But the whole point of the cage being there is to keep him in!


Ejiro: Todd doesn’t need to follow anybody’s rules.


(Todd reaches the cage door, as Megan runs around the ring. Megan grabs onto the lock, and pulls it open, swinging the cage door for her man. Todd slides out from in between the middle and bottom rope, falling to the mat in pain, with his chest still bright red. On the inside of the ring, Spike gets up to his feet, holding his groin. Spike turns, and notices Todd not in the ring, and the cage door open. Spike walks towards the door, and steps through the middle and top rope, jumping to the floor.)


Judge: Spike is out of the cage, following right behind Todd!


(Todd gets to his feet, and turns around just in time for a......







overhead chop straight to the chest! Todd grabs his chest in pain, but also to retaliate, throws a quick chop at Spike’s chest......







but it barely dents Spike, as Todd realizes he hit Spike with the hand Spike kicked. Todd shakes his hand in pain, as Spike lifts his arm up once more, and....








another overhead chop, that echo’s through the arena. Todd throws an elbow into the side of Spike’s face, temporarily stunning him, but Spike quickly snaps out of it, and on an adrenaline rush lifts his arm up again, and....









another overhead chop to Todd’s chest. Todd holds his bright red chest, and in a daze of confusion, throws a knee up into Spike’s ribs. Spike stumbles back, as Todd runs into the cage. Todd, trying to get as far away from Spike, begins to climb the cage!)


Judge: Well, Spike just tried to rip Todd’s chest apart with those chops, but now Todd is trying to get the hell away!


Annie: Todd is a coward!


Ejiro: Todd isn’t a coward! He just wants to follow the rules and bring the match back into the cage!




Ejiro: He needed a breather. It’s in the rule books of cage matches.

Annie: There is a rule book?


Ejiro: Yeah....and it also says Spike cheated, so Todd should be the winner!


Annie: How did Spike cheat?


Ejiro: He left the cage to attack to Todd! That’s against the rule book, and either results in a disqualification, or a two minute penalty....


Annie: What...?


Ejiro: Wait....am I reading a hockey rule book?


Annie: ......


Judge: And Spike is chasing Todd up the cage!


(As Judge said, Spike is now climbing up the cage, catching up to Todd. Todd nearly reaches the top, but Spike grabs him by the ankles! Spike pulls Todd back down to where Spike is standing on the cage. Spike uses one arm to hold onto the cage, and his free arm to elbow Todd in the face. Todd stumbles back, but holds onto the cage, as Spike hits him with another elbow to the face. Todd, getting really woozy now, lets go of the cage with one arm, and one leg, and motions falling off the cage, which the crowd start cheering, and chanting “Fall....Fall....Fall!”)




Annie: Watch it!


Ejiro: They just want to see Todd fall off the cage!


(Todd hangs off the cage, but gets his composure back. Spike wraps an arm around Todd’s neck, and wraps his free leg around Todd’s leg...........and pulls BACKWARDS AS THEY BOTH COME FALLING OFF THE CAGE DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!)








(Spike and Todd lay on the floor, motionless, as the crowd around them chant “Holy Shit!...Holy Shit!....Holy Shit!” Megan runs over to where Todd is, and starts screaming her lungs out, not sure what to do, as both Todd and Spike lay side by side with each other on the floor.)




Ejiro: They both can be dead, right now! Jesus Mother of God!


Annie: Spike is insane!


Judge: It’s his last SJL match! He wants to put on something people will remember! And that was it!


Ejiro: I can’t believe he did that!


Annie: I’m.....I’m speechless.


Judge: The whole arena is, except for those chanting that good ol’ECW phrase.


Annie: Let’s see the replay of that!





(Spike wraps an arm around Todd’s neck, and wraps his free leg around Todd’s leg...........and pulls BACKWARDS AS THEY BOTH COME FALLING OFF THE CAGE DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!)


Replay in Slow Motion:


(Spike wraps an arm around Todd’s neck, and wraps his free leg around Todd’s leg...........and pulls BACKWARDS AS THEY BOTH COME FALLING OFF THE CAGE DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!!!!!!! Fans in the arena start jumping up and down as Spike and Todd are in mid-air, with flashes going off around the whole arena, as Spike and Todd fly through the air.)


End Replay







(After a couple of minutes of lying on the ground, Holly finally starts to move! The crowd goes insane, and starts up another “Hollywood....Hollywood...Hollywood” chant. Megan watches as Spike struggles to his feet, and tries to do something about it. She runs back towards the announcers table, and scratches as Funyon’s eyes, knocking him to the floor. Megan grabs the steel chair, finding out how heavy it is for the first time, and folding it up. Megan drags the chair over to where Spike is, and lifts it above her head as Spike gets to his feet..............












Annie: She’s kind of weak, but nice legs...


Ejiro: ......


(Spike looks at Megan, as she starts begging for her life. Megan tries to turn and run away, but Spike grabs her by her hair, and WHIPS her over into the guard rail!! Megan yelps out in pain, as she lies on the floor, with the crowd around her yelling stuff at her. Spike turns back to get Todd.....




















Annie: Spike is busted open from that one!




Annie: Ejiro, one word. Decaff.


Ejiro: Don’t tell me how to drink my coffee!


(Todd struggles up to his feet, and yells at the referee to open the cage down. Anthony Michael Hall reluctantly obliges, as he unhooks the lock, and swings open the door. Todd walks up to the door, and slides the chair into the ring. Todd turns back towards Spike, reaches down, grabbing him by his hair, and pulling him up to his feet. Todd drags the bleeding Spike towards the cage door, and slides Spike back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Todd climbs up onto the ring apron, and steps into the ring as well, followed by Anthony Michael Hall who locks the cage door behind him.)


Annie: About time we got this back in the ring!


Ejiro: It would of been back in the ring if Spike didn’t try to commit homicide/suicide with that Russian LEG SWEEP off the cage!


Judge: Todd with the cover!


(Todd, with a cocky grin on his face, cover’s Spike for the pin.)
















Two ½......!




Two 3/4........!





















Ejiro: NOOOOO!


Annie: I don’t believe it!




Annie: Spike refuses to stay down! His heart just won’t let him!


(Todd looks at the referee, and starts screaming at him. Todd gets up, and shoves the referee back into the corner, as he looks at Spike with disbelief. Todd reaches down, and grabs the steel chair, and stands back in the corner, waiting for Spike to get to his feet. Spike begins to roll around, and after half a minute or so, Spike finally stumbles to his feet. Spike turns towards Todd, who charges out of the corner, and.....










Todd cracks the chair over Spike’s skull again, as blood splatters half way across the ring, and opening the cut on Spike’s head even more!!!)


Ejiro: He ain’t getting up!


Annie: You may be right about that, Ejiro! Todd just destroyed Spike with that chair!


(Todd tosses the chair to the mat in frustration, and turns back towards Spike. Todd drops down to the mat, and hooks Spike’s leg, to make sure he doesn’t kick out this time.)















Two ½......!





Two 3/4........!



















(Spike gets a shoulder up!!!!!!! The crowd lets out a sigh of relief, and start cheering again, as Spike still has some left in him!)


Ejiro: This isn’t happening......It can’t be happening....


Annie: It’s happening!


Judge: “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins has kicked out of a second chair shot from Todd Royal! These two are putting on a show for us tonight, on the last ever SJL Metal!


Ejiro: Spike is bleeding out of his ass right now! His brains are splattered all over the mat! HOW DID HE KICK OUT??


Annie: He REFUSES to give up on his last night in the SJL! He spent over a year and half here, and he will not go out without a fight!


Ejiro: But he gave a fight. Now it’s time for him to lose!


(Todd gets to a standing position, and starts jumping around in anger, at how Spike can kick out. Todd walks over, and reaches down, grabbing the chair that he just dented with Spike Jenkins’ skull. Todd walks back into the corner, and patiently waits for Spike to get to his feet. After a couple of seconds, Spike starts to move around, trying to get himself to his feet. After a struggle, Spike finally pulls himself up to his feet, and turns towards Todd, who charges out of the corner, and....





















Judge: The Last Dance into the Steel Chair!!!! Todd’s out cold!


Annie: Make the cover, Spike! Make the cover!


Ejiro: He lost too much blood! Those shots to the head have knocked him loopy! He can’t make the cover!


(Both Spike and Todd lay nearly out cold on the mat. The camera closes in on a shot of Spike’s face, as he is wearing the dark Crimson Mask. The camera cuts over to Todd, who is not busted open, as The Last Dance into the chair has opened a cut above Todd’s eyebrow. On the outside of the ring, Megan is slowly waking up from being tossed around by Spike, as she uses the cage to help her to her feet.)


Annie: Whoever makes it to their feet first, will have the advantage!


Ejiro: Hey! Thank’s a lot, Miss. Sherlock Holmes!


Annie: I hate you so much.


Ejiro: But I know you love me.


Annie: ........


Judge: Why do you guys do this all the time?


(In the ring, movement is finally starting, as Spike begins rolling over onto his stomach. Slowly, but surely, Spike starts to make his way to his feet. The crowd starts a loud “Let’s Go Hollywood, Let’s Go” chant, as Spike struggles up. Spike finally gets to his feet, as Todd slowly turns onto his stomach, and gets to his knees. Spike reaches down, and picks up the now blood splattered, dented chair.)


Ejiro: Look out Todd! Spike is going to use that chair against you!


(On the outside of the ring, Megan Skye sees what Spike is planning to do, and she quickly unlocks the cage door, and slides in. Megan gets to her feet, and charges at Spike.........

















Annie: Wow....


Judge: And Spike just knocked a home run using the steel chair as a bat, and Megan Skye’s head as a baseball.


(Spike turns his attention back to Todd, as he lifts the chair over head, ready to swing, but Todd quickly hits a kick straight to Spike’s groin!!!)


Annie: Low blow!


(Spike drops the chair, as he kneels over, holding his groin. Todd gives a cocky smirk, and taunts Spike, as he lifts the chair off the ground, and lifts it over head......























Ejiro: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?


Annie: Spike evens the playing field with Todd and hits his own Low Blow!!!


(Todd drops the chair, as now both men are folded over. Todd is the first to lose his balance, and falls forward....






Into Spike’s awaiting Arms!! Spike slides under Todd’s arm, and wraps his arm around Todd’s neck. With all the strength in his body, Spike lifts Todd off the ground, and drives him back first down onto the steel chair with The Highlighter!!!!!!!!)






(Spike collapses on top of Todd, with the arm he used to wrap around Todd’s neck over Todd’s chest!!!! Referee Anthony Michael Hall dives down to the mat to make the cover!!!!!)
















Two ½......!





Two 3/4........!











*Ding Ding Ding*







(The crowd explodes in cheers, as Anthony Michael Hall raises Spike’s arm in the air! Spike slowly rolls over onto his back, and holds his arms in the air, as the whole arena start chanting “Hollywood....Hollywood”. “Not Today” by Hotwire starts up again, as Spike turns back onto his stomach, and makes his way up to his feet.)


Ejiro: I don’t believe it...


Annie: Out of their three single matches, Todd Royal was able to claim one victory, but Spike Jenkins was able to claim two! Spike Jenkins has defeated Todd Royal, once and for all!


Ejiro: This can’t be happening....


Annie: Spike Jenkins is going into the SWF Clusterf*ck, with a win on his last SJL appearance!


Ejiro: Why? Why did this have to happen?


Annie: Spike beat Todd fair and square, Ejiro. He deserves it!


Ejiro: Fair and Square? HE GAVE HIM A LOW BLOW! AND HIT TODD WITH HIS FINISHER ON A CHAIR!! Plus he probably killed Megan Skye!!!


Annie: Spike overcame all odds against The House of Todd, and did what he had to do to even the playing field with him and Todd! Todd had Megan interfere? Spike took Megan out! Todd used a chair against Spike? Spike used a chair against Todd! Todd used a low blow? Spike used a low blow! And Spike came out the winner!


(Back in the ring, Spike is finally up to his feet, as he stumbles into the ropes. Spike looks around the arena, as he wipes the blood from his eye, and starts to climb up the ropes, and up the cage!! Spike climbs up the cage, as fans scream, and camera’s go off around the arena. Spike finally makes it to the top of the cage, and throws one leg over the edge, and sits on top of the cage!! Spike holds his arms out in victory, and gives out a proud yell, that the fans respond to with chants of “SJL! SJL! SJL!” Spike wipes the blood from his face, and points up to the sky, in celebration of winning his last match.)


Annie: Fans, up next! The final match in SJL History! The SJL World Heavyweight Championship, and SJL European Championship will be merged into the Unified SJL World Heavyweight Champion, as The SJL European Champion, Landon Maddix, gets his final shot against the gold, against the man that can very well be the last SJL World Heavyweight Champion, Alan Clark! Up next, on SJL Metal!


(The camera gets a shot of Spike sitting on top of the cage, pointing around the arena at the fans, as small tear drops seem to fall from his eyes.)

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