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Giuseppe Zangara

Albums Listened to Today

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So, I came across this gem not too long ago. This was Tommy Lee's one-shot rap-rock album from late 1999. My girlfriend best remembered the album for the "Tommy Lee bouncing naked on a bed song", ("Get Naked"). There are guest appearances galore on this album. Everyone from Fred Durst, Kid Rock, and Lil Kim to George Clinton and Snoop Dogg. I figure I can't be the only person that owns this. The main gripe with this album is its kind of a mess. These guys couldn't decide if they were nu-metal, rockers, or a rap act, so this album features a little of everything. Considering the guest appearances are kept to a minimum, the album is surprisingly somewhat tolerable. I'm just at a loss of what prompted me to get the album in the first place.

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Since few people seem to go to this part of the board these days, here's the past few days in a nutshell






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