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  1. haws bah gawd

    The 2009 (Great American) Bash thread!

    Hah, well there ya go. Let's give 'em a thrown-together tag title run!
  2. haws bah gawd

    The 2009 (Great American) Bash thread!

    Edge and Jericho are the most random tag champions in quite a while. Have they ever even teamed before?
  3. Franchise you make me sad.
  4. haws bah gawd

    Who would you like to see in WWE

    Honestly, I would like to see Christopher Daniels in WWE with his preacher gimmick. The only problem there is people would immediately say he needs to feud with (or essentially be fed to) the Undertaker. He's decent enough on the mic, and could have some fun matches with a lot of people there. Same for AJ though for some reason I don't see WWE letting him do 90% of his moveset. They would probably think kids would confuse him with Evan Bourne or something. I'd like to see Kurt Angle back there also, when his TNA deal runs out. If the man weren't so damn small and WWE actually had a Cruiserweight division, I would say Austin Aries in a heartbeat.
  5. haws bah gawd

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    Yea, Really. Even Triple H has been gone for over 2 months, or at least it seems that way.
  6. haws bah gawd

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    I was looking at some of the Revenge of the Fallen toys in Target this afternoon. I noticed a Bumblebee arm thing that transforms from a fist to a blaster. When you press the Autobot insignia at the bottom of the thing, a short clip of "The Touch" plays. I nearly nerd-gasmed.
  7. haws bah gawd

    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    Watch out people. This song will grow on you like a cancerous cyst. Same repercussions too. It was on the Sliding Doors Soundtrack, too. For those of you who could not tell or are not homosexual. I have this on my Ipod. It's been there for several years. I remember when I first heard it on the radio, and couldn't believe it was the same group responsible for Barbie Girl. Pretty damned good song. I like the dark, heavy part towards the end. The singer is cute as hell too. Wonder whatever happened to them?
  8. haws bah gawd

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    That Youtube video was actually pretty damn funny. I don't mind Kennedy too much, he just stays hurt. I'm sure he'll be back eventually. With that said, his first theme song was a LOT better than the one he was using up to his release.
  9. haws bah gawd

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    So, Orton actually punted Flair? It was hard to tell, seeing as how he missed by a country mile, and Flair didn't sell like he'd been kicked in the skull. I figured he was just teasing a punt, and pulled the kick at the last second, just to mess with Batista.
  10. haws bah gawd

    KIMBO SLICE to be competing on TUF

    What's going on with these username/password popups I'm getting here lately? Every so often on this board, I'm seeing popups from "psychologytoday" asking for a username/password.
  11. haws bah gawd

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    Whoever does Kennedy's website said he's 100% healthy, and will soon have an announcement regarding his future. So, maybe he didn't get hurt Monday? My guess is it was probably that sick (not to mention sloppy) back suplex on the Orton, Monday night that sealed his fate. I thought Kennedy was trying to emulate Dr. Deaths Backdrop Driver with the way he drilled Orton.
  12. haws bah gawd

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    It was indeed only a matter of time. Hate to see him go, but he hasn't wrestled on a regular schedule for about 2 years. I was starting to wonder if maybe he had Osteoporosis, considering how fragile his body seemed to be.
  13. haws bah gawd

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    Rajah is reporting that Kennedy did indeed suffer some sort of wrist injury last night. They aren't sure of the severity of it at the moment though. This guy's bones must be made of glass.
  14. haws bah gawd

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    The only good thing that came out of the main event was the shockingly well-executed spinning kick from Mr. Kennedy. Honestly didn't know he was that limber. Aside from that, this show was horrible. I had no qualms with the girlfriend's suggestion to watch the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC for the majority of the first hour of the show. I see Cena has been put in a match with Big Show with a stipulation that he can't possibly succeed with. I don't know about everyone else, but I have no idea how Cena is going to win a submission match.....
  15. haws bah gawd

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition