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Most Improved in the last year?

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I am talking about people who have really imporved this last year. My list is as follows:


Gail Kim- I dig the submission moves

Christian- is a very goos midcarder, needs to learn to not take restholds when he does. He puts them to use when the match develops a nice pace.

Rico- finally getting some recognition and can kick ass when not used for comedy

Batista- Last few months developed more of a personality, and his energy and matching working has improved a ton.


This will catch heat but I think Randy Orton has improved alot. He is still green in some areas, but he keeps getting better and better. Also he has great intensity in the ring.


Who are your thoughts?

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Guest FrigidSoul

Shelton Benjamin, and here's why. In the past year he's gone from botching that leap frog double team maneuver with Haas along with wrestling the APA and the Bashams to becoming one of the future singles bright spots on the Raw Roster. He can cut a good promo, he's getting crisper in the ring, and he can get the fans emotionally involved into matched. When TWGTT first debuted I thought Haas would be the one in it to have the good future singles career...appears I was very wrong.

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