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Favorite Announcers

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Who are your favorite announcers? I really enjoyed the following announcers


Gordon Solie(favorite quote from the Falir/Funk I quite match is when he said "Five letters, two words, I quit" was outstanding


Bob Caudle- Liked him back in the old NWA days. Anyone know if he is still alive?


Tony Schivanve- Pre 1998 he was like Tenay on Steroids


Heenan- Just a classic, espically the Rumble where Flair wins


Mike Tenay- made WCW bareable while the crusiewieghts where on


Gorrila Monsoon- He had a calm voice and presented the matches well, espically with Heenan.


those were who I liked who were yours?

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Jim Ross.































Just kidding. ;)

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Ugh, listening to Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott is brutal. Tazz is the best color man now so far as actually doing what the color guy would do in other competitions and explain why something is important or whatever. Don West in TNA, as far as I've heard him in the shows I ordered and matches I've downloaded, just screams a lot.


All time, Monsoon/Ventura is the best team I've heard, with Monsoon/Brain taking second. Never got the Gordon Solie love (as with a lot of older stuff considered great) when I've heard him call matches.


Jim Ross can still do a good job if he wants, but sometimes the Shill/Hype lever in his back is turned all the way up and it hinders him, thus making shitty matches seem shittier due to how much false praise is being given. When Ross has good material to work with, he can still call a good match.

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