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Guest gthureson

The one and only angle's mid-carding thread

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Guest alfdogg
Austin hasn't had a great match since......in fact, since he's become so greedy and paranoid


Oh, and Kurt angle isn't the most over heel in the company, Vince McMahon has that spot and his appearances on TV have been quite limited compared to Kurt Angle's.


As for RVD, he went from main eventing RAWS, SDs, and PPVs while Austin was a heel to an almost immediate demotion by losing to Edge and curtain jerking in numerous worthless tag matches after Austin turend face.  It was no secret that RVD's pops were rivaling Austin's even after he turned face. Do you honestly believe that Austin did not feel threatened by a guy that was insanely over as the fucking hardcore champion?


Jericho was screwed the day he got the title because he was, NOT FUCKING READY!!!!!!


HE WAS NOT FUCKING OVER ENOUGH TO BE THE FIRST EVER UNDISPUTED CHMAPION. This was the common complaint with the HHH face run, but HHH was more over as a face champ than Jericho was as a heel.

1)An agreeable point, but a funny one given the fact that it's coming from a HHH fan.


2)I think he was just talking about wrestlers.


3)I agree with most of that, but keep in mind that RVD got his job back from Edge the next show.  And the REAL depush happened on 1-7, which was "coincidentally" the same night as HHH's return.


4)I'd say "NOT FUCKING STEPHANIE" instead of "NOT FUCKING READY" myself, but once again I agree to a point.


5)I agree with both points.


And on a totally unrelated note, I'd like to congratulate you on reaching OWV.

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