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Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

Anyone heard the new Neurosis yet?

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Ok so by some unofficial means I have secured a copy of the new Neurosis record "The Eye Of Every Storm" and upon first listen...I'm hearing an almost stoner version of this band? More melodic and less fragmented riffing. Very little dirge to this record so far. Of course since it's Neurosis, it's still gloomy and fucked up as hell, but compared to Through Silver In Blood, this is down right NIN-ish. This is not a bad thing though since they are still lightyears above most current industrial/noise/gloom bands that I've heard, just not a 'normal' thing I think. Not suprising though, since this trend was started a bit on Sun That Never Sets.


The songs remain long with sections of mechanical drone in the Neurosis style, but they are way less heavy on the scale of Song:Gravity bomb ratio. Probably to be expected when you smoke more grass and huff less paint.


Anyway, this record could very well be a put off for people who haven't checked in with this band in a while, but somewhat expected evolution for the loyal followers. Personally, I miss the wild abandon all scream that has been replaced by burned throat singing thus far. But that's a minor quibble since nothing really seems out of place on the record.


I might add some more thoughts after I finish the record and maybe give another full listen.

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

Yeah, I need to get this still. Is it as good as I'd figure?

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