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Guest McShady

NWA:FL "Back For More"

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Guest McShady

NWA Florida Presents:

Back For More

Saturday, September 4th, 8:00 P.M.

The Harborview Center

300 Cleveland Street

Clearwater, Florida


One Last Time: Face to Face Confrontation

"Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews and "Freedom Ryder" Mike Sullivan


NWA Southern Title #1 Contenders Match

Lex Lovett vs Antonio Banks


NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge

Todd Shane (champion) w/ "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi vs ????


The Master of the Backbreaker vs The Captain of Team Canada

Roderick Strong vs NWA TNA's Petey Williams


NWA World Tag Team Title Match

NWA TNA's The Naturals (champions) vs 911 Incorporated's Rod Steel and Bruce Steele w/ "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi


Last Man Standing for the NWA FL X Title

Sedrick Strong (champion) vs "The Hart Breaker" Mikey Tenderfoot vs Justice vs Mikey Batts vs Naphtali vs David Babylon


Tag Team Challenge Match

Double Deuce w/ Cannon vs Erick Stevens and Luther "The Bodybag" Jackson


NWA FL vs CZW Challenge Match

O.G. Scarface w/ Ana Mosity vs Adam Flash


Opening Match

"The Shooter" Vordell Walker and Josh Rich vs Kevin Divine and Ricky Romeo


Should be good, if that dumb hurricane doesn't ruin the attendance.

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The Naturals and Petey are off the show because they're afraid they would miss their flights after the hurricane, so they flew back home last night. The show should draw alright, there was a FPWA show (www.fl-pwa.com) last night in St. Pete (close to Clearwater) that drew 150ish. Regardless, NWA FL has a financial backer so it wont be that bad. Decent show.



P.S. McShady showing his face at a Florida wrestling show??? No possible WAY.

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Guest McShady

I would have been at the show tonight, since I got a car about a month ago. Unfortunately this bitch ran into me 2 weeks ago and fucked my car up. I'm getting another car this week with the money i'm getting from the bitches insurance company. I will be at the 9/18 show, already had Niemi switch my 9/4 ticket to a 9/18 ticket.

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Guest McShady

From the NWA:FL Forums


These are coming in from various cell phone reports!


Notes: The venue is amazing according to everyone. The following people couldn't make it due to the Hurricane: Justice, Antonio Banks, Vordell Walker, Cannon, etc...


Prelim results


Everyone paid tribute to Mike Sullivan.


Steve Madison defeated Todd Shane to win the NWA FL Heavyweight Title.


Mikey Batts defeated Roderick Strong


Naphtali defeated Sedrick Strong by DQ in the NWA FL X Division Title match


Rod Steel and Bruce Steele defeated Mikey Tenderfoot and Amy Love


The Ladykillers (Ricky Romeo/Kevin Devine) defeated Josh Rich and Michael Patrick


Scoot Andrews defeated Lex Lovett w/So Cal Val's help to capture the NWA FL Southern Heavyweight Title.


Double Deuce defeated Erick Stevens and Luther "The Bodybag" Jackson


Adam Flash defeated OG Scarface

credit: Slappy McWrestlestein

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Guest McShady

More in-depth results:


Due to the threatening Hurricane Frances the Naturals and Petey Williams, David Babylon, Antonio Banks and Justice were not able to be in Clearwater for the event.




(1)The Ladykillers (Kevin Divine and Ricky Romeo) defeated Josh Rich and Michael Patrick. Both teams put forth a great effort in their NWA Florida debuts but the Ladykillers got the win after Romeo hit Patrick with a Spinebuster.




(2)Mikey Batts defeated Roderick Strong in an X Division contender’s match. Batts recently signed a contract with TNA Wrestling and Strong was not impressed taking the fight to Batts with chest chops and a variety of backbreakers. Strong didn’t get a pin so he took Batts to the floor and tossed Batts into several rows of chairs. Back in the ring Batts survived another Strong offensive onslaught and got a second wind surviving a tombstone piledriver. Batts got the win with a power sunset flip (Code Red/Napoleon Complex.)




(3)Double Deuce Inc. (“Uptown” Frankie Capone and Marcus Dillon) defeated the Most Valuable Players (Erick Stevens and Luther "The Bodybag" Jackson) in a tag team contender’s match. Jackson and Stevens were confident they would become the number one contenders but DD Inc. took control of the match and took turns beating on Stevens for several minutes until he made the tag to Jackson. Jackson had victory in his hands but he fell to a spear from Dillon as Capone kept Stevens away from breaking up the pinfall.




(4)Naphtali defeated NWA Florida X Division champion Sedrick Strong via DQ. With several matches against each other throughout Florida in the past several months a big mistake made by either competitor would be the deciding factor. The title was in Naphtali’s hands as he went for a Shining Wizard but Strong hit him in the face with the X Division title belt causing the disqualification.




After a intermission “the Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews took the event hostage. Andrews demanded that the former NWA Southern Heavyweight champion Mike Sullivan come to the ring and explain why he retired and forfeited the title. Andrews told Sullivan that when he defeated Lex Lovett tonight he wanted Sullivan to hand him the championship belt. Sullivan told the fans and Andrews he retired having fulfilled all of his dreams and he would hand Andrews the title belt if he could defeat Lovett.




(5)“Modern Miracle” Steve Madison defeated Todd Shane (w/Ron Niemi) to become the NWA Florida Heavyweight champion. Ron Niemi thanked the fans for braving the weather and they didn’t care who came to face Todd Shane. This was a total surprise to Shane, Niemi and even the fans as Madison had not been in a ring since breaking his ankle in June. Madison looked in phenomenal shape and seemed to have gotten in the head of Todd Shane as he had control early on but Niemi distracted Madison long enough for Shane to clip Madison’s left ankle. Shane attempted to destroy the ankle with several submission moves and pins but he couldn’t beat Madison. Madison hit an RKO and got Shane in the sharpshooter but couldn’t beat Shane. Niemi go on the ring apron to distract Madison but was hit by Shane’s clothesline. Madison then rolled up the stunned Shane to get the victory and the championship.




(6) Adam Flash defeated O.G. Scarface w/ Ana Mosity in a NWA FL vs. CZW Challenge Match. Flash addressed the fan telling them not to expect a hardcore match that they were used to seeing Scarface compete in. Too bad for Flash, Scarface is the self professed “Florida Hardcore Icon” as Scarface came with a garbage can full of goodies to be used. Scarface brought a tble into the match but was stopped from a top rope move by Flash who put a chair on top of Scarface’s head but OG threw the chair into Flash’s head. Scarface hit the Double Penetration but Flash kicked out. Flash hit Scarface with a piledriver onto a folding chair and then hit the Last Call as Scarface lay on the folding table.




911 Incorporated’s Rod Steel and Bruce Steele came out to address the fact that the NWA World Tag Team champions the Naturals were not in the building. When told of this they asked the NWA FL office for a match with the NWA FL tag team champions Mikey Tenderfoot but there request was denied since Justice could not make it to the show. Mikey Tenderfoot came to the ring and told 911 Inc. that Justice did not wish to leave his family in harm’s way. Tenderfoot then told 911 Inc. he would take both of them on right here and now.




(7)911 Incorporated's Rod Steel and Bruce Steele w/ "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi defeated Mikey Tenderfoot and ??? in a non title match. Tenderfoot was hit with the Big Dump but Steele didn’t want the win yet. From the locker room came Hot Ass Amy Love to partner with Tenderfoot but anytime Tenderfoot had a chance to tag in Amy he refused to tag out. Tenderfoot took several minutes of hard hitting moves including the “How ‘Bout That” but Steel and Steele couldn’t pin Tenderfoot. Amy finally got tagged in but she was hit by a sideslam/legdrop combo and the 24/7 and was pinned by Steele. After the bell Steele hit Amy with the big dump for good measure. Tenderfoot took the mic telling Steel and Steele that they may have beaten won the match but the belts were staying in his hands.




(8) Scoot Andrews (w/So Cal Val) defeated Lex Lovett become the new NWA Southern Heavyweight champion. Being a mat technician Lovett went to work on Andrews’ left arm and didn’t let up the attack until a running knee to the corner missed Andrews and hit the top turnbuckle pad. Andrews went right after the injured leg but Lovett would not be beaten by submission. Lovett survived the attack and hit a Michinoku Driver but Andrews’ legs hit referee Richie Rich in the face. So Cal Val then gave Andrews powder which he tossed into Lovett’s eyes. Lovett went for a pin but he rolled up Richie Rich instead. Andrews then hit the Forces of Nature pinning Lovett even after Mike Sullivan came out and told Richie Rich Andrews tossed the powder.




Scoot Andrews took the house mic and told the fans that he wouldn’t be where he is right now in his career without Mike Sullivan. The entire NWA Florida locker room emptied into the ring for a surprise celebration. Andrews told the fans that without Mike Sullivan he might retire. He then handed Sullivan the Southern Heavyweight title saying it belonged to him. NWA Florida President Joe Price, Aaron Royal, Ron Niemi and “Iceman” Buck Quartermain each said some very moving words about the career of Mike Sullivan that you needed to be at the building to have heard. Mike Sullivan soaked up these heart felt words and thanked each and every person for attending the show and thanked the office and wrestlers of NWA Florida for being his friends and colleagues.


credit: Alan J. Wojcik

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He broke his back and had to retire from the ring. He'll be at all the shows helping the younger guys in the back with their matches. He's a great guy to learn from, those guys are very lucky.

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Guest jobsquad

well as long as we got a nwa-fl thread up the card for the 9/18 show is up on pwbts.com


NWA Southern Title Match

Scoot Andrews (champion) vs Lex Lovett


NWA Florida Heavyweight Title

Steve Madison (champion) vs Michael Shane


NWA Florida vs CZW Challenge Match

Rod Steel w/ "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi vs Chri$ Ca$h


Partners Collide 4 Way: NWA World Jr Title Match

Jerrelle Clark (champion) vs Mikey Batts vs "Hart Breaker" Mikey Tenderfoot vs Justice


Special Challenge Match

Roderick Strong vs Kid Romeo


Tag Team match

The Shane Brothers w/ "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi vs Most Valuable Playas (Eric Stevens and Luther "Bodybag" Jackson


Opening Match

Vordell Walker vs Josh Rich

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Guest McShady

I just got a car today so I will be there the 18th. My first live indy event. I will be at FIP 9/24 and 9/25 as well.

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