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'CREEP' [Franka Potente]

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Anyone else screened this UK flick? It had the entire theatre jumping, laughing and grossing out. Some people even got up and left. I thought it was great! :)


From the TIFF Site





Director: Christopher Smith

Country: United Kingdom/ Germany

Year: 2004

Language: English

Time: 85 minutes

Film Types: Colour/35mm


Production Company: Dan Films Ltd./Zero West Filmproduktions

Executive Producer: Robert Jones

Producer: Julie Baines, Jason Newmark

Screenplay: Christopher Smith

Cinematography: Danny Cohen

Editor: Kate Evans

Production Designer: John Frankish

Sound: Michael Spencer

Music: The Insects

Principal Cast: Franka Potente, Sean Harris, Vas Blackwood, Ken Campbell, Jeremy Sheffield


Countless commuters travel the miles of subterranean tunnels that make up the London subway system but, at the end of the day, they casually desert their underground kingdom. But for anyone left behind after the trains stop, terror begins in the labyrinthine tube.


In the midst of a wild and boozy night hopping from one party to the next, Kate (Run Lola Run's Franka Potente) waits for a subway to zip her to the next nightspot, only to fall asleep on a platform bench. She wakes to find everyone gone, the station all locked up for the night. A lone train arrives and she jumps on, but her journey detours as the subway train screeches to a violent halt and she is plunged into darkness. Slowly becoming attuned to her dank, pitch-black surroundings, she realizes she is not alone. Caught in a maze of catacombs and forgotten passageways, Kate must either find her way to the surface or survive the night, before she becomes a pet, a meal or worse for something very unpleasant that lives in the underground.


Creep starts out at a comfortable, bright place, but first-time director Christopher Smith very quickly snips away at our personal safety net until we are submerged in a claustrophobic black pit. Shooting in an abandoned subway tunnel, Smith plays with tactile and realistic surroundings, adding a texture to the threat of darkness that lurks in the rotting underbelly of the metropolis. Fans of Anatomy, Potente's previous horror outing, will be pleased to see her jump into her role as an ordinary working girl thrust into a hostile and terrifying circumstance.


Fright-film fans might notice that Creep reaches back to an earlier British horror film for inspiration - the underrated Raw Meat (a.k.a. Deathline) from 1973 - but Smith cranks up the terror and drags your nerves along the rails once the last train has rattled down the tracks.


- Colin Geddes


Christopher Smith graduated from Bristol University with an M.A. in film production. He has worked in television as a writer and director for "Barry Norman's Film Night" and went on to direct the short films Larry Cares and Repairs (97), The 10,000th Day (97) and The Day Grandad Went Blind (98). Creep (04) is his first feature film.

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Guest El Satanico

I remember reading alittle about this many months ago. I thought it sounded very interesting.


First Asia and now Europe...Foreign horror is taking over

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I'm pretty stoked, this movie looks good and I love Potente ... Boston is the kind of city that'll get this movie relatively quickly, at least compared to the rest of the US, so I'll definitely keep my eye open for it.

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*whew* Glad to see people are actually interested in it. :) It's definitely an acquired taste, but anyone who loves horror or gore should dig it.

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