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Rob E Dangerously

WW2 veterans fought for Anti-American policies

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from Grover Norquist.. who has some sort of job (one of the more important ones) in the Bush campaign


"Yes, because in addition their demographic base is shrinking.  Each year, 2 million people who fought in the Second World War and lived through the Great Depression die. This generation has been an exeception in American history, because it has defended anti-American policies.  They voted for the creation of the welfare state and obligatory military service. They are the base of the Democratic Party. And they are dying. And, at the same time, all the time more Americans have stocks. That makes them defend the interests of business, because it is their own interest. Because of that, it's impossible to bring to the fore policies of social hate, of class warfare."



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One more reason why Bush/Cheney is right...


time to cut these guys' V.A. benefits.

Fuck that noise. You serve, you get the benefits. Otherwise, never send another soldier to war to possibly die, get wounded, or end up disabled. If we do not take care of our soldiers past their tour then don't expect them to do any fighting and just say fuck you whenever the powers that be feel they gotta start killing people again.




Then again, you could have been being sarcastic. If so.. sorry 'bout that. :bonk:

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