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  1. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    That's not a good thing.
  2. snuffbox

    Boxing Thread

    Nice Guy Eddie!
  3. snuffbox

    Working on a theory.

    "Incense and Peppermints," here.
  4. snuffbox

    Shamwow guy beats prostitute

    He looks like some other crusty old man I've seen before but I can't think of who.
  5. snuffbox

    Boxing Thread

    Bob Arum will have him in a ring somewhere by the end of the year.
  6. snuffbox

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    I'm glad to be an old fuck. I don't think I would've been very good at sexting.
  7. snuffbox

    The Republican "Budget"

    I was surprised to see Paul Ryan get himself wrapped up in this. He seems to be trying very hard to avoid the GOP retard fray so he's not seen as yet another joke in 2012/16.
  8. snuffbox

    Happy 40th Allman Bros

    Nice. I really hope I get an opportunity this year.
  9. snuffbox

    Happy 40th Allman Bros

    How was the Birthday Show, BX?
  10. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    Has anybody ever advocated forcing every church to marry gay couples? Is there anything but canards on the anti- side of this issue?
  11. snuffbox

    Boxing Thread

    I hope Chambers (somehow) flattens Peter tomorrow night. It doesn't appear as though he wants to remain a prizefighter much longer anyway. At least he hasn't behaved like Ike Ibeabuchi.
  12. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    Except the gay one.
  13. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    We're getting close to page 8 and I'm going to have to be cowardly and not repeat the same stuff yet again. Read the thread. I'll just say one thing, one last time (until next year's doppelganger thread), and hope one of you three can get this. Freedom is for all people, not for those who have control of religious/political institutions. Keep your religion, it was never the issue here no matter how hard a few of you tried.
  14. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    Your side has been thoroughly destroyed over this entire thread. Not onew legitmate anti-gay reason has been raised. But, name calling and insults is usually the only retort of a side wholly lacking in facts or reason. I have no hard feelings when the obvious happens.
  15. snuffbox

    More Gay Marriage?

    Not to be a coward, but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep making the same point to the same three people.