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Golgo 13

An SWF.net Exclusive: Manson Actaully Talks

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In some random hallway inside the Anaheim Pond, Ben Hardy stands with Manson in front of his dressing room, with his arms crossed in front of him, sporting the trademark leather jacket.


"I'm Ben Hardy here with an SWF.net exclusive. With me is Manson, who defeated Max King in a Caged Fury Match at Genesis!" Riley announces.


"Well, I hope the win at Genesis proved to Max King that he can't hang with me. At Ground Zero he couldn't get it done, and at Genesis it was the same story, despite putting me at a disadvantage by injuring my knee and choosing the Caged Fury stipulation himself. I sincerely hope he's over things, because I'm frankly sick of him, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with all of it.." says Manson matter-of-factly.


"I see. Now, what about your plans for the future?" asks Riley.


"Well, I've gone without gold for too long, ever since losing my USJL Title to Vlad Everheart. That's why I'm throwing my name in the hat for any title that's out there. The World, ICTV, Cruiserweight, USJL. It doesn't matter which title, it doesn't matter who holds it. I'm ready to get back to my quest for gold, and rest assured I will come out on victorious…" says Manson as he looks at Hardy, drops his hands and silently walks away.


"Words from the man himself, Manson is ready to drop the issue with King, stating his intent to hunt down whichever title belts he can… For SWF.net, I'm Ben Hardy..." he says, as we...


Fade Out

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