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Guest Gatornibs

Tons of WCW/WWF Masters on Ebay

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Guest Gatornibs





1998 WCW Slamboree (Giant, Sting, Nash, Hall on cover). Bret Hart vs Randy Savage. Sting & The Giant vs The Outsiders


1998 WCW Fall Brawl: War Games (Sting and Goldberg on cover). 9 Man Tag Team War Games.


1998 WCW Uncensored (Hogan and Piper on cover). Savage vs Hogan, DDP vs Raven vs Benoit, Sting vs Scott Hall.


1997 WCW Halloween Havoc (Hogan and Piper on cover). DDP vs Savage, Hogan vs Piper, Jericho vs Gedo.


1996 Hog Wild (Hogan on cover) Malenko vs Benoit, Flair vs Guerrero, Mysterio vs Dragon, Harlem Heat vs Steiners, Sting/Luger vs Outsiders, Giant vs Hogan


"Ravishing" Rick Rude RAW! (Rude on cover) Video showing Rude's time in WCW.


The other tapes in this deal include the ROH Master "WAR OF THE WIRE" featuring Corino vs Homicide in a barbed wire match and Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles, as well as Final Battle 2002 and the following Monday Night Raw's:










Coliseum Video:


Royal Rumble 1994 (Take vs Yokozuna, Harts vs Quebeccers)


Royal Rumble 1995 (Nash vs Hart rematch, Hall vs Jarrett)


In Your House: Volume 2 (9/24/95) (Razor Ramon vs Shane Douglas, Hart vs Pierre Lafitte)


King of the Ring 1996 (Austin 3:16 is born, HBK vs Bulldog, Taker vs Foley)


Wrestlefest 1994 (Steiners vs Bret/Owen, HBK vs Razor Ramon)


Royal Rumble 1993 (Hart vs Razor Ramon, HBK vs Janetty)


Survivor Series 1995 (Nash vs Hart)


Raw Hits (1-2-3 Kid vs Bret Hart)


WWF Home Video:


Summerslam 1999 (Austin vs Triple H vs Mankind)


Survivor Series 2000 (Austin vs Triple H, Angle vs Taker)


Armageddon 2000 (6 Man Hell in the Cell, Malenko/Guerrero vs Hardys)


Unforgiven 2001 (Austin vs Angle, Edge vs Christian, RVD vs Jericho)


Royal Rumble 1998 (HBK vs Taker, Rock vs Shamrock)


1999 No Mercy UK PPV ( Austin vs Taker vs Triple H)

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