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101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler trailer

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www.HollymoodEntertainment.com has just released a new trailer for the '101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler' DVD production which relates to recent events in the pro wrestling industry. 18 pro wrestlers were released from their contracts during the week of July 4, 2005 and when such events like this take place, it makes many wrestlers wonder if they could be next to lose their job.


Should pro wrestlers form a union? The question has been asked many times and a lot of veteran wrestlers that are no longer in the spotlight wish that they had formed a union when they had the opportunity to make a difference.


A time will come in the pro wrestling industry when today's superstars will be retired veterans with little money, no retirement plan and they will look back at their careers regretting they didn't form a union when they had the chance. Now is the time for pro wrestlers to seize the opportunity and form a union, but will they do it?


www.HollymoodEntertainment.com is proud to release a new trailer that covers the topic of pro wrestlers forming a union. To view the trailer go to http://www.hollymoodentertainment.com/trailer.htm and at that link you can also read supplemental information explaining how to form a union, a petition for pro wrestlers to sign to form a union, as well as other information regarding a union for pro wrestlers.


You can order the '101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler' DVD at http://www.hollymoodentertainment.com/order.htm. The DVD is not region coded so it will play in any DVD player in any country in the world.


If you would like to contact the director of the documentary in regards to business inquiries or media inquiries, email Michael Moody at [email protected]


The Windows Media Player version for the union trailer has a few unexplained audio glitches due to file conversion and it runs over 5 minutes long. The Quicktime version of the union trailer has no audio glitches and runs nearly 10 minutes long.

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