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Kerry Von Erich presented his case to ESPN and now the USWA are on Prime time, Friday nights!!


USWA Legends of Pro Wrestling

(Friday January 20th 1989 – Prime Time ESPN)


1) Davey Boy Smith is out and he’s pissed off, rambling on and on – then he tells us that he needs someone to think clearly here as he’s getting too emotional. And he needs someone to counter Sheik Adnan. He introduces Freddie Blassie as his manager and calls out Dynamite




2) Al Snow makes his USWA debut answering the challenge of the Thrillseekers. When he gets Jericho in trouble Lance jumps in and causes a DQ but the two of them beat Snow down in the corner!!




3) After kicking Al Snow out of the ring the Thrillseekers run down the opposition they’ve faced in the USWA so far bad mouthing both King Cobra and Al Snow saying that they might as well be thrown together so the Thrillseekers can kick their collective asses




4) Doomsday is out, loved by the kid as he makes his way to the ring to face Cactus Jack. The deranged man from Truth or Consequences is about to lose when the Soultaker comes running to the ring and tires to interfere, which backfires and Doomsday pins Cactus then runs off the Soultaker and Cactus




5) Jesse James is out in the ring, calling for Cactus to come back out again – face him like a man, no back up, no back jumping just mano a mano


But no Cactus appears.




6) Instead Sheik Braddock is out to clear the ring but instead it’s a match that Armstrong quickly wins to the delight of the crowd.




7) Embry is backstage warming up for later when he’s jumped from behind by Dr. Tom Pritchard and Al Perez who beat him down and then run off.




8) Lawler is interviewed, claiming that the USWA only got a prime time slot because HE is the champion and HE carries the federation. Then he promises victory over Kevin later tonight, Kerry when he feels like it and if the opportunity arises he’ll piledrive the pope and beat him too.




9) Dynamite Kid is not a very popular man in his debut match against fellow country man Chris Addams. After a long, hard fought match Dynamite takes the victory as Steve Austin runs out and slaps Addams’ leg off the rope to give Dynamite the win.




10) Freak Show gain a measure of revenge as they jump Steve Simpson in the parking lot. When Shaun tries to save his brother he’s thrown against a car and beaten down as well.




11) Main event time – Jerry Lawler puts the title on the line against Kevin Von Erich. Lawler runs away, is beaten down and generally tries his best to not lose the title against a fired up Kevin Von Erich. In the end he throws a fireball at Kevin and blinds him to steal the victory.


But the celebration is short lived as Kerry is out to chase the champ from the ring.




Total – 71%, 0.94 Rating, 409 People in attendance, made $8180 on tickets.


Notes: Mostly just pushing along with the feuds. No real debuts or signings instead focusing on building what’s already set. Some of the segments are giving me some low ratings – but that’ll improve as the people involved rise in the ranks (I hope)


Next show – “Sportatorium Showdown” From the Dallas Sportatorium, the Large Monthly event held in the Von Erich’s back yard


Will Lawler escape with the title as Kerry challenges for the gold?

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Guest Arnold_OldSchool

AWA must've went out of business. Art imitates life.

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