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Guest Phr33k

Title: "Size Isn't Everything"


Year: 1993


Review done song-by-song, star rating system


1. Paying The Price Of Love (4:12)

First and only (as far as I know) single off the album. Wasn't a bad choice either. They adapted to the times again, and this song worked out right. High-pitched voice at the end gives me headaches, though. SONG RATING: ***1/2


2. Kiss Of Life (4:14)

Catchy little tune, but it gets repetitive after a while. Type of song you can only listen to a certain amount of times, and by that I mean "once". Lyrics are stupid, instruments make up for it. SONG RATING: *3/4


3. How To Fall In Love, Part 1 (5:59)

My favourite song on the album, but I can't tell you why. Everything just sort of clicks. Barry singing this was a good bet over Robin, because his voice seems to go with the background music. If they wanted to have another single off the album, this should've been it. SONG RATING: ****1/4


4. Omega Man (3:59)

They pull off two keepers in a row. Interesting choice for vocals here, as I can't remember the last time I heard Maurice do lead. This song is catchy, like everything else so far. They can't pronounce the word "Omega". SONG RATING: ***


5. Haunted House (5:44)

Well, they can't make it three. This song is basically non-stop irritating, with stupid lyrics, stupid music, stupid everything. Why bother? SONG RATING: 1/2*


6. Heart Like Mine (4:41)

Well, this is one of them teenage-angsty songs that probably would be in place had the band playing the song not consisted of three 45-year-old men. Still, it's well-written, if you notice it behind the depressing background music. SONG RATING: **


7. Anything For You (4:36)

Eh. They give us an upbeat song to wake us up after two clunkers, but it sounds like something the Backstreet Boys would do, if they could sing or play instruments or write songs or something. Oh well, it's all good. SONG RATING: **3/4


8. Blue Island (3:15)

This song was dedicated to the children of the former Yugoslavia. You'd think they'd use a good song with the dedication, but maybe that's just me talking. SONG RATING: DUD


9. Above And Beyond (4:27)

Finally, we have reached the three-star barrier again. This is a catchy, well-written, upbeat tune that just works on all levels here. Another song that should've been a single. SONG RATING: ***3/4


10. For Whom The Bell Tolls (5:06)

We keep our heads above that *** barrier again with this song. They tried four or five heartwarming love songs on here, and the ones that worked were this and "How To Fall In Love". Two-for-five, nyeh... Anyway, really good stuff here. SONG RATING: ****


11. Fallen Angel (4:30)

The last song on the album is a good one, and it ends on a three-song *** streak. That's not bad, you know. Anyway, really cool drums in here, and the lyrics are really good, but you'd think the song would be "Caroline", because that's basically the chorus. "Caroline, fallen angel". that's it. SONG RATING: ***1/2


FINAL STORY: Well, six songs over *** isn't anything to sneeze at, but the middle songs really drag, and some of them go into the "Boring as all hell" category. Still, if you like the band, or if you just want something different, it warrants a listen.



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