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Bounty Announcement

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Here you go PK. I had Leon pipe up and ask a question, I hope he isn't late to the building again :ph34r:




Instead of the usual beautiful pyro, we open to a shot of the General Managers’ door, with ‘EARLIER TODAY’ flashing at the bottom of the screen. The door opens, and inside are 29 of the OAOAST’s brightest stars, all seated, in front of the General Manager’s desk, where GM Axel and the OAOAST Champion Peter Knight are discussing something. They stop, turning to face the crowd, and the GM begins to address the locker room.



Gentlemen. This Sunday, you will all be a part of the Lethal Rumble match. Now, as you know, I defeated some of the greatest superstars in OAOAST History to win last years’ Rumble, and go on to AngleMania to become the OAOAST Champion. One of you will complete half that equation by winning the match this Sunday. You will not, however, get past the man standing to my left at AngleMania. But, you have a chance to win the biggest match of your lives this Sunday.


The superstars flash each other looks, wondering where the address is going.



Now, as you know, Zack Malibu is in the Rumble. I couldn’t stop that from happening, so hey, I thought I’d make things interesting. Zack was the last man I threw over the top rope last year, and a past winner, which makes him the odds on favourite. And the last thing Peter and I want is another Zack Malibu AngleMania Main Event. So, we offer this.


PK grabs a briefcase, opening it for the locker room to see. The stars’ eyes light up, a few crack smiles, with guys like Tony Brannigan and Dan Black looking at each other, a mixture of concern and intrigue on their faces.



One Hundred Thousand Dollars. This will be given to whatever person, or group of people, throw Zack Malibu out of the Lethal Rumble match. It could be one of you. You could strike a deal with your tag partner, or you could get a group of five guys together. I don’t really care, and neither does Peter. To the individual or group that gets the job done, think of this as a winter bonus. I’m feeling generous, as today is Australia Day. Any questions?



Yeah, I got one. You really think you’re going to win us over with money?


PK taps Axel on the shoulder, signalling that he’ll field the question.



Leon, we don’t think… we know. Look at the men in front of us. A selection of the best OAOAST stars. Never mind the press you get from winning the Rumble match, but if you throw Malibu out, you don’t just get this briefcase. You get our respect. And when you got the champ’s respect, you get ahead.



And when you have the General Manager’s respect, you get first class seats, penthouse hotel rooms, your own locker room, more merchandise, more appearances and most importantly, title matches. I don’t think I have to be any clearer than that. Thank you Gentlemen, now if you’d kindly return to your locker rooms and prepare for your matches.


The Superstars get out of their seats, walking out of the office in a group, discussing what has just been announced. The GPX, Bohemoth, Jamie O’Hara and Christian Wright stay behind, and the Upstarts begin to talk amongst themselves, with Axel closing the briefcase, and sitting at his desk, a smirk on his face, as we fade out.

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