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Moving...clearing out WWF masters and more

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Title says it all.


Just email me. No PMs, please, I don't check them, usually. And I'm very sorry about this, but I don't take PayPal. I'd like to dump these in as few chunks as possible, so if you're interested in anything, just give me a shout and I'll try my hardest to cut you a good deal.


Email me here: [email protected] -Jim


WWF Rampage '91

Hulkamania 6

WWF Wrestlefest 1990

WWF Wrestlefest 1991

WWF Wrestlefest 1992

Ultimate Warrior 1989 (Rare--box cut for plastic case-$15)

WWF Supertape '92 (box cut for plastic case)

The Immortal Hulk Hogan (1992)

WWF Most Unusual Matches (1994) (no box-$5)

WWF Wrestlemania IX


I also have DVDs of the following. No set prices, really.


Judgment Day 2001

HHH: The Game

The Best of WWE Confidential: Volume 1

Hulk Still Rules

Hall of Fame induction ceremony 2004

The Monday Night Wars

King of the Ring 2002

Royal Rumble 2001

Behind WWF Tough Enough: Season 1

Mick Foley: Hard Knocks/Cheap Pops

Wrestling Gold (5 discs)


Just checked, I also have these on VHS: all masters

Best of Raw Vols. 1-3

Summerslam 1993

No Way Out 1998

Wrestlemania VII (CHV)


AND, I have these shoot DVDs:


Can anyone tell me the legality of re-selling RF/Highspots/whatever masters? Is it ok to do? I'm just leary about this kind of thing after getting trouble last year. Anyway, if it is ok, here they are:


No set prices...


Lex Luger (RF)

New Jack '04 (RF)

Kevin Nash (Wrestle Re-Union)

Heenan/Cornette Vol. 1

Bruno Sammartino (Wrestle Re-Union)

Rick Martel (RF)

Tatanka (RF)

Mr. Fuji (RF)

The Mountie (RF)

Powers of Pain (RF)


Edit: I also have books for sale:


Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All (hardcover)

Mankind: Have a Nice Day (hardcover)

Foley Is Good (hardcover)

Tonight..In This Very Ring (Scott Keith)

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