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    Just logged on here for the first time in a couple years. Looks like the new board is down again...
  2. Seconded. Hardly Chyna 2.0. And honestly I don't even remember that phase of her in '03. I think that's right when I started losing interest in the product in a BIG way.
  3. JJMc

    Pat Tillman an "idiot," not a hero

    No Man, a relief to see a poster I remember. And a relief to see a recent post. Haven't been on the board in probably well over a year...it's too bad what happened, whatever the hell it was.
  4. That movie was a fucking abomination. They took a great opportunity and made a a complete mockery of it.
  5. JJMc

    Brock Lesnar DEAD

    I'm so fuckin' tired that made me laugh. Thanks.
  6. JJMc

    Best version of the Horsemen?

    How could we forget Mongo?
  7. JJMc

    Game Show Wrestling Music!

    I think sometimes they cave in and pay Jesse the fee. I'm pretty sure they've used his commentary on a couple of occasions before but I can't remember any specific instances.
  8. I love these old Survivor Series intros. This one is from '90. The '89 one is in related. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUsTZPG6oGY&NR=1 Edit: Just realized that I meant to put this in the YouTube thread but I guess it kind of fits anyway.
  9. JJMc

    Kinds of matches you wish they'd bring back

    Jobber matches. And matches involving stars that aren't part of an angle/feud that have clean finishes.
  10. JJMc

    Pepsi and Mt. Dew Throwback

    Had a few so far. Honestly, it was really good and I could taste quite a difference. The Mtn. Dew tasted exactly the same, however. EDIT: I'm loving the Pepsi more and more. I hope they decide to keep producing it. I haven't been able to find cans, though.
  11. JJMc

    Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer problem

    Apparently this is pretty common. I had never heard of it but I did a little searching. Here is a thread from a board where someone had the same problem. I didn't read it word for word but the person said it worked. Google ReDirect fix
  12. That venue was the Civic Center in Lowell, MA. It was also the arena where HBK did his "lost my smile" speech, The Rock beat HHH for his first I-C Title, and the one where HHH and HBK did the fake European Title match. It was where Michaels lost his smile, but the Vader/Monsoon thing was in Stockton, CA, the night after Royal Rumble '96. The Lowell Memorial Auditorium really was a great venue for TV. I wish that WWE would run some smaller places like this again but it'll of course never happen unless business REALLY goes in the tank.
  13. JJMc

    What if? Topics

    What if... HHH didn't tear his quad? Savage had stayed with WWF in '94? Hogan stayed with the nWo after Mania 18?
  14. JJMc

    AWA Backstage Gossip

    That's what Sheik says, but I've also heard that he's full of shit which is not exactly hard to believe.
  15. I still have his appearance on the Tom Green Show (!) from August '03 that I taped back then. I pulled it out and watched it and he did a pretty good interview. Afterwards, he gave Tom Green the pump handle slam at about 3/4 speed. He got himself over with the audience and came across like a star. I'm working on getting up on YouTube if anyone wants to see it.