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Tremendous Wrestling CD-R offers! (footage you can't find anyw

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NOTE: I can't do Paypal. Sorry. Cash (preferably), check, or trade only.




- No-rope, barbed-wire/light tubes death match with Supreme & Angel vs. Damian 666 & Halloween

- Samoa Joe vs. Andrew Martin (Test) in Korea


Featuring never-before-seen footage of Chris Daniels, The Dudley Boyz, Sandman, Chris Hero, Teddy Hart, and tons more!





WrestlingVixxxens.com Video Clips CD-R


I’m offering a CD-R featuring the videos that were once offered in the WrestlingVixxxens.com members section, but are no longer available, as the site has now been switched pretty much exclusively to just pictures. All of the videos feature complete nudity. Tammy Lynn Sytch’s is the only one where they don’t zoom in on her lower extremities; with everybody else, they zoom in there and every other part of the body. In other words, lots of hot stuff. The picture quality on all the videos is very good. The videos are WMV (Windows Media Player) format and feature the following:


- 19 Kristi Myst videos (each ranging from 1:50 [one minute, 50 seconds] - 5:00)

- 1 Kristi Myst/Mona/Tammy Lynn Sytch/Missy Hyatt lesbian action video (4:20)

- 6 Missy Hyatt videos (each ranging from 1:50 - 5:00)

- 12 Tammy Lynn Sytch videos (each ranging from 1:50 - 5:00)

- 6 Tammy Lynn Sytch/Kristi Myst lesbian action videos (all 2:27) - SUPER hot!

- 1 Tammy Lynn Sytch/Kristi Myst/Lacey (not the indy wrestler, another girl) video of them nude on the beach and in the water (2:57)




Music videos/video clips:


>The Best of Lizzy Borden Volume 1

>The Best of Lizzy Borden Volume 2

>clip of Stacy Keibler dancing in a bikini at a Nitro Grill party

>Lizzy Borden: XXXPosed Ad (three minute, including some rare clips from the Philly XPW shows)

- Lizzy Borden vs. Veronica Caine (Bucknaked Match from XPW Free Fall) music video

>The Best of XPW's X-Girls Volume 1 (featuring the uncensored lesbian kiss between Kristi Myst and Lizzy Borden in XPW)

>The Best of XPW's X-Girls Volume 2

>Lollipop topless in TNA

>The Best of Wrestling's Nipple Slips (Jacqueline, Stephanie, Trish, Lollipop, Francine, etc.)

>Stephane McMahon Helmsley and Sable catfight that includes a nipple slip by Sable

>Kristi Myst's last sex scene before she retired from porn

>very old (and perfect quality) clip of a young Kristi Myst from a 1996 movie (non-sex scene) - this film is very rare, you won't find this footage elsewhere (let alone in this quality); Kristi gave me the footage herself

>Kristi Myst/Lizzy Borden vignette from XPW (nudity)

>The ENTIRE Beulah Daydreaming masturbation Video (20 whole minutes!)

>Kimona Wanalaya's dance atop the ECW Arena stage

>Pics from the hot and steamy Veronica Caine/Lizzy Borden lesbian photo shoot

>Pics from the hot and steamy Lizzy Borden/Kristi Myst lapdance in XPW

>Video clip of Francine nipple slip from ECW

>along with a few other special wrestling diva goodies

>Never-before-released XPW promos/segments featuring Veronica Caine and Jessica Darlin

>an f'ing shitload of nude pics of Lizzy Borden, Veronica Caine, and Kristi Myst


This CD-R gets put in the CD-Drive on your computer and you can watch the files from the CD-R or you can copy and paste the files onto your hard drive so that you can watch them at your leisure. I will sell the CD-R cheap or I will trade for them. PM me if interested.



Wrestling Rarities CD-R Volumes 1-3



Super rare pro wrestling footage from around the world…The only catch is it’s not able to be watched on DVD or VHS, as I only have it available on CDs in computer format (WMV/MPG/QuickTime/RealPlayer). Sorry…if I could convert it to DVD/VHS, I certainly would, but I don’t know how to nor do I have the equipment necessary (nor am I about to buy the equipment).


Besides, though, this footage is so rare that you can go ahead and try to find it on VHS or DVD, but most of it you won’t be able to, let alone in this quality…


Sorry if I sound like RF Video or something due to the excessive way I’m hyping this shit…I don’t mean to, but like I said, its not DVD or VHS so I gotta compromise by promoting the hell out of it if I want to move any copies cuz I’m like totally broke.


EVERYTHING is very good to perfect quality unless noted otherwise. Also, everything is WMV or AVI unless noted otherwise.


There are a total of 3 CDs.


For reference, in case you can’t figure it out:


5:00 = five minutes


2:45 = two minutes, 45 seconds




Wrestlers appearing on obscure TV shows:


- 5:00 segment from Canada AM TV featuring a young Teddy Hart being interviewed about his then-upstart Matrats promotion - classic footage here as a young Teddy is all dressed up and acting all proper (QuickTime)


- News story on Abdullah the Butcher’s restaurant (featuring both Abby AND Ed “The Original Sheik” Farhat actually SPEAKING) - you can’t find this footage ANYWHERE else!


- OUTTAKES~! of Chris Candido (RIP) and Tammy’s 1994 appearance on the cable access TV show “Outside Interference”


- News story on Kevin Canady (Madman Pondo) from WOWK13 News Channel (QuickTime)


- Missy Hyatt vs. Bill Alfonso’s case airs on Judge Mathis’ show (11:00)


- WCW superstars Sting, Jim Ross, Brian Pillman, and others guest star on the “Family Feud” TV show (really funny)


- January 1985 clip from David Letterman’s show featuring an appearance by Vince McMahon (listen closely at the end for the ironic surprise) - slightly blurry


- Johnny Kashmere’s applies to MTV’s “The Real World”




Backstage/candid footage of your favorite wrestlers bullshitting with each other:


- Rob Black, Lizzy Borden, and Tom Byron watch an ECW house show from ringside (2:15)


- Rob Black hangs out with Buh Buh, Tommy Dreamer, and Big Dick Dudley and even lets the wrestlers watch a porn shoot take place (3:45)…this footage almost made Buh Buh Ray Dudley lose his WWE contract when WWE management saw it for the first time…Buh Buh and Big Dick steal the show with the some of the most hilarious jokes you’ll EVER hear (Buh Buh & Big Dick out of character = brilliant…ask Bob Barnett - he’ll tell you this shit is GOLD!)


- Kaos & GQ Money mingle with fans and sign autographs before Kaos’ XPW TV title match vs. X-Pac


- Samoa Joe’s HILARIOUS personal home video footage of he and friends drunk in Chicago after an ROH show (appearances by Joe, CM Punk, Rocky Romero, Shawn Daivari, Ace Steel, and Colt Cabana [as cameraman])




Super-rare matches:


- AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Yoon Gang Chul (New-Korea Pro Wrestling Association - 2-10-06) - plus a bonus segment involving Super Dragon


- No-rope, barbed-wire/light tubes death match with Supreme & Angel vs. Damian 666 & Halloween


- Samoa Joe vs. Andrew Martin (Test) (WSW - Australia - 2005)


- Super Dragon vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. TNT (WSW - Australia - 2005)


- Vampiro vs. Rikishi (Italy 2005) - NWE


- Sting & Great Muta vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Satoshi Kojima - 2004 (from Hawaii!!!) - also includes two promos each from DDP and Kojima (so a total of four promos)


- Pogo the Clown in TNA vs. Glenn Gilberti (8-23-03 Xplosion)


- Chris Jericho vs. 'Firefighter' Adrian Lester (January 1995)


- Eddy Guerrero vs. Genghis Kahn (1989/1990 from Los Angeles, CA)


- Dynamite D vs. Kaos (from the never-before-released XPW Sabu Invitational House Show fancam) (QuickTime)


- Altar Boy Luke vs. Supreme (XPW House of Horrors Deathmatch) - never before aired on XPW TV because it was too violent!


- Nick Mondo vs. Horace the Psychopath (SDW)




Never-before-released promos:


- 1998 Christopher Daniels promo from the Impact Wrestling Federation (buy this CD today and be the only person on earth besides me and one of the former-IWF wrestlers I got it from [who owns the footage] to have this gem!) - one and a half min.


- Drunk out of his mind, The Sandman TRIES to cut a promo (Germany - April 2002)


- M-Dogg 20 gets somewhat emotional while cutting a promo at a UWA show


- Old & unreleased promo from John Zandig and the early CZW crew (16 seconds)


- Trent Acid promo from the NWS 2005 J-Cup Tournament


- Matt Striker promo from NYWC in May 2005


- Great CM Punk promo from wXw in Germany


- Tracy Smothers cuts a shoot promo on John Bradshaw Layfield (IWC - 7-1-05 - Pittsburgh, PA)


- 2 Raven promos (RealPlayer)




Music videos with super rare footage:


- Chris Hero music video - amazing footage…featuring the earliest clips available ANYWHERE of Hero’s career…we’re talking back when he looked nothing like he does now and when he was pudgy and had short hair…I don’t think even the most obscure indy tape traders would have this CLASSIC footage! (over 5 minutes of clips!)


- 4:30 of ultra-rare clips of Sandman in the gimmick that he played before he was the beer-drinking, cane-swinging madman…here he is playing a SURFER! That’s right, a surfer! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. (kinda blurry, but totally watchable)


- Music video of Jack Evans’ highlights from Matrats (2:15)


- All Pro Wrestling promotional/fundraiser video from 1993 (featuring super mega ultra old footage of Spike Dudley [f’n hilarious footage] cutting a promo, along with appearances by Mike Modest and JR Benson) (10 whole minutes)


- Mike Lockwood in-ring and promo clips from early in his career as Erin O' Grady (Mike would go on to become “Crash Holly”) (5:00)


- 3:45 music video of XPW’s 2003 Doubleheader return to California (perfect quality clips of Vic Grimes vs. Raven, Candido vs. Super Crazy, Jerry Lynn vs. Crazy, Juvi vs. Lynn, X-Pac vs. Juvi, Credible vs. Douglas, even the Ian/Supreme barbed-wire match…many of these matches have never been released to this day, so this is the only place to see clips of them)


- 10:00 (that’s right…10 whole minutes!) of highlights from the All Money Is Legal vs. Los Lunatics (Boogalu & Low Ryda) feud in WXW - see AMIL before they made a name for themselves in CZW and JAPW!!!


- 5:00 (that’s right…5 whole minutes!) Matrats highlight reel (QuickTime)


- Dave Prazak 2001 promotional video (“Putting the MAN back in MANager!”) from 2001, featuring rare indy clips of Prazak interacting with Raven, Billy Kidman, and others




Fancam footage:


- WWF Stockton, CA house show fancam: Aldo Montoya (Justin Credible) & Avatar (Al Snow) vs. The Headhunters


- El Generico vs. Sonjay Dutt (fancam from their 2005 match in Montreal)


- WWF Seattle, WA house show fancam: Barry Horowitz & Fatu (Rikishi) vs. Skip (Chris Candido) & Bob Backlund


- WWE Sydney, Australia house show: Triple H makes fun of a fan dressed up as Roddy Piper (H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!)


- Several clips from The S.A.T. vs. James Newblood & Javi-Air’s TLC Match in NYWC (6-25-05) - this match hasn’t been released anywhere else despite it being perhaps the craziest TLC match ever…featuring a SHOOTING STAR SENTON OFF OF A 20 FOOT LADDER THROUGH A TABLE that was responsible for ending James Newblood's short-lived wrestling career...plus other INSANE table/ladder spots!!!


- Many NYWC Fancam clips featuring from never-before-released shows: featuring Jerry Lynn, Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, and Team 3-D


- The entire fancam version of the 1996 Curtain Call incident from Madison Square Garden (5:00)







- The segment with Joey Styles debuting in XPW


- the unreleased Atsushi Onita/Sabu/Rob Black media press conference from XPW, promoting the Sabu vs. Onita Exploding Ring Death Match that never happened (features Onita actually cutting a promo in English!)


- 37 seconds worth of unreleased footage taken of EMTs working on Vic Grimes after he fell off a 40 foot scaffold in XPW and the fans being ordered to leave the building…also includes the footage of New Jack pushing away EMTs and telling Grimes, “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you, motherfucker!”


- Brief clip of Raven getting stitched up backstage after an ECW match (RealPlayer)


- Trailer for Maxx Payne’s “The Thing That Should Not Be” trailer (featuring crazy behind-the-scenes WWF footage with Louie Spicolli, Kevin Nash, and others)


- “10 in 10 - A Decade of Defiance” (CZW’s 10:00 tribute video to Viking Hall)


- “The Worst Bladejob Ever” - watch this funny (in a pathetic way) clip as a rookie wrestler makes no attempt to hide his bladejob from any of the fans watching


- Kevin “Mordecai” Fertig practicing his entrance at Judgment Day before the PPV (RealPlayer)


- 7 second clip of Sabu backstage at a show in Italy (he’s in character, but it’s still amusing)


- Johnny Kashmere giving a 6:00 tour of the PWU Animal House



NOTE: These CD-Rs can NOT be played on a DVD player, they can ONLY be played on a computer. These CD-Rs get put in the CD-Drive on your computer and you can watch the files from the CD-R or you can copy and paste the files onto your hard drive so that you can watch them at your leisure. I will sell the CD-Rs cheap or I will trade for them. PM me if interested.









REFERENCES (all from Crazymax.org):


Tardo317, AnarchistsXe, Tony F, Old School Terry, stylesclash4life, Van Detta, Taso from Brooklyn, bjboulton, slamers (WTFBoards.com), BReal9 (DeathValleyDriver.com), Sabastian Beling, Kid Zombie, Slingshot Suplex, mjacob1357, primus_fan2001

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