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SWF Lockdown 8-23-2006

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The crowd is still buzzing after Flesher’s spirited opening promo and are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a hard hitting, high impact match between Gabriel Drake and Manson. But before we can go to that there is some business that needs to be attended to.


Business that Ben Hardy has been chosen to clear up it seems. The rotund interviewer tries to look as serious and as intimidating as he possibly can as he waits for his cue from the back.


“Ladies and Gentlemen Joseph Peters has ordered that both Jay Hawke and Bruce Blank must reveal their choice of partners for the tag-team main event” Hardy says with a smile, happy to be out in front of a live crowd instead of chasing around the locker rooms.




In an untraditional move the Champion comes out first, but then again this is the SWF we thrive on breaking traditions. Bruce is joined by Wayne Blank, both of whom look like they know a secret that no one else does and they’re more than happy to smirk about it.


“Oh lord I’ll bet you anything that Bruce picks Wayne” Mak says with a sigh.


“Come on Mak that’d be TOO obvious. . . even for Bruce” King says dismissing the notion.


As soon as Bruce and Wayne enter the ring the music shifts from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Pink Floyd and while the “White Trash” chant dies down the crowd still boos their Canadian hearts out. Not that it bothers Hawke at all, in fact it seems to amuse him as he makes his way to the ring.


“Clear the way, greatness is coming down the aisle” King gushes as Jay Hawke avoids the outstretched hands of a few fans that mistakenly thinks that the Dean of Professional Wrestling actually wants to touch them.


“Bruce’s choice is obvious but who will Hawke pick?” Mak wonders out loud


“Maybe JJ Johnson or Maddix? Cucaracha International represent!” King says calling attention to the long forgotten faction.


“Or how bout we just be quiet and hear from the man himself?” Mak suggests


“Hawke, Blank have you both found a tag-team partner?” Hardy asks like he was the moderator of a Presidential debate.


Both Bruce and Jay nod confidently, each of them waiting for the other to go first. After a moment of stalling Hawke finally decides that he may as well go first and steps up next to Ben Hardy.


“It hasn’t been easy finding someone worthy of teaming with me and being in Canada didn’t help anything” Hawke says




“What does being in Canada have to do with it?” Hardy asks confused.


“Nothing but it’s never helped on ANYTHING” Jay says with a grin before continuing “So I’ll make it short and sweet to give Bruce a chance to go backstage and change his underwear”


Blank doesn’t looks very amused by that comment and impatiently tells Hawke to just get on with it.


“Alright fair enough I’m sure you’ve got a white board and markers ready to lay out your game plan Bruce” Hawke says it a tone that’s not lost on Bruce Blank “When I looked for a partner I didn’t search for someone who could hang with me technically… since no one really can”




“Not the truest of statements but I doubt Hawke got Flesher to do double duty tonight” King mutters.


“No my criteria was quite simple Bruce, I went out and looked for someone who could flat out kick your ass!! Someone who’d whip you from pillar to post by brute strength” Hawke elaborates




”He doesn’t work here anymore you idiots!” Hawke hisses at the Canadian crowd.


“Look at Bruce he doesn’t look worried at all” Mak points out and he’s right Bruce is leaning back against the ropes, chit-chatting with Wayne while looking decidedly UN-worried


“Well maybe he thinks that there aren’t really anyone in the federation who can actually do that” King replies.


“So Bruce say hello to my partner” Hawke says and then points to the entrance.


Where nothing happens at first, in fact nothing happens for a good 5 seconds except the lights going out and then






“HOLY CRAP IT’S NEMESIS!!” Mak yells out as the 7’5’’ Colossus steps through the sea of green flames and walks towards the ring.


Hawke’s smile widens like the Cheshire cat while both Bruce and Wayne stand there like they’ve been hit by lightning just staring at the monster walking down the aisle towards the ring. Hawke gives Professor Attenborough a quick nod hinting at just how Jay Hawke managed to land Nemesis as his partner


“That’s why Hawke is a thinking man’s wrestler! He just outplayed Bruce big time, I mean who’s he going to pull out of the bag to counter THAT monster?”


“Don’t get too excited King, it’s not THAT hard to outwit Bruce”


Bruce gulps hard as Nemesis steps over the top rope and then stands behind Jay Hawke looking like he’s ready to crush a small Canadian village to warm up for tonight’s match. It takes a while before Bruce can even take his eyes off the big man as he looks more than a little worried.


“Bruce?? Bruce?? Helloooooooooo?” Hardy says and waves his hand in Bruce’s face to get the International Champion’s attention. “Who’s your partner?”


Wayne is about to grab the microphone and say something when Bruce intercedes and snatches the microphone out of Wayne’s hand. The two Blank brothers argue over something off microphone with Bruce vehemently shaking his head as Wayne demonstratively points to himself.


“Trouble in paradise” King quips


“I think Bruce had planned for Wayne to be his partner but he didn’t expect to be facing Nemesis” Mak points out.


After a few more moments of back and forth Bruce finally turns his attention back to the matter at hand, raises the microphone and then tries to put on a brave face.


“So that’s the best you can do?” He says not very convincingly “Well I WAS going to tell you who my partner was” Bruce says and then gives Wayne a dirty look as he sulks in the corner. “But I think I’ll let you wait and worry a bit before you find out… yeah that’s it… you’ll just have to wait and see until it’s match time”


“WHAT? Oh come on Blank!” Mak complains.


“Don’t you worry about a thing, I got a partner lined up and everything, one that’ll make your knees shake Hawke, one that’ll make your blood run cold” Bruce says and then hands the microphone off.


Hawke doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered or surprised by Bruce’s sudden lack of partner, in fact he looks rather amused by the whole thing. But then again he’s the 7’5’’ Colossus backing him up. Hawke even graciously offers to hold the ropes for Bruce, an offer that the champion doesn’t take though as he exits the ring on the opposite side – AWAY from Nemesis.


“Things just turned REALLY interesting, Hawke has dug into his back of tricks and come up with Nemesis” King says as Bruce and Wayne exit the arena.


“Nemesis gets his first main event AND he gets his hands on the International champion, things are really going his way it seems. But who will Bruce get to team up with him?” Mak asks.


“You’ll just have to be a patient man Mak, besides we’ve got a good card for tonight so just sit back and relax and I’m sure Bruce will find a suitable partner” King says ignoring the fact that Bruce had a partner picked already but balked on teaming with Wayne when he saw the big man come down the aisle.


* Fade *

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation presents...
Live, Wednesday, August 23rd, from the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, Sas... Ses... Sesk... from Saskatoon. Saskatoon.
(7pm PST, 10pm EST; check local listings)
(Send all promos/marked matches to chirs3)



Bruce Blank and An Ultraviolent Droogie of His Choice vs. "the Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke and A Tenured Professor of His Choice

-> There's still plenty of bad blood to be spilled between these two, but since we just saw them go one on one so recently, Joseph Peters has decided to spice it up a bit, so he's allowing Bruce and Jay to pick any wrestler in the SWF to be their partners for this tag team match!
Rules: Standard. Mind the tag ropes.


"Hollywood" Spike Jenkins vs. Jimmy the Doom

-> Scheduling conflicts and show delays ended up cancelling certain title matches planned for Lockdown. They have been rescheduled, but in the mean time, how can these two number one contenders for seperate titles kill time? BY FIGHTING EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH!
Rules: Standard singles match.


Tom Flesher vs. JJ Johnson

-> We still don't know if Tom retained his Cruiserweight Championship, so we can't very well make him defend it, now can we? JJ Johnson, in a teensy bit of a slump recently, looks to turn it around against the Superior One in a Cruiserweight, albeit non-title, match!
Rules: Standard, with Cruiser addenda.


Scott Rageheart vs. "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu

-> One of the rare times we book a match not because two guys hate each other, and not because they are competing for a lucrative endorsement contract, but simply because they're both awesome, and awesome wrestlers = awesome matches. Hooray!
Rules: Standard singles match.


"The Beast" Gabriel Drake vs. MANSON

-> Gabriel Drake has made two strong impressions since his debut in the SWF - the first on Michael Stephens, and the second on the fans, as he's handily taken down most of his opponents! (didn't quite make it against ELK, but come on, who could?) Tonight is his biggest challenge yet - he's defeated Ordonezosity, and Rageheartosity, but can he beat... MANSONOSITY?!~~!
Rules: Standard singles match.


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“The Devil’s Rejects… rejects…”


We join this contest with the competitors already in the ring! The last remnants of Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects” fades into the background, the eerie blue light and strobes coming to an end, while both Gabriel Drake and Manson stand at the ready… tonight’s ref, Eddy Long stands at the ready also and…




“There’s the bell!” Mak notes, as Drake and Manson turn the circle and then come together in a grapple! Being the veteran, Manson tries to control the tempo and slides into a side headlock, wringing his arms around the ears of his opponent. Gabe, trying to gain some separation, pushes his forearm into Manson’s face backing him into the ropes and shooting him away. The Stampede comes running forward with a shoulder block—no; Drake just shrugs off the contact telling Manson try harder! So the Raging Bull turns and sprints into the ropes again, raging back with another shoulder block—nope, he still gets nowhere as ‘the Beast’ continues to stand tall! Manson points at Drake telling him to give it a try and the rookie does just that, rebounding directly into Manson and sending him flat on his back!


“We should be capitalizing Gabe’s name instead of Manson’s after the way he just got embarrassed, Francis!”


King’s comment only gets a roll of the eyes from Mak, as Drake stares down at his opponent, as if to gloat before taking off for the far ropes! Manson flips over onto his belly forcing Gabe to hop him, but the Savage Messiah has a plan and it involves getting up, bouncing off the far ropes and both slicing and dicing ‘the Beast’ by way of an Iron cutting sword!! Manson raises his left arm and rushes forward…


…But Drake spots the charging Manson and grabs the ropes slingshotting himself below the bottom cable!


“Gabriel Drake avoided some serious contact there, King!” The Franchise notes, as Drake skids under the ropes and scowls. “Manson’s move is the Zantetsuken—a nasty Lariat, normally off the left side but he’s been know to change it up.”


“Zantetsuken? I’m sure the Lupin reference gets the entire internet of MANSONITES to cream their pants…”




“Lupin the third… the anime, and how I know about this is the stuff of mysteries.”


“Lupe steals like Lupin the third—oh I get it now!”




“That just went over everybody’s head and that’s a shoot brotha!” Mak adds, as Manson climbs through the ropes avoiding the referee’s requests to do otherwise, while Gabe is none the wiser.


“You do know George Bush doesn’t like you?”


Mak immediately double takes, both at the above Kayne West reference and the fact that Manson is running the apron, preparing himself to leap from the tarp to the floor in a elbow suicida!! Landing on his feet like a cat, Manson plays to the crowd, who has easily taken his side over the newcomer. The Stampede doesn’t let up though, grabbing Drake as he starts to stand and peppering him with a left to the mush!


“The south paw, Manson, is really bringing the fight to Drake now!” Mak states, as Gabe eats another left from his opponent. “He would benefit from this match being more of a strike battle than technical display where he can use his lefty status to his advantage.”




“Much like it is right now… god what a nasty chop!” King says, as Manson lights Gabe’s chest up!


Another left hand finds its mark, stunning Drake long enough for-





-Two more chops of death from the hands of the God of War!!


“At least it wasn’t the eye beams…” Mak says smirking, as Drake gets tossed back into the ring, still holding his chest from the combination of blows. “But truthfully, Drake hasn’t fought anyone like MANSON yet in his time here—all two matches of it I might add; he isn’t going to back off or back down from anything the Beast brings!”


“Don’t ‘hate’, Francis!” King chuckles out. “Just because the guy is undefeated since doesn’t mean you need to get out of your chair and make another return take him on… just to lose…”


Back inside, Manson grabs the bigger Drake and hefts him to his feet and back down to the canvas in a body slam! Thinking the rookie has been getting a little too big for his britches, with his undefeated streak; Manson pushes Gabe’s head back down to the mat and then steps, turning quickly on his toes in a spinning boot-scrape! Drake sits up holding his face from the disrespectful attack, when Manson lines up behind him and-







-Blasts him with a Cowboy kick and then backs up, throws up the devil horns in Drake’s direction and rushes ahead for a second kick to the spine!! Manson pushes Gabe back down to the canvas and covers, Long counts…







…No! Only a one count as Drake shoves Manson off him! Gabe gets up, incensed at the disrespect and barrels forward in a blind rage, looking to clothesline Manson out of his shoes, but the Stampede easily ducks the Lariat reaching back behind him and snagging a pulling neckbreaker!


“Nice falling neckbreaker by the veteran, who has completely dominated thus far! Could the power of MANSONOSITY really be giving him the edge, King?”


Manson continues to press his advantage, picking Gabe up and catching him with three punches to the face, before backing him into the ropes and whipping him, but Drake reverse the Irish whip and lifts Manson onto his shoulder before giving him a case of whiplash with a snap spinebuster!!


“No dice, Francis!” The Gambling Man responds as Manson holds his neck on the canvas. “All it got him is a bad neck and a pissed off opponent!”


Gabe stands over the curled up form of the God of War and then pushes him into the corner as he tries to stand. Pulling back, Drake slams him shoulder forward landing a corner shoulder thrust to the belly of his opponent – but as Gabe goes for a second shoulder, Manson drops an elbow onto the back of his head! This stuns the big man, but he presses on getting his shoulder thrust. Drake preps for another tackle but Manson lands a knee to the Beast and follows up with two elbows to the top of the head, fighting his way out with a combination of elbows and knees! Pushing Drake back to the center of the ring, Manson rears back and-




-LANDS a European uppercut that finally knocks him down!!


Manson attempts to fall into a full mount, firing away with his devastating lefts, but Gabe swats away a few of his strikes and tries to cover up, struggling to keep him in a half-guard while Manson continues to press the attack! Manson gets in a little too snug and Drake wraps his right arm about the head of his opponent in a front headlock, trying to reverse with a guillotine choke!


“Manson has gone from in full control to a world of trouble!” Mak notes, as both competitors move on the mat, trying to gain some form of leverage. “Drake’s got a guillotine choke… well pretty much anyway cause he’s got the front headlock and he’s working his way to getting the hooks in.”


Flinging one leg around Manson’s torso, Drake tries to lock in the stretch while the Stampede does his best to sprawl, trying to keep himself from having to deal with the mixed martial arts hold.


“Gabe’s using this front facelock with body-scissors to wear Ordonez down! He might not have it locked in tight enough for a submission, but Manson having to fight so hard just to defend may be just as effective.”


While King’s comment is somewhat valid, in the end, Manson wins out driving one, two, three elbows into the ribcage of his opponent. Working them up to there feet, Manson flings Drake back into the ropes, but this time Drake explodes forward blasting Manson with a Shotgun Lariat!


Picking Manson up by the scruff of his neck, Gabe executes a corner whip and follows it in, leaping into the air with his knee extended for a Harley Race high knee! The contact squashes Manson between the buckles and all the near two hundred and sixty pounds of ‘the Beast’ almost caving in his jaw!! Then, Gabriel follows up with a vengeance, dragging Manson from the turnbuckles by his hair and flinging him down to the canvas face first!


“After that Lariat its been all Drake, King! He nailed that Harley Race high knee in the corner and then just face planted Manson like he was a rag doll!”


Toeing his opponent over, Drake stands on Manson’s neck and then drags his boot down across the side of the Stampede’s face in a boot-scrape in revenge for the earlier attack from Manson!


“He’s inventive! I’ve never seen that boot scrape before!” King calls, as Gabe lifts Manson to his knee and rears back-

























-And he hits fifteen back mounted forearm to the chest of MANSON turning his upper body beet red-




-And then getting one last FIERCE cowboy kick for good measure!


“Not to be shown up, Drake steps on the throat of his opponent and drags his other boot down Manson’s face in an ugly boot-scrape variation!! Then basically kicks the crap out of him, both literally and figuratively…”


“Paybacks a bitch, isn’t it manson! You don’t even get the first letter capitalized anymore after getting beaten around like that! All lowercases for you!”


The Beast grabs the stampeded Stampede by the hair once again and tries to hoist him up for a vertical suplex, but the weary Manson blocks! Trying to counter, Manson lifts Gabe up slightly, but Drake fights back down to his feet and with a primal roar, he gets him up and walks Manson over to the top rope crotching him!!




“I Agree… but more about what’s coming and not what’s happened.” King adds. “Besides, Manson has no balls anyway.”




After Gabe plasters his opponent with the Hand of Gabe, he climbs up high and picks Manson up to his feet… with them both now stand on the top rope, before Drake leverages them both up and over so that they collide with the canvas in a certified train wreck!!!!!




“A TOP ROPE Superplex, Francis!” King crows, as both men lay in the ring a mass of humanity. “I’ll never get tired of seeing him drop people on their necks from that high up!” As Long checks on them, Drake slowly moves to his hands and knees, crawling over to Manson. He hooks the leg, Long counts…



























NO! Manson raises a shoulder up! Drake slowly pulls Manson up and pounds on him, landing forearm after forearm to the back and neck of the God of War, but Manson finally blocks a strike and twirls on his feet getting a spinning back elbow that stuns Drake!! Gabe fires off a wobbly punch which Manson deftly evades by ducking and he hoists Drake up into an Uranage Suplex spiking the Beast onto his neck!! Long counts as Manson covers…




























NO! Both men are spent as they push themselves up to their knees. Looking each other in the eyes, from their knees Drake and Manson battle it out with punches and forearms! Drake lands a particularly nasty side arm punch to the Raging Bulls face, and then gets to his feet grabbing the now rising Manson in a Muy Thai clinch and then kneeing the everloving crap out of him!! Manson, unable to give up breaks free of the clinch and spins around with a roaring elbow knocking Gabe wobbly and then with both in a stand up trading rights brawl, Manson attempts to spin into the Zantetsuken, but Drake ducks and lifts him into a fireman’s carry then slides Manson from the carry onto his back, cradling his left leg in his arm!!


“This is it! Match Over!” King states as Drake drops down in a stunner, compacting Ced’s chin like a sledge-hammer crushing a can!!!! Ordonez’s head snaps back and Gabe releases him to fall to the mat, spread eagle.


“The Mark of the Beast!” Mak calls, as Long counts the pin…







































“Well Gabriel Drake is officially three and zero… and he seems to be finding his groove.” Mak notes, as the Beast finishes getting his hand raised and rolls out of the ring to “The Devil’s Rejects”. “If he can just string together the stuff he does when he’s at his best, my comments at Ground Zero won’t be too far off. Everyone will indeed, fear the beast.”



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We cut backstage where Landon “La Cucaracha” Maddix just got done watching Gabriel Drake Vs Manson on TV, if the guy has a problem with his tag-team partner Maddix figured he should check out this guys skills. With Landon off in his own thoughts as he absentmindedly runs his hands over his tag-team title he doesn’t even notice Bruce Blank until the big man clears his throat.




“Hey Landon, good to see ya” Bruce says with a big grin that makes Landon a little weary “Congratulations on winning the OAOAST 24/7 title”


Maddix instinctively grins at the mention but otherwise doesn’t say anything


“You know I’ve got your back and all right?”




“Right?” Bruce repeats but to no avail.


“Cut to the chase Bruce, what do you want?” Landon says impatiently there are 8 million things he’d rather do than talk to Bruce.


“Well you know Jay Hawke right?” Bruce asks to which Landon nods “And well tonight I’m facing him and his tag-team partner, but the thing is that … erm … my original partner has the flu and couldn’t make it so I was thinking…”


“Yes?” Landon isn’t giving Bruce an inch.


“Damn it I need a tag-team partner” Bruce finally says.


“You mean in the main event against Hawke and the angry green giant?”


“Yeah, yeah man – you and me together we can’t lose” Bruce says trying to get Landon excited.


“You mean me and Stephens can’t lose” Landon says with a grin. “Anyways about the main event tonight” he says and pauses




“Good luck with that” Landon says and then walks off.


“You know I never liked you!!” Bruce yells as Maddix just walks off without paying any attention to Bruce at all.


Bruce shakes his head and walks off muttering something about stepping on cockroaches or something like that.


* Fade *

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Lockdown fades in, and 'The Divine Wind' Akira Kaibatsu and Scott Rageheart are standing in the center of the ring, just barely catching a few notes of 'Protect Ya Neck' as Funyon finishes off the last "u" in "Kaibatsu"


"Well," Mak starts, "This should be pretty badass, eh King?"






"Oh man...I can't wait..." Francis says, giddy as a child.


Kaibatsu and Rageheart stare down for a few seconds, and Akira strikes first - literally. The Divine Wind hurls his forearm up at Rageheart's chin, with his tradmeark European Uppercut! He then grabs his head in a cravate, runs up the ropes, back flips, and nails The Divine Wind!































"Er...here is your winner...Akira Kaibatsu!"



"Uh...eh...ah...I....ehh...buh....buh....eh...." Lockdown fades out as Mak struggles to come up with words.

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In another attempt at finding a suitable tag-team partner to fight Jay Hawke and Nemesis Bruce has taken to roaming the catering area in the back where various SWF wrestlers hang out, eat and shoot the breeze. Bruce spots Pierre Donette eating a donut (called a “Fat American roll” in French) and approaches him.


“Erm Buenos Dias” Bruce says with a horrible American accent.


Being French Pierre is immediately insulted by the fact that Bruce doesn’t know his French from his Spanish (nor his a-hole from his elbow but that’s another story)


“Lucha Libre… ehhh dos tonight?” Bruce asks hoping it makes sense.


Pierre just keeps eating not even bothering to look at Bruce


“Ah forget it you French guys are useless in a fight anyways” Bruce says and turns around.


He spots JJ Johnson making his way through the room, at first he thinks about approaching him but Johnson has a look on his face that clearly says “don’t bother me” – he’s about to face Tom Flesher he better be in the zone. So Johnson isn’t an option at the moment sadly, which means that Bruce has to keep looking.


“Ordonez? Nah he already lost to Nemesis” Bruce mutters to himself as the referee/wrestler passes by Bruce.


When Gabriel Drake enters the room everyone stop for a moment and those closest to “the Beast” back up just a bit. Bruce watches the Beast as he passes by him, pondering just how crazy this guy supposedly is.


“Hey erm…” Bruce says as Gabriel Drake passes by him.


And keeps on walking totally ignoring anything Bruce said or may say. He looks around to see if there is anyone else in the catering area that he might have better luck with but he doesn’t really fancy teaming up with Martin Hunt and well Mike Van Siclen already lost to Nemesis so that would be pointless. Then a name crosses his mind, it’s a possibility, not a good one granted but it’s a possibility none the less.


“Hey the Crimson Skull doesn’t hate my guts… well not totally” Bruce says to himself as he sets off to try and find the elusive Crimson Skull.


* Fade *

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“Mister Peters?”


SWF Commissioner Joseph Peters looks up from the papers on his desk. “Yes, Anne, what is it?”


“Mister Van Siclen is here to see you.”


Peters rolls his eyes and sighs heavily as he leans back in his chair. “Thank you, Anne. Send him in, please.” Seconds later, a highly agitated Mike Van Siclen storms into the office, a tinge of aquamarine still streaking his hair. In his hands are items that Peters can not immediately distinguish. “Good evening, Michael; how can I help you?”


“You know damn well how you can help me!” growls Van Siclen. “I gave you until tonight to do something about Wildchild… Now, what’s it going to be?”


“I’m afraid that I don’t know what I can do about him,” replies Peters. “As I told you last week, Wildchild has not been in or around the arenas since his suspension, to the best of my knowledge. He hasn’t been seen by any of the other wrestlers, nor by security or any of the support staff. I’m afraid that there’s nothing that I can do to him until you can at least prove to me that he’s even been here.”


“Are you kidding?” roars MVS incredulously. “He’s GOT to be here! This was delivered to me earlier today!” Van Siclen raises his right arm to show the envelope clenched tightly in his fist, and flings the envelope at the commissioner. Intrigued, Peters opens up the envelope to read the message inside:



“There’s no use trying to run. Accept responsibility for your actions and face my retribution. I will not rest until you fight me.



- WC


“He’s trying to make a fool out of me,” whines Van Siclen, as Peters finishes reading the note. “You’ve got to put a stop to it!”


“Mister Van Siclen,” asks Peters, “are you hard of hearing? Didn’t I just tell you that I haven’t seen him? How am I supposed to stop Wildchild from doing anything if he’s not here? As far as I know, he’s in the Bahamas right now.”


“He’s here,” insists MVS. “He has to be here… somebody must be sneaking him in… or else he’s in disguise!”


“Mister Van Siclen, you are definitely a piece of work,” replies Joseph. “I mean really, I don’t know whether you’re being extremely paranoid, or extremely vain. Of course, knowing you,” Peters pauses with a wry smile, “you probably think this whole show is about you!”


“Quit trying to change the subject!” demands Van Siclen. “Are you going to do something about him, or not?”


Peters closes his eyes and shakes his head with another loud sigh. “I tell you what, Mister Van Siclen,” he says finally, “If you can somehow prove that Wildchild has been violating his suspension by sneaking in here, then I’ll take action… Until then, get the hell out of my office!”


“You don’t talk to me that way, Peters!” grumbles Van Siclen. “Don’t ever forget that I own you! I’m going to get you that proof, and then I’m going to stuff it right down your throat, you little (bleep)!” With that, Van Siclen storms out of the office, slamming the door behind him.


“Alright now,” MVS says to himself as he steps out into the hallway. “I’ve got to figure this out…” He ambles down the hallway, lost in his own little world:


“If I was a little (bleep) like Wildchild and I was trying to disguise myself to sneak into the building, how would I do it?” Van Siclen wanders on until he reaches the point where the two main hallways intersect…








… When he gets drilled in the side of the head just above his right eye with a steel chair! The camera pulls back and we see that the wielder of the chair is none other than… the Birdman!






Van Siclen lies motionless on the floor, blood beginning to seep from the gash above his eye and into his hair, but that doesn’t deter the Birdman, who stands over MVS…






… And slams the chair onto his face with a one-man con-chair-to! The Bird leaves the chair leaning against Van Siclen’s face as he leaps into the air…







… And drives the chair into Mike’s face with a double stomp! Birdman leans over Van Siclen’s motionless body and taunts him with his signature bird call:






… Before running off in the opposite direction just as security starts to head towards him!

Edited by chirs3

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We go backstage once again as Bruce STILL hasn’t found anyone who wants to team up with him tonight to take on the duo of Jay Hawke and Nemesis, he probably couldn’t even find the Crimson Skull. The big man is looking left and right, high and low trying to find someone instead of his original partner Wayne.


“HMMMM” Bruce utters as he sees a door with “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins on it, complete with “Walk of Fame” star and everything.


Bruce raises his hand to knock on the door, then he pauses for a moment in mid motion. He stands there for quite a while, his eyes darting back and forth as Bruce goes over something in his head, almost as if he’s debating if he should knock on the door or not.


“Are you serious?” Mak asks as they watch Bruce try to make up his mind.


Then Bruce lowers his hand and turns his back on the locker room door, having decided to not knock on it.


“When you’re desperate like Bruce seems to be you have to consider all options” King explains.


“Yeah but Spike?” Mak asks once more.


Bruce turns around once more ready to knock on the door but once again he pauses with his hand raised in the air debating with himself if he should actually go through with this or not. Then finally he makes up his mind and the hand goes back down


“Nah he’d be more useless than a paper hat in a thunderstorm” Bruce mutters and then walks off still searching for that elusive partner that’s been eluding him so elusively up until now.


* Fade *

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SWF Lockdown fades back into frame from the previous Cruiserweight match. The Canadian crowd inside the Credit Union Centre lights up as the cameras cut down to the commentating team.


“SWF Lockdown is back on the air!” shouts Mak Francis, “Fresh off a Cruiserweight match between Tom Flesher and JJ Johnson, we are back bringing you some hard-hitting, fast-paced action!


“In the main event, Bruce Blank and a mystery partner will take on Jay Hawke and a mystery partner!”


“But up next, a battle of the number one contenders! The number one contender to the SWF International Title, ‘Hollywood’ Spike Jenkins meets for the first time ever in a one-on-one match, the number one contender to the SWF World Heavyweight Title, Jimmy the Doom!”


“Both of these men will get their respected title shots next week, but tonight, they will go at it in a NON-title match!” King says.


“Jimmy the Doom, the current reigning Hardcore Gamers Champion,” Mak states, “The title will not be on the line but much respect and momentum leading into their respective title matches is!”


The camera cuts to the middle of the ring, where Funyon stands all snazzed up as usual. Holding a microphone in one hand, he makes the announcement.


“The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit! First, making his way to the ring!”


Every light in the arena goes to full power as the Smarktron whites out. For a moment the only sound is that of a needle scratching over vinyl...



And then *BAM*


The heavy drumming of Norma Jean’s “Creating Something Out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It” blasts through the arena as the lyrics pierce the ears of everyone listening.


“Like bringing a knife to a gun fight…


Like Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight…





Bright white lights begin flashing at the entranceway. As the growls hit the crowd, Spike walks out wearing a black “Still Remains” hoodie, the hood covering most of his face. Spike drops down to one knee, leaving one arm to hang to the ground, while the other is firmly placed on his knee. After a few moments, Spike raises both arms into an “X”, symbolizing his Straight Edge life style. Spike rises to his feet and begins to make his way down the isle towards the ring.


“Coming to the ring at this time…weighing in a total of two hundred and twenty pounds…hailing from Hollywood, California…representing the country of Cambodia…he is ‘Hollywoooooooood’ Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenkinnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssss!!!”


Spike makes his way completely around the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. He continues rolling until he hits dead center in the middle of the ring. Spike rises to one knee and resumes the position he was in at the top of the entranceway. One arm hanging to the ground, the other placed on his knee. Finally, Spike rises to his feet. He quickly peels off the hood, releasing his blonde, dyed hair free. He puts his arms together, forming an “X” across his chest, again promoting his Straight Edge life style.


“AND HIS OPPONENT!” booms Funyon.


The arena lights go out suddenly and two columns of hooded Jedi’s march down the ramp and to the ring, chanting “Doom” the entire time. They place themselves against the crowd barriers, facing the ring, but leaving a gap from the entrance ramp open. The lights come back on, the chanting stops immediately, and Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax” plays over the speakers.


“Coming to the ring at this time…weighing in a total of two hundred and thirty pounds…hailing from Doomopolis, Doomtopiahe is JIMMMMMYYYYY THE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!”


Jimmy the Doom and Lois the Unethical walk down the ramp, and like, do stuff. Or get in the ring. Jimmy steps up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing in his corner, he poses and stuff with the SWF Hardcore Gamers Title.


“Battle of the number one contenders is on!” shouts Mak Francis.


*Ding Ding Ding*


“Jimmy the Doom, a striker and brawler from Doomtopia. How will he be able to fend off the wrestling skills and martial arts ability of Spike Jenkins?”


Spike Jenkins and Jimmy the Doom both walk out of their corner, circling around the ring before meeting in the center. Jimmy holds his hand out, trying to get a test of strength going with Spike. Jenkins playfully smacks the hand away from him, before shooting down to the ground on one knee and sliding behind Doom. Grabbing him around the waist, Jenkins locks on a rear waist lock. Jimmy tries to think of a way to break out of the hold. Not being a wrestling genius hurts as Spike bullies him around with the waist lock. Prying at the fingers of Jenkins, Doom breaks the hold and spins around Spike, grabbing his own rear waist lock!


“A wrestling move from Jimmy the Doom! Jimmy has been training lately with Edgar VI Kranskalovski, a Russian frog catcher!”


“What has he been training with him for?”


“Professional wrestling.”


Spike tears at the fingers, breaking the rear waist lock. Holding onto Jimmy’s left wrist, Spike ducks underneath the arm, getting into a standing position behind Doom. Pulling the arm back, Jimmy yelps as he is placed in a hammerlock! Jenkins rips at the arm, sending a jolt of pain through Jimmy’s arm. Instead of trying to outwrestle Spike, which he knows he can’t do, Jimmy does the second best thing…and drags Spike over towards the ropes. Placing one foot between the bottom and middle rope, the referee of the match comes over and tells Jenkins to release the hold!


“The smartest thing Jimmy the Doom could have done here, Mak.”


Spike releases the hold and backs away from Doom and the referee, turning red with anger as he shouts at the official.


“Spike Jenkins obviously not liking the momentum of his chain-wrestling skills to be put to a stop by a rope break.”


Doom backs away from the ropes and both men circle around the ring. They meet in the center, Jimmy going for another collar-and-elbow tie up…but Spike shoots down, grabbing him by the leg and tripping him backwards. Still holding the leg, he steps forward, placing his foot on the shoulder of the downed Jimmy. He twists at the arm, sending a jolt of pain through the shoulder of Jimmy. Doom yelps in pain, but kicks away at the arm of Jenkins, breaking the hold. Wrapping his legs around the right knee of Spike, Jimmy forces him face first to the mat with a drop toehold! Floating over onto his back, he grabs Jenkins around the neck with a sleeper hold! Spike struggles to get away, but Jimmy grabs him by the hair. Lifting his face off the mat, Doom uses his free arm to smash the face of Jenkins with stiff forearm shots!


“Stiff shots to the face against Jenkins!”


Doom stands up, grabbing Spike by the hair and pulling him up to his feet as well. Spike pushes Jimmy away, breaking away from his grip. Scraping forward, he slashes his fingernails across the face of the Doomtopian!


“Oh, come on,” Mak cries foul, “He just raked Jimmy across the face!”


“Whatever it takes to win, Mak.”


Jimmy scurries away, but Spike is quickly behind. Turning Doom towards him, Jenkins strikes him hard in the gut with a boot. Following the kick with a forearm to the face, Spike pushes the Hardcore Gamers Champion into the corner. Wrapping his hands around the throat, Spike begins to squeeze with all he can as the referee comes over trying to break it up.


























FI---Spike releases the choke.


“A plain as day choke! Spike Jenkins must be really desperate against the number one contender to the World title, King!”


Spike goes back and wraps his hands around the throat of the resident Doomtopian, trying to choke the life out of him. Once again, the referee comes over, shouting about a disqualification and starting to count the Hollywood Superstar out!


























FI---Spike releases the choke.


“He has until five, referee!”


“Let’s not go through THIS again!”


Spike grabs Doom by his hair and pulls him out of the corner. Wrapping his hands around the neck with a cravat, Jenkins flips his opponent over with a snap mare! Doom lands in a sitting position, woozy from the previous chokes. Spike takes time to show off, as he tucks his head in and rolls forward onto the mat next to Doom, popping up on his feet in front of his opponent. Spike claps his hands as he shoots down backwards into the Hardcore Gamers champion, driving his elbow into the jaw of the Doomanite!


“Impressive snap mare/back elbow combo by the number one contender to the SWF International Championship!”


Spike grabs one of Doom’s legs, covering him for the pin fall!
















TH---NO! Doom kicks out!


“Doom kicks out!”


Spike climbs to his feet, grabbing Jimmy by his hair and pulling him up. Kicking him in the gut, Spike pulls Jimmy into a standing head scissors. Underhooking both arms, Spike leaps into the air, picking Doom up with him and driving him face first into the mat with a pedigree!




Spike rolls Jimmy over and covers him.
















*Ding Ding Ding*


“Another victory for Spike Jenkins!”


As a result of an Endwell, Jimmy the Doom IMPLODES~!


“Is that possible?”




“Did Spike Jenkins, who is number one contender to the SWF International Title…just defeat the number one contender to the SWF World Heavyweight Championship?”


“Yes, he did.”


“Does that mean he might be getting a World title shot anytime soon?”


“Probably not.”


“God damn politics.”





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We’re once again backstage and this time Ben Hardy has caught up with Bruce Blank who looks more confident and happy than he has all night, something is obviously up.


“Bruce your match is next, have you found a partner?” Ben asks like the curious little man that he is.


“Found a partner? I’ve had one all along” Bruce says with a straight face.


“Ah, right yes, how silly of me. So who is it?” Hardy asks.


Bruce is about to say something when his cell phone rings, Bruce puts up a hand to stop Hardy from talking and then answers the phone


“M’ello?” Bruce says as he answers the phone. Then his smile freezes on his face “Excuse me?”


The voice on the other end starts to explain something and with each passing moment Bruce’s smile falters more and more until he wears a decidedly unpleasant look on his face


“Now you look here pal, we had a deal!” Bruce says while pointing at the phone (like the other guy can see that) “No, no I told you who his partner was and you agreed”


“Yes you did!”



“Oh don’t give me that shit now”



Bruce keeps arguing with whomever is on the other end of the phone while Ben just stands there and tries his best to look inconspicuous as Bruce’s newfound partner is in the process of bailing out on him.


“You son of a bitch!” is Bruce’s last words on the phone before he viciously slams the flap shut and then looks around the locker room area with a desperate look in his eyes.


“Bad news?” Hardy asks with a straight face.


“What?” Bruce realizes that he’s still on camera and tries to put on a brave face “Oh erm… my ex-wife” Bruce says as if that explains anything. Then he spots someone in the distance and heads out of the shot as he hollars “Hey man we need to talk”


“Well there you have it, Bruce’s mystery partner is still a mystery. . . even to Bruce” Ben Hardy says as we head to the final commercial break before the main event.


* Fade *

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"Welcome back fans to what may or may not be a great main event, I guess it depends on what sort of partner Bruce is able to come up with" Mak starts off the moment Lockdown returns from the final commercial break.


"I’m confident Bruce has found someone" the Suicide King confidently states.


"Yeah but can he counter the size and sheer power of Nemesis?"


Almost on cue we once again hear the long deep rumbling impact that precedes Nemesis’ appearance.






The masked monster of a man steps through the fireworks, then breathes out a mouthful of smoke before heading to the ring with Professor Attenborough right behind him. Tonight the tenured Professor has decided to not do his usual introductions as everyone is quite familiar with Bruce’s acts of Hubris. Nemesis stops for a moment and looks at a sign held up by a fan at ringside, the big man tilts his head to the right almost like a door when it’s trying to understand you. The signs says "the 2006 Rookie Sensation: Nemesis" but for all we know Nemesis might read it totally different.




The Canadian crowd let’s the boos ring throughout the arena as Pink Floyd tells us all that they’re "Learning to Fly", everyone in the Credit Union Center except maybe a small smarkish section boo the Dean of Professional Wrestling as he walks down the aisle with a bit of a strut in his walk, a spring in his step if you will.


"There he is, the odds on favourite to take the title from Bruce Blank" King says and who would know odds better than the Gambling Man?


"So you’re not giving Spike much of a chance next week?" Mak asks.


"Nah he’ll choke like always" King says dismissing the notion that Spike even has a decent chance.


Hawke pulls a brown envelope out from under his belt and hands it to Professor Attenborough as he passes him at ringside, after peeking inside the professor smiles and nods to Jay Hawke sealing the deal.


"He bought Nemesis??" Mak says


"It’s amazing what a little cash can do isn’t it?"







Soon the "Jay Hawke Sucks" chants compete with the "White Trash" chants as the International Champion is about to make his entrance, but the big question is - will he be alone or will he have found a tag-team partner??







When Bruce walks out he doesn’t look like a happy camper at all, in fact he looks like the un-happiest camper of all time, something that’s not aided by the fact that there is no one besides him, not even Wayne who usually accompanies him to the ring no matter what.






"He does look a little lonely out there doesn’t he King?"


"Oh don’t worry he’ll have a partner" King says but not with a great deal of conviction.


Bruce enters the ring and then quickly hands off the International title to a ringside attendant before turning and looking at his opponents for the night. When "Don’t ask me no questions" stops everyone is on the edge of their seat to find out who Bruce got to team with him - is it a guy from the OAOAST? Maybe Bloodshed is back? Or the Nightmare Express rides again? Who’s it going to be??




After a moment of nothing Bruce goes over and takes the microphone from Funyon.


"Alright here is the thing" Bruce starts out




"I feel a bad excuse coming on" Mak says as Bruce waits for the crowd to quiet down.


"I DO have a partner lined up" Bruce says trying to sound sincere "I really do! But before we get to that I have one question to ask Hawke"


Bruce looks straight at Jay Hawke who’s passing the time by adjusting the tape on his wrist


"Do you really think I didn’t have a plan? That I didn’t see this coming" Bruce says and points to Nemesis "Isn’t it a bit arrogant of you?"


"Arrogant? What’s he talking about" Mak asks, but the Suicide King has no answer.


"I’ve heard you talk about I’m supposedly afraid of you or giving you a title shot - me? Afraid of you? Such arrogance Hawke" Bruce spits out changing his tone from apologetic and avoiding to harsh and confrontational.


Hawke looks at Bruce, trying to figure out where the hell the Redneck Superman is going with this.


"Such arrogance... such... HUBRIS!!" Bruce yells, throws the microphone down and then rushes straight at Jay Hawke


"WHAT?" Mak yells out


When Hawke tries to duck out of the way of Bruce’s attack he finds himself trapped by two huge arms clad in black and neon green. With Nemesis’ arms wrapped around him Hawke is unable to move, unable to get out of the way as Bruce DRILLS him with a lariat




"What is Nemesis doing? He’s Hawke’s partner!!" Mak yells out as Nemesis spins the surprised and now dazed Jay Hawke around, knees him in the gut and then lifts the Dean of Professional Wrestling up on his shoulders in a power bomb position





"IT WAS A DAMN SET UP KING!!" Mak yells out as Bruce grabs Hawke by the hair and assists Nemesis in power bombing the former International champion




"Oh my god I just figured out who Bruce’s partner is - it’s NEMESIS!!" King yells out acting like he just figured it out.


"Well no shit"


Bruce lays in a series of kicks to Hawke’s forehead only moments after the spiked power bomb but backs off to give Nemesis room to step up on Hawke’s chest and pause there for a moment. When Nemesis steps off again Bruce grabs Hawke by the hair and drags him to his feet




The chants don’t even seem to register with Bruce, nor does the fact that both men are being pelted with garbage as the crowd show their displeasure over how events have turned out. While the crowd is busy throwing garbage Bruce is talking trash to Hawke as Nemesis holds Hawke up.


"You’re nothing little boy" Bruce says and punches Hawke in the face "I’m the champion and you’re yesterday’s news" Bruce yells and then adds yet another blow to the face of his opponent.


"Hey that means that the Professor took Hawke’s money under false pretences!" King says.


"King I’m surprised that you of all people disapprove of that"


"Who said I disapproved?"


"I’m the International champ" *slap* "You need to show me some damn respect!"


After the tirade and the slaps and punches Bruce backs off and lets Nemesis do his thing by lifting the Dean of Professional Wrestling up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position and then throw, nay hurl the almost unconscious Hawke up in the air, spinning him around into a DDT




"THE FALL FROM MOUNT OLYMPUS!!! OH MY GOD HE COULD HAVE SNAPPED HAWKE’S NECK!!" Mak yells out in that delightfully over the top way that he’s adopted since becoming an announcer.


Nemesis rolls Hawke over on his back and then lays on top of the Dean as Bruce drops to his knees and counts








"That’s not a legal count" Mak says just in case anyone thought differently.


"What does it matter? Look at Hawke he was ambushed by two of the biggest and most powerful men in wrestling!" King says sounding both pleased and saddened at the same time, such is the problem when you can’t pick one favourite over another.


The Professor enters the ring and orders Nemesis to rise back to his feet, then he pulls out the brown envelope Hawke gave him earlier and drops in on Hawke’s chest, not that Jay notices it since he’s out cold at this point.


The last thing we see before Lockdown goes off the air is Bruce shaking Professor William Attenborough’s hand as the crowd boos them and throws garbage in the ring.

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