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Guest chirs3

"Devil May Cry" Review

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Guest chirs3

Devil May Cry


You play as Dante. His dad was Sparda, a cool devil warrior guy. His mommy and brother were "taken by evil".


That's all you ever learn about Dante.


Anyway, he runs a... uh... "business" called Devil May Cry. One night he's just kinda sitting there when a chick busts in on a motorcycle and kicks his ass. Until he kicks her ass. Then she says "Wait, I'm not an enemy! THE DEVIL is!"


So you follow her to some island or another and... yea.


In case you haven't noticed, the "story" of this game left a sour taste in my mouth, mainly because it had potential and they blew it. Big time. Bad writing, bad acting, and I think plot took up... five minutes of the five hours it took me to beat.


Why, then, is this the ultimate rental?


Because the fighting in this game is the goddamned best thing ever. You get a dual pair of pistols with infinite ammo, which does NOT make the game any easier, and a variety of other guns, and swords. You pick up new moves and combo skills along the way, but none of that matters. Just get on easy mode and let the fun begin.


Here's an example: Mashing O, you get off three hits, then an upswing that throws the enemy up in the air. Then you jump up and deliver a crushing blow with your sword that shoots them into the ground. Then, while still in the air, you whip out your pistols and blast the crap out of them. Any number of combos as cool as these can be done, and done EASILY, and it never gets old.


Dante is a bad-ass. He's cooler than any other video game character in recent memory. He's got the oversized sword and access to all the guns, and he moves like a dream. Flipping, rolling, double jumping, all easy as hell to do and fun to mess with during combat.


There is one problem however, other than story, can take away the fun factor of the game. That problem is the occasionally GOD-AWFUL camera work.


Specifically, big spider-scorpion-boss-thingy. There are times when you can't see the boss at all - meaning he can do the lava up from the ground attack and you won't see him prep it. Other times the boss is in the front of the screen blocking you. On normal, the boss is hard enough - we don't need crappy cameras to up the difficulty.


And even then it's hard to get mad at the poor little camera, because that fight with the Spider-Scorpion-Demon-Monster Thingy of Death and Doom sometimes looks like a movie fight sequence. It's that good.


Graphics? Easily some of the best, if not THE best, ever. Why? Not because of advanced texture shading or... whatever, but because (except for the ending) I could never tell when, if ever, the game switched from In-Game cutscene to CG Cutscene. (DID it ever switch? If it didn't, that argument is a bit stupid)


Games like FFX have characters that look very different in CG, but everything throughout the entire game, while playing or watching, looked EXACTLY the same.


You'll beat this game in about 5-6 hours, and probably play through it once again. The story really is a shame, as is the shortness of it. But despite the problems, it's really really fun. And that's what games are about, right?


chirs3 gives "Devil May Cry" eight and a half Devil Gauges out of ten.

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Guest The Man in Blak

Yep.  DMC was all Capcom, a product of the Resident Evil development team (rumor has it that DMC was supposed to be a more action-oriented entry into the RE line).

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Guest J*ingus

Fun, fun game... on easy mode.  Normal is okay for good players.  


But hard mode is VERY hard.  Items cost so much to buy that you literally have to fight for hours to afford some of them.  Meanwhile, you're not allowed to keep as many items (like you're allowed to only have ONE healing item).  I haven't gotten through it without resorting to the Game Shark.  


And let's not even talk about the Doom-on-Nightmare pinnacle of impossibility that is Dante Must Die mode.

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