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The Shoot Interview Thread

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Yes we'll survive here. Fortunately, wrestling will always be alive in some form or other, and for that reason this place will continue to thrive. It's not like we don't have new members signing up. The important thing is we're moving better than we were a month ago, and in a months time we'll be moving even better than we are today.

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Hey Mos Def, why are you not so partial to Old School Memphis? Just wondering, as that is considered one of the greatest periods/eras in wrestling history.


For the most part Memphis is just low-rent and so deeply southern-fried that it could only be tolerated in small doses.


It was racial. Outside of Lawler the wrestling wasnt great. They had some of the stupidest, lamest gimmicks ever conceived and they had this horrible penchant for siphoning all the talent out of their heels so that they were all cookie-cutter bastard types that had to rely on cheating to win. The glass ceiling was built into their infrastructure. Memphis was either for washouts and local rednecks or for guys who were up and coming and would leave before they arrived because the conditions were so bad. Its sad to hear over and over that guys were just starving there.



Yeah, but a lot of guys learned how to work, and personally I think Southern style rocks my socks. I guess it depends on your taste. What types of wrestling do you like?


Well, my favorite territory of all time, if you want to call it that, is Jim Crockett Promotions from 85-88 so I share your love of southern-stylized work, its just that Memphis was really backwards and backwoods for the most part. They definitely had their moments tho, some great matches and angles...overall tho? Naw, not my shit.

I knew before I got to it that dude was a Crockett fan, just like Ole they hated Memphis. I grew up on it and loved it but always wondered why the sheet readers I communicated with loved it and wanted tapes. I knew it felt very "regional" and "Southern." A lot of it was Lawler being a great salesman (egomaniac that he is) and Lance Russell's announcing. I was always dying for Crockett tapes back in the day but got them and overall like Cheap Trick...great stuff but only in a best of way...week to week, a bit dry for my taste...guess I prefer more entertainment than sports in my rasslin'...yet I never got into the WWF/E, ironic yes?

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