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I just recently bought a GPS. I'll be moving across the country soon and I'm absolutely useless when it comes to directions and I will be driving so I thought it would be a worthwhile purchase..


The model I bought was an LG 735. I only wanted one that was a basic model that would help me navigate, nothing overly fancy, but it won't connect to my computer. I try to install the software and it won't install unless the unit is detected by the computer. I've tried it a number of different ways. Turned on, Turned off, plugging it in before starting the computer, plugging it in while the computer is running and all I get is the computer beeping like the USB connection is being plugged in and removed. It's strange.


The unit still works on the road and seems to have no problems, but I was just wondering if this is a problem that it won't connect to the computer? I'm new to this GPS thing, so any help would be appreciated.



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