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Black Lushus

Phote Slide Show Programs

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Do any of you guys know a good FREE program I can download that allows me to take my pics and create a slide show that ALSO allows you to add and play music in the background as you view said slide shows?


Celebrating mom-in-laws 50th in a little over a month and th wife wants to make a slide show picture CD for her party with music in the background.


I appreciate any help you guys can offer!

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Guest Vitamin X

If you have Powerpoint you could use that, if you don't, you could download the Openoffice.org suite (website obvious) and they have a powerpoint-like program there called impress that you can use like that. Create a presentation, and you can lay down a track for that.


Hope that helps. If you need any help putting together something a little bit more professional, don't hesitate to let me know. This kinda thing is pretty much my job (I did a ton of weddings and anniversaries last summer)

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