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ROH Wrestlemania Weekend: Dragon Gate Challenge 2 and SCOH:3

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Dragon Gate Challenge 2 Results

YRR came out in the preshow to put down the crowd.


Before the match Nigel welcomes everyone to Florida and then bashes the crowd. Nigel works over the left arm most of the match. Delirious is calling Nigel "Mickey Mouse."


Nigel defeats Delirious by countering the Shadows over Hell by dropping to the mat, sending a knee into the left arm, then locking in the London Dungeon in 9 minutes and 8 seconds


Ruckus and Jigsaw defeat The YRR of Sal Rinauro and Kenny King via Double Stomp Jigatonic onto Sal in 5 minutes. During the match Kenny King hit a senton over the top on the other 3 men in the match.


Genki works over Austin's left leg during the match but Aries defeats Genki in 9 minutes with kick to the head, brainbuster and Horns of Aries combo. Jacobs is on some scaffolding saying its time for Aries to make a decision. Guarentees a victory tomorrow if Aries joins. Lacey comes to the ring and Sunny is out right after her.


Basically they go back and forth arguing and Aries says he doesnt need any of them. Lacey and Sunny argue some more and then Lacey DDTs Sunny.


Doi and Yoshino dominate Generico. Walls of Jericho/Kick to the Balls Combo. New Hazard continues to double team ... very fast paced match. Steen hits a top rope gutbuster and swanton followed by a splash by Generico for a near 3. Brainbustah attempt countered into a powerbomb neckbreaker combo. Steen & Generico win with a package piledriver brainbuster combo in 17 minutes and 30 seconds. Great Match says Project Satan.




Age of the Fall work over BxB Hulk for a while. Jacobs gets nailed with a release suplex. Landed right on his head. Shingo killing Jacobs. Jacobs getsa dropkick into a backdrop driver. Hulk and Tyler exchange blows. Hulk dominates with kicks. Running shooting star press by Hulk for 2. Tyler hits his high reverse DDT off the top for 2. Big combo on Hulk. Shingo doomsdays Tyler and Hulk hits a kick off the top sending Tyler onto his head. Shingo kills Tyler with a lariat. Last Falconry for the win .... Shingo and BxB Hulk defeat Jacobs and Black in 16 minutes. Good good match but Steenerico vs. New Hazard was said to be a little better.


UPDATE on attendance ... announced as 1300


Saito has to hold Dragon Kid on his shoulders at one point to do a test of strength with Jay. Saito and Jay slap exchange. Kid and Mark going at it. Jay hits a guillotine leg drop on Kid for 2. Huitoge double armdrag on Dragon Kid. Kid hits his suplex counter into a stunner on Mark and makes the hot tag. Rolling fishermans by Saito on Mark. Forearm exchange. Octopus stretch on mark by Kid. Jay breaks up and takes a springboard flipping stunner from Kid. Jay hits a massive spinebuster on Kid. Briscoes do their elevated toss on kid. Mark goes up top. Saito has Mark on his shoulders. Super Hurricanrana by Kid and splash by Saito for 2. Jay gets germaned into Mark in the corner. High DVD on Kid by Jay. Saito gets flatliner into the turnbuckle followed by the Springboard Doomsday for the win ... Briscoes over Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito in about 15 minutes. Rated the 2nd best match of the night.


Before the main event starts Sweeney comes out with Hagadorn and Dempsey to ask NRC to join Sweet and Sour. Roderick takes the mic and declines.


CIMA and Rocky start the main event. Lots of mat wrestling. Go nails Davey with a few chops. Rod tags in. Chopfest. Stevens hits massive chops on Roderick. Belly to belly on Rod. CIMA locks Strong in a leglock. Go and Stevens doublechop Roderick. Go went for the cover. Go camel clutches Strong. Drop to the face by CIMA. Rocky hits a running knee on Go. Roderick chops Go. NRC tripleteam Go. Stevens hot tag and he and Roderick exchange. Davey and Rocky doubleteam Stevens on the floor. Roderick and Stevens at it again. Rocky works on Stevens. More doubleteam on Stevens. Doublestomp by Stevens with his feet on Roderick's knees. Tripleteam on Erick. Erick trying to make the tag. Finally makes it to CIMA. Lungblower on Davey. Doublestomp on Davey. Go and Rocky at it. Killer chops. Lariat out of the tree of woe on Rocky. Rod hits a superplex on Go. Stevens and Rod exchange more chops on the outside. TKO on Strong. Davey hits a Tope Conhilo on Stevens. Dive onto Roderick by CIMA.


Project Satan's last message go messed up but


CIMA, Stevens and Go beat NRC when CIMA hits his cross arm bomb on Roderick in 27 min.


Thanx for reading folks and being patient.



I apologize if my results are confusing ... I am doing them my way which may be different from others that have done it before but if you would like quick results:


Nigel McGuinness defeats Delirious

Vulture Squad of Ruckus and Jigsaw defeat The YRR of Sal Rinauro & Kenny King

Austin Aries defeats Genki Horiguchi

Kevin Steen & Generico defeat Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino

Shingo & BxB Hulk defeat The Age of the Fall of Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black

The Briscoes defeat Dragon Kid and Ryo Saito

CIMA, Stevens and Go beat NRC


SuperCard of Honor 3 Card

ROH World Title

Nigel McGuinness Vs Austin Aries


CIMA/Dragon Kid/Ryo Saito Vs Doi/Yoshino/Horiguchi


ROH World Tag Titles

Davey Richards and Rocky Romero Vs Ruckus and Jigsaw


Erick Stevens Vs Roderick Strong


Jay and Mark Briscoe Vs Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black


Kevin Steen and El Generico Vs Shingo and BxB Hulk


Go Shiozaki Vs Delirious

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I went to the show last night. It was outstanding. Steen/Generico vs Doi/Yoshino was the best match on the card. Got a big standing ovation afterwards too. Got to say I was disappointed at no Claudio, Hero or Danielson last night. Hopefully they will be there in October when they come back.

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SCOH Results

Go defeats Delirious in 12:18. They started by playing a game of stop and go. Big chops from Go. Delirious blocked a moonsault. Panic attack. Shadows over hell countered into a superkick plus a delayed german for two. Cobra stretch applied but Go gets to the ropes. Lariat by Go for two. Small package countered by Go into the Go Flasher for the win.


YRR defeat D.I.N.G.O., Alex Payne and Bushwacker Luke in 8:15. Dingo and Sal start it off. Payne in now with King. Catatonic backbreaker on Payne by King. Dingo cleans house. Luke does his trademark stuff on the YRR. His team then does the Bushwacker strut. YRR triple team Dingo. Springboard spinning reverse 180 kick on Dingo for the win.


NRC of Davey Richards and Rocky Romero retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles over The Vulture Squad of Ruckus and Jigsaw


Sweeney is out and calls Roderick a hothead. Rod takes the mic and says NRC is his group and they have no interest in Sweet and Sour Inc. Stevens is out and he brawls with Roderick around ringside. Rod's chest is bleeding. They both take out the ref. Low blow by Rod. At ringside now Rod puts a chair around Stevens' head and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Stevens is bleeding. Erick shoves Rod headfirst into a turnbuckle. Sets a chair up. Kobashi like chops by Erick. Rod is bleeding from the head now. ****ing brutal. Stevens bites Rod's head. Huge german on Roderick. Choo choo. Lariat. Rod is up and enziguri and a sick kick. Forearm exchange. Stiff. Rod kills Erick with a chair. NRC come out with clippers and cut off Erick's hair. About an 18 min brawl.


Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens ends in a no contest. Stevens needs help out. Crowd chants loudly for him.


The Age of the Fall of Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black defeat Jay and Mark Briscoe. Mark does a Shooting Star Press onto everyone to start. Briscoes have a table. Jimmy and Mark fight near the bleachers (I'm guessing on a ladder ... Satan didn't specify) 15 feet up. Mark and Jimmy tease spots off of it. Mark misses a dive onto Tyler on the table but Milo Beasley from FIP (who was a guest of AOTF) was put thru instead. HOLY ****! Jay has Tyler in the ring. AOTF double team Jay in the corner. Jimmy hits a cannonball senton for two. Mark is still down. Falcon arrow by Jay on Jimmy for two. DVD on Tyler for two. AOTF hits a powerbomb contra code for two. Tyler goes up and Mark pushes him off. Doomsday Device countered into a End Time (guillotine choke). Jay taps at 15:06. Another awesome brawl.


Homicide, Hernandez, Low Ki (on crutches) and Johnny Devine are backstage at the show.


Best match so far is a tie between Strong vs. Stevens and Briscoes vs. AOTF. Also Satan said that this show is already better than last night in his opinion.




Satan is having phone problems.


SHINGO and BxB Hulk defeat Steenerico in 17:30 in an incredible contest.


Nigel McGuinness defeats Austin Aries to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Title via Jawbreaker Lariat in 25 minutes. Said to be better than Rising Above match.


AOTF come out and Lacey almost gets Aries to leave with her. Sunny comes out and questions what Aries is thinking. Aries leaves with Lacey. AOTF hold Sunny. Rain goes to slap her but Briscoes make the save.


Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi defeat CIMA, Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito when Doi pinned Kid after a move that was similar to B-Boy's So Cal Cutter. This DG 6man was said to be the best out of all three.

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SCOH usually gets heavy praise out of the gate every year but the show had great potential going into it. I don't take much from the praise but pay more attention to the details if they offer it.

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I was there live for the Saturday show. I don't watch ROH so these were my first shows. Saturday was just a fun event. Everyone brought it all and the Dragon Gate guys were amazing. If you liked the Nigel/Aries match from the PPV, You'll love this. And the Dragon Gate match is up there with my MOTY.


I still say the Briscoes are overrated.

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