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SWF presents Duck And Cover, 28.5.08

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation presents...



LIVE to DVD from The Arena Mexico, Mexico City!
7pm CST, Wednesday 28th May, 2008!

Yes folks, the SWF is going to Mexico! Why? Because we're short of money, and it's easy to turn a profit when you tour outside your usual area (just ask the WWE). Also, we have a rather special main event which we thought would go down well in the land of high-flying...

Wildchild© vs Annie Eclectic vs The Fabulous Jakey vs 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins

Wildchild has been Cruiserweight Champion for... 2000 years. Well, maybe not quite that long, but you get the idea. He's been away on a sabbatical (or maybe training new wrestlers up at his wrestling school, we're not sure), but he's come back and now he gets to defend the belt he holds so dear in a very special stipulation against some very special opponents...

Annie Eclectic went to a draw against Taiga Star in their Last Woman Standing Cage Match, but it's time for the Hardcore Queen to suck it up and get back out there. We've seen her violent side, now it's time to see her athletic side. The Fabulous Jakey has beaten Wildchild for the Cruiserweight strap before - will he be able to sneak his way to the title again? And how about Spike Jenkins? He beat SIN but came up short against World Champion the Insane Luchador, so here's a chance to make things right and get back on track.

Rules: The Cruiserweight Title is suspended above the ring on a metal structure that forms an 'x'. A rough idea can be garnered from this amateur demonstration, although you should replace the six-sided ring with our ground-breaking four-sided one, and remove the losers you see in the photo:
The first wrestler to unhook the belt and drop to the mat with it takes it home and came make sweet, sweet love to it if he or she so desires. Ladders are most definitely NOT allowed, at least to climb up to the belt with. You can hit other competitors with them all you want.
Word Limit: Go crazy, people.
Send To: Toxxic. I summoned the demon, I shall slay it.

(important note to those of you who care about such things - winning the Cruiserweight Title will not necessarily prevent you from being considered for the World Title, if you want to try and hold both at the same time. But take it from me, it's a drain)

Insane Luchador© vs Tod James Stewart

What the hell has got into Looch? He destroyed the fed on the way to the belt, took it from Michael Alexander's limp hand, and then beat up Spike Jenkins for good measure. We've started to run out of fresh people to throw at him... but not quite yet. Step up, the former Tod deKindes! Fresh from a series of three matches against the Norsemen, Tod might have a tag partner now but it's in singles competition that he'll be earning his pay in Mexico City (against the luchador who isn't masked and isn't from Mexico).

Rules: Standard singles. Hell, we had to give TJS a chance.
Word Limit: 5500
Send To: King Cucaracha

Dance Dance Dragon, Ced Ordonez and Johnathan Clarke vs TKO & Chris Card

You knew it was coming. TKO and Chris Card have been beating up anyone they come across, be it win lose or draw, including twice on Dance Dance Dragon. Now we've got a match where Triple D teams up with fellow Dance Dance Revolutionary Ced Ordonez and Johnathan Clarke, who were the tag team to first feel the brunt of the newly-returned TKO's cheating. How did Dragon do this? Did he boogie to 'All Together Now' by The Farm? I have no idea. Regardless, it's the first six-man tag in some time in the SWF, and hopefully it'll be a good one.

Rules: One man in the ring at once, tagging in and out can be done by leaving the ring, since we're in Mexico. (KC: Pretty sure that's not compulsory in lucha-libre, just optional.)
Word Limit: 7000
Send To: Dace59. Sorry Dace.

Doctor Pirata vs S.I.N.
S.I.N. was on the losing side against TKO last show, courtesy of a pepper spray from Natasha. Now he faces Doctor Pirata, who was very much on the winning side when he beat the crap out of Olaf Andersen. It's the street thug against... well, your guess is as good as mine. I suppose, a piratical doctor. Or possibly a pirate with medical leanings. Either way, this should be one to watch.

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 5000
Send To: King Cucaracha

Munich vs MANSON
Munich has returned! He dispatched Arne Andersen reasonably quickly at Damaged Doors and is all set for his next challenge... unfortunately for him, his next challenge is the feared MANSON, back from eating babies' heads in China (or something) and ready to rumble! MANSON was a World Title contender earlier this year - can he step back into form, or will Munich pull an upset and roll up the card?

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 4500 (can be raised if you guys feel like it, just let me know if you come to an agreement)
Send To: Toxxic

Luke Breslin vs 'The Paladin' Chance Silver'
Leo Breslin's baby brother has joined the fed! Cue Chance Silver, who probably views him as a heretical sinner for some reason. These religious hardliners, always the same. Fight!

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: Whatever Drew can be bothered to write.
Send To: Toxxic

(send all marked matches, promos etc to Toxxic)
Edited by Toxxic

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