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Of being back in the SWF.

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"What?" the gruff voice of The Crimson Skull calls back. He sits, slouched down in his leather office chair.


"Sir, we're getting very low on... um... resources."




"Money, sir." Heff responds soundly. "We're getting dangerously low."


"How low exactly?"


"Our account has been negative since Friday."


"Damn... well, guess it's time for some cost-cutting procedures." Skulls rises to his feet. "Gather the men!"






"... and then kill them all."


"Sir..." Heff sighs, "all the men are gone."




"They left last week when I informed them we had no money to pay them. Besides, they're union. We could never kill them."


"Damn them... well, besides harvesting organs, do you have a backup plan?"


Just then, are bickering duo are interupted by the tv. Why we didn't notice it playing until just now, I don't know.


Magic, perhaps?




"Coming Thursday, June 12th to the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico... it's the S! W! F! presenting 13th Hour with over two hours of live wrestling action featuring your favorite stars of the squared circle!"


A barrage of colors fills the tv screne as clips of various wrestlers flash across the screne.


"Don't miss any of the action as SWF World Heavyweight Champion the Insane Luchador takes on Doctor Pirata in non-title action!"


More highlights go here.


"Also scheduled to make appearances include 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins, Annie Eclectic, TKO, and the return of The Crimson Skull!"


Skull turns and glares at his partner in crime.








"Well, I did have one idea."

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A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E.

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