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Using DOSBox to open computer games

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So, I download this torrent from The Pirate Bay. It's the Quest for Glory Anthology. The thing is, I have this 2 files that need to open with DOSBox, which I have on my computer when I installed the King's Quest collection. I cannot figure out how to unlock the whole program with DOSBox. I can't just drag my computer genius sister out here from Tucson to help me out, here. I need help on using the DOSbox to help me unlock the whole Quest for Glory Anthology for my computer.




Give me a hand, will ya?

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I haven't tried DOSshell, so I can't vouch for it either way, but just to clarify: DOSBox isn't really used for opening files directly. It creates a simulated DOS shell environment and, to execute files, you (or the game launcher / front end) has to "mount" directories from your PC onto the simulated DOS environment for use.


Here's an example - I have X-Com: Terror From The Deep on my laptop, under a DOSGames folder that I keep for all of my DOS-based games. The complete path to the executable that runs the game (Terror.com) is C:\DOSGames\XComTFTD\MPS\TFTD\terror.com.


To play it, I fire up DOSBox, mount that directory into the shell environment under the c "drive", change to that c "drive", then simply type "terror" to play the game.


mount c C:\DOSGames\XComTFTD\MPS\TFTD
cd c:


If you find that you have to get an exact sound card configuration to make a game work (I'm looking at you, Microprose games), you can fiddle around with the [sblaster] settings under the dosbox.conf file in the DOSBox directory.

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