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ROH Live Report for 9/19/08 in Boston

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The show was very good. I'm not sure what people were expecting out of Hero/Lynn, but it was very well worked, hardly a disappointment.


Delirious/Aries was pretty good. One of the better Delirious outings I've seen in quite some time, though obviously not up to par with what Aries has been doing as of late.


Albright/Stevens vs. Pearce/Edwards was great.


If anything was disappointing, it was the triple threat. Claudio was disqualified before too long (though he threw a spectacular beat-down on a gang of agents and students while before leaving), and the bit with Danielson/Shiozaki didn't quite click. They tried hard, with lots of stiff chops and the like.


The scramble match was pretty short, I didn't really pay much attention to it. I took a bathroom break at this point as well.


That Rhett Titus/Josh Daniels match was more fun than it should have been. The actual wrestling was nothing special, but Rhett's personality drove the match to an entertaining level.


Nigel/Roderick was very good. I always appreciate it when I watch a title match where the logical part of my mind knows that there is no chance that the title will change hands, yet the challenger gets such a convincing nearfall that I believe it for a second. This match accomplished that.


Steenerico/Age of the Fall was awesome. The crowd absolutely ROARED with applause for Steenerico's victory, and they both acted so genuinely happy with their moment and title win that it made for a special moment.


The last two matches really made the show.

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